OCAP uses people like disposable objects

Meow everyone. This past Thursday , March 07 , OCAP decided to hold the city hostage again  with their now famous if not predictable yelling, screaming and vale threats .

Image Now on the surface, OCAP would appear to be doing something important such as advocating for those without homes and living in poverty. There is no question that to have even one  person living without a home is one person too many. There are a variety of reasons  as to why some are with out homes . There are some who live with addiction issues, mental health issues, some bad luck but while each persons story is as unique as the individual, the common denominator is that each of these person is with out a home. in a city, a country as wealthy as Canada, honestly shameful . I have worked in homeless shelters for several years and have heard many stories from  many people. Bad luck   and misfortune  will swallow up everyone, equally. it doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, tall short, male or female.

John Clarke is the guy who runs OCAP with a band of merry henchmen. They too come from different walks of life. Now this is not a story about the who’s who at OCAP , rather, it’s about OCAP itself and the utter hypocrisy that have now proven to be the purveyors of. Have a look at this twitter message John Clarke sent out as a means of asking for suport for the protest event mentioned above:


Here is an image of John Clarke for those who may not know who he is :


Yes, you read it correctly, he asked for SUPPORT AND  SOLIDARITY . Now, lets look at another person who was there to lend his support and solidarity , Derek Soberal.  Derek Soberal, like him or hate him  has been a fixture in the Toronto protest / activist scene since the G20. He has been  a pain in the ass to many, some going so far as to say that he himself has instigated many of what has happened to him. he was arrested several time over the past two years as a result of his activities.


Derek is not a bad guy really. He has a big mouth, he loves the attention and love to be in the media. He gets in people faces , drives them crazy , and does not stop. I am not here to proclaim his actions as either good, or bad, I am simply stating him as I know him. 


On the night of march 07, the same night of the above mentioned OCAP protest, once again, several persons were arrested when they disregarded the directions from City of Toronto staff and Toronto Police services to vacate the facility, as the city had lawful authority to execute such a vacate order. many left as directed , since it is only going to reflect poorly if a person is arrested. Getting busted accomplishes nothing. Derek was one of those persons arrested. However, that too is only a small part of this story.

During the occupation of Metro Hall, the end was clearly approaching and everyone knew this. OCAP member and legal person for them, MacDonald Scott went so far as to say that his organization would offer help and / or support  to anyone who was arrested. Here is an image of MacDonald Scott:


Mr. Scott is no stranger himself to the legal system as he is an immigration consultant  his  with a legal firm ( there will be a story on this at a later date date )  and also does work with No One is Illegal, another one of this cities  ultra radical groups who will resort to using a variety of means as a form of protest.  No One is Illegal were one  of the main leaders , along with OCAP, of the G20 riots  here in Toronto. As an aside note, on the day of this protest in question , he even wore a No One is Illegal t-shirt to the protest event.

Mr. Scotts registration as a accredited Immigration Consultant can be found here at :



Now, recall the twitter message that Clarke sent out asking for support?  Well , it appeared that support is only ONE WAY with these morons, as , when Derek was arrested, he was taken to the  local police station and was not released until, from I understand, around 2:30 am the following morning. HOWEVER, while Derek was sitting in jail , those clowns at OCAP , the very same ones wanting YOUR support, left  after the protest event was over to their nice warm houses, beds and the comforts therein. Derek had NO SUPPORT from them , even though they wanted support. In fact, from what i was made to understand, there was only about four or five other protestors who did wait for Derek outside the station until he was released, none of them with OCAP.

Here is the video of MacDonald Scott tell everyone that he will provide legal help and support  to those arrested  :


So, OCAP, you have shown your true colors yet again.  You use people as pawns for your OWN purposes and agendas, and dispose of them  and forget about them once your use  of them has expired. I am wondering just how many of your members are aware of your utter hypocrisy.  Clarke, I address to you directly as you are the leader of OCAP. You sir are a  pathetic coward for leaving a man behind. NO leader worth their salt and reputation would EVER leave a person behind. You come as one, you leave as one, unless you are an OCAP member and them you may come as one, but once done, you’re on your own to fend for yourself when things go south.

I want to be clear here that I am not a fan of the  way Derek conducts himself during these events , and have told him as much, Derek is an adult who makes his own choices and has to live with the consequences of the choices he makes. I like Derek as a person but I do not like or support the way he approaches his brand of activism. However, unlike those with OCAP and other ultra radical fringe groups who simply attack those who ask questions of the way actions are done. Derek is willing to talk, listen and be civil about it when entering into a discussion.  Derek  gets caught up in the moment.