The continuing saga of Occupy Toronto’s demise and deception

The continuing saga of Occupy Toronto’s  demise and desperation .



Meow everyone. My regular readers will recall my in depth series on the Rise and Fail of Occupy Toronto, and how utter pathetic this  movement was. I spared nothing in my recollections and recantations of this fiasco that occupy was and made it abundantly clear that I was overjoyed to see this parasite of a movement come to an end. I stated as well that it come not have come to an end fast enough.


One area of considerable contention was and seemingly still to this day,  are the funds that this abomination collected, and where these funds went. Well, it seems that accountability was not even a consideration to the ever power hungry leaders, facilitators who avoided answering any and all questions with respects to the funding / missing funds.


One area that appeared to use up funds was the live stream. The Occupy Toronto  Media was run like a dictatorship by Dee Shangar ( real name Giovanni Sampogna  ) he was given anther name, the pirate it seemed that every occupy had a version of a pirate, why is one mystery that will, gladly , never be addressed.





The live stream was actually made up of several persons, but Shangar was the head. He ran it much like the old Soviet Union ran the media. Everything was either approved or reject by him alone, regardless of who or how many others were involved.  Pravda has for freedom of the press I think .  The Live stream covered just about every event in this city both during the Occupation as well as after.  I think that there was to this about 21 or 22 months of coverage that this live stream did cover. With each coverage, the cop baiting got better and better. One utterly laughable moment was a fairly recent anti barrack gold protest where all those present were required to be at a certain designated location as directed by the property owner and enforced by the police on hand. At one point, our pirate proclaimed himself to be media. “ .. I am media …“ he said . Ok, he didn’t actually have any media accreditation , but them in true occupy fashion, the make belief world of the occupants , leaders and facilitators far surpassed even the last molecule or reality. The Cops reply was priceless as if tell a two year old for the first time: “ … yes, yes, you can play media … “ . You had to be there to see this as the  officer gestures only added to the comedy relief .



Lets fast forward to today. The occupy Toronto live stream FINALY went dead when according to the pirate, someone at a recent protest STOLE the  USB transmitter used to live stream.  Here is a screen shot of that proclamation from the pirate himself :


USB stolen



HOWEVER, hold your horses everyone, for as with everything Occupy Toronto related,  stories changed  faster than  leader / facilitator telling the truth. Today, our pirate put out on Facebook that there was going to be a fundraiser to  try and keep the live stream going.  Here is that message from the site: 


livestream stick



Did you see it? Did you  catch it?  What? A contradiction? A totally different story ? Oh NO, say it ain’t so.  So , we have a seemingly STOLEN USB transmitter that has ended the occupy live stream from  further nightmares, cop baiting sessions and proclamation of the pirate being media , to the live stream running out of funds? So, was the USB stolen then or did y’ all simply run of  money? Get your stories straight. Wait,  who am I kidding, Occupy couldn’t tell the truth if it was slapping them in face with a wet fish.



So, rather that tell those who still for some strange reason actually still believe in these Neanderthals the truth, a fundraising scheme was hatched. For 80 hours of pure agony, viewers, possibly prison inmates and those who are cult indoctrinated get to watch 80 hours of continuous live streaming to raise money to get the live stream back. 


occupy donation site


However, in true occupy fashion, even this fails to add up. Lets examine this a bit closer. The occupy live stream has come to an end because the stick was stolen, hence NO STICK. OR, the occupy live stream has come to an end because it ran out of funds, hence no live stream . Either way, there is NO LIVE STREAM. So, this begs to ask the obvious question. If there is no stick to live stream and no funds to live stream, how can they live stream starting now for 80 consecutive hours ?  ( which would cost a fortune in data and roaming charges alone )  Do they have some secret   benefactor ? Oh, wait, these occu-cult automatons claim that they are fully transparent so there  could not possibly be anything hidden from everyone, oh no, never. After all, these are supposed to be top notch , honest down to earth people running this cult. 


paypal donation



Like any good scam, most won’t even notice this obvious discrepancy in facts and reality , but then, facts and reality are not part of the occupy Toronto vocabulary and realm of thought. However, this does not end with that obvious question going unanswered. There is one other one. A small experiment was tested to see what the story was, The pay pal account that was referred to in the screen shot as shown was for a USA account, in USA funds. The contact phone number was in the state of  Texas, oh, one small thing of note, it was a NOT IN SERVICE NUMBER. So we have a phony movement, with phony leaders and phony personalities, asking us to send money to phony places with phony phone numbers.



Please click here to read another really great story about this scam :


People, its time to get out in the real world, get honest jobs,  well in the case of these occu-cult minions,  pan handling would require intelligence they just don’t have. Occupy Toronto is DEAD, No one wants to do through the effects of Post  Traumatic Stress Disorder  by having to relive,  that nightmare, that  disease  which infected this city for forty days.  The stench from the occupation still lingers but is fading, at last. However, the site of a porto potie  still many, rightfully so to the nearly mental health facility. Occupy was a joke, a very bad one. The ones still clinging to its ideals and dreams  are living in an alternate, imaginary  reality, sadly. 


Small update. i am watching this live stream now and it seems that according to their little sign, its NOT about getting money, its about treaties. I am confused, i was lead to the understanding that this was to raise money to get a new stick and laptop. Oh well, this is, after all occupy where nothing  makes sense.