The Rise and Fail of Occupy Toronto …….. a small update

Meow everyone. A few days ago, some of you will recall reading an article i wrote about some of the key players within the Occupy Toronto Movement. One person i wrote about at some length was Trey Winney . i postulated that he drank the Kool Aid and went back fro seconds . It appears that I was right, sadly. Here is a recent article he wrote ( he wrote this back on or about January 21 , 2013 :

” …

I am Hellbent on Revolution.

by Trey Winney on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 4:54pm ·

I am Hellbent on Revolution.

Let me say that again so that I am abundantly clear: I am Hellbent on Revolution.

I fight for this so that your grandchildren can have grandchildren,In the direction things are going, they won’t be able toOr if they do, they will be born malformed and malaiseUnable to bear sons, concentrated mutagenicsThe irreparable damage to our DNA; our legacy

May you raise your children, love your familySee them grow up and have a family of their ownFor many of us will not, so that you canWe are all one people, and we will live onThrough each others children

I am Hellbent on Revolution

I strive for a world where the health care professionSeeks to cure the dyingAnd ease the pain of the sufferingThat companies no longer seek to make profit from the sickAnd work to make them sicker

That the cold words “money” or “insurance”Never escape the mouths of the healers yet to be bornAnd are never used to console the bereaved or the wounded

I am Hellbent on Revolution

I read the labels in the grocery storesHighFructoseGlucoseCornSyrup! HighFructoseGlucoseCornSyrup!Dextrose, Modified Corn Syrup, Glucose-FructoseWhich will kill youMake your young sickGive them cancerand Die-abities.

I yearn for delicious food that is cleanFree of toxins and chemicals which cause diseaseFree of terminator seed technology™, BT™ and Roundup™Causing the enslavement, debt and suicide of farmersWho toil to feed and clothe us

A world that is free so that everyoneCan grow food for their families and communitiesAnd not be labeled criminals for it

I am Hellbent on Revolution

I seek a world of clean waterWhere everyone and everything can drink their fillOf the blue liquid of our Sacred Mother Earth

Where if one person didn’t have enough waterOr it was too dirty, tainted or pollutedThe world would focus it’s attention to discerning what caused itAnd do everything in their power to make it right.

I am Hellbent on Revolution

I think of a place where ideas are freeThat we realize each of our ideas are built on each others thoughtsInterwoven mesh of brilliance, of ideas, creativity and contemplationEach person working to help the nextEgo long dead, long gone

Individuals working to protect our Sacred HomeworldIts inhabitants, each otherWith love, curiosity and respectRegardless of where we came from, sexuality, ability or genderWe are all capable of loveLet that unite us

I am Hellbent on Revolution

I demand peaceful, clean technologyThat all technology be used to ease the suffering of all sentient lifeThat mass killing machines, BloodOil and BloodMinerals be a thing of historyRemembered and never repeated

That the Oilbeast be slain where liesFor it is the fuel that drives us towards our very doomWith every barrel of Bloodoil raped from the EarthOne step closer to our absolute extinction

It’s heart in Edmonton, where it is pumped across Turtle IslandThrough veins of pipelinesFueling machines of warSailing out to war from the United StatesWhich seek to eradicate those in its wayAnyone not white, not christianHellbent in own rightSeeking OilSeeking BloodSeeking Eternal Night

Its brain from ChinaWhere the greatest social experiment of totalitarianismHas caught the world by whisperNearly inaudible through the Great Firewall of ChinaNow Turtle Island soil sold to China to be sold back to the Colonial GovernmentWho’s land it never was, never will beAlways stealing, always taking more than what is needed

Its eyes in Langley and WashingtonWatching overhead, ever vigilantDeath by drone, invasive evasive invisible ever present assassinSeeking the blood of children in lands far awayTelevised to computer terminals somewhereWith someone behind the controlsWho doesn’t care

Its nose in New York, Toronto, LondonSmelling out where the gold, the oil,The PROFIT, profit so imaginaryExploitation upon exploitationExport the violence;The status quo doesn’t have to knowThe gang rapes, the violence, racism, starvation and deathConsume more, follow your nosePay no attention to these protests!

Its arteries blocked through the mountainsClogging the economic advancementOf a cumbersome war-machineTrying to commit genocide and refute the treatiesWith the people here before colonizationBarely recognizing them as human beingsOnly caring for profit and expansion most psychopathic

In Aamjiwnaang, in the belly of the beast,It’s Liver and Kidneys keep it from dying fast enoughChemical frostfall of air so toxic, flammable water, poisoned earthA sign of things to come for all!Spill after spill, the beast leaksThe more it tears into our HomeworldThe shorter our collective lives become

You see, I am Hellbent on RevolutionAs one day I would like to leave this worldAs we came into itIntact, peaceful and lush with life

To be able to look back on our blue pearl and call it homeAnd to rejoice in its wonders from where ever we roam.Free to return, not fearing the poison and destruction which we have wroughtNot fleeing a dying planet, killed by a human infestation

This is why I am Hellbent on Revolution. … ”

Trey wants a revolution. Lets have a look at what a revolution is :


[rev-uh-loo-shuhn] Show IPA



an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.


Sociology . a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Compare social evolution.


a sudden, complete or marked change in something: the present revolution in church architecture.


a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.


a single turn of this kind.

Trey, if you want change, run for office or get out and vote.

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  1. Thank you for keeping track of these folks.

    • Well pet my fur, it’s Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the other kitty blog 🙂 Hey, i just tell it as I see it, as do you, i just meow a little more 🙂 Welcome and thank you for your comment.

  2. How ’bout we try ‘evolution’ first!

    • Hello Heather and thank you for your comment. Yes, EVOLUTION would be a nice touch but sadly, for these guys, it is simply well beyond their comprehension and intellect and even desire to evolve. Trey is on the fast track to a federal prison at the rate he is going. Thank you for your comment.