More proof that the Occupy Toronto livestream fundraiser was a SCAM

Meow everyone, many of you will have read my previous two articles on just what really went on with the very recent Occupy Toronto live stream fundraiser that  ran for 80 hours of the past weekend. We had a plethora of idiots , racists, people who  proclaimed to want to kill other people, and of course our very own pirate who can’t decide of the USB stick was stolen or ran out of funds. He also seems to  be unable to count , but that is another story for another time. So, to those of you who were sucked into donating to this clap trap of an organization, I have three words for you . YOU WERE SCAMMED . Don’t take my word for it, read this email from one of the top heads of Occupy Toronto. So, do you STILL want to support this cult? Are you STILL  sipping the Kool Aid ? This is what these violent fringe groups like OCAP who were very deeply involved in this do. This is what anarchists do, this is what people like Sakura Saunders  do LIE TO PEOPLE I would strongly urge those of you who did donate to file a police report and initiate a criminal investigation into these people who ran this.


3 Responses to More proof that the Occupy Toronto livestream fundraiser was a SCAM

  1. Now how did I know something like this was going to happen ??? I must be psychic.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Lawrence and thank you for your comment. yes, how shocking isn’t it ? NNNOOOTTT . these scam artists are so dang predictable its little wonder they are so easy to expose, and to be honest, enjoyable as well. Thank you for your comment.

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