Updates on stories being worked on

Meow everyone, I just wished to update my readers of some stories i am working on now that should be of both interest and concern to Ryerson Students.


It is no secret that the RSU and I are not seeing eye to eye , and frankly , I could care less.  However, when a student union uses it’s power to create lies , false  accusations and so forth, its time the students who pay their nice salaries get to know what they are REALLY doing . i will show you what they are doing and saying, using their very own words . Here is a little hint : ” … Mr. *********** hasn’t actually done anything but we want him banned because he will in the future… ”  This section will include  actual court documents to show their utter stupidity. The RSU  staff and executive are members of CUPE 1281, one of the more radical CUPE union locals. CUPE is run by  Denise Hammond who is the local president.  She was the former director of Outreach and Communications for the RSU , however, as the RSU was getting itself into significant legal issues , she left on what was referred to at the time as an extended ” stress leave “. However, Hammond  is working for CUPE Ontario. While she was with the RSU she was presumed to be making about $65K a year in her RSU position plus about $12K a year as CUPE local president.  For the record , Hammond, The Palin Foundation,  the RSU some  of the RSU’s former executives and currant Palin Foundation GM  are before the  courts   and / or   the Ontario Human rights tribunal.

Denise Hammond on right

hammond on right

My favorite image of Denise Hammond, such class,  such style

assignment three

Occupy Toronto

I will be continuing my series on the Rise and Fail of Occupy Toronto  and will take the movement beyond what it originally was , and what it has become. many of you have  been reading about it already, but the good stuff is just now going to come out .  Stay tunedto see the way in which Occupy was hijacked and by whom.

image 8

Whats in store for the future

This is something that is always a work in progress but it involved both the union agenda’s which i have exposed during the occupy movement as well as how unsuspecting students are about to be used as pawns once again by a collaboration of union and the CFS. I will have images that show this clearly so you will want to stay tuned to this as well.

I made mention of a nepotism chart that shows how all of these above mentioned groups kiss each others asses ( for lack of a better term) This is being worked on now, but as i work on it, I see this as growing faster than I can keep up with it. it will be shown clearly but a short delay is in order to ensure accuracy and as much detail as I have available.

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  1. Avatar Lunatic
    Lunatic says:

    I don’t think it is such a wise idea to criticise the unions.

    I think this may be a video of the OFL’s Sid Ryan’s new disciplinary review committee

    • Hello and thank you for your comment. i wish to let you know that in your comment as you posted, you included a link to a video showing an islamic flogging . i have decided to not include the link as i do not wish to make this about one religion being displayed as acting badly, as much as I deplore that type of system. With respects to taking on the unions, in fact, it is my fullest intention to expose these hoodlums, goons and neanderthals for what they, goons, hoodlums and neanderthals. Let me say as well that I am fully aware that not all unions are bad, an dyes, it was the work of unions back in the 1920’s and 1930’s that got us many of what we have today, such a weekends, a fair work weeks, benefits, retirement plans and many other things. Those things cannot be disputed. My objection to unions as they are run now, is the way they act like school yard bullies, holding people and companies hostage unless they get their way. The most recent union beef with Porter Air is a perfect example of how they bully people. Since when does the average flyer / passenger need to be held hostage by union scum bag protestors after they ( the passengers ) just had a long flight, and simply wish to come home to their families. If the unions really cared about the worker, why the are they actually PREVENTING workers for doing their jobs , especially in places like were Porter Air is , with the taxi drivers, many of whom barely scrape by. So, by holding THEM hostage as well, they are say the these workers, some of the lower paid workers ( taxi drivers) should have to capitulate to union bullshit. I wonder if the union will pay the taxi drivers rent at the end of the month. No, unions today are self serving, greedy neanderthals who think they can do anything they want. Hey, slippery Sid Ryan , I am wondering, are YOU willing to give up part of your $35oK a year salary so your members can have a better wage? No, i didn’t think so . You’re all talk, a lot of hot air, a bloated ego, dumb as a box of rocks and have no concept of reality. Here is a novel idea Slippery Sid, get a job and see what its REALLY like to have to work for a living. maybe you will have a change of heart after working to pay your rent to see that striking is going to be a real hardship on you.

    • If just the thought of criticizing them brings fear of harm, perhaps they need to be criticized? How can they help anyone if they have become as monsters where no one can question them without being harmed? If it has truly come to that, that is a very bad sign.

      • Hello Tamara and thank you for your comment. Sadly, their actions have brought harm, physical harm to others and further, they condone this type of activity. These people have been the one who were directly involved in harming others. At a not too distant occupy Toronto general meeting, it was well known that unless certain persons voted a certain way, those persons were threatened with physical violence. I have absolutely ZERO problem or issue with exposing these scum bags for what they are , not so much as a shred of guilt about doing it either. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Isn’t banning someone because of something they may do pre-crime? We are not a pre-crime society, we don’t punish people just in case the y may commit a crime. You punish people AFTER they commit a crime. The person may never commit a crime at all, but being punished just in case is bloody insane! They are demanding to set a dangerous precedent. It will be a travesty of justice if precrime through profiling etc ever becomes a reality here in Canada. They seem to be starting down that road and I am fully against it.

    • Hello Tamara and thank you for your comment. Welcome to the way ultra radical left wing groups and organizations work. I am not going to get into this a great deal because it is still before the courts but I will start posting the materials shortly thereafter. I want everyone to see who and what these people really are / are like , but , in fairness, i also don’t want them to be tried by a court of public opinion before they get put on trial before a court of law. Thank you for your comment.