Anarchists, the terrorist group many had no idea existed, right under thier noses … Part Two

Meow everyone. As you will recall from part one, the anarchists are clearly not interested in the lives of other people and are more than willing to kill people to, as they state,  ” create a glorious anarchist state ” .  People who get hurt or killed in their actions are simply “collateral damage” , and they  are bent on ” creating fear ” .  These are their own words as shown from the screen shots in  part one.  In this section, i will do a little deeper and show more of their crimes and further show why this group is a serious threat to public safety and why these scum bags should be locked up for life as dangerous offenders. Here is a small reminder of what they love doing:





Many will recall the recent protests in the Hamilton area where anarchists protested the Line Nine pipeline .  However, no one was aware that our  group of neanderthal malcontents were busy doing far greater damage with potentially far greater risk to life. Like so many other recent protest actions, railway blockades seem to the be the flavor of the month protest action. however, as we have seen very recently in Quebec, when trains crash, they do lots of damage. So, why did the train in Quebec crash anyway? Well as of this writing, the facts are not fully available yet, however, it has been widely suggested that the trained was tampered with. Here is a great video on this with Ezra Levent interview Greg Renouf :

I Hamilton during the Line Nine protest, such a tampering was also enacted by these very dangerous anarchists as shown here, in their own words :


, and here is more confessing:



, and again here :




This line Nine protest was attended by three of the KEY and TOP organizers of the famous Toronto G20 riots. Here is a list of the organizers of the G20 riots :




Here is the list of the top G20 riot organizers :



Alex Hundert, Syed Hussan and David Prychitka were the big three at the Line Nine protest event . Lets have a  closer look at the most violent and most dangerous of the bunch, Alex Hundert and what he loves to do. Remember, he spent 13 months in prison for his part in the riots but time in crow bar hotel seemed to have no effect on him as he was just as dangerous in there. here are his own words:



, and here :



, and here:



Here is what that  seriously dangerous criminal, Alex Hundert  looks like :




Next, lets look at some of the other professional anarchists and  professional protesters present. Sakura Saunders is next on the list:




, and here she is wearing her mask at the Line Nine protest:



Next, we have are resident No One is Illegal scum bag who thinks its perfectly fine to allow anyone into  Canada, regardless of who they are, what they have done in the past and even if they have no means of proving who they are. Here is Syed Hussan who even suggested not too long ago that people should STEAL  as a recent protest event:




Next on the list is another G20  riot organizer,  David Prychitka. David was the media liason for this protest  and was in constant  proximity to Hundert. Well, old buddies do like to recall old times I guess. To bad they didn’t have some good prison stories to share:




What many wonder is just how these violent criminal as we have seen here even get to know what tools they need to enact their crimes. I have researched this and have found several documents and publications that teach these scum bags exactly what they need and how to make them. One such book is called the  Anarchists Cookbook.  This was a tool also used very recently by the two terrorists  in BC where recently arrested for trying to bomb the BC legislature on July 1, Canada Day.  I am not going to provide a link to this book but here is a screen shot of some of what this book teaches:



I want to take everyone back a moment to part one where I showed that OCAP was a training ground for the violent anarchists. We already  know that among the OCAP  organzation, persons such as Liisa Schofeild loves to promote violence. Here we see this in these words that she gladly resent in her twitter feed message :



And then there is this :




These two twitter feed message clearly show her / OCAPS / Anarchists willingness to enact vilence against the citizens of Toronto.  However, as always, a picture  is always far more powerful , so, lets have a look at what the anarchists themselves want you to know. Here, they want you to know that if you are a successful professional, they think you should be robbed. I think these anarchists should be locked up:


 Next, we see a far more dangerous message, ” Die Yuppie Scum ”  :



 In part three, I will take a closer look at where these violent criminals get their ideas from  and I will show you a video of them in action , enacting their crimes of  destruction  and putting lives in danger. I will also offer up my thoughts on exactly what  NEEDS to be done with these people before they get seriously out of hand . Stay tuned ………….