what YOUR student REALLY thinks of Jewish persons

OK, this is really dispicable and I am wondering how this student union can actually get away with posting crap like this without being charged with a hate crime. this ladies and gentlemen  is what YOUR money is paying for and YOUR money oing also to the CFS who this student union is a proud member of …. and the CFS is proud also to call this student union a member of its organization .  Read on and see for yourself what i am referring to . Here also is the souce where this came from :


I would love to see this organization get taken to court over this crap and I hope they get sued both as an organization and PERSONALLY  . this is nothing more than a hate crime, plain and simple


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  1. Hi undercoverkitty

    The antisemitism of the CFS and especially the YFS is well know.

    Sadly until either the university steps in or the CFS is essentially unable to avoid obeying the law anymore they will not change.

  2. Avatar Jess Chapman
    Jess Chapman says:

    YFSglobalPR is a known prank Twitter. I hate the YFS and the CFS as much as the next person, but neither of them are behind that account. (Although they might as well be, sometimes.)