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  • Prepare yourselves, the anarchists are getting ready to smash and burn

    Meow everyone, I have , in previous articles suggested that every few years, we, in this city of Toronto have a riot that always involves anarchists . well, sadly, this year, it will be riot season.Yes,smashing ,looting and burning will be the usual activities, of this bunch of bone headed , brainless parasites.  Oh, wait, silly me, they are not anarchists anymore, but rather , rebranded as ANTIFA . Yes, I did write about this a short time ago and that story is found    here, here and here


    This rebranding I spoke of is to facilitate their new venture they want to  smash, that being the freedom of speech and expresssion movement that it the currant protest action.  There are two very distinct side to this , but for these guys, any opportunity to smash something, is an opportunity they gravitate to .


    Over the past several weeks, Toronto city hall has been a field laboratory for these anarchists  to test ideas and attack strategies , to see what works best. Since there is a new crop of escaped mental patients  ( anarchists ) these rock dwellers need to test out what they think will be most effective with respects to causing to most violence and destruction. the past few events , while violent, did not meet the expectations of some of this countries top and most dangerous and violent anarchists , so, the top dog himself came to town to ”  teach ” .


    The first lesson in smashy smashy is finding a cause to smash . One was provided to  them , but the ” smash ”  level was simply  not high enough to be worthy of anything more then some pushing, shoving and a few stolen hats and signs . Clearly, our smashing crybabies, need something to raise  the smashibility of their ” protest ” .. and one was, very generously , provided for them in this  upcoming event :




    This event is created by one of the people who is a public face against a recent piece of legislation called bill M-103 . Both sides are fanatical about this , an dafter attending several, of the protests around this bill, i see both sides as being polarized towards one stance . The anarchists , of course, see this as an opportunity to gravitate towards the side that is radical left leaning , so smashy smashy  is the only , viable solution.  Make no mistake , the anarchists are not interested in anti oppression as they call it, nor are they interested in any points of view that involve meaningful and intelligent dialogue . For then, its all about ” smash the state ” . 


    These rebranded anarchists now go on and try to tell you how accepting they are of EVERYONE , equally .They tell that they are not racists . Hmmm, so, what are to to believe . Will you believe what they WANT you to hear , or, will you believe what they say, when they think you’ re nor around, and listening ? Well, lets see just how inclusive they really are : 


    Ya, I bet you caught that right away too … with these morons, its always about the jews , this, jews that … but but but , I thought they said they were inclusive of everyone . 


    Ok, so now lets quickly review two past events. On march 14, there was a mini riot here in Toronto that , according the anarchists , was a complete failure on their part. They were greatly out numbers , hence , rendered ineffective . However, this was a research and development exercise to them as outlined here :


    The magnitude of this is HUGE. many will , or should know the name of Jaggi Singh . Singh is a Montreal based ,   urban terrorist of the worst kind. He was DIRECTLY involved in the G20 riots , leading them :



    This guy along with Alex Hundert , are considered the Popes of anarchy and extreme violence . So, Singh wrote a rather scathing review on what took place in both Toronto and Montreal  on March 14 . This report was , and will be VERY significant as i will show you shortly . Here is what he wrote :



    On April 01 2017, there was another such protest , and this time, it became violent almost from the first moment . However, there was also one VERY significant addition to that protest ….. Jaggi Singh was personally there to see it , and to guide it  as seen here :


    The above is a screen shot of a video shot with him . I am not linking the video here in order to protect the identity of the person who shot it as this guy is so dangerous, that he, and / or his anarchist scum buddies would try and track the shooter of the video down and  potentially cause serious harm .



    This leads us to what was recently posted as an event related to the subject at hand . Here is a screen shot showing link , to a planned ” protest  / counter protest ” . This is , however, is about as fishy as one can get, and , for those of us who follow these protests and in particular, these scum bag anarchists, this is about as obvious a trap as one can make it, with out actually calling it a trap : 



    For anyone who has been following these anarchists for years, we all know that their strategy  has always been one of divide , seize and attack. This ” event ” is exactly that . This is a clear attempt to divide protestors and corner some of them into a area for potential violence . However, the REAL purpose here is to thin police lines, forcing police to cover this , break away protests with police numbers assigned to the protest. This leave the main group now under policed , and legitimate protesters potentially unprotected  and much more vulnerable to attacks. This also leaves police in a much more dangerous position as a result of reduced numbers , meaning their own personal safety if now, by design, at much greater risk .  This is a sure way to ensure a prolonged , dangerously violent confrontation DOES take place .  Targets of this violence are of course those who oppose the anarchists view point , but in this case, I feel the the real intended targets would be the alternative media who cover and expose these people. Some members of the alternative media have already been targeted , but police were quick to respond before and real damage was done. This time, there would be a real potential; for serious injury to those,  police , as a result of intentionally being divided , cannot get to in time. 


    Jaggi Singh is a highly dangerous and violent anarchist. He has considerable resources available to him and a virtual bottomless pit of ready and willing anarchist ready to act at a moments notice . The events here in Toronto have been attended by several violent anarchist from Montreal already , sitting back , making mental notes , and planning accordingly . Its going to be a shit show very soon. The police had better be ready ad  not under estimate this group and what they can , and will do . I hope the G20 taught the police a thing or two. If not start reading and preparing. ……


    Here are two events that will be lead up events to the main riot event on July 01 .



    The anarchists are gong to be ready to act, smash and burn . will you as the good guys do something this time to stop them BEFORE they do this , or, are we going to see another G20 styled riot ?

  • The day we lost the city

    Meow everyone. A few weeks ago, I posted a short note that I was ( and am continuing to ) work on a huge story about the G20 that took place back in the summer of 2010 . I know , myself included, have , still , a lot of unanswered questions about what took place , and why ? However, what if I told you that this may have been a part of a far bigger, more sinister plan , and WE were to the one who were about to make this plan come to fruition.


    Yes this does sound crazy, however, I had a great discussion with my very good friend Greg of  http://www.genuinewitty.com , and after several hours of discussing this and other related, and similar events, I have to conclude that he is absolutely correct in his observation . We lost  this city during that famous Tamil protest which closed a major expressway in Toronto for days, with the police doing nothing about it … THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN . , We had the G20 riots , the police seemingly allowed this to go ahead  , we had the occupy movement which created a serious and dangerous environment, and again, the police did nothing to stop it . We had the OCAP city hall riot, and again, very little police resistance . There was Idle no more and again in nothing . Today we have black lives mater and again, zero resistance .


    I have spoken with officer after officer , and they all related very similar stories about how they were rendered ineffective by command and politicians who had their own agendas . So, were is my story ? Well, this is all part of the story I am digging deeply into . However, after speaking with Greg, I have to write this from a much different angle , because the reasoning is far greater than what i had originally considered . Each of the above mentioned events ,were on their own big and could have been shut down quickly , but was not. I now believe that all of these events were and are indeed connected to a much great , much more dangerous plan . People , we are in deep trouble if this is allowed to become reality . 


    What was it that Greg said that made me refocus this single focused story anyway ? Greg mentioned ” Transformative Change ” . I am not going to get to deep into that because that is a story Greg is working on and he should be the one to post it first, since it is his idea and theory . I do, however, agree with him. Another good friend of mine  , Lawrence McCurry mentioned , years ago , about the formation of a one world government . They may both be on to something big here , and they saw this before I did .


    Stay tuned people, this is going to get ugly ….

  • …. Because its 2016 …..

    Meow everyone. Yesterday, the larges t mass shooting in the history of the USA occurred in Florida . This shooting was carried our in the name of ISIS, the international terrorist organization bent on destroying the west and anything that has anything to do with western culture. The terrorist killed at least 50 innocent people who where enjoying a night out in a local bar which has been identified a a well known and well respected gay bar . We have all heard about and seen images of how islam treats person who identify as being gay so i am not going to re-post those image here. We already know how this same religion despises gay people … but wait, aren’t they,  the so called ,  religion of peace ?


    These events , do, however, need to remain in our minds , because i  just a few short weeks,we here in Toronto will be host the largest gay pride parade in the world . This event is known to attract well over one million people to enjoy the fun and festivities. There is, however, a very serious problem we do have right here, in Toronto that no one is willing to address. Make no mistake, yesterdays act of terrorism was tragic beyond comprehension, however, while that gut was directly connected to and had sworn himself to ISIS , right here in Toronto, Black lives matters Toronto, is connected to another, equally dangerous terrorist organization. Black lives matter will be leading this years parade. However THIS is what black lives matters is really all about and THIS clearly shows  just how connected they are to the international terrorist organization , the Muslim Brotherhood :


    The Muslim Students Association and “Black Lives Matter” had their display tables set side by side at the recent University of Ottawa “Islam Awareness Week.”  During the full week of 07 March 2015, the two groups handed out books to students and staff at the university and spread their ideology.

    The Muslim Students Association (MSA), was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of its front groups with an eye towards recruitment and education.[1]

    All of those from the MSA seemed to be Sunni Muslim.  None were Ahmadiyya, Ismaili or Shia.  An individual asked about the lack of representation of other Muslim groups stated they did not know why this was occurring.

    Multiple books were handed out.  One was the Qur’an in English, while two others explained that all the scientific progress in modern civilization is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

    The third book handed out was on ISIS and essentially tried to explain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  When questioned, an individual at one of the booths stated that the West and the media are the ones who make a bad image of Islam.  When pushed, this individual said there were no internal contradictions or problems within the faith.

    The presence of a “Black Lives Matter” booth is consistent with the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America.  Attempts by Islamist groups to exploit the black community to their advantage are not new.  The most recent examples were seen in Ferguson Missouri when CAIR USA (Council on American Islamic Relations) made repeated attempts to inject itself and the Islamist ideology into events there.[2]

    CAIR USA itself is a listed terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates[3] as well as being identified as a front group for HAMAS, itself a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

    Ironically, the second most influential person in the Muslim Brotherhood (Sayed Qutb) spent two years in the United States and made incredibly racist statement about blacks.  The most infamous one was:

    Jazz – This is that music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy on the one hand and to excite bestial tendencies on the other. The American’s intoxication in “jazz” music does not reach its full completion until the music is accompanied by singing that is just as coarse and obnoxious as the music itself. Meanwhile, the noise of the instruments and the voices mounts, and it rings in the ears to an unbearable degree….[4]

    The University of Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its list of alumni who have gone on to become jihadist fighters and other major players in the Islamist world. This includes Al Qaeda financier and Human Concern International board member Ahmed Said Khadr from the 1980s and John (Yahya) Maguire who did a propaganda film for ISIS in 2015.  Both were radicalized while associated to the Muslim Student Association at the University of Ottawa.  As noted by Michelle Sheppard of the Toronto Star on her history of Omar Khadr (Ahmed’s son), the Muslim Student Association was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.[5]

    The University of Ottawa Prayer Room

    The University of Ottawa should probably close its common prayer room. The Quilliam Foundation, the world’s leading de-radicalization organization, has stated that Islamist Muslims tend to try to take over common area prayer rooms and create ‘Muslim-only’ areas.  Rather, these rooms should allow for other faith adherents to use these facilities.

    The Quilliam Foundation also notes that university authorities should ensure prayer rooms do not become an Islamist underworld, a centre for Muslim students to withdraw between lessons and thus avoid extra-curricular interaction with other students.   The result of this form of activity is that Wahhabbist and Salafist literature then tends to dominate, the ideology spreads and there is the attempted exclusion of others.[6]

    At the University of Ottawa prayer room, students report that Muslim students tell them they cannot enter the room with their shoes on, even if the event is non-Muslim.  They also report that they cannot find out how to book the room and their efforts are blocked.

    It is not clear who controls the room.  The Community Services office (3rd floor) normally controls all bookings for common rooms.  They, however, appear to indicate this is the one room they do not control.  Their suggestion is to go to the Student Federation, which also claims to not know.  However, they suggest that the VP Social of the Student Federation (Hadi Wess) might be responsible, but that cannot be confirmed.

    Of current interest, it should be noted that the same problem is occurring at Montreal’s Maisonneuve College.  Students who are sympathizers of ISIS have attempted to take over some sections of the library and had done the same to the prayer room/common space, resulting in its closure.  Students at Maisonneuve had reported they were afraid of Muslim students in those areas.  Violence has occurred during the course of the attempted takeovers and the staff at the college fear for their safety.[7] This is occurring in Canada this year!

    Other universities have already closed prayers for reasons of Islamist extremism such as the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Essen Duisburg in Germany.[8]

    University of Ottawa and the Muslim Brotherhood

    A number of individuals at the university have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  While some can be found in the engineering faculty, the most interesting may be Dr. Aliaa Dakroury, who was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication from 2008 to 2012; at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication from 2005 to 2010; and Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Law from 2008 to 2011.  She is now an Associate Professor and School Director of the Social Communications Program at Saint Paul’s University in Ottawa.   Dr. Dakroury is the managing editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).[9]

    What is not noted, however, is that the AJISS is the official journal of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  The IIIT is the think tank of the Muslim Brotherhood[10] and was created as such in 1981, ironically enough by a Canadian of Palestinian origin.  Ismail al-Faruqui left Montreal Canada in about 1978 and created the IIIT in 1980.  The organization was founded following an international conference of “major Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al Qaradawi, in Lugano, Switzerland in 1977. The conference was held under the auspices of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists’, itself a spinoff of the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhoods first public front group in North America.[11]

    Dr. Faruqui was stabbed to death, along with his wife, in 1986 by Joseph L. Young (aka Yusuf Abdul Ali).  The IIIT and others have attempted to pass off this murder as a Zionist or CIA plot, but the criminal investigation and trial showed that the murderer, Mr. Young, was a Black Muslim convert.  He claimed, with some evidence, that he killed Faruqui and his wife due to his poor treatment within the organization, despite having converted to Islam.  Racism may have been a factor.

    The Closing of the Prayer Room

    Should the University of Ottawa consider closing its common prayer room?  Given the problems at the University of Ottawa, as well as those observed at Algonquin College, Maisonneuve College and many others, this is a question worth considering.

    [1] For more on the founding of the Muslim Student Association and its role in radicalization, see Is the Muslim Student Association of Canada/USA a Recruiting Point for Extremism? The article is online at http://tsecnetwork.ca/2015/09/25/is-the-muslim-student-association-of-canadausa-a-recruiting-point-for-extremism/

    [2] For more on this, see, among many others, http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/islamists-exploit-ferguson-violence-promote-resistance .

    [3] A full list of the terrorism entities can be seen in the article of 14 November 2014 UAE publishes list of terrorist organisations: Cabinet decision includes Al Qaida, Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood. The article can be seen online at http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/government/uae-publishes-list-of-terrorist-organisations-1.1412895 .

    [4] For more on this, see, among others, Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism, Maajid Nawaz, Rowan and Littlefied, page XXI.

    [5] Michelle Sheppard, Guantanamo’s Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Apr 8, 2008.

    [6] For more on the Quilliam Foundation and its views on prayer rooms, see http://www.quilliamfoundation.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/publications/free/pulling-together-to-defeat-terror.pdf .

    [7] For more on the problems at Maisonneuve College, see the 19 February 2016 La Presse article at http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/education/201602/18/01-4952337-tensions-et-intimidation-au-college-de-maisonneuve.php .

    [8] For more on this see http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/three-german-universities-close-prayer-rooms-used-by-muslims-a6930486.html

    [9] See the IIIT information at http://iiit.org/iiitftp/AJISS/AJISS 32 2-4/ajiss32-4 toced.pdf .  See the biography information at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mmunac/6954246715 .

    [10] See the FBI memo concerning this at http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/159.pdf .  For more on the IIIT, see http://www.investigativeproject.org/737/forgotten-investigation-emails-offer-insight-into-iiit-probe

    [11] For more on the founding and history of the IIIT, see https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IIIT-Backgrounder-07-28-14.pdf .

    We need to wake up and realize that these groups are there for one thing and one thing only :  to destroy us, our way of life, our freedoms, our liberties. If the events in Florida were sad and disgraceful, which they were, we must learn from this and become PROACTIVE . This cancer must be stopped. We need to give our security services, our law enforcement agencies the tools and the powers to act to eradicate these terrorist once and for all .. because , one day, soon, these terrorists  will try to do that with us . I HIGHLY encourage everyone that if you see, hear of or know of anyone who acts, suspiciously , call the police.  Welcome to 2016 ….

  • …. and the idiots come out to play again

    Meow everyone, Yes, Pan Am season is pretty much upon and this means plenty of protests for the professional protestor and urban terrorist to pick and choose from , In previous articles, I have already outlines some of what these malcontents have in short for us, including , potential riots, storming facilities and so forth.





    Well , as to this now, OCAP doing their own stand along protest.



    So, with our new anti terrorist laws that just received  royal accent,  and with these idiots here out telling us what they have planned, can anyone think of a good, valid reason as to why they are not going to get picked up prior to their planned  ” protests ” ?



    Just in time for the Pan Am games series of upcoming protests , our usual suspects have been kind enough to share ways to riot and all the wonderful things that go along with rioting: MUST READ ( click onto the link below )



  • How to organize a riot …….

    Meow everyone. In my last article , I pointed you all to an upcoming event being held here is Toronto against the Pan Am games . However, there is another, possibly equally as big event taking place, but only for those who are hard core and need to talk strategy on how to disrupt events.


    Pay very close attention this this event . This is a MAJOR organizing event that is going to be run by two of this countries most prolific and dangerous professional protestors Lets have a look at  topics being covered here :



    Part 1: Movement Assembly (For movement organizers and community activists)

    930AM Coffee and Snacks,
    10AM Opening Remarks and Round of Introductions
    1030AM Break-out groups focused on our campaigns, opportunities for collaboration, and united action.
    12PM Lunch Break
    Lunch talks start at 12:15
    1. An insider’s guide to putting pressure on politicians. Hosted by Holly Elle
    2. Central Banks and Austerity. Those who print the money control the agenda. COMER lawsuit and the future of the bank of Canada, hosted by George Crowell.
    1PM General Assembly Meeting for a summer action Against Austerity.
    2:30 PM Informal discussion and snacks.

    Part 2: Public Educational (Come one come all!)

    3PM: Welcome and new round of introductions
    3:30PM Rotating Speed-Educationals for cross-education of campaigns.
    4:30PM Tactical Trainings for resisting austerity.
    Politicians and their supporters go knocking on doors when it’s election time because it works. Grassroots movements can and should learn how to use this tactic year-round to rebuild community around common needs, and grassroots campaigns. Londoners for door-to-door are doing just that, catalysing the public to support the Postal Workers campaign to save door-to-door delivery of mail. Come learn how to effectively hit the streets in your neighbourhood, interact with people at their doors, and convert passive dissatisfaction into active participation in your campaigns and movements. http://londoners4door2door.blogspot.ca/
    A well-timed and well-positioned banner drop can be one of the most effective tactics for making a statement, getting press, speaking directly to the broader public, or protesting an event. What are the best fabrics, paints, fasteners, weights? Where are the best locations? How do you navigate legal concerns? Come learn the basics of making and deploying a banner from Mark C., a grassroots Indigenous anti-poverty organiser from Kitchener with over a decades’ experience fighting for a better world and dropping show-stealing, eye-grabbing, message-blasting banners.
    Let’s talk about Points of intervention. This training provides you with strategies for intervening at crucial leverage points within the system. Whether it’s a rally, an occupation, a walk-out, or a strike, knowing this information can help you effectively achieve your campaign goals. Presented by your CSA Commissioners and the Pay More Get Less campaign at the University of Guelph. www.guelphstudents.org
    Ever since thousands of activists swarmed city squares from Wall Street to Cairo “Occupy” has been seen as a movement rather than the highly effective and disruptive tactic that it is. There is a deep history of grassroots movements all over the world using this tactic in their struggles against the rich and powerful.. and winning. Come learn the basics of organising an occupation! How do you hold space and defend it effectively? How do you time it for maximum disruption? Keeping it a secret vs. mass callout? What tools can be helpful for holding the space after the police arrive? What are different roles people can take on to support the action? Etc. Presented by a highly experienced occupier and organiser with the Rising Tide Network. www.risingtidenorthamerica.org

    6PM Dinner Break

    MIKE PALECEK, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
    MINA RAMOS, End Immigration Detention Network, Fuerza Puwersa
    JOHN CLARKE, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
    SAKURA SAUNDERS, Environmental Justice Organizer
    MOHAMMAD AKBAR, Former VP University of Windsor Student Union
    SAMIRA SAYED RAHMAN, Afghans United for Justice
    Facilitated by SARAH SCANLON and MANDY HISCOCKS, OPIRG-Guelph

    Food and childcare provided – wheelchair and scooter accessible.
    Travel support is available for grassroots anti-poverty, indigenous, migrant justice, and black and racialized groups and organisers.
    email [email protected]ail.com or call 647-989-7468 for more information


    Did you pay attention to the names I highlighted in red ?


    Mandy Hiscocks is a convicted G20 urban terrorist who was sent to prison for her crimes. To this day, she remains unrepentant .




    Another speaker, one who needs no introduction is Sakura Saunders . Sakura is a well known eco terrorist who love wearing disguises to go into corporate office and video the executives . She did exactly that back in about December of 2013



    Sakura Saunders. Activists from across Canada, representing a myriad of social movements, are coming together at the University of Ottawa campus this weekend for the Peoples’ Social Forum. Marie-Danielle Smith/Ottawa Citizen, for 0821 forum
    Sakura Saunders. Activists from across Canada, representing a myriad of social movements, are coming together at the University of Ottawa campus this weekend for the Peoples’ Social Forum. Marie-Danielle Smith/Ottawa Citizen, for 0821 forum


    Of course no organizing meeting is complete with out Canada’s most  notorious and dangerous profession riot organizer, OCAP’s John Clarke. He is a highly dangerous urban terrorist and if there was a riot in this city over the past 25 years, he was behind them .He imports riotors from Quebec as what took place during the G20 and the queens park riots, But as big a mouth as he has to incite riots,  He will usually y watch them from the comfort of his living room. This time, lets all help make his viewing pleasure and experience he will never forget ….. from inside a prison cell .




    Now we need to look at who is organizing this event. Darius Mirshahi is the husband of Sakura Saunders. He was arrested but charges where dropped against him during the G20 But make no mistake, they dont come much more radical than him .




    This event will no doubt have in attendance many of the most hard core of the anarchists , who’s IQ level is considerably smaller that even the smallest pebble they may throw .



    Be prepared, these people want to create mayhem and destruction and the Pan Am games and the Pan Am summit on July 08 is a tailor made event just for them.

  • Coming to a riot near you

    Meow everyone. yes, it has been a while since you saw new material here and I blame space aliens . OK. space aliens actually had nothing to do with that, but I would really appreciate it if someone can please  commence work on the creation of a 72 hour day .


    This year, as well know by  now, and in fact, coming very soon, are the Pan Am games. Our usual bunch of malcontents  have been busy planning against these games, but they are simply not tell all. However, one needs to look only as far back as the 2010 G20 here in Toronto to see what took place, and who organized the mayhem and destruction . Here is a sad reminder :


    G20 riot






    This almost five  years to the day of the following event :




    In part, lets have a look at what is in store for us :




    ”  … We will be there to give them a different sort of ‘welcome.’ … ”


    ” … These villains gather in Toronto in less than five weeks – so we need to move quickly! We must spread the word and get organized. … ”


    So far, we can see that they have selected a target / target group of people they want to confront .


    THE PLAN :   ( people, i really cant make this stuff up )


    ”  … THE PLAN: While we are busy working late, capitalism parties early. So wake up with the sun and join us at 6:30am at Berczy park (Front and Church). Together, we will swarm the Royal York Hotel, and disrupt those entering the Pan Am Climate and Economic Summits. They will know that while they plot the destruction of our planet and our people, we challenge them at every turn, here and across the planet.  …


    OK , this does not require a degree in brain surgury to understand this. They bare looking to get violent right from the start   But wait, there is yet more .


    ” … As the sun rises further, we will reassemble and surge up Bay Street. Like a swarm of birds, joined in our struggle and united in our rage, we will confront the financial and corporate headquarters of Canada in their shiny glass buildings as they open for business. As the super-rich and their pawns that sit on Bay Street stroll into work, we will rattle their doors, shake their spirit, and overwhelm them with our songs. We will continue to Toronto City Hall for free breakfast and end by 9:30am.  … ”


    Allow be to graphically translate this for you : 




    ” … Because we are against capitalism, colonialism and the climate crisis
    Because we demand freedom to move, return and stay.
    Because we want decent housing, an end to poverty and poor bashing, and racist police brutality.
    Because we want an end to destructive mining and fossil fuel extraction.
    Because we oppose wars, and the national security state.
    Because we have a responsibility to people around the world struggling for justice against those who are participating in the economic and climate summits in Toronto. … ”


    Well , there you have it, they hate the fact that most of have decent jobs to go to , jobs they cant get because they would never pass the criminal back ground checks , so, rather then try and do something useful  with their lives, they would rather throw another temper tantrum on us.


    They want to go to city hall , take on the super rich and all the usual crap they spew .


    ” … As the sun rises further, we will reassemble and surge up Bay Street. Like a swarm of birds, joined in our struggle and united in our rage, we will confront the financial and corporate headquarters of Canada in their shiny glass buildings as they open for business. As the super-rich and their pawns that sit on Bay Street stroll into work, we will rattle their doors, shake their spirit, and overwhelm them with our songs. We will continue to Toronto City Hall for free breakfast and end by 9:30am. … ”


    Dear Cops, this time, would it be a huge imposition  for me ask you  all to round these scum bags up before they can do anything, and arrest anyone and everyone who will be there to riot? These scum bags destroyed my city once, I dont want to see this happen again .



  • Gold Mining company robbed of 7000 ounces of Gold …… Does Sakura Saunders know who did it ?

    Meow everyone. My readers will know by now, the name Sakura Saunders . She is a local anti mining ,  anti cop, anti oil, anti this, anti that trouble maker who was kicked out of Canada just under a year  ago when her visa ran out. Sadly , our government allowed her back into Canada, where, she can and does , once again return  to her old tricks of being a local trouble maker. She has already tried some cop baiting , but for now, she is concentrating on her pet anti gold mining hate on projects.




    While we were free of her and her band of criminals, she spent time in California and Mexico where she stirred up her usual band of  trouble.   However, sadly for us, she came back here and now, has been targeting her hate toward gold mining companies again with Barrick Gold being her main target. However, with most observers of her knowing that Barrick is her target, Does this leave her free to target, quietly and without attention, other well know gold  mining firms?


    The answer is yes, it does , but she does not act alone. Have a look at this article she wrote not too long ago :


    Not reviewed by Toronto Media Co-op editors. copyeditedfact checked [?]

    Corporate Criminals Taking Leadership?

    Activist infiltrate mining luncheon, distribute a dose of reality

    by Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

    Flier handed out by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at “The Challenge to Lead” event. The QR barcode pictured links smartphone users to a video testimony of Rosa Elbira, who was raped by the police and Hudbay's security forces during the forced eviction of her community in Guatemala. Shortly after fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them. Photo: Rachel Small
    Flier handed out by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at “The Challenge to Lead” event. The QR barcode pictured links smartphone users to a video testimony of Rosa Elbira, who was raped by the police and Hudbay’s security forces during the forced eviction of her community in Guatemala. Shortly after fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them. Photo: Rachel Small

    Today, the Canadian Club of Toronto invited major players in Canada’s mining industry to a formal luncheon and panel discussion entitled “The Challenge to Lead.” However, attendees who have ties with communities impacted by these Canadian operations expressed grave concern. Given the poor track record of Canadian mining companies at home and abroad, individuals were left questioning the legitimacy of Canada’s extractive industry claiming leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Pierre Lassonde, Chairman of Franco-Nevada Corporation, moderated a panel that included David Garofalo, President and CEO of HudBay Minerals, Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Owner of McEwen Mining, and Piotr Pikul, Partner at McKinsey & Company, on the challenges and opportunities facing the Canadian mining industry.

    Rachel Small, an attendee who has worked with Latin American communities near a number of Canadian mines said: “Canadian mining companies have a long track record of committing human rights and environmental abuses at their mines around the world. We’re handing out these fliers that say ‘Corporate Criminals Taking Leadership’ to point out how absurd it is that a company like Hudbay, infamous for its poor social and environmental record, can speak at an event like this about being ‘global leaders’ in the industry.” After the fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them.

    In fact, HudBay Minerals made headlines last year when it became the first Canadian company to be tried in Canadian courts for crimes committed at mining operations overseas. Plaintiffs are trying to hold HudBay Minerals accountable for the actions of private security employed by the company, who allegedly shot and killed Adolfo Ich Xaman, a teacher and community leader in a town near their Fenix mine in Guatemala. Another lawsuit against the company alleges that private security gang-raped 11 women during a forced eviction from land to which the women and their Mayan communities hold ancestral rights according to a ruling by the Guatemalan Constitutional Court. These cases are proceeding in the Superior Court of Ontario.

    McEwen Mining’s reputation is less than stellar. A 2012 complaint that communities near McEwen Mining’s Los Azules project in Argentina filed with Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor claims that the company lied about the impact their open-pit copper mine would have on glaciers in the area, and that it violated a number of international standards. McEwen Mining refused to engage with the claim, effectively ending the only government process communities have access to in Canada to bring forward complaints.

    Monica Gutierrez, an attendee from the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) responded after the panel: “These companies do have an international reputation, as they claim, but it’s definitely not one of trust or one that Canadians should take pride in. What does it say about Canada, if these companies, with their terrible records, are claiming leadership in setting the future direction for our country?”. In reference to the question of mining companies adhering to local laws, panelist Piotr Pikul said: “You just have to do it”. Communities near Canadian mines globally are waiting for companies to comply with this imperative. 


    The other person named in this article is a lady named Rachel Small . Her she is :


    rachel small 10

    And here she is with Sakura Saunders :



    So, why is this so important anyway? Well, it appears that there was a rather substantial robbery very recently against a gold mining company that has offices here in Toronto , took place in Mexico, not that far from where Sakura Saunders was , while in California ( about 500 miles ) and the above article she  wrote .
    Wed Apr 8, 2015 4:33PM
    The file photo shows gold ingots.

    The file photo shows gold ingots.

    Armed robbers have stolen USD 8.5 million worth of gold from a refinery at a mine owned by a Canadian company in Mexico’s western state of Sinaloa, company officials say.

    The theft occurred on Tuesday at the El Gallo 1 mine and robbers made off with 900 kilograms (almost 2,000 pounds) of gold-bearing concentrate containing approximately 7,000 ounces of gold, the McEwen Mining Inc. said in a statement issued late Tuesday.

    “The company maintains insurance against these types of incidents and is working closely with its insurance carrier to determine the extent of available coverage,” the company said, adding, “However, the company’s policy will not be sufficient to cover the entire expected loss.”

    The statement said no one was injured and mining operations were not affected, but it did not provide any more details about the robbery.

    Mexican authorities are carrying on an investigation into the matter.

    The Toronto-based company has operations in Mexico, Argentina and the state of Nevada in America. Based on its current stock price, the company is worth about USD 364 million.



    Sakura Saunders has made it clear she wants companies like Barrick Gold to simply  vanish . She has used every opportunity to discredit this company . Barrick Gold is going to be a supplier to the Pan Am games, proving the raw materials for the athletes medals . This has added them as a target for other dangerous racial groups and with Sakura Saunders at the helm , leading  the attacks against Barrick Gold, it is safe and fair to say that she will have the help and support of just about every nut job in Canada here to make sure these games are disrupted. The first attack will come via this protest where Barrick Gold holds their annual shareholders meeting .


    I have heard of a significant budget to the tune of around $ 20,000.00 that is being made available to Sakura just for these games as protest money . This has not been confirmed as absolute fact but I wanted this thrown  out there to encourage  the good guys to keep a close eye on here. Another development , possibly of equal value is there her partner Darius  is widely rumored to be accepting a ” job offer ”  in Montreal. Montreal is home to the most  violent of the Anarchists in Canada and these anarchists have traveled to Toronto in the past the destroy our city, once as hire goons by OCAP during the Queens park Riot, and them, years later, as imported goon for the G-20 here in Toronto. Here is Darius :



    What should not be discounted here with respects to Darius, is that he, like Sakura is a violent and dangerous anarchist . His seeming ”  job offer ” in Montreal may be a front to him making anarchist connections and preparations to bring them here to Toronto for the Pan Am games, much the same way they were imported by OCAP as previously mentioned. With the upcoming Montreal Anarchist book fair , this is a perfect opportunity to recruit people for new violent actions. Here is their facebook event page for more information on it . There are rather interesting people planning to attend this years bookfair . Along with the usual neanderthal crowd of knuckle draggers , this year, Ryerson Student Unions own cop killing advocate Zidain Mohamed plans to be there. Here he is for those who forgot what this contemptible low life looks like :

    Now, many you will tell me that this is all speculation . I agree , it is . However, While I am quite certain that Sakura Saunder would never personally be involved in a robbery , given her hate for gold mining companies, given the fact that she has written about this particular company, given the fact that was in Mexico, given the fact that she resided in California , about 500 miles from where this robbery tool place , given the fact the while in California, she was very much involved in her anti gold mining  projects. I really hope that law enforcement and our Canadian  Border Services have a very long, rather once sided  conversation with her about this . I would  wager she knows at one or two of the people involved.

  • OCAP starts the Pan Am games protests …. Featuring Gaetan ” The Hot Rod Hobo” Heroux

    Meow everyone. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later and March 09, 2015 was the day of the first office Anti Pan Am games protest lead by our merry band of malcontent mindless morons, who call them elves OCAP . Today’s protest was to oppose the light  art project funded by the city in advance of the games, to allow an art installation of light upon a very popular overpass that over looks the city . Todays protest was lead by none other than Gaetan  “The  Hot Rod Hobo  ” Heroux. Don’t worry if you get the ” Hot Rod ” inference, it will all be made clear as this story progresses.


    This event, like every other OCAP event I attended to document, was filled with mindless idiots who were waiting to received their  rations  of kool aid . Of course no OCAP protest would be complete without the threats and suggestions of personal violence against me . There was one Indian guy who threatened to have me scalped if I took his photograph. Another mindless twit , one we have heard mentioned before, ” Shank Girl ” threatened to called to cops on me if I took her picture. I told I already have what I wanted of her so go ahead, call away . She was in fine form last night too. She told me that if she saw her picture on this blog, she would have me arrested. I asked her if she actually could read and understand words of more than three letters in length, to which, with a straight face she replied to fact that was was proud to be illiterate because reading was only for the elite . …… Oh well, haw can I argue with that level of stupidity …..


    In usual fashion, they gathered at a local park to raise  their fists in anger  of the games. However, while these group of barely literate neanderthals where protesting an event that was creating jobs and helping to greatly improve the local area, I decided to actually speak to a small hand full of locals  ….. ALL OF THEM in full support  for these games. The people I spoke with were local residents who all stated that they knew it was costly but the big picture was a better looking community , better facilities for the area, the fact that the neighborhood was going to be cleaned up , at least for a while, of the rampant drug use and dealing the area is notorious for. They all agreed that it created many new jobs in the area, for the local community.


    Here is the first video I wish to share from out favorite Hobo wannabe :




     Today’s protest was as entertaining as it was a pityfull example of  of the sheer and utter hypocrisy that this organization has, the REAL contempt that have for the community at large . To say that they are a ” do as I say, not as I  do organization ” would be a gross understatement, and something they made overwhelmingly clear at this protest. They have always CLAIMED to be there for people with disabilities, they claim to accommodate persons with disabilities, however, when it comes to the REAL truth, they go out of thier way to EXCLUDE persons with disabilities, and they made it obvious. Case in point. they did indeed have a van that was a wheelchair accessible van. HOWEVER the protest was held on two locations, the park being only the starting point, with a second, main location in another park. THIS is the ONLY way to get the that park :




    Yes, you see this correctly . STAIRS , snow covered steep STAIRS . well done OCAP, I am  really now for then ever convinced of your collective commitment to accessibility .  Them once the person made it down those snow covered stairs without breaking their necks, they got to navigate the terrain , the nice SNOW covered terrain.  Here is a great example to the level of accessibility they really consider when they taught an event as accessible :




    OK, I kept y’ all waiting long enough. I have in part of this title : Gaetan  “The  Hot Rod Hobo  ” Heroux.   . There is good reason this .  Goold Gaetan loves to play the ” I’m poor and can totally relate to your plight ” ,  card . He looks as if he wears the same cloths weeks on end  ( smells like it too ) . However, Gaetan, you can fool the cult members  but you cant fool undercoverkity . It appears that Gaetan is doing better than you and I , likely on YOUR dime . He arrived to this protest in his nice shiny car :




    Well, never let it be said that  professional protesting doesn’t  pay. But sadly, only adds to the overall hypocrisy of this organization .


    Have a look at a few more images from this event :
















    OK, so we have seen some of took place on the night of March 09 , Now, we must fast forward to March 10. It appears that OCAP wanted to teach the members of City Hall a lesson of spending. So, off they went to city hall to do what they do best, create a disturbance . Here are a couple of still images of their handy work :






    Here is the video I shot from this same altercation at city hall :





    The city of Toronto has a real serious problem with affordable housing, as , in a recent release, it was learned that the average cost of a  new, detached home will set you back a cool million . Those on fixed and limited incomes clearly will never be able to afford that, so we need affordable housing. However, the reasons as to why housing costs are quite literally through the roof is cost of over priced, greedy unions . The city. too can take great steps to ensure that affordable housing is always being created. There are several ways this can be done. One way is to tax churches and religious organizations who for decades, have been getting a tax free ride. Image the money this could generate for the city.  Secondly, in order for a builder to get a construction or building permit, 15%   of the total space being built in each condo building MUST be designated as geared to income housing …. no exceptions. The builder either adheres to those requirements unconditionally, or , they do not get a building permit, simple as that. If that was enacted as law, we would see a rapid reduction, and real, foreseeable elimination of geared to income housing waiting lists. Organizations like OCAP have no real interest in  a reasonable approach to this because it is the unions who they are paid by , so the  eduction in union wages  would be counter productive for OCAP.


    OCAP likes to put on a show for its minions and the few followers they have . However, when one looks at  what they have actually done toward the betterment of housing, and advocacy in general, they have  shown on far too numerous occasions that they are indeed nothing more than a bunch of low brow thugs who can only seem to resort to property destruction and rioting. They have continuously proven this. As one law enforcement official once stated,  OCAP are nothing more than domestic terrorists. ………. I agree.


  • And so it begins ……… now lets put a end to it while we still can …. part 1

    Meow everyone. As many of my readers know, I have been following the criminal exploits of OCAP for a long time now as they always find new ways to sink even lower. Yes, they claim to represent people who need housing, the poor and so forth, but in fact, they do NOTHING for any of those groups of people . They do , however, have no shortage of energy in creating destruction, disrupting meetings and events and exploiting people for their own agendas. My readers also know that I have been following  closely what OCAP is doing and saying with respects to the Pan Am games that will be held here in Toronto in July of this year.


    The Pan Am games will be spread out of southern Ontario, but the main focus and the vast majority of the events will take place right  here in Toronto . The athletes village is right in the very heart of OCAP territory  so this seems to be a taylor made event for their rediculous  protests and actions they are planning . It appears that they have no desire to act in a civil manner and they want to get the protests up and running as soon as possible.  I will be dividing this story up into three parts. Part one, this one is going to be around the main players involved, the faces we all see , but may not know the names to . Well, I do and here, they will be pictured, and identified.  In part two, I will focus more closely on the anarchist component of OCAP where once again,  I will identify many of the key players  within the anarchist movement here in Toronto . In part three, I will focus more on the aboriginal component as , this is the currant flavor of the month for the professional protesters and with the games being held here in Toronto , it is important to know and see the people who make not only false claims , but also, have a long history of causing trouble.


      Yesterday, they made the big announcement for the first of what surely will be one of many protest against the Pan Am games . Here is what they released yesterday :




    Image description: A flaming torch with smoke rising from it is in the foreground of a bridge with a NO PAN AM GAMES banner hanging off the side; in the torch’s smoke, the outline of a City of Toronto logo can be seen

    The Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto this summer, and the cost has already ballooned to well over $2 billion, including an unbelievable $3.8 million to string some tacky lights on the Bloor Viaduct!

    Billions of dollars are being spent to transform our city into a playground for rich tourists, yet the City still has the audacity to cry poor when we demand things like:


    And in the weeks and months before opening day, we will almost certainly see increased police targeting of poor and homeless people as part of the social cleansing process that always accompanies international spectacles like the Games. We refuse to accept these callous and dangerous priorities; people have frozen to death on our streets this winter while the City fritters away billions of dollars. Join with OCAP on March 9 at Pigeon Park to send a clear message to City Council: NO PUBLIC MONEY ON THE PAN AM GAMES!

    An accessibility van will be available on site.



    There is a facebook page listed for the event as well which  can be found here at :




    … and of course there is always their twitter feed page which detaails all the latest garbage that runs inside their heads :




    …. and here you read what is inside  the head  of John Clarke , the head of OC(R)AP  :





    For those who need a reminder of what John Clarke looks like :



    This is but the first of what will be no doubt be many protests against the games , but these protests are not limited only our local malcontents . Oh No. In Hamilton Ontario, some events will take place as well.  As it happens, one of our better known eco – Terrorist wannabe’s and professional protester for hire , Trish Mills  has already shared her plans for the games, with a desire to disrupt the Torch Run . Trish is no stranger to acts of stupidity, indeed, she is quite well versed in such acts, with each one seemingly surpassing her previous one. Mills, was the Medic at Occupy Toronto who thought it was a great idea to make public a persons mental health state , she decided to lock her self in a cage to protest the creation of jobs from a oil pi[peline she k nows nothing about, she decided that disrupting a court proceeding   would somehow work in her favor, she tried to take up art and decided to use  the wall of a police station as her first exhibit , yes, not the brightest bulb in the box.


    For those who want a reminder of who she is, here is her image:




    And here is what she very recently said about the games :


    trish mills pan am games


    However, Trish is busy organizing other events as well . She is seeming wanting to get some practice in the art of cop baiting just in time for the games: 




    Here is the facebook event page for the above event : 




    A similar event is slated for Toronto  and can be found here at :  https://www.facebook.com/events/1548153725452416/11 .  The above event is being hosted by well known anarchist Darryl Richardson as depicted below : 




    I want to go back to the upcoming Toronto event . While we know the John Clarke heads OCAP  the same terrorist organization  that lead the G20 riots in Toronto through their anarchist networks , the same organization that was directly involved in  the  planning and enacting of the famous Queens Park Riots,  Clarke does not work alone in these types of action.


    Below, I will post the pictures and identify some of the TOP players within OCAP . These people listed here are all fully aware of what plans await the rest of us as they are, the top dogs in the pack. Some tend to stay in the back ground ,  much more quiet , but make no mistake, they know what is going on.


      John Clarkes right hand man, Mark Brill is one to be VERY CLOSELY watched . Brill is reported to have, in hos own words , ” gone under ground ” until his plans are ready to be put into action. Brill is the guy who is directly connected to the most violent anarchists in Toronto and is rumored to be training a new crop of  criminal for the Pan Am games.  Here is what Brill looks like :




    OCAP has several key people  who are regulars in the professional protest circles . We have seen them around at most, if not all OCAP events , However, with the Games fast approaching, and this protest event even sooner , its time to get to know som eof these key people once again.


    The next person is Lissa Skofield . She is one of the head organizers and one of the people who is often right at the fore front of any OCAP action. She is not afraid to speak , nor is she afraid to act. To her, getting arrested is a badge of honor . It is claimed that she is stepping down from her organizing duties and position. However, one never really leaves OCAP . Its sort of like the mob, once your in, you in for ever.  Below is Lissa:




    The next person on the top gods list is Kellly Sue Burgess . She is not new to OCAP but only within the past little while has she taken a more active role in the organization, at least from what many have seen outwardly.  Kelly is very close to one of Canada’s most dangerous and notorious   violent criminal  anarchists , Alex Hundert. Kelly has made at least two trip to Kenora to see Alex in the past six months . These trips should be considered casual  trips. Alex is the top organizer in the country and there is little doubt that he will once again play a role in the Pan Am games, albeit from a safe distance  so as to  ( seemingly ) avoid detection . Here is Kelly Sue Burgess: 




    The next person on this list played a dual role . Kelly O’Sullivan is both a full fledged OCAP member and organizer as well, she is a union head and organizer with CUPE. She can call up a union good squad with one phone call if need be. While she herself would  not directly initiate violence , she certainly has not trouble with it as her willingness to support and be part of OCAP suggests.  Here is Kelly O’Sullivan :




     The next person on this list is John Mura.  Do not be fooled by Johns age. He may be 72 years old but he brings a wealth of experience as a professional protester to OCAP . Here is John Mura:


    john mura  ( ocap )


    John Mura has a sidekick. Ryan . Ryan is a quiet guy , say very little but is presence at just about every OCAP event . Here is Ryan :


    ryan ( ocap )


    The next name is one most will not be familiar with , Pat Fifield . Pat is very much an OCAP member and is a very close friend of Mark Brill . Pat is also very deeply involved with the most violent of the anarchists , he knows them all . It may be very likely that he is the liason between the anarchists and OCAP , since Brill is rarely seen these days . Take a good look at Pat. He is one who know alot. He is the one wearing the black hat, an dis speaking with Mark Brill ( guy with back turned to camera with long dyed red hair )   Here he is : 






    The next person on this list of key players is a guy named  Brian Dubourdieu. Brian is also a fairly quiet person, does much of the running around for OCAP at events. Brian is believed to be the connection between OCAP and Seaton House, a mens shelter on George Street.  Here is Brian :




    Another shot of Brian :




    The next person is a guy named Gary.  While Gary has , at least not so far, not with me anyway, been physically confrontational , he is more than willing to to come up to a person and be ” in your face ” . Gary has been  with OCAP forever, and was once rumored to be  ” muscle ” for the organization. Here is Gary  ( guy in the middle ) :




    This next person is one who is about vile as they come. He will knowingly and willing , on public media slander people who he doesn’t agree with, with lies and intimidation being a huge part or his arsenal of dirty tricks. Geaton Heroult is his name and you will often see him at OCAP events yelling,  screaming, pandering to the media and making a total ass  of himself.  Should you come in contact with this hobo wannabe , head directly to the nearest decontamination station. Here is this neanderthal :




    Next is yet another long time OCAP member and one time director of the now de-funked Toronto Disaster Relief Organization. The only disaster that occurred was this guy not taking better acting lessons. I am of course referring to Berik German  . He loves to yell about nothing, sound all wise and important , but at the end of the day,  has about as much credibility as a politician making election promises. : Here is Berik German  :


    beric german (6)


    Another mainstay and long time supporter and organizer  with OCAP is a guy named Ken. I do not ( yet ) know his exact last name, gut came across him some years ago at an OCAP I was able to crash . If OCAP is there, so is he, usually in the back ground . Here is Ken :


    assignment three-884




    This next guy, , while residing in Montreal is a VERY CLOSE ally to OCAP and in fact the head of Montreals version of OCAP . Richard St. Pierre is not a guy to be taken lightly, he has threatened the use of deadly violence in past events, going so far as to tell me directly that  ” I can expect a bullet  to the head soon ” . St. Pierre is also very close to out local anarchist here in Toronto as well as in Montreal. Here is an image of him hosting several of our anarchists in his  home not to long ago. :



     Here is the same image as above with the names of who is present at his house :


    faces of anarchy


    Here is a good image of Richard St. Pierre:


    sept 01 2013 anti police protest rally file 1-55

    The next person on the list of top dog OCAP’ers is a guy named Graeme Bacque. Graeme is a quiet guy , can usually bee seen at OCAP events taking pictures for OCAP . He has been a member quite likely  as long as OCAP has been around. He is not one to be confrontational , however, he knows a lot more than he lets on. . Here is Graeme ( person on right )  :




    The next person on this list is a relative new comer , Sigrid Kneeve. Sigrid claims to be of aboriginal heritage which may play a significant role later on as there will very likely be the lead person as we get closer to the games, to head or lead the aboriginal portion of what ever protests will take place. Sigrid is not afraid to promote the use of violence as seen here :



    Here is a better quality image of Sigrid Kneeve:


    sigrid kneve ( ocap )


    There are others who play roles at various events but this article was to name the key players, the big dogs so to speak . In the next installment, I will take a good look at the anarchists who will no doubt be carrying out much of the ” dirty work ” , planned by OCAP . Keep in mind that as with other well documents , previous events, imported anarchists are to be expected as these imports are not always known to local  law enforcement and can hide for easily once they have carried out their actions. Stay tuned…..

  • 2015 is here ….. The anarchists are planning, are you paying attention ?

    Meow everyone. it has been quite a year this past year with many highs and even one or two low points , but overall , not a bad year. However, with 2015 now fully upon us, there are those who are in full planning mode to ensure that 2015 will be a year we will want to forget. I am  of course referring to the criminal anarchists , OCAP and what they have in store for us this year, the year the Pan Am games comes to Toronto.  I have covered the games in some detail over the past year and introduced you all to some of the major players who will be playing key rolls in disrupting the games. However, they have gotten a little smarter since the G20 . This article will explain how so.


    WE have all heard about the horrific terrorist attacks very recently in France , attacks that targeted free speech. Terrorist attacks come in many forms and varieties , from international terrorists to local, home grown terrorists. The home grown terrorists are quite possible the most difficult ones to identify as they come from all walks of life, have a plethora of political agendas and quite often, do not come from the stereotypical backgrounds. Often times, these domestic terrorist organizations masquerade as organizations that purport to want to do good within the  community. They often have well known public figures who are often in the news. Believe me, these organizations and publicity hounds are  not in the  public eye for the reasons they want you ti think . They are there solely to deflect the masses to accepting THEIR message , blinding you from what really lays within. Once such group is OCAP, the Ontario Coaliton Against Poverty . In fact, they have already been referred to as a domestic terrorist organization by law enforcement as seen here :



    ocap-terrorist-1So, with OCAP being established as a domestic terrorist organization, is there any reason law enforcement is not breaking down their doors and investigating each and every member of this organization for terrorist activities? We already know that they organized the Queens Park Riots some years ago, going so far the recruiting out of province criminals to carry out the dirty work. We k now as well they they played a significant role in organizing the G20 riots .


    I want to focus for a moment on one this countries top and most dangerous of these terrorists, Alex Hundert.  Hundert, lives in Kenora Ontario , far from Toronto, but his tentacles are far reaching. Hundert has asserted himself as a clearly supporter of terrorism when two of our soldiers where killed,  right here in Canada but Islamic terrorists. Here is what Hundert said about that :


    hundert terrorist 1

    So we see from the above comment that Hundert indeed endorses and supports the killing of those who wear the uniform , those who serve and protect this great country of ours.


    Hundert is also a member of OCAP , here in his own words , he so proclaims it. Another way of reading this is that he has admitted to being a member of a domestic terrorist organization, referring to the screen shot above where OCAP was indeed referred to as being exactly that. :


    ocap membership confirmed

    We now need  to take a moment to recall the G20 riots and those who were involved and organized them.




    Take a very good look at the above list of violent criminals depicted. These were the ones who were responsible for holding the city hostage  during the summer of 2010 . You see the name of Alex Hundert, among other key players . The same Alex Hundert who proclaimed himself to be a member of OCAP, the same Hundert who is perfectly fine with targeting OUR soldiers  for terrorist actions. However, Alex Hundert is not the only prominent name shown in the above graphic.  Leah Henderson ( # 12 ) was also a key organizer and like Hundert, was sent to prison for her part. A MUST READ is this great article by my good friend Genuinewitty . He explains in great detail how this violent criminal works inside a political office, and has access to sensitive information about city planning , including plans in and around the Pan Am games. In part, Henderson stated the following :  ” … I feel no remorse for my organizing against the G8 & G20, and given another opportunity, I will continue to organize against them … ”


    So, with Ms. Henderson inside knowledge and information about city plans , where can this possible go, or what can this possibly lead to . For those answers, we need not look any farther than once again, Alex Hundert  himself . The following screen shots are only some of the persons who are deeply involved as OCAP members , and pay attention to the comment where ” Mandy Dawn ” will be making a trip to see Hundert, as is another OCAP organizer , Kelly Sue-Burgess. The comments are not relevant to this story , save the one which I have highlighted, rather, the connections are the keys here. They clearly show people , within this circle going to see him and communicating with him. I will explain the significance of this in a moment. : 


    more 3


    more 4


    more freinds


    So , who are these people as shown above ? Well,  referring back to the list of criminals involved in the G20 riots , we see the name of Amanda  Hiscocks  ( aka Mandy Hiscocks … aka Mandy Dawn )   https://www.facebook.com/mandy.dawn.357?fref=ufi&pnref=story




    Next is Kelly Sue – Burgess  https://www.facebook.com/kellysaburgess?fref=ufi&pnref=story



    Next is Liisa Skofield  :  https://www.facebook.com/liisa.sko?fref=ufi&pnref=story



     Next is Trey Winney ( aka Trey Ning )  https://www.facebook.com/treyning1?fref=ufi&pnref=story




    Next is Zoe Dodd  ( she is the one on the left )  https://www.facebook.com/zoe.dodd.92?fref=ufi&pnref=story





    I postulated that there is significance to people like Mandy Hiscocks and Kelly Sue both going up north, WAY up north to see Alex Hundert . This is not the first time either of them have been up there. Indeed, if wee look back at the G20 and the way these people were organizing, most of it was done locally , making it easy for law enforcement to catch all of them , together, in one place, and relatively close to the future scene of the crime. However, with a KEY player so far away , less attention is placed on him and his ability to organize that  he can slip under the radar.  As well, with only one or two people at any one time traveling up to see him, this too can be passed of as a social visit, passing under the radar . ***** DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE ***** These people are all in communication with each other, and , Leah Henderson was a one time partner of Hundert  and is also in close communication with him. She is also the one with potential inside information and potential city plans to the Pan Am games , and is , or may be in a position to pas these secrets along to her cohorts. Remember, she proclaimed a willingness to do it all over again and was very much not sorry for her actions.


    Alex Hundert plays another role here as well. He lives on an Indian reservation and with the recent events involving so called native  ” activists ” , he is in a perfect position to train people in the art of violent anarchism , and have them ready to act out in and around the games . The natives have been brewing for a confrontation for some time now and with Hundert involved , they can target any event and because they are all far enough away, they can slip under a radar until its too late . Whether they slip under a radar or not is going to depend on the willingness of law enforcement to act now, rather than  once the rioting has started. Hundert is a member of a terrorist organization, that alone should be enough to put him out of commission for good. OCAP is the terrorist organization he belongs to. THAT alone should be enough to put that entire organization and its membership out of action and into prison cells.


    We are in a very interesting time here. We have a great opportunity take action against a terrorist organization and it members  BEFORE they strike . We don’t want a repeat of 2010 or 2000 . The question is whether the law enforcement agencies are will to step up and take these people out and put a sudden end to their plans , or, will we see another round of riots ? Will we see people asking what happened after they people destroy this city again or, are the one charged with security for these games will to step up and be PROACTIVE this time?