Anarchists, the terrorist group many had no idea existed, right under thier noses … Part Three

Meow everyone. In the last articles in this series about the anarchists, I showed clearly just how dangerous they are and why they really need to be considered a real terrorist threat and terrorist organization. I showed screen shots in their own words the total disregard they have for property and life. Remember that they went so far as to say that if some people get killed, it is simply collateral damage. They stated that  they wanted to create fear.


In this article, I will show a little more of their actions that only solidify my postulation that they need to be classed as a terrorist organization and further, I will show how groups like OCAP as a main example, are, in fact exactly that, an urban terrorist organization. If my words are not convincing enough, their own videos should be enough to convince even the most skeptical reader. Lastly, I will offer my own opinions of how these people and groups need to be adjudicated once they enter the legal system for their crimes.



To law enforcement agencies who may be reading this, pay  close attention. If you act now, you have a great chance at putting to a stop these people before they have a chance to organize, plan and subsequently carry out  whatever plans they may have.



Let me start by going back a few years to the now infamous Queens Park Riot.  This was an OCAP event that was designed to be violent right from the very start. Here is a short video of this riot. Keep in mind that the video while poor in quality still clearly shows actions that are highly destructive in nature and were designed to create maximum damage. Here is the video :


 and this one :


After seeing this video, it should be fairly clear to the average person that OCAP is just another anarchist group with a different name,  who will use violence and endangerment of life as a protest tool.



I have been communicating with a long time OCAP insider ( who shall remain anonymous of course )  who was willing to share with some of the OCAP inside strategies and one very key piece of information relevant to the queens park riot. Have a look at these screen shots that clearly show that PCAP and mark Brill whom we have all read a fair bit about already in other Undercoverkity articles has played, and continues to play a very significant role in the anarchist movement.

mark brill pan am games 1a


mark brill pan am games 2a


mark brill pan am games 3a



OCAP has been busy recruiting fresh new anarchists as shown in this recent OCAP training graduation photograph.


new recruit 1



new recruit 2

In keep with the seemingly long standing tradition of OCAP idiocy, one of there their new recruits , Sigrid Kneve has shown in the image below  has already had the dubious distinction of getting arrested during a protest out in Hamilton .


sigrid kneve 1


I want to move away from  OCAP now and focus more on the anarchists themselves.  The anarchists have a rather long history of using violence and property destruction as a means of creating fear in the public. In may of 2010, they firebombed a bank in Ottawa as seen here in this video. A close look at this video, which is only about 7 seconds long, clearly shows a person exiting the back at almost the instant of the firebomb exploding. 


Anarchists are not without tools to guide them and their destructive ways. There are several publications available on line that do everything from teach one how to create dangerous  weapons, how to avoid capture, what to do when caught, a plethora of  materials in fact. I will not be providing links or titles to these materials as  I am not willing to make these available to have some one get crazy ideas. If anyone does want to see the materials and source, you will have to message  me  or email me directly at [email protected]  and tell me why you want to see them. To say that these publications are dangerous would be a gross understatement. This first image shows a dedication to a guy named Derrek Jensen who is the god father of violent anarchists and now runs an organization called Deep green Resistance.


jensen dedication



Next we see a  “ how to, of ways to avoid not getting caught.” Well, I have a much easier way to avoid getting arrested… DON’T COMMIT A CRIME .  Far fewer words , easier to follow and you avoid those free orange jumpsuits.


avoid getting caught



Did you catch the last line in the above image? You should have. We  all know  highly dangerous  and violent anarchist    Alex Hundert well by now. Here is a  reminder of what he looks like :


hundert image



Alex Hundert  reminds us all  of what his desire really is as we can see here from one of his twitter feed messages :


hundert ssmash the state



Alex Hundert is, however,  looking forward to the future as well. Here in this twitter feed, he comments on the mascot of the upcoming Pan Am Games  in 2015. Remember that he was the top organizer for the violence and riots at the G20 in Toronto in June of 2010


alex hunder pan am games



Moving right along, recall that I made mention of the bank firebombing in 2010 as seen in the video , as well. The Molotov  cocktails thrown during the  OCAP Queens Park riot. Well the publication I am referring to shows in this screen shot that these are part of the offensive tools used by anarchists. Sadly, we have all seen this to be true.


molitov cocktales



molotov cocktails two


The selection of targets is also discussed in this written source and this is what Alex Hundert was convicted for, the counseling on what targets to hit during theG20. This is , like I said at the onset, a handbook on how to cause destruction. This is, in my opinion a terrorist handbook.





Smashing the state is not the only agenda of these highly dangerous and violent anarchists. Part of the way they operate is through fear, threats of violence and intimidation. Often times, these threats are not made against institutions, corporations or entities, rather, they make them against individuals to speak out against this violence. One such threat was made recently against one of Canada’s leading authorities on the radical left and violent anarchists , Genuinewitty  when he was told to
“ stop writing about anarchists or the next time you will get a more than just a flagpole up your ass . “ This was of course in reference to an assault about a year prior where another famous anarchist Alex Balch assaulted Greg with a flagpole, hence his moniker, flagpole Alex. While it took longer than we all had expected, Balch was finally arrested as he was at Ryerson University to show support for an anarchist club that was  part of the ryerson student union student groups day.


flag pole busted (6)



The threats, however, were not isolated to one occurrence. In the London Ontario area is a guy named Curtis Nixon


cutis nixon



Curtis Nixon is purported to part of what is referred to as “ The Freeman Society “ , also known as  “ Sovereign Citizens “ .  This is a group that  is lawless and thinks laws are only there to oppress people. Violence and highly aggressive  behavior is synonymous with this highly radical group. Here is a screen shot from Cutis Nixon making a threat:


nixon threat



So what does need to happen to put an end to these peoples desire for violence and destruction.  What we need are tough new laws. Groups like OCAP and the anarchist movement need to be classifies as legitimate terrorist organizations, as they have proven that they will employ these tactics. Further , membership in these organizations must also carry significant penalties.  I also suggest that when any person, as part of these groups carries out an act of violence and / or destruction, they be charged  and tried under terrorist laws, with security certificates in place. Sentencing must also be reflective of the threat these group willingness to carry out acts that place persons in serious danger. It is my opinion that these persons  automatically need to sentenced as dangerous offenders, meaning, they never see the outside of a prison for the rest of their lives, EVER. Further, the accused upon conviction should be PERSONALLY responsible for the financial restitution, dollar for dollar, for any damage they  are found to be responsible for. Organizers should be held financially responsible  for the total dollar damage they and their followers cause. The way these damages are recovered is through the forfeiture of any and all of their processions such as house, car, bank account,  credit card , any asset. Further, they can have NO ASSETS of any kind either under their name or anyone else’s name until full financial restitution is made.  The government claims to want to get  tough on crime. Well, here is one place to start.  Penalties must be so harsh that one or two are made examples of , and all the rest  will stand in line to publicly renounce anarchy, violence, publicly cast away  anything even remotely connect to it. Sheesh, it’s a good thing that I will never become the  federal Minister of Justice.

2 Responses to Anarchists, the terrorist group many had no idea existed, right under thier noses … Part Three

  1. Avatar Bill Dorset
    Bill Dorset says:

    I found your blog through Greg’s recently and though I enjoy both of your writing and feel it’s necessary I also feel like you both concentrate on the same people. I know that there’s a reason behind that but it’s really the people who don’t make the spotlight that concern me more. For example I live in Stoney Creek so I’ve been reading a lot of news about that protest in flamborough. I respect the right to protest, but frankly that was private property and here’s the thing – one of those people that was arrested was from Hamilton which is very close. I’ve seen her on the news before and I’ve seen her write articles for the paper. Her name is Trish and she was just interviewed by CBC awhile ago which I read. That article says she had been arrested several times before! Why aren’t you guys looking at people like that? She even admitted to being in Montreal for those riots and to being arrested for OCAP which are things you and Greg have talked about other people being involved in. She seemed pretty flippant in the interview about her past crimes and arrests and she admits to organizing that protest in Flamborough. Does she know these g20 vandals you guys are always talking about? I mean she must, right? She keeps doing things with them. So while I understand that you are trying to make a point have you guys ever considered that you are too worried about the same people and letting these others get away with everything? What happens if it’s these people that are really doing the planning and pulling the strings? I try not to be paranoid but it’s more than a little weird that she has taken part in all of this stuff too but keeps getting away with all of it. I think if you start letting everyone know what these type of people are capable of others might start paying more attention to them instead of letting them get away with things all the time. Eventually if they keep doing things without getting caught they might do something even worse, right? I don’t want any more of this shit to be happening in my city.
    Good work so far, but I would like to hear more about the other threats here

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Bill and thank you for comment. As you sent me your comment, I was and still am working on a detailed story about her that should be out by the weekend. Trish Mills is very well known to me as one of these professional protestors and I think that when you read my article on her this weekend, you will see that she is very much on my radar, as is she on the radar of many other persons and organizations. You may also be delighted to know that we , Greg, myself and others, are very closely tracking not only her but her co-criminals as well, so yes, Trish Mills and her merry band of neandertholian ninkonpoops. Thank you for your comment.