CFS referendum war plans?

This is something I scratched in my litter box . It is from 2008 but one must wonder how much of what we heard from those who denied having anything to do with this referendun in BC were telling us the truth.


Well , lets just have look at this :

CFS battle plans for referendums and ……

this is based on 2008 but the names are pretty much the same with exceptions . See anyone you know here :

The CFS battle plans for referendums are here at :—kwantlen-student-association

Do any of these names loo familiar at all ? What about dates, times, locations ?

2 Responses to CFS referendum war plans?

  1. are you going to do something with the joel duff going away party??

    • Hyya, WOW , not quite sure how I missed this comment, so a huge apology for the super long delay in a reply. I have the Joel Duff going away party very well documented thanks, to my inside person.