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  • Behold … the antifa training manual

    Meow everyone . I present you with the antifa training manual :


  • Dear violent antifa / anarchists , kiss your anonymity goodbye .

    Meow everyone. My readers as supporters,  and detractors alike,  have known for years that I am a photographer who specializes in street action . One area is protests . I have been shooting protests for many years now, much to the dislike of the radical left, the anarchists  and now, the rebranded antifa idiots. Most don’t care that I am out there , while others make a rather large production of my being out and about .  Some even want to run me out of town .Its fun listening to them play the  oppression card when it suites them.


    I have taken great pride in my ability to photograph most of the riots these idiots organized and participated in . One of the big accomplishments  was the ability to put names to faces , or in the case of these anarchists , partial faces , since like the cowards they are, they love to hide their faces , thinking that this affords them a certain anonymity . For a while , it did. However, being a patient person I have always been, I was always able  get to the shot I wanted , of my targeted subject, masked and unmasked . Of course, with a new crop of losers showing up, the older, more experienced criminals pass on what they have learned , things like hiding your face . There was of course this cat and mouse game that took place between myself and my anarchist opponents , but, as  seen here, the anarchists are easy to poke fun at and even mock :  



    Previously , when I photographed  someone , I had to put my images into my computer and look at the commonalities of each image , then compare then to my archived files to get a match . Yes, I have a 100% accuracy rate because even the smallest trait is enough to secure a match and  is extremely time consuming ,  but a masked face did present itself with some challenges. Oh, did you  notice I said DID ?


    Supporters and detractors alike, I now have the tools in my hot little hands that will forever render your silly little masks USELESS . Digital photography is basically an imaging computer . All cameras can take great images with the right person being the view finder . However, there does come a point where a run of the mill camera will just be able to do the desired job. That’s were I come .


    Let me introduce you to  my new toy :  ( not exactly as shown )


    This little baby looks like a regular camera, feels like a regular camera , even acts like a regular camera … except for one very important feature … ( what ? do you really think I am going to tell you all my secrets ) , with the simple press of a button ,  ,  it can see right through your mask .. plain as day . Yes, it is heavily modified , no, you cant buy it commercially in its modified form , and yes, its insanely expensive ( and insured of course ) . So, what are some of its features you may be asking ? Great question, I’m glad you asked . One great feature is this this camera  came with a very nice little option… when I shoot an image , through a secure wi-fi signal , the image gets sent to my computer located somewhere else and the work of identifying you starts the second I click the shutter . Since I have been shooting protests for a very long time, I have built up a sizable  archive of the who’s who of the scum bag world , and now, with a little computer wizardry , a really good camera and a few toys to go with it , I get to unmask your faces and show the whole world what anarchists really look like, will be able to identify you and put you out of the anarchy business . …. and all of this before you  get home . 


    So, ask yourself if you really want to ” draw ”  against me  :



    Dear anarchists, I take pride in my country and my loyalty to it is unquestionable . You as radical anarchists pose a serious security threat that is domestic terrorism .  The government has a ton of rules and regulations they have to follow to identify  you  … I don’t . 

  • Prepare yourselves, the anarchists are getting ready to smash and burn

    Meow everyone, I have , in previous articles suggested that every few years, we, in this city of Toronto have a riot that always involves anarchists . well, sadly, this year, it will be riot season.Yes,smashing ,looting and burning will be the usual activities, of this bunch of bone headed , brainless parasites.  Oh, wait, silly me, they are not anarchists anymore, but rather , rebranded as ANTIFA . Yes, I did write about this a short time ago and that story is found    here, here and here


    This rebranding I spoke of is to facilitate their new venture they want to  smash, that being the freedom of speech and expresssion movement that it the currant protest action.  There are two very distinct side to this , but for these guys, any opportunity to smash something, is an opportunity they gravitate to .


    Over the past several weeks, Toronto city hall has been a field laboratory for these anarchists  to test ideas and attack strategies , to see what works best. Since there is a new crop of escaped mental patients  ( anarchists ) these rock dwellers need to test out what they think will be most effective with respects to causing to most violence and destruction. the past few events , while violent, did not meet the expectations of some of this countries top and most dangerous and violent anarchists , so, the top dog himself came to town to ”  teach ” .


    The first lesson in smashy smashy is finding a cause to smash . One was provided to  them , but the ” smash ”  level was simply  not high enough to be worthy of anything more then some pushing, shoving and a few stolen hats and signs . Clearly, our smashing crybabies, need something to raise  the smashibility of their ” protest ” .. and one was, very generously , provided for them in this  upcoming event :




    This event is created by one of the people who is a public face against a recent piece of legislation called bill M-103 . Both sides are fanatical about this , an dafter attending several, of the protests around this bill, i see both sides as being polarized towards one stance . The anarchists , of course, see this as an opportunity to gravitate towards the side that is radical left leaning , so smashy smashy  is the only , viable solution.  Make no mistake , the anarchists are not interested in anti oppression as they call it, nor are they interested in any points of view that involve meaningful and intelligent dialogue . For then, its all about ” smash the state ” . 


    These rebranded anarchists now go on and try to tell you how accepting they are of EVERYONE , equally .They tell that they are not racists . Hmmm, so, what are to to believe . Will you believe what they WANT you to hear , or, will you believe what they say, when they think you’ re nor around, and listening ? Well, lets see just how inclusive they really are : 


    Ya, I bet you caught that right away too … with these morons, its always about the jews , this, jews that … but but but , I thought they said they were inclusive of everyone . 


    Ok, so now lets quickly review two past events. On march 14, there was a mini riot here in Toronto that , according the anarchists , was a complete failure on their part. They were greatly out numbers , hence , rendered ineffective . However, this was a research and development exercise to them as outlined here :


    The magnitude of this is HUGE. many will , or should know the name of Jaggi Singh . Singh is a Montreal based ,   urban terrorist of the worst kind. He was DIRECTLY involved in the G20 riots , leading them :



    This guy along with Alex Hundert , are considered the Popes of anarchy and extreme violence . So, Singh wrote a rather scathing review on what took place in both Toronto and Montreal  on March 14 . This report was , and will be VERY significant as i will show you shortly . Here is what he wrote :



    On April 01 2017, there was another such protest , and this time, it became violent almost from the first moment . However, there was also one VERY significant addition to that protest ….. Jaggi Singh was personally there to see it , and to guide it  as seen here :


    The above is a screen shot of a video shot with him . I am not linking the video here in order to protect the identity of the person who shot it as this guy is so dangerous, that he, and / or his anarchist scum buddies would try and track the shooter of the video down and  potentially cause serious harm .



    This leads us to what was recently posted as an event related to the subject at hand . Here is a screen shot showing link , to a planned ” protest  / counter protest ” . This is , however, is about as fishy as one can get, and , for those of us who follow these protests and in particular, these scum bag anarchists, this is about as obvious a trap as one can make it, with out actually calling it a trap : 



    For anyone who has been following these anarchists for years, we all know that their strategy  has always been one of divide , seize and attack. This ” event ” is exactly that . This is a clear attempt to divide protestors and corner some of them into a area for potential violence . However, the REAL purpose here is to thin police lines, forcing police to cover this , break away protests with police numbers assigned to the protest. This leave the main group now under policed , and legitimate protesters potentially unprotected  and much more vulnerable to attacks. This also leaves police in a much more dangerous position as a result of reduced numbers , meaning their own personal safety if now, by design, at much greater risk .  This is a sure way to ensure a prolonged , dangerously violent confrontation DOES take place .  Targets of this violence are of course those who oppose the anarchists view point , but in this case, I feel the the real intended targets would be the alternative media who cover and expose these people. Some members of the alternative media have already been targeted , but police were quick to respond before and real damage was done. This time, there would be a real potential; for serious injury to those,  police , as a result of intentionally being divided , cannot get to in time. 


    Jaggi Singh is a highly dangerous and violent anarchist. He has considerable resources available to him and a virtual bottomless pit of ready and willing anarchist ready to act at a moments notice . The events here in Toronto have been attended by several violent anarchist from Montreal already , sitting back , making mental notes , and planning accordingly . Its going to be a shit show very soon. The police had better be ready ad  not under estimate this group and what they can , and will do . I hope the G20 taught the police a thing or two. If not start reading and preparing. ……


    Here are two events that will be lead up events to the main riot event on July 01 .



    The anarchists are gong to be ready to act, smash and burn . will you as the good guys do something this time to stop them BEFORE they do this , or, are we going to see another G20 styled riot ?

  • Anarchists rebranding , facilitating the black lives matter Toronto desired race war … part 3

    Meow everyone. in part one , and part two , I started on showing some of the deranged , degenerate  and professionally unemployable idiots who make up the professional protest world. and specific to the subject at hand, anarchists . On March 19 , 2017 we had another  protest at city to protest free speech under the M-103 legislation that is before our parliament right now.


    In highly predictable fashion, this protest became a violent shit show from almost the first moments. A small group of communists were first to arrive , lead by professional protestor Sid Lacombe as seen below on the far right o the image  :


    However, in this story, I want to focus a bit more on the more hard core idiots we have come to kn ow and hate over the years, you know, the real scum bags of the protest world.


    Below is Brenden Bruce. He is a well paid, not very bright ,  union goon,  thug  and violent anarchist who  will  often direct lower anarchists to attack opposing people :


    No violent protest is ever complete without our local stink-a-saurous  Dave Vasey . He will protest anything, and everything. of late, he seems to be protesting showers, baths and laundry :



    When we have protests of the nature as what we are seeing now as the flavor of month , it just would not be complete without our local fruitcakes  Sean  Williams :




    … and here, below,  is his equally brain absent  , failed test tube experiment,  Wesley Williams .


    ….. and his little brainless , failed science experiment ,  Lane Patriquen , ya, the little growth in the center of the image :




    Below is one of the main stays in the Toronto anarchist community , Doug Kynikos , He is involved with another equally repugnant slime ball Kelly Phlug-back :



    Some new anarchists also made their presence known. Here we have a guy known as ” Alexrod ” . He is the guy wearing the Doom styled mask  :


    However, even he has a mother who loves him , so lets all have a better look at him , unmasked as seen here in the lower center, wearing the white glasses  :



    Axlerod does have a real name  = Tim Fenwick. So Timmy, now that you have been outed and exposed, dont bother with that goofy mask . 


    We also the displeasure of seeing a real moron of morons, in Darius Mirishah , one half of a mentally challenged rap crap duo of test their ( il)logic : 



    Now, just to show that I am diverse , here is a well know female professionally unemployable protestor, Rachel Sauve . She like her unshowered counter parts, will protest anything and everything . I wonder if professional protestor is an actually employment source with revenue Canada :



    Now, for those of you whom , like myself are still having traumatic flash backs of the occupy movement , you will remember a guy who ran the food tent, Antonin ” Smith ” who is really Antonin Mongeau . He usually wears a bandana to mask up , but he may have gotten a raise recently , so he went big and bought himself of of these new perma-masks :



    This is what he looks like without a mask :


    No self respecting professional protestor is without a lady friend at their side , and antonin is no different. Here, as with any protest he attends, his lady friend is never far behind :



    The day started out with the anarchists trying to intimidate the other side, but this quickly failed when they were out numbered by at least 5 – 1 Actually,  what was really comical  was seeing these idiots trying to be intimidating and ending up down in a very submissive position and posture once they knew that would not stand a chance . It was so humiliating for them that one of their high level anarchists had a put an emergency call out for urgent support :



    This does , however, bring me to my next point. There is another such protest planned for May 21 , the may long weekend. You be absolutely certain that the anarchists WILL be out on large numbers , and WILL be looking for a major confrontation. The general feeling that I have had with all those with whom I have spoken with is that it is indeed the anarchists who are starting the acts of violence. 



    Stay tuned, things are going to get very interesting , and very soon…

  • Highly dangerous and violent domestic terrorist leaves Canada

    Meow everyone. It take me GREAT pleasure to announce some GREAT NEWS . One of Canada’s most dangerous and violent domestic terrorists is leaving Canada for six months .


    Many of you who read my blog on a regular basis will have come to know and hate Syed Hussan, one of the main ring leaders and organizers of domestic terrorism and violence in Canada :




    I have recently written a story about him when there was the major protest back in February in from of the USA consulate where black lives matter Toronto called our Prime Minister a terrorist . Hussan himself advocated for anarchy . Here is the link to that story. 


    After that event, I contacted Canadian Boarder Services, and forwarded to them the video in the linked story, as well as the screen shot where he clearly advocated and was counseling people to commit a criminal offense. Hussan is NOT a Canadian Citizen , holding only a PR  ( permanent resident card )  That means that he can be deported or removed from Canada based on the commission of a crime , and counseling others to commit a crime, is , itself a crime .


    Now , let me be clear here, his departure from Canada may very likely have NOTHING to do with the video and screen shot, so NO , I cannot , or will not take credit for this scum bag getting his sorry ass out of here . However, if I was , in some vert small way, a contributor to his hasty departure . GOOD .


    Hussan will be away for about six months , the sake period of time  that another equally  violent and dangerous domestic terrorist Sakura Saunders , was forced to leave . Hussan is a native of Pakistan , an international hotbed for global  terrorism. It would not be a stretch to postulate that he is going back to Pakistan , and I will say that in my opinion, very much a possibility that he is going back there to train with some terrorist organization, only to return to Canada , to start the next phase of his groups escalations of violence. Hussan , in his note, before he made an edit to it referred to to another person named TINGS CHAK , a person  he considers a sister , who is equally as active with all the violent groups . Massage me privately for more detailed info on her if needed .


    Here she is :



    So, to Hussan, i hope the door did you on the ass as you left. When you get back, that is if you will be allowed back in, rest assured that my cameras will be there , waiting for you for catch your very next move .

  • Anarchists rebranding , facilitating the black lives matter Toronto desired race war … part 2

    Meow everyone, in part one of this series , I started to cover the march 04 2017 anti free speech riot at Toronto City Hall. I offered up some back ground on how this came to be, and then, started to show the people who were involved in the violence that erupted , violence that was started by so called , ”  non-violent  ” ,  professional protestors who welcome free speech ….. as long as it adheres to THEIR  twisted definition of what is allowable speech.  So, without further delay, here no are some examples of the actions of these peace loving, promoters of free speech .















    So , to you ” brave ”  anarchists  .. do you have what it takes to come after me , an old, ugly , short , fat and grumpy ex military  veteran ?  You seem to have no issues being peaceful with everyone else so please, show me some of your love. Come , on, I dare you .


    Stay tuned for more later …..

  • Radicalism rules this city ….. Part 3 …The Toronto 2010 G20 ……. Political will, threw us ALL under the bus

    Meow everyone . In part 1 of this series, I introduced you all the the hypothesis that the city was gift wrapped and handed to the most dangerous  , most radical , violent criminals in this city , and the one who did the gift wrapping,  the handing over to, was the radical politicians of the day . One that one day, these city politicians made it very clear that law and order is to be SELECTIVELY enforced, and that the politicians  like minded radicals are to be left alone. In part 2 , I started to explore the G20 and how this new  approach to the city was going to shape it forever. Exploring the G20 was in of itself, challenging because there were , are still so many questions that we need answers to . I hope I answered at least some of them up to this point.


    In Part 3 , I will continue on the G20 , but I will focus my attention on how the cities politicians failed us as citizens and failed of police officers …. INTENTIONALLY . In fact, I am going as far as to say that they threw one front line officer under the proverbial bus , referring to the officer on queen street who was attacked while still in his car , as well as command officer Fenton , who was made the scapegoat for the utter , total and willful incompetence of city hall, the Mayor of the day and the highest levels of police command


    The G20 was announced as coming to Toronto about a year prior to the actual event. This of course would give ample time to make the appropriate security preparations , have hotels books , , have everything well in place for an event that would attract the leaders of the world to Toronto. It would also be a prime opportunity to showcase this city and attract new investment to not only Canada, but Ontario and Toronto . This is were the world was going to be , and be focused on for an entire week. The event was originally planned to take place at the Canadian National Exhibition , which, was close to the down town core, yet, far enough away that holding it there would be the least intrusive to the citizens of Toronto, as well , from a security stand point, It would be much easier to secure this area than an entire down town core. However, reasoning was clearly not part of any decision making factor , because it was decided to indeed, move the entire event to th every core of the city . For lack of a better description, the citizens of the city were to be held hostage at the will of political influences . For more than a week , the down town core became both a virtual ghost town , as well as an eyesore of razor wired fences , jersey barriers that went for miles , to traffic grid lock , to areas once freely traveled , now totally inaccessible to all.


    The total cost of securing this week long event was budgeted at over one billion dollars . … YES, that was the security budget. Now yes, an event of this magnitude does require security that goes well above and beyond the ” secret hand shakes and ” whats the password ” type of access . It was KNOWN that this event , as in events like this in the past, in other locations  ALWAYS had a large contingent of violent thugs , anarchists and goons who want nothing more than to use such opportunities and events to promote their brand violence ….. and with world wide media  converging, they would have, and do  have , instant world wide media coverage . A simple google search of images of any G20 will have thousands of images on line showcasing the violence and property destruction . Yet, some hair brained twit , in their infinite  wisdom still thought that the main down town core was the best place to hold such an event . Well ,  no one will even be able to claim that politicians are the intellectual cream of the crop .


    Of course with an event as monumentous   as this was going to be , security was going to be a very significant part of the overall make up of the event. Toronto has had its fair share of riots ver the years . There were the Rodney King riots in 1992 :




    Then in 2000, the OCAP Queens Park riot:



    The OCAP riots at Queens Park was unique in that this riots was one where professional  rioters were imported from Quebec for the sole purpose of violence and property destruction . OCAP , imported this group of neanderthals , and they would do so again , for the G20 . In this video, you clearly see these anarchists rioting , and if you pay close attention , you willl see one guy, who is taller than th erest, using a pick axe to puncture holes in windows . This guys name is Joel Bitar  and he was on eof those imported professional rioters , from the USA n less :




    Closeup of Bitar in action downtown smashing windows . I am happy to report that he was caught and identified,  with images like this, although this is not my image  .

    So, with a billion dollar security budget , how was it that this guy was able to simply enter Canada , as well, BUS LOADS of violent , dangerous anarchists  simply got on a bus,  from Quebec and drove here ? How did this happen , right under the noses of our seemingly crack security team? I mean , surely ,  they had intelligence to know that these group was on route here, and for what purpose … RIGHT ? 


    This raises the question of … if they had intelligence on this group, why then, given their KNOWN history  and peupensity for violence, would the police not have intercepted and detained this known group of criminals  who were traveling across provincial boundries   for the SOLE purpose of criminal activities ? Was there some hidden agenda , or some radical left wing political will at play here ? Its hard to say, but it would not be a stretch to suggest that certainly the police most senior command would have known about this , and subsequently make some sort of report to city officials …. especially since the Chief of police is a position that is APPOINTED by the city . So, I postulate that the chief of police was certainly  aware  that this group was on route  here, reported this to city officials , who then decided to simply let then come here , because as fellow radicals themselves , to these politicians, these known, violent, dangerous ,  anarchists where coming here to lawfully protest .


    So then, just what did we get for the one billion dollar security price tag anyway ? This is the very question many are asking , and no answer seems to be forthcoming. It was suggested that for this event, there would be an additional 15- 20,000 more police officers in the city to ensure proper safety and security for all . On the surface , this sounds like a huge amount of officers, however,  officers didnt work 24/7 for the entire time, therefore , even with doing 12 hour shifts , that would have brought the number of active officers on duty at any one time to between 7500 – 10,000 . HOWEVER, of those number, many officers where stationed at key points close to the main venue , many others still  in command centers , many others doing logistical operations . So now we down to about 4 – 5000 officers per shift on actually front line street patrol . Keep in mind as well that the city still had to maintain  regular city policing as mandated. so, there were, in essence , two totally different  operations being run at the same time.


    However, the number of officers dedicated to G20 operations was while seemingly high in the eyes of th epublic, it was clearly not enough , as proven by the fact the one LONE officer could easily have been killed in the line of duty on queen street when he and his car was rushed by violent anarchists . . anarchists who set the car on fire , with the  officer still inside.  Why was this officer allowed to enter the hot zone alone ? It makes me wonder if it was the intention of some idiotic politician to sacrifice an officer  to somehow justify the  billion dollar security budget, and then say : ” SEE ? we needed this , look what happened ” .  Sure , crazy  speculation on my part , but I cant think of any reason why this officer would have gone there alone, without other offices to back him up . Makes me wonder if he was ordered there .


    I have already addressed Command officer Fenton. Frankly, he deserves a heros medal for his actions, because he was the only command officer who appeared to be willing to break ranks and stand up to these violent thugs and anarchists . Yes, may were arrested , many who should not have been, there is no question about that , but it makes me wonder WHY the most senior levels of command would simply watch and let this riot blow up the way it did. The only answer I can arrive at is that there were to many rioters and not enough officers at any given location. So, for the sake of officer safety , and based at the speed at which these rioters were moving, it may have made sense to allow them to smash and burn , get them on video, and still images, hunt them down and prosecute them later . Of course, now, with time spent going over 10’s of thousands of hours of video footage, hundreds of thousands of still images , now, huge resources , time and money is spent on investigation  and detective work . … or was this part of the over all plan ???? 


    Then, we look at the total number of people actually prosecuted, and sent to jail . With millions of dollars in damages done, with hundreds of violent and destructive anarchists in town to smash and burn, only 15 – 20  actually got caught and sent to jail ???? COME ON … Was the fix in ? Were these jailed anarchists the ones who would agree to get caught, take the fall to allow others to escape?  Did these anarchists who were jailed, willingly got themselves caught ? My guess is yes. I know for a fact that ring leader Alex Hundert did indeed AGREE to get caught and go to jail , because his close friend Syed Hussan , also a highly dangerous and violent goon would have been deported if Hundert didn’t take the fall for him . At the time , Hussan was not even a landed immigrant in Canada , but he was here on a visa , while trying to destroy the every fabric of civility in this country .



    Here is a video of the head organizers and who planned the riots . You will see and hear of them actually saying that one person would have  been deported had the other not go to jail for him :




    With all this destruction going on , were was our Mayor , and what did he have to say during this melee ? Welll our Mayor, David Miller , aka crusty the clown , because we was basically the cities leading clown act while in office, seemed to have very little to say . Sure , he said things like how terrible this was and he disappointed he was , blah blah blah ,  but what did he REALLY do when this was all going down ? NOTHING . He could have , as the Mayor,  ordered an immediate crack down on these thugs . He could have called in the army , in fact, if he was any sort of mayor , he would have had them on stand by . But NOOOO, like the utter and incompetent jack ass that he was , he sat on his fat ass and let the city burn, allowed our officers to feel helpless . He betrayed this city, the citizens of this city and made this city the laughing stock of the international community . So now, under his watch, we had a hockey team that cant buy a win, a baseball team that had no hope in hell of winning anything, a basket ball team  no one knew, a football team no one cared about , and now a police force he wanted to discredit . Ya, some frigging Mayor alright .


    Radicalism has now taken a major foothold in Toronto , and it started at the very top . City hall was not only unwilling to stop serious  issues from becoming dangerous,  they prolonged it . They used their self entitled might to give the proverbial finger to every law abiding citizen in this city  and further, they stripped police of any ability to actually enforce laws  around public safety . EVERY SINGLE OFFICER I  have spoken with said that all they are now are authors of reports , because the city doesnt  have the balls to actually fight crimes where they are taking place. EVERY OFFICER said that the city is more concerned about being politically correct and ” inclusive to diversity ” than fighting crime. We see this in their order through the police services board , whee they banned  carding, an enforcement tool which has , previously, caught thousands of drug dealing , gun toting , murdering thugs. I will expand upon this in more detail in part 4 . …. stay tuned ….. 

  • but but but , we are peaceful protestors , really officer

    Meow everyone . Last weekend there was a protest in Toronto with respects to a pipeline being built in the USA  . These ” protestors ” claimed to be peaceful protestors . One such professional protestor is a guy named John Fox . He will protest pretty much anything, try and bait  police into  arresting , then, he will claim police brutality . John fails to realize that there were many cameras at this event, mine included. While John may have delusions of events that never actually took place, in fact, the reality , as the video will conclusively show, tells a vastly different story.    Here is an example of his tactics :



    Here he claims that the police man handled him . The image he provides as part of his post certainly would make it appear that indeed , this is what took place. HOWEVER, John, there where several cameras present, including mine, who shot the ENTIRE video of this ” manhandling :  you lay claim to.  The cameras dont lie John, even if you do , as seen here in this video of John Fox Sr. a professional protestor who is clearly seen trying to attack police , NOT the other way around :


    Earlier in the same week, another group of the same type of professional protestors decided to invade a bank with some moronic demands . No professional protest  is complete without a human shield as seen here :




    …and naturally,  a professional protest needs the ” heavenly  intervention ”  card being   played :




    I wonder if they  get a bulk purchase discount on locks :



  • The day we lost the city

    Meow everyone. A few weeks ago, I posted a short note that I was ( and am continuing to ) work on a huge story about the G20 that took place back in the summer of 2010 . I know , myself included, have , still , a lot of unanswered questions about what took place , and why ? However, what if I told you that this may have been a part of a far bigger, more sinister plan , and WE were to the one who were about to make this plan come to fruition.


    Yes this does sound crazy, however, I had a great discussion with my very good friend Greg of  http://www.genuinewitty.com , and after several hours of discussing this and other related, and similar events, I have to conclude that he is absolutely correct in his observation . We lost  this city during that famous Tamil protest which closed a major expressway in Toronto for days, with the police doing nothing about it … THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN . , We had the G20 riots , the police seemingly allowed this to go ahead  , we had the occupy movement which created a serious and dangerous environment, and again, the police did nothing to stop it . We had the OCAP city hall riot, and again, very little police resistance . There was Idle no more and again in nothing . Today we have black lives mater and again, zero resistance .


    I have spoken with officer after officer , and they all related very similar stories about how they were rendered ineffective by command and politicians who had their own agendas . So, were is my story ? Well, this is all part of the story I am digging deeply into . However, after speaking with Greg, I have to write this from a much different angle , because the reasoning is far greater than what i had originally considered . Each of the above mentioned events ,were on their own big and could have been shut down quickly , but was not. I now believe that all of these events were and are indeed connected to a much great , much more dangerous plan . People , we are in deep trouble if this is allowed to become reality . 


    What was it that Greg said that made me refocus this single focused story anyway ? Greg mentioned ” Transformative Change ” . I am not going to get to deep into that because that is a story Greg is working on and he should be the one to post it first, since it is his idea and theory . I do, however, agree with him. Another good friend of mine  , Lawrence McCurry mentioned , years ago , about the formation of a one world government . They may both be on to something big here , and they saw this before I did .


    Stay tuned people, this is going to get ugly ….

  • Thank to great police work, a major terrorist attack was foiled

    Meow everyone. In my last article, i discussed the numerous flaws in the argument of having fewer cops and stations while the city growing a huge rate, quickly. i argued my case with former deputy Toronto Police Chief  Sloly. I sent him a twitter feed message with the article and invited him to comment further , and specifically, attempt to debunk  my reasoning for more cops . Sadly, to this date, no such communication has transpired . While I am not going to jump to any conclusions as to why , I would hope the if the deputy chief indeed did read the article, it may be possible the he may have agreed with my points , or at least some of them….. but without his input, I guess I will never know .


     What I do know, what the rest of Canada knows is that between the time I wrote the last article , and this one, Police, In fact American Law enforcement agency the FBI alerted our own RCMP as to the very high degree of PROBABILITY of a significant terrorist attach , against the transit system right here in Toronto . Why did an American agency have this information before our own cops had it ? The answer leads back to my previous articlel where I strongly suggest the need for MORE police , especially in highly specialized areas such as intelligence . Here is the guy who was ready to kills many people. His name was Aaron Driver :


    aaron driver


    This worthless piece of shit, was killed by police as he was about to enact his terrorist plot . When confronted by police in a taxi cab, he detonated a bomb inside the cab :






    This, is what was to happen in a major transit hub of this city. Yet, some, like Deputy Sloly seem to suggest the fewer cops make good economic  sense . Sorry , but live are very literally at stake . Live lost means economic disaster .


    This worthless piece of shit was in southern Ontario when police stopped his attack  . Police NEED to check his connections to the various anarchist movements on London, Toronto and Montreal . I suspect that he was involved with them, at least at some point in time.  There has also been some suggestion  that he was targeting a London Ontario Area military recruiting center .


    Terrorists will continue to target us and if we dont have more cops in intelligence and on the ground, some will make good on their plans. WE NEED MORE COPS NOW. Just for the record, Toronto has the FEWEST cops per capita :


    Cpw4sr8WEAEGTUU.jpg large