Dear students, your criminal records are now available for pick up

Meow everyone. I am  going to show y’ all something that I could not possible make up on my very best, or worst  day. Have a look at this link here :

This was advertised on the facebook site of the Rukus Society , an organization that I have shown previously as being on a US domestic terror watch list.  It appears that they are now accepting applications for the following school year as shown here :


They sure want a lot of information from you. Well, at least once you do get arrested for a plethora of offenses, at least the organization will have all of your personal information  on file, not that you’ll be needing for the next 10 – 25 years.

Some of our past graduate have stayed at only finest Crowbar Hotel resorts in North America. Kingston Ontario, Pelican Bay California only to name two. If successful, you will arrive in style in out new fleet of Crown Victoria’s via the Crown Vic. Limousine service. Imagine being a star and having your very own motorcade. Our drivers are all highly trained in the art of defensive and offensive driving  and are armed to offer maximum protection. Once at the luxurious Crowbar Hotel, you will be showered with only the finest, in the latest fashions, where orange is the new black. You will have your choice of either the best quality nickle plated , or black anodized wrist adornments available. Black is my favorite 🙂 Once at Crowbar hotel, you will meet Bubba, the  massage therapist.

So what will you learn anyway? you will be taught the art or property destruction, vandalism , useless chants and cat calling. Our advanced course offer courses  false accusations  against those who disagree with you, how to march and chant useless slogans at the same time  and how make your very own anarchist flag. You will learn the art of black bloc actions. if you think black bloc’s are construction materials, we will show you otherwise.  If you register before midnight tonight, you will receive not one, not two not even three, but FOUR free crow bar hotel issues tattoo’s . So hurry up and call toll free at  1-800-GET-BSTD or online at www.haveIlostmymind.dum .

2 Responses to Dear students, your criminal records are now available for pick up

  1. Avatar WTFMeow
    WTFMeow says:

    Wow Frank, love your joke about prison rape (“Bubba”). It really shows class, maturity and intelligence to joke about people you disagree with getting raped. I mean, if i wanted to lower myself to your level, i could make a remark about how you’re a closet furry who jerks off to pictures of cats (yes, we know about that).

    • There , you outted me. yes, I kissed a cat. It was a beautiful black cat. It was a stunning cat, big short haired, green eyes, awesome white teeth, sharp pointy fangs, razor sharp claws. THERE, you happy now? To the whole world….. I KISSED A KITTY CAT, and I am going to do it again today when I see him. Thank you for your comment. Oh, how good it feels to be outted and to have that secret off my back and finally out in the open.