Be afraid, be very afraid

Meow everyone. I was going to publish my continuing series on fringe groups today, however, last week a very significant event took place that I think needed to be published as a priority. I think after reading this, you will see why this had to be written now but further, this story still has a fringe group element to it. 


What took place last week is something we all need to be very concerned with,  as it, in my opinion, has all the makings of an “ anarchists for hire “  type of  organization where goon squads will now have backing for their cause, and unions will have professional goon squads at the ready,  but at what price.


Last week, as with ever year, CUPE Ontario held their annual convention at the Sheratan Hotel in downtown Toronto. This on its own is not overly newsworthy and in fact received little media attention on its own. All the usual suspects where, Fast Freddie Haun as the Ontario President, all the Ontario locals and of course the OFL ( Ontario Federation of  Labor ) under the dictatorship of slippery Sid Ryan. This was a convention were policies are made, officers elected and a bunch of patting each other on the back. Of course, no union convention is complete without the usual “ the problems with the economy is everyone else’s fault but ours “. Well, no one ever said unions lived in reality. As usual, a  union contingent, about 500 in total even marched in protest to the Ontario Ministry of labor to bitch and complain. Unions are good at that and with fast Freddie Haun as the main speaker,  the shrill of union arrogance  was over emphasized.


The highlight of this convention was, however, not the bitching and complaining of unions, no, not even how they hate government legislations that rein in unions. No, the highlight was the merger of two unions, the Canadian Auto Workers unions and the Communications, Energy and Paper workers union.


caw cep merger




And here is the new logo with the union unions now merged

unifor press release


This merger was nineteen months in the making according to the press release.


new union merplan anouncment



Pay very close attention to the dates here. The announcement was made, as I stated, last week, the end of May 2013. The press release stated that this was nineteen months in the making, which means that they started to have discussion back at around the time that Occupy Toronto was being evicted. I encourage everyone to read my series on occupy Toronto as linked here :     to gain a far better understanding of the significance that the unions had on the occupy movement here, and what happened when the unions backed away.


A quick recap for those uninitiated was that the unions needed bodies to use as cannon fodder for a widely anticipated strike against the city of Toronto but our mayor basically told them in no uncertain terns that  “ this is our offer, take it or leave it ”. The unions accepted the offer knowing they would not be able to get the city to cave in under this mayor, so, the bodies they once embraced, were now as quickly abandoned by the same unions.


The unions stayed quiet for a while in order to not draw to much attention to themselves but by no means where they idle. In fact, ken Lewenza was seen at the Idle No More supporting an illegal blockade in Sarnia  Ontario.


CAW ken lewenza



The OFL hosted under the name of Ontario Common Front hosted a conference at the University of Toronto were the leaders of just about every ultra left wing radical group / leader, was present. The CUPE convention of last week was no less different in that they too had a major player from Idle No More, Vanessa  Gray as a speaker and further, they even had OCAP there to promote themselves .


ocap involvement




ocap at  cupe convention



OCAP very  recently  “ graduated “  a new crop of cannon fodder. I will get into much greater detail about this in  the continuation of my fringe group series, however, I wanted to show here that each so called stake holder has taken steps to add to their numbers.




ocap (1)


In fact, even as recently as last night, John Clarke from OCAP was meeting with various groups to as he put it “  plan out for sustained action. “


twitter feed



One of the major differences between this new union and other is who they will allow in as members. Unions usually are open to those who work in certain fields , whether it be steel workers, plumbers, electricians and so forth. HOWEVER, and this is very important to note, this new union will allow anyone to join including those who are not employed at all. I will get into the dangers this presents shortly.





Just a few images above, I posted the official press release for this new merger. One of the most significant names at the bottom of this press release is the name of Roxanne Dubois.





Roxanne Dubois was until very recently, the national chairperson of the highly ultra left wing and highly radical Canadian Federation of Students ( CFS ). The CFS is an organization that claims it represents students in the college and university system, but in fact, they do little to nothing for those same students who pay huge membership fees to be a part of this draconian, self serving organization. It is very common that once a person has completed their term at the CFS, they are usually appointed to cushy union gigs or with other ultra left wing organizations. I can name many who have gone this route but that would be an article on its own.


While according to the press release, Dubois is the director of communications ,  and, as with all former CFS executive, she is and always be very closely connected to the CFS, and here is were we have the real problem. The CFS is home to the most radical of the university student unions, the Ryerson Student Union being one of those member student unions. These ultra radical student unions are very closely associated with some of the most dangerous fringe groups in the country, No one is Illegal, OCAP and the anarchist movement, are the first that come to mind.  Note in the official press release shown above, how the Ryerson Student Union building was home to the announcement. The Ryerson Student Union is one of the largest supporters of the anarchist movement, even having an official student group just for anarchists.



Students need to be very worried about this as well because they may find themselves being forced to pay new student levies, as forced membership, into this new union, something they likely would not want. Another major problem that students should have with this is that since contract workers are being actively invited to be members, student who will try and get those coveted work study campus jobs, all of which are contract positions,  may  be forced to become union members regardless of whether they want to be one or not. This then also raises the issue of nepotism because well know that unions and union based organizations  are the most nepotistic organizations out there, hiring only their close friends, family or known union supporters.



Remember the press release stated that pretty much anyone can be a member of this union. Now, recall that during Occupy Toronto, the unions not only co-opted the movement but also had many paid individuals act as leaders / facilitators to ensure union agendas were the only concerns being addressed and acted upon. Well as we jump ahead, we see clear evidence of unions embracing other radical movements and facilitating radical based meetings and conferences. This new membership position taken by this new union opens the door wide open for these highly dangerous fringe groups like anarchists, OCAP , No One is Illegal and their members to become members and  have access to virtually unlimited funding of their agendas ( with strings attached of course ) With close to thirty thousand members on hand now, based on the newly merged unions,  those numbers could swell exponentially and those bodies, many of them, cannon fodder, would make a formidable destructive force that would very likely be beyond the capabilities of even the largest law enforcement agencies to handle. In my opinion, the unions are preparing for political war and all that comes with it. We saw that during the G20 here in Toronto.


I have shown previously that Slippery Sid Ryan  has something up  the sleeve of his tailored shirt and he as much as said so in this twitter feed message he sent back on or about January 26 : 




Several major events are planned for 2015. The Pan Am games will be held here in Toronto but the most significant event will be the 2015 federal elections. It is clear these unions are gearing up for a fight, paving the way to have lots of disposable bodies to do their dirty work for them.  This new union and their new membership position is nothing more than a means to not only swell their numbers, but also to add to their bottom line.  To wage a war, even a political one, requires  significant  amounts of money,  and by allowing members in,  in the way they plan on allowing for new members, it is clear that this new union is not about protecting workers rights but rather, by building up ones war chest for a major battle.




Somehow, the star which is indicative of the communist party seems to be a major center point with these guys. Remember as well that many  of these  unions are in deep with  violent organizations such as the  International socialists.  I will discuss them in far greater detail in the continuation of my series on fringe groups.


With groups and organizations  like this around, we need to understand that these groups are not interested in accomplishing anything peacefully. With guys like Lewenza supporting a clearly illegal blockade, with the OFL holding conferences that are made up with the dangerous and destructive organizations and their leaders  as invited guests and speakers, it is not a stretch to postulate that they are indeed getting their troops for a battle.  I have little doubt that Toronto will yet again be a major battle ground for the ultra left wing idiots who already one tried to destroy this city in the not too distant past.  At least this time , law enforcement will be much more ready and better prepared, they now k now who is behind all this.

4 Responses to Be afraid, be very afraid

  1. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    There is reason not to be afraid. People are more aware. Thanks in part to bloggers like yourself. People generally ask questions. We saw that with the GE uranium protest in Toronto. They did not just blindly listen to the crap coming out of the mouth of Zach Ruiter. And with the recent crack video allegations with respect to Rob Ford. Almost half the city thing the Star is lying.

    I think this is more a case of desperation on the part of the unions knowing the public has less and less use for them as the years go by.

    • Hello Hammer, thank you for your comment. Oh yes, gook ol’ Zach, a legend in his own mind. I try to do my best to make people aware of what is really going on around them an dyes, sometimes, it pisses people off. I am losing sleep over that , NOT. people indeed need to ask questions when things don’t add up and with unions, nothing adds up. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar Honey
    Honey says:

    Kitty, my guess is you’ve never been in a union and therefore have no idea what one does or how it operates. This article is completely ridiculous. BTW, if use of a star is proof of Communism what do you make of the US flag? I didn’t know Betsy Ross was a red.

    • hello Honey and thank you for your comment. to answer your question , yes, i have been in unions therefore, what I speak come from experience. Tha nk you for your comment.