Meow everyone .  This story is still developing so stay tuned  for update. Early this morning, seemingly  between about 2:00 am and 5:00 am , the anarchist house at 311 George street in Toronto was raided, finally.  Details are still very few but from what was seen on twitter feeds thus far, it seems to be real .


The house in question on George street is a well known anarchist  / black bloc house that is ground zero for the most da ngerous and most violent of the anarchists in Toronto.


anarchist house raided


Many of you will recall that last week, anarchists in the London Ontario area were also raided . I am overjoyed to see that the cops are taking these criminals seriously enough to raid them and hurt them by demoralizing them so publicly. Finally, the public, through these raids can see just how dangerous these violent criminals  really are.  Stay tuned as this story will no doubt be developing for a while yet. GREAT JOB  COPS  . 🙂





I am going over the various twitter feeds and google searches and have come up with the following update so far :



linchpin in french


Although a poor translation , it reads as follows


Translation (poor):

A statement on facebook says that the police descended on the house of the militant anarchist organization Common Cause & Ocap on George street in Toronto. The comrades had a refuge for …..





raid 2




Unconfirmed but this appears to be Katie B Nelson who is sending out the anarchist raid updates: 



katie b nelson




It appears that news of the raid spread quickly as seen here :




 There was an additional message sent out that appeared to be a clarification on what went down as seen here :


marc rodd aka mikhail roddsky 1

Now, many wonder why I have a strong dislike for anarchists and further, why i suggest that they prefer the use of criminality and violence to accomplish their objectives. Well, it appears that once again, they out themselves as being exactly what  I suggest they are as seen here :



I wonder if Ms. Nelson is going to have a somewhat long conversation with Montreal Police  about any unsolved bank robberies, bank robberies which she, as  clearly seen here, she advocated for.


Lastly,  yesterday, I decided to head over to George Street and  see what , if anything appeared different in front of the anarchist house in question . It didn’t take long for me to see what was seemingly taking place, as seen by these images I shot at high speed.  One of the best reasons to get rid of these squat  houses , besides the fact that they pose a significant fire hazard as was clearly seen last year when 301 George Street went up in a puff of smoke when it was suggested by some who actually squatted there that the house which was long abandoned, along with several others next to it, was a working crack house. George Street is a well know drug spot in the city and getting rid of these abandoned and unsafe structures would also drive away the dope heads.  While I don’t want to say  with 100% certainty that the images below are a drug deal in the making, it certainly appears that way:












Its too bad i didn’t stick around long enough to see mark Brill there when he arrived.


  1. Avatar yourmom
    yourmom says:

    go die fuckface.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello YOURMOM and thank you for your comment. Well, give me about about 50 years or so and ya, I may just do that. However, until that day does happen, get used to seeing lots of me around. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar George Street
    George Street says:

    We’re all fine Frank, your disgusting, ratbag gloating aside. No arrests, no injuries, nothing. And demoralized? Oh, sweetie, please. You’ll have to do better than that. At least your readers can now see what a petty, vindictive, childish lil man you actually are. So, uh, good luck with that 🙂

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello George Street and thank you for your comment.OH SWEETIE ? Are we dating now? Ok, true, you’re not even close to being in my league but hey, you can dream. Seriously i know that there were no arrests or injuries, however, you need to ask yourself, when will be the next time you get visitors? Do you feel luck punk? Well, Do ya ? Thank you for your comment,

      • Avatar George Street
        George Street says:

        I don’t like to think of it as dating… more like a teacher talking to an idiot child. And you didn’t update your breaking news (despite the promise of more updates), so i just thought you should know that this was, at best, a nuisance.

        Personally, i feel quite lucky. I found $10 in my laundry today! Funny you should mention luck though… seems to me like you might be insinuating (look it up) that you might have knowledge of this situation you’re not sharing. Do you know when we’ll get visitors again Frank? We all know what a prolific and accomplished tattletale you are 🙂

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          Hello once again George Street and again, thank you for your comment. Wow, i had no idea that you can read, I thought you only looked at the pretty pictures. I am glad to hear that we are not dating, after all, I would get tired of having to visit you in jail every week, while I wash and wax my car on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Wow, you found ten bucks? Kewell. I insinuate nothing actually. you should know me well enough by now to know that. Once again, thank you for your comment and feel free at any time to add your thoughts, as insignificant as they may be, but welcome never the less.

  3. Avatar Willingandable
    Willingandable says:

    Thank you for your diligent and thorough work UK! What you’re doing is important work as it helps to distinguish genuine activists -people who actually want to HELP people by making the world a bit better – from the “smashy, smasmashy” crowd. Their vitriolic posts illustrate precisely how important and TRUTHFUL your words are. Keep up the good work. W.A.A.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Willingandable. Thank you for your comment. i agree that it is important to distinguish activists who really do wish to see positive changes made through proper, peaceful and respectful activism as opposed to what we see far too often from the thugs, bullies and outright violent criminals. However, while I do thank you for commenting on my work here, there are several others who are equally as concerned about what is going as as I am and they also deserve a lot of praise for exposing these criminals. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Avatar George Street
    George Street says:

    Meow Frank! You wouldn’t know anything about the Mr Lahey to your Randy (i.e: renouf) trying to, say, block our IP from viewing/commenting on your site, would you? Because that would be low, even for a man in late middle age who pretends to be a cat on the internet 😉

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello once again George street, welcome back and thank you for your comment. ” … Mr Lahey to your Randy … ” I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage as I am not aware of those two persons. I am also not aware of anyone attempting to block your ability to either view or comment on my site. Are you possibly getting me mixed up with someone else? ” … man in late middle age … ” Remember as well that i am old ugly short and fat so please don’t leave out those parts. 🙂 As always, thank you for your comments, keep them coming, they are , at least, funny.

      • Avatar George Street
        George Street says:

        Credit where it’s due, at least you do publish comments. Greg, who you migrated to after getting kicked off your previous host, must be trying to block our IP address from viewing or commenting on the site. Kinda cowardly, isn’t it?

        Oh wait. You didn’t publish my comment about stalking homeless people in our neighbourhood. Why is that? I mean, that is exactly what you did in this article, isn’t it? You are, in many ways, a vile, reprehensible and petty little man, but you seem to have slightly more courage than Greg. Why are you suddenly afraid of being called out on bad behaviour by a group of people you detest and have no respect for, i.e.: us?

        Anyway Frank, regardless of what you think of “the anarchists”, leave homeless people alone. You’re picking on the most downtrodden and marginalized people in the entire downtown. If you have slightly more decency than Renouf, delete these pics of people who have nothing to do with any of us.

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          Hello George Street and thank you for your comment. I am not aware of any attempts to block IP address as, you have stated, I welcome ALL comments, both pro and con. You have indicated that you did make a comment that i did not publish. I am not aware of any such comment, however, I will double check my comment inbox to see what, if any, i missed. It does happen sometimes.

          With respects to the issue of persons without homes, you are clearly not aware , as I do not advertise my various activities, that i do indeed volunteer at one of the Out of the cold shelters when it is up and running , have done so for about 17 or 18 years. I am very much aware of what persons without homes face each day, and am made aware by listening . I do, however, object to persons without homes being uses as disposable bodies for actions by groups like OCAP who , in my view have no real interest in helping them but would much rather continue to use them as exploitive tools to further OCAP’s own agenda’s . I do have the answer to greatly reduce the number of persons who live without homes as well as how to greatly speed up the housing shortfall we now have for on decades long waiting lists for geared to income housing. So, rather than silly name calling and baseless and totally unfounded accusation you and many of your group wish to make against me, why are you so afraid to approach me and actually ASK me what my ideas are?

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Frank, it appears that this “raid” was the result of the police receiving a bogus “anonymous tip”. Your suggestion that the raid is some sort of vindication for the various claims you’ve been making is, therefore, based on a false premise as is your inference that being arrested and released without charges implies guilt when actually it implies the exact opposite. If you’re actually interested in facts and truth you’ll recognize this. If your only goal is sensationalism and misinformation then you’ll just carry on as always. Here is the other side of the story:

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Anonymous, and thank you for your comment. Yes, I saw the article you linked here however, I have been tied up with a few other projects and was not able to update this story. I am concerned that according the article you linked, there was ” information ” suggesting weapons and if i recall reading correctly, other dangerous items at this address. I it is not unrealistic for the anarchists to have things like molitiov cocktails as this, is a common tool used by anarchists and rioters. We have all seen video proof of this. I am NOT suggesting that these items were in the collective possession of the anarchists living at that location, however, based on what we have in videos, it is not a stretch to postulate that these items may be found there. Sadly, the anarchists have built a reputation for violence , therefore, with that reputation, come certain consequences. I can fully appreciate that this was a scarey experience at the house but I hope as well that this was an experience that the house will learn from and perhaps see that anarchy is NOT the answer. Thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar George Street
        George Street says:

        Frank, seriously, you don’t seem like a totally stupid man… can you seriously assert that any and all anarchists can expect to be harassed by the police because some anarchist, somewhere, may or may not actually have a weapon? Do you support racial profiling? It’s exactly the same logic: a member of a group does something, so that means all members do it. It’s absurd, incoherent and really offensive. It could easily be seen as straight up authoritarianism and, if that’s how the state you want to see works, then i’ll gladly stay an anarchist, thanks.

        I don’t know if you read the comments on the media coop article, but since this attempted raid, there’s been a second one, where police burst in our door at 1am with assault rifles and shotguns pointed. They dragged everyone in the house from bed and forced us to kneel at gunpoint, hands on our heads, while they cracked jokes (one cop even joked about having us killed for “no reason”). It was, supposedly, another false call, but, given the persistent harassment, we have our doubts about that and suspect police intimidation. Do you seriously advocate this kind of treatment for people based on the content of their ideas? Because, frankly (ha), that makes you far more of an advocate for violence and hatred than any anarchist i know.

        My question, then, is do you support extreme policing measures against people based solely on their politics or philosophy? We’ve been accused of and have committed no crimes. Why do we deserve such brutal treatment just because, in your opinion, “anarchy is NOT the answer”? I wouldn’t wish that on you, even if i find your ideas and behaviour largely repugnant (and, jesus christ, i certainly do)

        PS: Still banned from viewing/comment on both your site and genuinewitty, btw. I assume it’s still Greg IP blocking me. No hassle to get around, but it does show some cowardice, you have to admit.

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          Hello George Street and thank you for your comment, as well, for the polite and respectful tone of same. You ask several questions here which i will try and answer.

          ” … Do you support racial profiling? … ” ABSOLUTELY NOT. I think that any organization that is enacting anything based on race. gender, sexual orientation , disability or any other of the twelve prohibitive grounds as outlines by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is in violation of the law and should be made to be held accountable. It is, however, a known fact that some groups are more prone to illegal acts and this is simply because that culture they come from does allow for this. One example is the use of POT. We know that it is illegal here, however, this is claimed to be a religious right in some countries. Therefor, when a person who arrives to Canada from such a country and is using it here, they are in violation of OUR laws, even though it may be legal in their home country. However, in addition , I do feel strongly that ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it. I can get into the whole immigration aspect , where, frankly, I AM an expert at, but this is neither the forum of thread to discuss it.

          ” … do you support extreme policing measures against people based solely on their politics or philosophy? … ” That is a great question, and thank you for asking it. I think your question is touching, in a round about way, a connection, as well, to racial profiling. I DO support law enforcement using whatever tools they have to act against known violent individuals and organizations. NOW HOLD ON, before you jump to any conclusions here. I am fully aware that NOT EVERY PERSONS who identifies as anarchist is automatically a violent criminal. However, and with respect, the [email protected]) was the perfect proving ground for this, sadly, it was the anarchists and No One is Illegal who not only planned, but also enacted the vast majority of the violence and property destruction that took place. Additionally, there are numerous publications out there and online that directly connect anarchists to violence. lastly, several of the anarchists from George street have done so much as CONFESS to blatant acts of criminality, which if you read on segment on anarchists, you will see the actual screen shots of exactly who said what. Therefore, if anarchy is premised either through implied actions or proven and confess actions, there is very little choice for law enforcement, but to act on what information they have available to them.

          Look we clearly are not going to agree on many issues. What i don’t want to see is city that i call my home to be turned upside down like it was during the G20. Lastly, I have no idea as to why you are unable to see comments made as this is something I do not have control of, at least not a control I am aware of. I do thank yo for your comment and the respectful tone you engaged with me. Feel free to ask anything you wish and as always, I will do my best to answer what ever questions you may have. I am not quite as bad as you, or some of you would make me out to be . 🙂

          ” … even if i find your ideas and behaviour largely repugnant (and, jesus christ, i certainly do) … ” Oh well, as I have said many time, I really don’t give a rats ass about my popularity of whether I am liked or not, I truely and honestly don’t. But at least we can agree to disagree on some thing, which we have here.

          • Avatar Bogdan Brodsky
            Bogdan Brodsky says:

            The person who is making these false calls on the George Street house is putting people’s lives in danger. They keep claiming that there is weapons, etc. in the house which is not.

            There are young people that visit the house from time to time and if someone was shot by a nervous and/or stoked up cop because they were holding a chocolate bar or something, would this make Frank and Greg happy?

            Think about this. It is a very serious thing.

          • Avatar undercoverkity
            undercoverkity says:

            Hello Bogdan and thank you for your comment. Actually, it would sadden me greatly to see any of the persons hurt in any way. While I have a strong dislike for anarchy and the use of violence and property destruction as a claimed protest tool, I know some of these anarchists and on their own, they can be quite personable and smart. In fact, it is no secret that Ashleigh Ingle, while an anarchist, is a person of superior intelligence as her area of academic study suggests. I may not like her politics but I admire her education. If she got hurt, as one example, her students would no doubt suffer as a result. Thank you for your comment.