CKLN and CRTC ruling

Meow everyone, you will recall that I posted a detailed link to the CRTC / CKLN hearing . Well, a decision has been reached and here it is :

Read the testimony as well and see who is directly responsible for this fiasco .


What? Want to read more ? OK then …


Sourced from :


“… The Ryerson Student’s Union pays a large portion of the CKLN operating budget, by extracting mandatory dues from students, who have absolutely no say or representation in the operation of CKLN.

In this sense, a bit of justice has been done for Ryerson students, who are being rent-seeked on by a bunch of neo-Marxists who’ve effectively taken over the student radio station for their own political agenda, and pretty much limited all student involvement in the station.

This has been going on for years, of course. If the RSU leadership itself, was itself not a Marxist cabal, stacked with slate candidates by it’s parent Marxist organization, the Canadian Federation of Students, something might have been done about this a long time ago. … “