Stories being worked for publication soon

Meow everyone. it has been a busy week here in Toronto this past week as well as in some other places of interest to me. I will be adding several new stories over this coming weekend that should be of considerable interest to everyone.

A story from Montreal i will be addressing is the new and revised Student Protests, and poorly and inaccurately  they are being  covered on social media by radical left wing groups and people within them.

Another story i will be addressing is an event that will be held shortly at the University of Toronto graduate Students Union facility. This should be a serious concern to students as this event will be hosting not one but two convicted criminals from the G20. You won’t want to miss this .

That last story I will cover this weekend will actually be the continuation of my Occupy Toronto story . I have made numerous  references to certain persons so this article will put faces to these names. This is an ongoing story and the juicy stuff is just now going to start to come out.

Have a great weekend everyone. Meow …..

4 Responses to Stories being worked for publication soon

  1. Avatar U of T reader
    U of T reader says:

    Can you write something about the CFS’s recent takeover of the Association of Parttime Undergraduate Students at U of T? UTSU staffers who take courses part time at U of T swamped last year’s AGM, took over the board and subsequently fired the executive director and other staff and hired the outgoing UTSU president as APUS’ new ED!

    • Hello U of T Read3er, thank you for your comment and request. I am sorry to hear that yet another organization has been corrupted by the CFS. I would be delighted to do a story on that, but in order to do so, I need to research this in greater detail to ensure I get all, or as much of the facts / details I can. I would very much appreciate any help you can offer here such as minutes of meetings, and of course , exactly who was at that meeting ( names are key ). An agenda would be helpful as well. Please feel free to email these to me directly to [email protected] . Thank you for your comment.

    • Avatar Friendly Trouble
      Friendly Trouble says:

      If it makes you feel better U of T Reader, I don’t think the takeover has worked yet despite the staffing problem.

      I’m not at U of T but from what I’ve seen and heard, non-CFS brainwashed still have the majority on the APUS executive.

      The amount of stink eye from multi year exec/former CFS Ontario chair/current executive director of UTSU Sandy Hudson (how about that revolving door!) toward the APUS president and external for working with us shitdistubers was intense.

      • Hello Friendly Trouble and thank you for your comment. I am going to be doing a very detail story on the blatant nepotism of the CFS and its member student unions, and , a lot of people are going be very pissed off when they learn just how much i know about them an dhow wide spread it is. It will be a no holds barred exposure that will names names, show their pictures, identify their former positions as well as their present ones. Its about the students who pay their salaries and get nothing for it, learn about them and who they really work for. Let me give you a little hint ***** PRAVDA ***** , hint number two , ***** Slippery Sid Ryan ( the OFL ) *****. Did I get your attention yet ? Thank you for your comment, and , stay tuned…………..