So, you still want to say they are not professional protestors ? Part one

Meow everyone.

On this past Friday March 15, 2013, there were several major protests going on in various cities. I am not going to discuss all of them here as they were too numerous to mention. I wish to address one were the professional professional protestors were in their usual element.

In Sarnia Ontario the usual Idle No More protestors were at work doing their best to look busy. Sarnia has been home to many other protests by this same flavor of the month protest campaign. Many of the usual suspects were there. One question keeps coming to mind. How do these guys find the ability to pay for these trips ? Remember, as one example Sakura Saunders claims to living off the gratitude  of others and living at home.


Here she is with Taylor Chelsea together:


Now , lets have a look at Sunni Elliese  Rochelle :


 And last but certainly not least , what good protest would be complete without Trey Winney :


What kills me about these guys is that first of all, they think that   waring a silly mask  will hide who they are ….. WRONG . And secondly, I still want to know who pays them and / or their trips, to go to these places .  Gas, food, hotels , these are not free.

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  1. This explains why the Sarnia Police were reading so many of my articles that day…

    • Hello Genuinewitty and thank you for your comment. I really don’t get these people. Do they really think that they can do these actions and no one will know who they are just because they were masks to hide themselves? They claim that they are not traveling all over the place because they don’t have the money that some of us claim they either have, or have access to yet, they seem to be able to globe trot rather often and well. I recently read an article about Sakura Saunders as she and Darius were both in New Zealand and Australia and Sakura and one other person rented a Cesna to fly over some Barrack Gold facilities. Yup, some vacation. These guys are just of bunch of aimless , directionless professional protestors who have short attention spans and can’t even stick to one subject matter to protest. Just a bunch of flavor of the month idiots is all they are. Thank you for your comment.

      • Aren’t they getting aid from unions and other organizations? It doesn’t surprise me they flew over Barrick Gold’s land in a cesna… it actually doesn’t seem that strange to me or bad at all. If someone had suggested it, and the organization backing my protest seemd OK with it I wouldn’t think twice if I trusted that organization. What worries me is who she’s getting the aid from. If the organizations helping her are corrupt, that is more of concern to me… She used to work for NGOs, and I read that NGOs are being used to push and encourage corrupt high-up peoples agendas, unbeknown to the people in those NGOs on the lower ranks… most participants probably have no idea.

        So for the moment I am more concerned of the motives of those aiding her than her, as I suspect she is being used, as are many people, to push agendas from the very people they are fighting. Controlled Opposition.

        As for not sticking to one subject matter, when I showed up at Occupy I was intending myself to try to deal with many problems as I saw many problems happening in society and Occupy seemed to be people coming together to address them. So activists addressing many problems seems also fine to me. I had no experience in activism, so I trusted those who seemed to know what they were doing. Other new people showing up at their protests may be doing the same.

        I was not at Occupy often due to personal problems as well as the constant infighting. It shook me that we were supposed to be working together we were fighting each other. Don’t know, but suspect there may have been agent provocateurs and such… I’ve read articles where police were found actually be provocateur and there is even a movie called Confessions of An Undercover Officer where a cop confesses to infiltrating environmental groups. But I also know that people can be trouble on their own for various reasons, so I don’t know who would have been an provocateur and who would just be someone argumentative (on purposely or by social difficulty)… so I don’t accuse anyone because I don’t know…. but those trained in provocateuring know how to manipulate people, and cause division, as well as lead people to agree within group meetings, etc… But sometimes people naturally do this, so again finding provocateurs is far beyond my ken.

        So when it comes to Sakura, I don’t know. I suspect she may not be aware she is being used by corrupt people, or you may be right… I don’t know. She may be right for all I know, just using ways of protesting we don’t agree with… Over time hopefully it will become clearer to me, and others, who the real problem is. I suspect higher-ups. I suspect the money she had was from donations and from organizations aiding the movement. Just my thoughts.

  2. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    Does Trey still think you can mine gold through hydrological fracturing?

  3. I really doubt they are wearing dust masks and gas masks to hide their identity… perhaps to avoid tear gas and other such things/ Though I doubt a dust-mask would help much… or a surgeons mask… but I wouldn’t know.

    • Hello Tamara and thank you for your comment. Tamara dust masks are utterly useless against tear gas. Even that mask Trey Winney waring would be totally ineffective on him as he has a beard and could not get a proper seal. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Avatar Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy says:

    Right wingers get funding from right wing foundations, corporations and billionaires (like the Koch brothers); left-wingers get much less funding from unions, left wing foundations (a pittance compared to the right) and individual fundraising. So what? Why are you only looking at the funding of the left while ignoring the funding of the right and also ignoring that since there’s much more right wing money than left wing money the playing field is far from even. What do you want Undercoverkity? That only the Tea Party, the Fraser Institute etc gets funding and that there is no counterbalance to them in society? As for “professional protesters” what do you mean by that exactly and if these people are “professional protesters” does that make you and your friends “professional counterprotesters”?

    • Avatar Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy says:

      As for these individual protesters, I doubt anyone is paying them to be there and you haven’t actually produced any evidence that they are. Believe it or not many people have convictions and volunteer time and resources to attend a protest. Yeah, gas goes money, that’s why people car pool and if you take camping gear or stay at friends’ places it’s fairly cheap. Did someone pay you to go to Occupy or any other demos? No. Then why assume anyone else would have to be paid? This “professional protest” garbage is just right wing nonsense spread in an attempt to delegitimise protests. Who paid hundreds of thousands of people to go to civil rights marches in the 1960s? Why would anyone have to pay? Why isn’t it possible that people participate in social movements out of conviction? Why don’t the right wingers who ask these questions ever ask who pays people to go to Tea Party rallies? If right wingers are allowed to have convictions and act on them why aren’t left-wingers?

    • Hello Just Some guy and thank you for your comments.

      ” … does that make you and your friends “professional counterprotesters”? … ”

      Now thee is a term I have not head of before. No, while I am no position to speak for others who share my position, what I have done over many years is to watch and observe what was going on and I have found that regardless of the protest, the message were all pretty much the same , only the tactics seem to have changed over the years. i really care what people want to protest about . What does concern me and many others is the direction they are heading in and the tactics being employed as a protest tool. I have no problem with people protesting peacefully as many do, and have done historically. I do, however, have a huge problem with the employment of radical, violent, black bloc actions an dhow some even go so far as to justify is by saying things like property damage is not violence, when in fact, it very IS.

      You asked me if I was paid to be at Occupy. No, of course not. In fact, it was original plan to make a documentary about the evolution of the protest movement an dhow it evolved in Toronto but occupy put such bad taste in my mouth, and to many others as well, that as we saw what was really going on, many of felt that it had to made public for people to know what really happened. that evolved for me into wanting to expose those who use these type of protests / movements for their own agendas. Obviously , its working and the number of negative comments , from persons such as yourself prove that I, and others are hitting a real nerve , and even putting at risk your future plans because you’re afraid that enough persons will read this and even agree with the position that i and others take that it could seriously affect your future funding. if that is the case, then I am doing what I set out to do, that being to put an end to these fringe groups who are nothing but trouble makers. At the very least, these same fringe groups will be under a microscope and every aspect of their existence will be subject to the most intense scrutiny . I am just getting warmed up . Thank you for your comment