So, what are you hiding from , and why ?

Meow everyone. yesterday, the Canadian House of Commons finally passed a law with some serious teeth. It is now a crime to wear a mask during an illegal protest or riot. it has always been a crime to commit while wearing a disguise but this new law means that now, the convicted offender can serve up to ten year in a federal prison just for wearing a disguise. IT ABOUT TIME.

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So why have such a law in the first place? As many of us already know, the G20 here in Toronto turned this city into a battle field with millions of dollars in damage done by violent anarchists who, as I have said and will do a detailed series on very shortly, are nothing but urban terrorists. In fact, they themselves will say this.

Over thirty thousand person protested during the G2o here and they seemed to have little problem with doing it peacefully as seen here :



They all had message they wished to send to their governments, and while I may not have agreed with every message, at least the vast majority protested in a manner consistent with our laws. They did not seen to need to cover their faces as simply put, they were not there to break laws and to riot.


However, the same cannot be said for one group, anarchists , who felt that it was important not only to riot, to destroy this city  and hold the good citizens hostage , they thought that by covering their faces, they could actually get away with it. Well, not only were they / are they cowards, they are clearly not the brightest bulbs in the box and all of them were caught, tried and convicted.

ImageThere is the argument I heard made that some go out to protest but don’t want others to recognize them on TV or in a newspaper. Some claim that they don’t want their employers to know that they are protesting something that their employer does support. Well, if one is so concerned about that, then protesting may not be for them. There are other way to send a message that is peaceful, respectful and can generate support and effect change, if change is what one seeks.  However, where that argument looses it power is the simple fact that in todays world , we are watched pretty much from the time we leave our homes. Shopping malls , places of employment, schools, the streets, we are on someone monitor all the time. I’m not saying it either good or bad, I am saying that in todays day and age, this is a fact of life, like it or not. personally, I have nothing to hide so, hey, get my good side and see if it compares to my bad side is.

Masks are worn to hide ones identity but with todays computer programs, even  a mask is pretty much useless as they can be electronically stripped away to reveal the true identity of a person.


I strongly suggest that you read this great article written by  genuinewitty. He has some great insight into this new law as well. His article can be found here at :


Masks for the purpose of hiding one identity wile comiting a crime is nothing new. The old cowboys did that during their bank, post office and train robberies. later, the old gangsters of the 20’s and 30’s  would do the same thing. Today, we have this going on with several criminal types. Terrorists as seen here :


Image violent anarchists as we see here :




One of the big problems we do have when these acts of violence does take place is that some select media groups will actually go out and glorify these criminal calling them hero’s  and social justice activists. Sorry, they nothing but thugs and hoodlums.


Image Great, this guy claims to be ” fucking angry ” . OK, if your that angry, take your mask off , research the issue you are angry about and go to your local government with a well prepared presentation on what the issues are that upsets you and ways that the issue can be corrected. Wearing a mask and rioting removes any last bit of credibility you may have had and now, if caught and convicted, you look at the possibility of ten years in a federal prison. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, simple as that. Only cowards hide their faces. Real protesters with real issues and real solutions are open, law abiding and willing to work to make positive change.