So, just how dangerous is Occupy Toronto really? Well, sadly, here is your answer

Meow everyone. This weekend was a sad day for Toronto. No, no one died, no floods to report  on,   no car crashes to show you, no, none of that. What happened this weekend showed clearly and conclusively that if you are a supporter of Occupy Toronto and whatever abomination it has morphed into, your support goes towards violence and death, yes, DEATH. No, I have not gone off the deep end, in fact, it’s THEIR OWN WORDS that say it all. There is another really great story on this event which can be found here. 


 The video was so offensive that it was removed from YOUTUBE originally where it was posted to show how offensive and dangerous there people are:




This past weekend, the Occupy Toronto Live Stream was trying to hold a marathon fund raising session to raise money for what they first claim was a stolen USB stick. It turn out to be a scam as it was later revealed that the stick was not stolen at all, but rather, they spent all of their money . I covered that in my last article so I will not re-address this here again. What I learned from speaking with some of the people who do talk to me was that in fact, the real purposes was to  reach out to the anarchist community and recruit them along with the black bloc techniques they employ. There were some notable people there from OCAP, who, as we have learned, is the recruiting ground for future violent anarchists. ( I  have an ongoing series on that as well online here ) . One of the more notable and recent graduates of this anarchist training session is Sigrid Kneve, who has on her resume so far. An arrest at the line nine protest in Hamilton. Here  she is in action this weekend at the fundraiser :

Untitled (2)





Here she is again as a member of the OCAP graduation class. I wonder if OCAP gave out free handcuffs as part of the graduation ceremony. I see that they didn’t have any gowns for the graduates, although, I am wondering if those nice orange jumpsuits would make an acceptable substitute:


sigrid ocap grad


new recruit 2




Of course no fundraising event would be complete without our well known resident OCAP, anarchist and all ground hooligan, Mark Brill. On Sunday, he decided that it would be a great idea to throw a chair at Greg.  Mark is full of great ideas. Well, with any luck, if he ever does get great ideas,  he will get a chance to try some them out in a prison cell. Those orange jump suits would,  at least, match his hair color.  Here is Mark Brill for those who really want to know what this   low life looks like:


assignment three-154





So what was this hate fest as violent as I say it is? Well, one only has to take one look at the video as seen below where you will see, sadly, that they really do want this to  take place, and further , fully support it. Listen to what Dee Shangar himself said, when he said, ” … he is fully justified in saying what he said … ” . People, THIS is what Occupy Toronto stands for and those who support this movement stand for it as well by their ignorance.  Here is the video:



The “ star “ of this video is a guy called Billy. It appears that Billy has a hate on for just about everyone. He hates white people, he hates Jewish people. He seems to hate people who are larger than him. Is there anyone he doesn’t hate? Here are some examples of his feelings, in his words via his twitter feed. Oh Billy boy, it may behove you to learn that not everyone who is Jewish is wealthy. In fact Billy boy, it may further behove you to know that I have a very good friend of mine who is Jewish and is trying to raised two young sons with almost nothing. Anyway, here is Billy boy in all his racist glory:


billy 3







Now, I want to speak a little bit about the actions I had to take as a result of this. This whole event took place on the campus of Ryerson University, where, I am a student. As a student, I , along with every other student, has to abide by a rather strict non-academic code of conduct, which includes and covers things like hate speech, acts of violence  and any other actions can bring dis-repute to the good name of this university. I have been a student here since January of 2006, and I take my schools reputation very seriously, as well, I have zero tolerance for the stuff that these clowns and their brand of hate. I was with Greg and Lawrence when we heard this live on the live feed. Once we heard it, and made sure we heard what we though we heard, I put in a call to Ryerson Security to have them investigate. I make NO APOLOGIES, NONE WHAT SO EVER for taking that action as I had a duty and responsibility to report any action that violated  this code. By not reporting it, I would have been as guilty, as, not reporting it considered condoning it.




Now, what good Occupy Toronto scam would be complete without a few good lies and fabrications about those who do as the tough questions.  One of the lies going around, and people, this is old news to Occupy Toronto and especially to the likes of Dee Shangar who loves to accuse people of assaulting him.  He is the clown who proclaimed that  ” I am   media ” , when at one protest he was live streaming,  as he was directed, lawfully to a designated area. Of course, no one took him seriously, nor should anyone take him seriously, and the cop told him, ” yes,  yes, you can play media. ” You had to be there to see it as words alone don’t do it justice. Well this weekend, it appeared  that Myself, Lawrence, Greg and one  other person  where guilty , well according to the pirate, of assaulting him. However, a few small facts, as always, seem to elude this wannabe pirate. One person who he claims assaulted him was several miles away, doing what we  generally refer to as , WORKING.  For the Occupy crowd unfamiliar with this word, and most are, WORKING is this act where one has a job, is employed, is contributing to society  and supporting their family. Yes, I know, hard to comprehend to occupiers but this does actually exist. You should try it sometime.




Now , as for Lawrence, Greg and myself, remember, we  were accused of an assault.  Here is Occupy Toronto’s live stream guy telling us all how he was assaulted by three red-necks:





Shangar, umm, errr, ummm, I was wearing black and purple the day you had your hallucinations.    Here we are, the Kung Fu masters, laying  a  beating  on them. As you can see from these images, they are getting pummelled  to a pulp:






Now, no good co-opting would be complete without a word from our fearless and brainless leaders / facilitators. Today’s co-opting message of zero relevance and  complete worthlessness,  come to us from non other than Sakura Saunders. It appears that Ms. Saunders has yet again proven to us that she has failed to read actual newspapers, and real news information. For if she had actually stuck her head out long enough to see what life outside a vacuum looked like, she might have stumbled across these things we call books.  Sakura, these things we call books are these paper thingies that have lots of words in / on them, some of them even big and intellectual sounding. One thing that these book thingies contain often time are facts. I suggest you read a few for if you do, or, if you can’t read, have a story teller read them for you. You will learn that Oka had NOTHING to do with line nine. Sakura, a question for you. How did a young person like you get so stupid,  so early in your life. Is it hereditary? Remember people, she is the one who protests Barrack Gold  and has listed as a contributor,  our famous whittles Trey Winney  who contributed to this  recent publication of hers. Winney thinks gold is fracked, he actually said that.   Here is Sakura Saunders daily  facebook  feed of intelligence:





As I mentioned, This is now in the hands of Ryerson Security and I suspect and hope, will be resulting in a detailed and comprehensive police investigation. These people are dangerous, volatile and clearly have no regard for the lives of anyone but themselves. The fact that they welcome with open arms, groups like No One is Illegal, OCAP,  Anarchists who are nothing but urban terrorists, says a great deal about what they really want for this world. It is my hope that they will be stopped before they  really get out of hand.