Hiding behind an IP address only ? Come on ..

I love people who send messages and use only initials . Remember that with that comes an IP address. With that , one can tell you what kind of toilet paper you use and how often ,with just that little bit of info. , what time you wrote it , everything.

2 Responses to Hiding behind an IP address only ? Come on ..

  1. HOLY UNRELATED BATMAN! do you still have the old anti cfs posters? I’d like to update them…

    Also, nice pictures bro

    • I don’t think I have any of the old posters around , sorry . As for the pics , well, they are what they are. I didn’t soot them , except for I think one of them. The rest was done by others. All undercoverkitty does is find them . Now , if you’ll excuse me , I hear some new cat treats have arrived …. meow