Its always the same cheap slogans , the same old antics by the same people , the same result

Meow everyone, Well, last night, there was another anti police protest and yes, you guessed it already, the same people who seem to have more time than brains were the ones who organized and ran this event. This time, it was a protest about a very recent shooting involving a police officer and a young  man who was wielding a knife on a street  car.  Now I am not going to speculate on what happened that result in such a tragic outcome, that is best left to professionals who investigate this. The loss of life is always a huge blow to the community an when its such a young life lost, it hits people hard. However, there is another side to this as well. In this case, it was a police officer who made the split second call to use his side arm. There are several videos of the event already posted online and while they show some things , they most certainly do not show the whole story. What brought this officer to make that split second call? Could it have been handled differently? These are are all rhetorical questions but ones that many are seeking to get answers to.

The officer in question, whom we do not know the identity of, is now on paid leave  as a result. this is also normal after such an outcome. However, he is likely under a great of stress right now, second guessing his actions, playing it over in his mind as to whether he did the right thing or not, at the time.  A life was lost, any human being would be playing this through their mind over and over and over and …………  He needs support as well. Policing is one of the most stressful jobs one can have and while the  challenges are highly unique,  so too are the rewards of success. However, when things  do go wrong, as they sometimes do, they really go wrong. I think that the public has a right to know what took place, and will learn f it once the investigation is complete.  I do, however, also need to remind people that since we do NOT know what took place , it is presumptuous for us to conclude that the cop must have been wrong.

One thing that is really troubling out of all this is how the radical left are co-opting this to use for their ongoing campaign of anti police protests. We all know by know that the radical left are very closely connected and / or directly involved in violence  through groups like OCAP , No One is Illegal and of  course, the anarchists. This event was no different. it was organized by Liisa Schofield of OCAP and the usual  crowd of neanderthals that OCAP has as membership were all there . The other key organizer was violent G20 criminal Syed Hussan who , as many may recall, was encouraging people to steal from shops at a protest in the Eaton center last year, as well, was one of the top organizers of the G20 violence .

Another of the G20 top violence organizers was also present, Alex Hundert. It was Hussan and Hundert who were the persons stirring up the crowds for this protest. However, they were not the only ones to attend with the sole purpose of causing trouble.  The image below shows a related post by Alex Hundert showing he is back to his old tricks. He was charged, convicted and imprisoned , for among other things, advocating for de-arresting captured criminals at the G20. Well, it appears that Mr. Hundert  has not learned his lesson while spending much of his time in solitary confinement for for his crimes. as seen here: 


hundert approving de-arresting

Several of the key players who were arrested at the recent Enbridge occupation in Hamilton were there as well, Trish Mills being one of them. So, Why am I singling her out ? it appears that Ms. Mills has not learned her lesson with respects to what is , an dis not legal .  She has bee arrested several time in a fairly short period of time. Here she is getting arrested yet again :


trish getting arrested 2



it occurred to me that Mills getting arrested frequently is showing an interesting new tactic that i think the anarchists are  developing. It appears that her getting arrested for small things is actually a diversionary tactic being experimented with as a means of drawing a number of officers away from their posts   as a reaction to this seemingly new threat , while leaving a gap big enough to allow a larger force of violent anarchists in another, now less protested area to carry out acts of aggression and possibly exploit a seemingly temporary gap created by  the diversion of this seemingly small act of vandalism.


Another by now, well known advocate for the use of extreme violence who was present was Sigrid Kneve. Many will remember her as the one in a recent video where called a person who is an  extreme  racist and advocated for the killing of people including cops , and wanted to form his own  version of the taliban,  Billy . Kneve went on to call him a good kid. It appears that Sigrid has a somewhat twisted view of what good actually is. She is a recent graduate of the OCAP school of goon-ism  and as we can see from this image , she took her goon training rather seriously. if the style and format of this image looks familiar, it should. This was broadcast on the very same live stream that is run by Dee Shangar, who went on the say of Billy’s racist  rant, that he ,  Billy was perfectly justified in saying what he said. ”



 So what are we really seeing here? We are seeing that on one hand, these guys are seemingly protesting an act by Toronto Police Services that ended in a fatality, yet, these same malcontents are advocating for the use of violence to suite THEIR  agendas . 


As always and with any protest that involves these ultra radical groups, they love to  over estimate the  numbers of persons who are there for any event. It seems to me that their time would be better spent taking a few remedial math class as opposed to looking for thing to smash up. case in point. Out fearless and brainless smasher of the state, Syed Hussan proclaimed that when  the protest  arrived in front of 14 Division,  several THOUSAND people were there . Umm, Syeed, you may be very good at your criminal  activities but as an estimator, sorry dude, you FAIL , At best, in front of 14 division,  there were about 500 people to protest, not the several thousand this mathematical malcontent  claims were there . Syeed, a small suggestion if I may, once you get arrested and sent to prison, enroll in classes that will actually be productive for you . Here is his brilliance for all to see:


hussan cant count


I will be updating this story  as new developments  materialize, and additionally, I will posting some video i shot of the event with my updates. Stay tuned …………..