So, you still want to say they are not professional protestors ? part two

Meow everyone.  In part one of this story, i showed how these professional protestors seem to get around yet, one must wonder how they can  do this without having jobs to pay for thier trips .

In part two, i wish to focus on three specific persons, many of us have come to know. We already know who Sakura Saunders is , the person who hates Barrack gold, but as yes, has no real plausible, fact based explanation as to why . She love to disrupt meetings as she clearly indicated here :


However, disrupting meetings is not her only hobby . Some will recall that she along with her partner , Darius, recently took a nice trip to New Zealand  and Australia. for many of us, it would the trip of a lifetime. It appeared , however, that this was no vacation. In fact, there is documentation to show that this trip had two purposes that are professional protest based. One such document shows that Sakura and other decided to take a nice side trip over some Barrack Gold facilities in a Cessna :


Sakura, is this how you spend your vacation time? flying over protest targets

However, Sakura was not the only person spending her  ” vacation ” time sightseeing . it appears that her partner Darius was also busy, doing the speaking tour about the recent student protests here in Quebec and what little of it migrated to Ontario.


The image above shows Darius at the Toronto Eaton Center  at a flash mob protest rapping . My opinion , he needs to find a day job .


The image below shows both Darius and Sakura protesting at the very recent railway blockade in Sarnia Ontario: ( image taken by Mike Roy )

sakura sauders and darius mirshahi

Now, one would think that since these guys live at home ( at the parents of Darius )  they do this because they are broke, have no money and so forth. Well, it appears that professional protesting does have its up side, lots of travel . Look here and observe for yourself an  upcoming tour, in western Canada no less by Darius and Chris of Test Their Logic:


…. and with the following tour dates :


We all know by now what Darius  looks like, but I have not formally introduced Chris Bowan , the other half of this group .  So, without further delay, Chris Bowen. I do want it known however, that while these images show Chris getting arrested during the G20, I have learned that the  charges against  Chris Bowen have been dismissed  or dropped :




So, Why are these  two fine young upstanding  pillars of society heading out west ? Well, here is the answer :

ImageHowever , Chris Bowen is not the only one  to have had the opportunity to be arrested. Darius  also has had the opportunity get cuffed and stuff and with none other than the worst of the worst offenders, Alex Hundert:

darius hundert connetction

It also appears that out friend Darius love to make hate speeches riddles with statements supporting violence:

hate speach

Darius don’t even care for your safety while driving . Here, he says outright that he has no intention of putting his phone down while driving :

cell phone

They are heading out west to help raise funds for another protest organization that is as radical as what we see here. Also, keep in mind that the Media Coop is an anarchist based news source, promoting anarchist views and very much much anti police, anti establishment .  There is some great information available on the person who is running this event, Zoe Blunt.  GenuineWitty has some great material on here and who she really is here at :

These professional protestors don’t have a cause , they are really nothing more than goons for hire to what ever cause someone needs disposable bodies to . I attended a meeting some time ago that was a general meeting of the Occupy Toronto movement when it was still in Cloud Gardens , a local urban park . Darius and Sakura also attended this meeting and there was talk of planing some protest actions. I forget the action and the protest target as this was well over a year ago now  , but what i very clearly recall was Darius getting up and saying that it was important that  ” we make our presence known and the only way that was going to happen was if we  disrupt everyones lives “. One person asked  ” if that meant smashing stuff ” .  Darius replied by saying that “smashing shit is only property and hurts no one, and besides, that the only thing that people understand ” .  Well, never let it be said that Darius was  the brightest light bulb in the box . So, to anyone out west who is reading this,  Darius and Chris  are heading your way . Advise the local police dept. to have them free up some jail space for them .

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  1. Avatar Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy says:

    Kitty, I think most people would acknowledge that there are problems with mining company practices in the Third World and I think you’re playing ignorant by saying Sakura Saunders hates Barrick for “no plausible fact based explanation as to why”. Read Barricks’ wikipedia article if you’re really curious why anyone would have a problem with the company

    • Hello Just Some Guy and thank you for your comment. I have seen that article you linked me to but I question the source as it is not considered to be a scholarly source of information such that what it says can be verified as actual and absolute fact. Anyone can add whatever they want to wikipedia , both true and false information which is why using it as a source is not considered as scholarly and credible. Thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar WTFMeow
        WTFMeow says:

        Anybody who’s read this blog for more than 45 seconds knows that you telling someone that their sources are unscholarly is like the pot and the kettle (both black) being hurled through the glass house. Hilarious.

        • Hello WTFMeow and thank you for your comment. A suggestion if I may.. don’t throw your pots and kettles through glass windows or houses. you may end up scratching the coating on them . I am glad I add some humor to your day, to make it more full filling , I have done my job if I have done that . Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar Reading you
    Reading you says:

    Kitty, bands go on tour without being bankrolled by George Soros or whoever you think is funding Darius’ band or are you suggesting something bigger? That Soros is paying for every hiphop band as part of a conspracy to destroy our morals? The bastard! Once again you have lots of insinuation but no proof to back it up. By the way – who funds you? How can you afford to support yourself while blogging full time?

    • Hdello Reading you and thank you for your comment. Bands go on tour when the record companies have gigs already lined up for them. I have considerable experience in the music biz an dcall tell you with absolute certainty that no record company will underwrite costly tour unless there pre-booked gigs in place. Now, can you show me please exactly where in my article I mentioned that Soros was paying for this tour please ? With that statement alone, you tell me, WHO’S making insinuations ? As for you funds me I’ll just have to keep you guessing and wondering about that :-), but here is a hint, I have both an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and Mercedes SLS AMG. Thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar Reading you
        Reading you says:

        Oh really? Unsigned bands don’t go on tours organised by promoters? You obviously don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You also haven’t answered the question of how you can afford to pay your rent and expenses while blogging full time.

  3. Hello Reading You, I would hardly call posting on my blog once ever few days a full time deal. There are persons who post far more often than I ever can.

    As for my personal financial management skills, well , that’s no bodies business. Lastly I wish to address something you wrote about having proof . So, it is important that I prove my postulations , yet, and pay attention here , you, and / or, your band of neanderthalian ninkompoops can make accusations and yet, when asked for proof, none ever seen to be either forthcoming or even exist? Isn’t that a little one sided? Frankly, i don’t give a rats ass what I am called, indeed, I find them rather humorous. It would be nice to have proof of some of those things but then, i know full well, none exists so how can I get proof of something when those making the accusations are just blowing them out their asses ,

    Case in point , Krystalline Kraus , possible the stupidest human being I have ever known, once proclaimed me to be a BRITISH AGENT. When asked how she arrived at the brilliant conclusion, her answer was just as stupid. She said I was a British agent because I spoke too articulately . If she is the standard by which those accusations are arrived at / concluded as being fact, your movement is in serious trouble, well more so than it is in now. It seems that your occu-cult to whatever it is called now, is , was and always will be just a running joke ….. and I will be more than delighted to expose them as the joke and bullshit artists they are.

    • Avatar Reading you
      Reading you says:

      “As for my personal financial manageming skills, well, that’s no bodies business.”

      Then why are the personal financial management skills of Sakura, Darius etc your business? You are a hypocrite with a double standard, Kitty. As soon as anyone puts you under the same scrutiny that you subject others to and ask the same questions about you that you ask about others what happens? You throw a temper tantrum.

      • Hello Reading You. Thank you for your comment. I have been called worse so please don’t feel you’re insulting me. I ask questions when things don’t add up, and they don’t add up, hence a plethora of questions. Thank you for your comment

      • Avatar Reading you
        Reading you says:

        Bullshit. It adds up for the reasons I explained in the message you “accidentally” erased. It only doesn’t add up for you because you don’t want it to. Honestly, you’re talking about going to Sarnia as if it was a trip to the Moon and not a matter of hitchhiking or carpooling. What doesn’t add up is why you’d participate in Occupy when you oppose the principles it started around. Do you believe there is too much concentration of wealth and power in the richest one percent of society and that this has to change? If not why did you ever “join” Occupy? It just doesn’t add up.

        • Hello Reading you and as always thank you for your comment.

          ” … Bullshit. It adds up for the reasons I explained in the message you “accidentally” erased. It only doesn’t add up for you because you don’t want it to … ”

          If you don’t already know this then let me help make it clear. I post every persons comments, those who are supporters, as well as those who are detractors. Everyone is welcomed to have their say with me , I have always made this very clear. I did , however, NOT POST one persons comment because it was edging very close to racial and religious issues that could have been seen as bigotry , and that post was from one of my supporters. In fact, many comments here and elsewhere are from detractors so sorry , but your argument is flawed. the answer to your question, a very detailed answer, will be coming in an upcoming article so be patient. Once again, thank you for your comment.

  4. Avatar Reading you
    Reading you says:

    You erased my comment that pointed out that Sakura has said on one of these attack blogs that she freelances doing writing and design projects and that Darius likely does some freelance and odd jobs too. If we make a conservative estimate that they make $25K or so between them they can easily afford to travel the world on that if they take cheap flights and avoid hotels and restaurants. If you don’t pay rent and eat at home and especially if you cook communally with others this is quite feasible without resorting to your conspiratorial inferences that someone must be funding them. Who? You don’t say which isn’t surprising as you have not one microscopic bit of proof.

    And now I see you’re carrying on with your Krystalline obsession again. What’s wrong? Did she hurt your ego by not respecting your authori-tay as a self-appointed leader of people with disabilities?

    • Hello Reading You, yes, it is quite possible that i in error deleted your comment. it was not intentional. i think i hit the wrong function in error, my fault.

      I am not a self appointed leader of anything and as for Kraus, she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to hurt anything more than her eyes trying to read and understand big words.

  5. Avatar underminingsustainability
    underminingsustainability says:

    Frank, I don’t understand why you constantly say that I have no reason to protest Barrick, when I maintain a website with almost 900 articles – sorted into issue area and geographic area – of Barrick doing bad things around the world. I then write several editorial articles where I link to primary sources and outside news articles that connect the dots and make rational arguments as to why everyone should protest Barrick Gold. Barrick, under much pressure, has even admitted to several of the killings and gang rapes that occur with regularity at their mine sites. You are just undermining yourself by attacking me. Why don’t you spend you time doing something useful instead of attacking activists all of the time?

    • Hello Sakura and thank you for your comment. Sakura, let me ask you a question. What, exactly is your cause? you say that you fight Barrack Gold. Fine. you also claim that you fight for native rights. fine and , for the record, native rights and issues is something much closer to me than you will ever know . However, here is where your activism is seriously flawed. Many native communities are major shareholders in Barrack gold, as it is a very sound and secure investment. It is , therefore sound financial management to hold shares in corporations that will yield a return on ones investment. Then, you support native rights and want them to be financially secure . I agree with you. So then , how can, on one hand you proclaim to hate one company that provides financial security to one group of people you advocate for, while on the other hand, you protest the very company that provides that financial stability they need. You want the native people to have financial which they receive in part through investments with companies such as Barrack Gold, yet, you protest barrack gold hoping that their shares fall to a point where they cannot pay dividends to their shareholders? Sakura, how are you not seeing the flaw in your argument?

      The second flaw in your logic about Barrack Gold is that you claim you want to help the communities that Barrack Gold has operations within. On the surface that is highly commendable and admirable. However, these same communities survive through the employment that Barrack gold provides them. Are you telling these people then, the same people you are supporting that they should abandon any employment prospects that would impact their very lively hood and existence ?

      The third flaw, and the most laughable one, is that if you are teaching others about the flaws in the mining of gold in general, then Sakura, either you need to be better educated on how gold is mined , or leave the protesting up to those who do know, because when Trey Winney proclaimed that gold was mined through FRACKING , any credibility you had went out the window then and there.

      As always , thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar underminingsustainability
        underminingsustainability says:

        your reasoning is strange Frank. If you want to see the reasons why I protest Barrick Gold in particular, check out the report we just released called “Debunking Barrick” (it is on the website). I hope that upon reading the well-sourced and detailed information, gotten through my long-term work with directly-impacted community members, you will have a bit more understanding and respect for my work. Also, Barrick is not a sound investment as their share price has dropped over 52% in the last year. This is in large part due to a lawsuit brought by the Indigenous Diaguita in Northern Chile who forced Barrick to stop construction on their biggest project (Pascua Lama) because of the destruction it was causing to nearby glaciers. There are many things to invest in that don’t destroy the planet and still make profit, I would hope that everyone, including Native people, chose those investments. Meanwhile, I will continue to advocate alongside those directly impacted by Barrick, including workers (I have an entire labour section on my website) to seek justice.

        • Good day Sakura and thank you for your comment. I appreciate the respectful tone in which it was offered as well, especially in light of the fact that we do not see eye to eye on many issues. Sakura, i do not doubt that there are things going on that we do not know about . Frankly, there is no corporation that exists that does not have questionable practices. However, the case of Barrack Gold and the drop in share prices is due to the drop in the global price of gold. This , as you know , fluctuates regularly. Proof of the fact the Barrack gold is a sound investment is that they , even after a fall in the price of gold, still PAID out dividends to their shareholders. The payout of these dividends is $00.20 cents per share to be paid out on June 17, 2013 ………… ( source : ) You are of course more than welcome to discuss this, or anything else with me at anytime Sakura . in fact, the next great opportunity will be at the GOLDCORP protest yo0u will be at , at the Trump Plaza hotel on May 02 2013 starting at about 2:30 pm . Once again, thank you for your comment and for keeping it respectful .

  6. i’m one half of TTL, being chris bowen. darius does the organizing of the tour, we make enough to fill up the gas tank and our bellies and maybe have a little bit left by the end of tour to contribute to other projects (like having our new album pressed). i do all the production and recording from my bedroom (quite a time to be alive, DIY makes music available to anyone with a drive to do it, a far cry from whatever music experience from your past you have).

    i’m also a yoga teacher (how i pay my bills), i volunteer once a week doing a meditation with an addiction recovery group, and have worked with kids teaching martial arts, yoga, and music. i was arrested at the G20 along with 1000+ people, and subsequently had all my charges dropped. you using those picture to try and defame me is more of an indication of your own pettiness.

    you telling people to inform police that we are coming is laughable, really i feel sorry for you. you have no life and instead seek to leech energy off of people trying to do something with themselves and their communities to make this a better world. are we perfect? of course not, no one is. i’m sorry life has led you to this point and truly hope one day you can do something positive with your life, for it is only yours and the choices you make point to a very sad person indeed.

    • Hello Chris and thank you for your comment. I was not aware of the disposition of your case so thank you for sharing it. i will of course be adding that to the story . Thank you for your comment.

  7. Avatar One of those who have been unfairly attacked by this dude.
    One of those who have been unfairly attacked by this dude. says:

    I love the fact that people are seeing right thru you frank. i knew the more people stopped responding to you and your attacks (aka feeding the trolls) , the more you would do yourself in by demonstrating the holes in your logic and in your claims. nice work, keep it up.

    • Hello Taylor and thank you for your comment. I really don’t give a rats ass about who comments and how many people do or do not comment as I am not hear to win, or am interested in winning, a popularity contest. I call it as I see it and tell it like it is. You of course are equally free to do the very same. I was at the park for the entire time Taylor, I know what i saw, I know most what went on , I know most what was being hidden from m most of us, by your so called open and transparent movement. Sadly, I see this today as well migrating to other movements that are slowly being co-opted into something other than what they had originally intended to be. Taylor , you may have a hard time believing this , but in fact, I don’t dislike you or the others within your group. I actually admire your tenacity and dedication to what you believe in . My issue is the means in which you carry out your brand of ” activism ” and who you treat people who ask honest legitimate questions. You refuse to engage in a meaningful discussion, even though many, myself included have been open to same. if you want support, allies, try reaching out to those who are your detractors first. That’s my challenge to you, if you’re up to it . Thank you for your comment.