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Meow  everyone, today, I share with my human friends some really yummy cat treats about RSU coruption and payola . The numbers represent the paragraphs the documents quote from .

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4443   Reviewing the public minutes from the group claiming to be CKLN Radio Inc. from March of 2008 to February 2009, which I have already provided, shows RSU’s direct conflict of interest. The open presence of Toby Whitfield, then the Vice-President of Finance at Ryerson Student Union, attending meetings, the only purpose of which was the planning of various strategies designed to bankrupt CKLN, force out opponents, and take over the corporation, is beyond dispute.

4444   RSU had claimed that Toby Whitfield was merely an outside observer. However, the contents of these minutes clearly show that Tony Whitfield is a voting member who agreed to consult on their behalf with Ryerson’s student unions’ attorneys.

4445   Furthermore, Tony Whitfield acted on their behalf by pressuring student Board members, signing off on attempts to seize CKLN’s bank accounts, and cancelling insurance policies.

4446   Toby Whitfield openly booked rooms for the purpose of these meetings, in Ryerson Student Union’s name, while at the same time denying rooms or security to CKLN’s legal Board of Directors, management and volunteers.

This places CKLN Radio Incorporated perpetually at the mercy of Ryerson Student Union and Toby Whitfield, who is now the Ryerson Student Union President, allowing them to withhold the CKLN student levy whenever they choose. These are not the actions of a neutral party that Ryerson Student Union claims to be.

4454   The truth of the matter is that Ryerson Student Union did not have oversight powers over CKLN and no right to become involved in its governance or to encourage the takeover of a federal corporation they did not own.

4455   Another one of Andrew Lehrer’s unsupported claims is that allegations of payola are “unprecedented” at CKLN. This problem has existed at CKLN for decades. CKLN Management, other volunteers and myself have seen money change hands in exchange for airplay and on-air plugs. I was even asked by management to listen in on phone conferences from promoters and artists who paid money to on-air hosts for promises of airplay.

4620   It seems that when the RSU could no longer be assured of getting their way at CKLN, they turned their attentions to fomenting and encouraging a rebellion, advanced by their loyal adherents, including CKLN paid staff, along with their dupes and cronies within the membership.

If CKLN had a modicum of independence in the past, it has surely been lost now. Despite all the denials by both the board of CKLN and the RSU, the facts are plain, I believe. The RSU and the PALIN Foundation control CKLN.

4628   The executives of the Canadian Federation of Students allied entities Ryerson Students’ Union, the PALIN Foundation and CESAR have a fortress mentality. Whatever entity exists inside what they consider to be their sphere must toe their line.