The Rise and Fail of Occupy Toronto…. part eight

Meow everyone. With mind control techniques, crack pipes and booze filled occupations, the inevitable  was not far behind, that being the much anticipated and greatly desired ( by the area residents ) eviction of the occupy movement from the park. However, certain stake holders in Occupy Toronto were not  quite done destroying the reputations of legitimate activists just yet. There were still perqs out there they wanted  had a few tasks still to complete. Once again, as before, images used are a combination of my own and material found on line.

Before you read my story here, I very strongly urge you to go here and read this superior article posted here by GenuineWitty. He has a great insight into the way unions work and operate. I will be expanding on this in great detail in upcoming articles  as well,  but for now, read this first:



The players



If there was ever a clear and transparent view of how a cult works to take over the mind and them the body, Trey Winney is the poster child of this transformation. Trey Winney, like myself , was a marshal, and a good one, his calm demeanor was something I was in awe of actually. He could defuse a situation like no one I have seen do. I got to know  him a little bit and was happy to call him a friend. We got along very well and we sought out each other when we need to talk, or vent, or both. Trey was a guy I had a great deal of respect for. I recall him, like myself, becoming so incensed at the drug use, the violence, the inactions of the facilitators when they were made aware of these things, he went on a hunger strike. I was only too happy to support him, comfort him when he needed and I did my best to ensure he remained healthy. He was always in the park.



 One day, I noticed that he was away for a few days which for him was highly unusual. Sure enough, I checked his tent and as suspected, he was not there. He was so sick he had to go home for a few days to recover. Something happened. Trey would never use violence on anyone, however when he came back, he was a different person. His attitude was different, his approach was different, Trey was different. I watched him go from a peaceful person to what he is today, a person who is willing to use violence, is aggressive and hostile and as one former occupier told me, his whole life, now, revolves around protesting. He is close friends with Dave Vasey, and while he has every right of course to choose whom he wishes to befriend, I also think his fragile mental state is such that he will be lead into a situation,  he cannot escape from,  as a scapegoat for Vasey. I am not sad in any way that Occupy Toronto is no more. I am, however sad that  a friend  whom I actually liked and cared about, got sucked in  by  a cult. Trey is a good person  making some bad decisions right now but please, don’t write him off as a result of these bad decisions. If he is strong, his heart and will, will lead him back  to the real world. Occupy Toronto was not only destroying whatever potential it had as a movement to make positive change, it was destroying people who truly believed in it. Occupy destroyed whatever hopes people had. Occupy Toronto  used people for the good of only a select few facilitators, who only their own self interests in mind, and treated everyone else as disposable.


 Occupy indeed was an “ us vs.  them “  cult,  only,  the “ them”  was everyone who was not part of that close and secret inner circle.  Trey Winney, sadly, fell into the spell and allure of the cult, its leaders and what the cult offered him. Trey, is a good person who must his own way back because right now, he is on the fast track to a prison cell at the rate and direction he is going. Trey is being used and manipulated, yet, the sad part is,  he does not see this, does not recognize this as happening to him. When Trey is ready to return, there will be a friend there waiting for him to welcome him back and help him, as much, or as little as he wishes, to reinvent him back to the person he has the full potential to become.  I don’t leave my friends, I don’t forget them, I give them whatever space they need to find themselves,  and,  I reassure then how good a person they actually are.


Mischa Saunders, Daniel Roth, Sarah Rotz, Lana Goldberg, Laine Newmann, Taylor Flook, Wilsun Tso, Nele Micheals, Kevin Konnyu, Bryan Batty, Sakura Saunders, Dave Vasey, Octavian Cadabeschi. These were the ones in total charge. Everything went through them first and foremost.  They ran the show, or more correctly, they acted  in the capacity of the  front persons  for Occupy Toronto,  as occupy was really run by the unions. While this has not been established as absolute fact, it is widely rumored that CUPE,  who had a huge vested interest in the Occupy Toronto movement, sent in one of their local senior executives, to not only monitor the daily activities of Occupy, but to ensure that Occupy was addressing the union concerns first and foremost, basically making sure union agendas and mandates were the top priority of Occupy Toronto. There was always a senior union official form at least one of  the various unions at the Occupy Toronto encampment, or very near by. This was not random chance ,  but rather, it was  by design.


Pictured above is Dave Vasey . He will protest cookies if it suites him. He is one of the top professional protestors in  Ontario


Pictured above is Laine Ziessmann Neumann. She is  a Grad student at Ryerson University and was a low level Occupy leader


Pictured above is Misha Saunders ( no relation to Sakura Saunders ) Misha WAS the TOP leader of Occupy Toronto.


Pictured above is Octavian ( last name attached to the file name ) Octavian was a senior leader in Occupy and was the one  in charge of marches and  union protests. Octavia was / is also very closely connected to the OFL and Sid Ryan. This will be shown in an upcoming article soon.


Pictured above is Daniel Roth. Daniel was the number two person at Occupy Toronto and is a strong anti Israel protestor, now living in Tel-Aviv


Pictured above is Sarah Rotz. Sarah was the number three top leader at Occupy


Pictured above is Taylor Flook aka Taylor Chelsea. Taylor identifies as anarchist and is one of the top professional protestors in this country  and like Dave Vasey, is Rukus Society Trained .


 Pictured above is Wilsun Tsu ( far left ) He was in charge of the entire logistics team at Occupy Toronto

sakura Saunders

Pictured above is Sakura Saunders. She will play the poor helpless little simple girl well, however, her globe trotting gives  her away rather easily. She is one of the top professional protestors in Canada  and runs a anti Barrack Gold protest site .

lana goldbery ( on  far left )

Pictured above is Lana Goldberg , ( far left )  AKA Lana Brite. Lana is the partner of Dave Vasey  and is a union organizer with very close ties to the OFL as will be seen in an upcoming article.

The above persons are named as the name of the image file. These people profited from Occupy Toronto, They did it while hiding the facts from YOU. They claimed that Occupy was totally open and transparent, yet, nothing about it was that. Occupy was really Occu-LIE. Occupy was run by the Unions, FOR the unions. These leaders / Facilitators did what the unions wanted them to do and this will be proven in the next series of stories.

There was the anarchist contingent as well, however, and quite surprisingly, the anarchists were some of  best behaved people at the park. On marches of course, it was the usual “ fuck the police “ make the rich pay and the usual pointless slogans we have become accustomed to hearing.  As much as I dislike anarchy as I understand it, and keep in mind that I do not claim to understand anarchy as the anarchists themselves explain it, I was quite surprised to see a different side of the anarchists than what I have seen previously. While there was the usual “ lets just smash shit up contingent “ , what impressed me was the fact that several of these anarchists are actually very well educated. This broke of the first stereotypes I had of anarchists. If I was going to be at the occupation encampment, there was no reason for me not to learn about some of the groups and people who were there as well. I actually worked along side one of the cities best known anarchists, as both of us of acted in the capacity of  marshal. Brandon, if you are reading this, we may not agree on  many things but I did form a considerable respect for you,  as you were  always respectful to me.


Brandon is now reported to be living in Montreal. He uses Brandon Gray online but is also known as Brandon Gamble, Brandon Gambleu and Brandon Gamblen.


 One of the things I learned about anarchy and anarchists was that anarchy itself cannot be stereotyped into one group or type of persons. Anarchists do come from many walks of life. I still do not understand anarchy, but at least,  from  the little exposure I did have with them, I did learn one or two things that were very much in contradiction to what I had envisioned in my mind. NO, there is zero chance of me becoming an anarchist.


There was the hippy contingent as well. The usual flowers in the hair, singing peace songs, playing with hula hoops and in  some  cases, smelling as if they had not had a shower in years. One thing was certain. If occupy Toronto was to succeed, it wasn’t going to succeed with hippies running the show. They were to busy banging drums and smoking pot. It seemed that to them the answers to all issues were , “ meh, bang on the drums and see what happens”. I’m sure twenty years from now, they may want to spend time questioning the logic of banging a drum, while the rest of society was actually solving problems.


Sunni Ellise Rochelle was one person struck me as a bit of an anomaly in that she runs a small street vender stand selling home made jewellery. Funny , however, she claimed to hate  what business  stood for yet she runs one.    She played the hippy card flawlessly, yet she  was one a very few who seemed to be able to fit into side of reason as well. She is very mellow and easy going and even with all that went on in the park, I never once saw her get upset or angry, at least not visibly.



There was Kevin Konnyu. There were many stories going around that he was some sort of super agent, well , just about everyone was given that title at one time or another at the park.  Kevin is a very skilled photographer in the Toronto  area who has been shooting for about six or seven years if I recall what he said correctly. He has a very good eye for detail and his angles are quite impressive. I don’t agree with his politics,  however,  as an artist, I admire his work. However, Kevin, like Trey Winney seemed to overindulge in the occupy Kool Aid. Like Winney, he went back for seconds. Kevin is well known in the Parkdale area of Toronto and is believed to be in a relationship with another Occupy Toronto low level leader, Nele Michelles  ( sp )  Kevin can often be seen applying his skills  at local roller derby events .





There was Krystalline Kraus. I would go into detail about the level of stupidity she exhibits on a regular  basis but I would have to use big and intellectual sounding words, something she once asked me to stop using,  because, according to her,  “ that  is  the language of the one percent.”  If someone can explain the meaning of big words to her using crayons, I would appreciate it, so would she.

A tense day and night as Occupy Toronto waits to be evicted

Pictured above is Krystalline Krause. Please don’t  use big and intellectually sounding words around her for if you do, she will ask you to stop and they are clearly the language of the so called 1% . If you question her, she will go into a long winded diatribe using small words ( that match her intellect ) about how oppressive, racist, sexist , homophobic and mysogonistic you are. If you reply with anything ever remotely close to intelligent use of words, she will conclude that you are a British Agent because you speak too articulately . It would also be helpful if someone would teach her the difference between a sacred fire and a Canadian Tire BBQ grill, for   she seems to not know the difference. 


I had indicated that Bryan Batty was one of the original Occupy Toronto organizers, and indeed, he was. However, Bryan was quite different  from the rest of the organizers in that he is smart, intelligent, and based on my discussions with him, he has a clarity that many people for senior in years would love to have. It is my firm belief that Bryan was left to be a figure head of occupy, sort of as a media guy because it was he who go things going. However, I am equally convinced that Bryan was forced out by these professional protestors because Bryan had a vision that was true to what occupy was to be premised upon. I think as well, that had Bryan been left to run the show, Occupy would have been vastly different, far better focused, run smoothly, methodically, better organized focused based and goal oriented. Bryan and I did not agree on everything but were both smart enough to know when to agree to disagree, move forward and get things done. Bryan is a guy I had a lot of respect for, still do.



Occupy Toronto was an anomaly and a great set of contradictions. Occupy Toronto claimed to ensure a safe space policy yet, went out of its way to make certain people feel as unwelcome and unsafe as possible. Occupy Toronto claimed to greatly oppose the so called appropriation of certain cultures, yet went out of the way to ensure that things like yoga and meditation was a huge part of Occupy. Of course, both of those come from  eastern cultures. It seemed as if it was just fine to use the cultures of some for exploitation, yet other cultures are seemingly,  so called,  untouchable. It was really just a flavor of the month when it came to what was to be exploited and what was to be left alone. The leaders  / facilitators were the sole entity that was to decide what  was to be followed and what was to remain as untouched.  Democracy at its finest, just like every other communist country leader they worship and aspire to be. 


 Occupy Toronto failed at even the most basic task of sticking to its own ideals, simply because, Occupy Toronto had no concept of what works, and how, nor did they want to know what works , and how. How could it know, look who was running it and one soon sees why failure was synonymous  with Occupy Toronto. The failure of Occupy Toronto  was etched in stone long before it got started, but rather than walk away with something, anything, the leaders / facilitators wanted to bleed the movement out of every possible microbe of life it could, and for the personal gain of only  a  very select few. To get the answers to what was gained, and by whom, simple, follow the money. 


Over the next few days Occupy Toronto teetered at the  brink of death only to meet its inevitable  fate after 40 days. However, while Occupy Toronto may have finally died,  in its then current incarnation,  it  transformed into the very monster it claimed to oppose. These leaders, facilitators where not quite done with mind control just yet. In a strange sort of way, Occupy Toronto did something that I, as a marshal was not able to accomplish. St. James park was home to just about every scum bag drug dealer in the city. You wanted drugs, it was there. Violence was part and parcel to the park.


What Occupy did accomplish was a clean up of the park, including a complete make over complete with increased police presence such that it is now a safe park to go to, the drug dealers have gone, the violence is greatly reduced, the homeless no longer sleep there, or certainly not in any significant numbers and the area residents can once again enjoy a park that has considerable history  attached to it. People can walk their dogs again, play with their kids and be glad to know that they are not likely to find syringes  and crack pipes littering the park as it did before. No, Occupy didn’t clean the park, the city did. Occupy was so unwelcome and unwanted, a reputation it deserved,  that the city and residents worked together to get the park cleaned up and make the park an unwelcome place to anyone even remotely linked to Occupy. While Occupy left the park, it also left many unanswered questions that many wanted some serious answers to. The research, the digging, the exposing was about to get into high gear.  Time to get some answers, a lot of people wanted answers. There was no shortage of questions, just too few answers and seemingly, very few of them being provided by the leaders / facilitators,   if any,  as being true.


With everything that took place at the park, one question resonated with the vast majority of those who were at the park, were the finances. This was a deeply hidden secret, a secret in an organization that claimed to be fully open and transparent. In the next section, I will address the subject of the Occupy Toronto finances and will offer my opinion as to what really happened to the money.

Over the next few upcoming articles , I will be making some very direct connections between the  leaders / facilitators of Occupy Toronto and the unions, something they claim was utterly false and never existed. Too bad that i have the images  from events that prove otherwise. Also, as a student, you are going to want to start paying very close attention here as there will be a revelation or two that will be of interest to you as well. your student union leaders are not exactly working for YOU . Stay tuned ………..

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  1. Avatar Just wondering
    Just wondering says:

    Frank, if someone put your picture up on their blog and published your full name and details about your life – would you be kind of creeped out?

    • Hello Just wondering , I am not going to publishing their life stories here or anywhere else. I am going to show who is connected to what and how. As a person from York University, I think this is very much something that does affect you as much as it effects many other at other universities with CFS affiliations and / or occupy Toronto connections. if you don’t know what your student union / student leaders are doing under the guise of working for you, maybe you need to look then at exactly who they ARE working for. Since chances are better that i have more time to do this, i will do the work of showing everyone what the facts are so that persons like you can make your own minds up as to what you want them to do for you in future, if anything . I am right up front with my position in that i want the CFS to become as extinct as the dinosaur. In relation to the images I used for this article, with the exception of the image of Konnyu and Krause, i shot the rest of them and they were all aware that i shot them. In fact , they have have even asked to see some of my work. Thank you for your comment.