These people should have spent more time in the classroom

Meow everyone. As many of you have heard already, some malcontents  have decided that they seeming have a better grasp on what is legal than those who actually are empowered to enforce our laws.I am referring to the Line 9 protest that recently ended in all of the criminals getting arrested, as they should have. Before you continue here, you need to read this excellent article :  on this .  

We had the usual suspects appearing there from Sakura Saunders who, the very day after the new law was passed making it a criminal offense to were a mask while committing    a  crime,  what does she do, wears a mask. No worries Sakura, i have that saved.  Next, we get to the heart of the event, the day they get evicted. Now we need to get a small lesson on property owner ship here . Enbridge BOUGHT the property they are working on, meaning, they OWN IT, it theirs, paid for. Enbridge did not steal the land as these morons claim.  This means that when a sign is posted claiming that this is private property, that means keep out, it ain’t yours to be on without permission. Enbridge had every right to have the police remove these criminals at any time, but rather than take a hostile approach , they waited patiently , asking the criminals to leave of their own accord. the criminals chose to remain  hence they were going to get arrested. I suggest that these idiot READ the trespass to property act before they try this again.

The day of eviction, several persons decided that it was a brilliant idea to lock themselves to the facility. However, I see a rather huge irony here . the three who decided to lock themselves , Trish Mills, Mehgan McLelland ( sp ) and ” Squid Newb ”  placed chains and U-locks around their necks :



Hey, wait a second, are these the same people who have claimed that it is oppressive to chain people to objects, it, being a form of control over a human being?  Oh well, protesters have never been known to use logic as an approach  to protesting. case in point.

While these idiots in Hamilton where heading to crowbar hotel , a larger group of equally brain dead professional ninkom-poops where protesting here in Toronto at the provincial Courthouse.  A bunch of the usual  pointless speeches where made by the usual suspects  that said absolutely nothing.  Never let it be said, however, that these people don’t like to talk and hear themselves  blabber about nothing. However, the highlight of the day was when they decided to block University Ave. As with many such protests, our good servant and kool aid drinker extrodinare  Trey Winney was on hand to show us how its done. Personally, i thin that today’s batch of kool aid had some extra ingredients included in it as he though he was Superman, thinking he stop a truck with his bare hands .


Witless Winney should know better than to argue with something that is far smarter than he could ever hope to be .Winney, you are not, never have been and never will be smarter than a truck.  However, here is what the real problem was with this. these professional protesters as usual, don’t care about anyone or anything but their own twisted agendas . university Ave. is what we call hospital row in Toronto . These morons placed lives at stake, literally by blocking roads , preventing ambulances and other emergency vehicles to pass while on an emergency run.  I think its about time for the cops to start to seriously clamp down on these twits and charge them criminally whenever they take actions like this that clearly place live at risk.

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  1. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. You will never get the public on your side by attacking them. And that is what the Toronto blockade is. An attack.