Anarchists, the terrorist group many had no idea existed, right under thier noses,

Meow everyone. So far, i have talked about OCAP and how they are a  fringe group  that has no issues with using violence as a means of sending their so called ” message : out to the public. I have talked about fringe groups like No One is Illegal who openly advocate to allow anyone into Canada, regardless of who they are and what their back ground is. This series will  focus on the next and most dangerous of all the fringe groups, anarchists.

Anarchists are a group that exists all over the world,  however, my focus will be limited to Canada and more specifically, Toronto. In my series on OCAP, i suggested that they are a violent group who is will willing to use violence as a means of reaching their objectives.  We have seen this from riots they lead, the G20 and other actions, however, while they are participants in violent actions, they also train others to be violent. Here is an email that was sent by OCAP  as part of a call out for  willing persons tom undergo OCAP training. As the title shows , this is a step in to the indoctrination of new anarchists.

anarhist training

Next, to get an idea of what anarchy is by definition, we need to look no farther then  to the below screen shots :

definition of anarchist


, and this one here :


defintion 2



I have stated  that anarchists are a terrorist group.  The image below is a screen shot from the legal definition of what a terrorist is with the full version viewable here at :


government of canada definition


OK, so now that we have covered the bases with showing what the  definitions are under the law, lets now take a look at these anarchists and what they have confessed to doing . The screen shot below show clearly they they call the death of some people simply ” collateral damage ” .


use 2

 OK, so just a second, arson is OKAY ??????? Hopefully they may try to be a bit more careful next time ????????

use 3


And here is the confession where they , anarchists, ADMIT to burning down a space, wanting to create fear, making sure people never feel safe.

use 4



Look here, our wonderful local resident  violent anarchist and convicted G20 criminal  even advertises this on  his twitter feed.

use 5


Alex Hundert is one of the most dangerous of all the violent anarchists around. He was one of a handful of violent criminals who was sent to prison for their actions during the G20 in Toronto. However, it seems that even with considerable time in prison, Hundert seems to still wish to encourage the use of violence . Here are his own words he sent out on his twitter feed at about 6:00 am Friday June 05, 2013:


hundert ssmash the state


The  posts  above those twitter feeds from Hundert , were from an act of terrorism in BC. However, these violent anarchists don’t limit their scumbaggery  to the west coast. Oh no. Here in Toronto, these anarchist seem to like doing the same things as admitted to here : 


toronto anarchist crimes



Here is something that Chris Bowen who was arrested but the charges were dropped against him said about property destruction. ( the below image is of him doing the perp walk )  :

chris bowen 2


… and his words :


toronto anarchist 4


Here are a few other images from Toronto. clearly by saying that the ” battle will be fought on the streets shows a total lack of concern for the safety of the citizens :


toronto anarchsit 1a



The G20 was the perfect example of why these buffoons should be considered a terrorist group along with their members and followers.

toronto anarchsits 2a

Here is a twitter feed message that was sent to show that these morons are also very anti semetic. They destroyed someone lively hood simply because the  CEO of the company they worked for was Jewish .




Let me leave you with a screen shot of what they really want to do, to ” destroy in the literal sense everything ”   :




In the next section in this series, I will dig a little deeper and show  how they continue to use terrorism as a  part of protest actions. You will not want to miss this . Stay tuned ……..