Fringe Groups … OCAP Part Three, funding

Meow everyone. Well, no doubt I raise a few eye brows with the last two posts about OCAP, however, I am certain that one question that i have not yet addressed is swirling in the back of peoles minds. that question being, where does OCAP  get their funding from. After all, it does take money to run operations such as OCAP.

This is a great question which i will attempt to answer in this post. However, as you read this, keep in mind that as with any organization, especially organizations with dubious reputations, the source of funding is not all all transparent and indeed, many such groups will go out of their way to hide funding sources.

A quick search through the Revenue Canada web site shows that OCAP  seems to not exist as a registered charity or not for profit organization :

ImageSo then , where does OCAP get it money from. We don’t have to look very far to find out. OCAP funding is only known to John Clarke but has been generally acknowledge by him to be from some CAW locals, CUPE and their members, individuals and from the sale of native reservation cigarettes. Supposedly the finances of OCAP are overseen by the Executive Committee, but as at fundraising events the money goes straight into Clarke’s pocket, it is unknown if the amounts are accountable to anybody but John Clarke.

Here is an example of a fundraising event they hold from time to time :

ImageHowever, while OCAP love to claim it represent the poor people of this city, here is actually what they REALLY think , based on their actions. They want POOR people who are already hit hard financially to get hit even harder by supporting them through such fundraisers. Real classy there John.

ImageActually John Clarke not only wants you to support these fundraisers, we also wants YOU to help him get CPP and a pension. What? You think I’m joking? Well, read for yourself in his own words:

ImageHey, Johnny Ol’ boy, if you want CPP and a pension, here is a really novel idea, get a friggin job where they provide same and stop using the most vulnerable people in this city as your cannon fodder and your personal financial support system.


So, let me see if I got this right, OCAP claims to represent the poor yet, he want the poor who  already don’t have enough to live on, give HIM what little they have so he can have more,  and you, less.  it seems that based on what have seen so far, OCAP needs the funds to buy paint for  banners, sticks to staple them onto, bail money, lots of bail money actually.

OCAP, funding has been a fickle beast because of the organizations far too often controversial in-your-face tactics. Ostracized by the unions that supported it only a few years ago, OCAP has had to rely heavily on individual donations . At one time, they operated  on what John Clarke claims   was about $60,000 a year and pay three people plus keeping an office. Money  coming  from  individual supporters and a few more progressive sections of the unions. However, those numbers just don’t add up when one looks at the cost of office space, paying  for three staff as claimed here, paying for food at events, taxi fares, protest signs and banners, training sessions and materials. 

As I had stated at the onset, funding sources for groups like this are very hard to trace, however, it is also not too hard to put a few things together and draw reasonable conclusions . For example, take the relationship that OCAP has with some  key members , their organizations and it is not unreasonable to suggest that some funding from these groups get filtered down to OCAP . 

Kelly O’Sullivan pictured below,  is an OCAP member who goes very loudly to all the OCAP protests even on working time. She works at Central Neighbourhood House paid courtesy of the city of Toronto. She is also the President for CUPE local 4308. She says she is the OCAP liason to the CUPE teaching assistant unions at York, University of Toronto and Ryerson, CUPE locals 3902, 3903 and 3904 when it comes to their donations to OCAP.

kelly osulivan

Kristin Schwartz executive member and Cycling Toronto, formerly known at the Toronto Cyclists Union.  She as the part time news  director  at the now gone CKLN.    She is reported to be , or has been,  officer at the Federation of Metro Tenants . According to she was an active member of Anti-Racist Action.

ocap member
Tim Groves is a long time OCAP activist and co-founder of the Toronto Media Co-operative. He gives courses mostly given through local university and college OPIRGs on how to use the internet to research the enemies of activists and on creating databases and putting pressure against professors who don’t support their on campus agendas.


Gwalgen Geordie Dent is claimed by some  as being  an occasional OCAP member, executive director of the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations and active in Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. He was from BC, first as a Federation of Canadian Students operative at Simon Fraser University, and later as a Vancouver street worker and on the executive of No One Is Illegal Vancouver. It is not known if he continues his activities with No One Is Illegal Toronto. Why he left Vancouver I don’t know.


Gatean Heroux is the second longest continuous member of OCAP. He works as a street worker for city of Toronto funded Street Health, but when they wanted to expand their services to Cresent Town, near Victoria Park and Danforth, he refused to head up that office nor demands for more accountability for the hours he worked. He wanted the downtown contacts with the homeless so he could bring them out to OCAP’s protests but in the end he did move to the new office. He is well known for being repeatedly arrested, for lawsuits and for breaking out crying when giving deputations on increased funding for service providers to the poor.

It is also fairly safe to suggest that the radical university student union who are members of the Canadian Federation of Students will divert monies to OCAP and other fringe groups that have agendas of a similar nature.

The key to remember here is that OCAP is a violent organization and if you support them financially , you Are supporting violent actions, even if you are not fully aware of all of what OCAP and other fringe groups do.  So far , I have discussed No One is Illegal and OCAP. However, there is still one fringe group left  that i cannot stress enough as to how violently dangerous they are: ANARCHISTS . I my continuing series on these fringe groups, I will show you clearly through the words and actions of the anarchists just how dangerous they really are and why they need to be classed as a terrorist organization. Stay tuned ……

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  1. Avatar Observer
    Observer says:

    I don’t know how much they get out of this but I know one person on government benefits living in TCHC who provided OCAP with a blank cheque and every month with his permission they withdraw $60 from his bank account.

    They advertise this on their website at

    It is funny they now have offices in St. Luke’s United Church when John Clarke has repeatedly quoted Karl Marx saying, “religion is the opiate of the masses” and Clarke has said that “Christianity is a plague that needs to be banned.”

    • Hello Observer and thank you for your comment. Yes, good ol’ Johnny is full of wonderful catch phrases and cliches. To bad he has not spent as much of his time reading books on law and civility. No worries, however, at this rate, he will get his free education, free rent, free food, 24/7 armed body guards, free legal help and likely move to a more scenic location, like, Kingston. I think he should start r4eading up on the witness protection program. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar Anonymouse
    Anonymouse says:

    Sarah Vance is not an employee of the FMTA and hasn’t been for at least three years.