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  • Behold … the antifa training manual

    Meow everyone . I present you with the antifa training manual :


  • Dear violent antifa / anarchists , kiss your anonymity goodbye .

    Meow everyone. My readers as supporters,  and detractors alike,  have known for years that I am a photographer who specializes in street action . One area is protests . I have been shooting protests for many years now, much to the dislike of the radical left, the anarchists  and now, the rebranded antifa idiots. Most don’t care that I am out there , while others make a rather large production of my being out and about .  Some even want to run me out of town .Its fun listening to them play the  oppression card when it suites them.


    I have taken great pride in my ability to photograph most of the riots these idiots organized and participated in . One of the big accomplishments  was the ability to put names to faces , or in the case of these anarchists , partial faces , since like the cowards they are, they love to hide their faces , thinking that this affords them a certain anonymity . For a while , it did. However, being a patient person I have always been, I was always able  get to the shot I wanted , of my targeted subject, masked and unmasked . Of course, with a new crop of losers showing up, the older, more experienced criminals pass on what they have learned , things like hiding your face . There was of course this cat and mouse game that took place between myself and my anarchist opponents , but, as  seen here, the anarchists are easy to poke fun at and even mock :  



    Previously , when I photographed  someone , I had to put my images into my computer and look at the commonalities of each image , then compare then to my archived files to get a match . Yes, I have a 100% accuracy rate because even the smallest trait is enough to secure a match and  is extremely time consuming ,  but a masked face did present itself with some challenges. Oh, did you  notice I said DID ?


    Supporters and detractors alike, I now have the tools in my hot little hands that will forever render your silly little masks USELESS . Digital photography is basically an imaging computer . All cameras can take great images with the right person being the view finder . However, there does come a point where a run of the mill camera will just be able to do the desired job. That’s were I come .


    Let me introduce you to  my new toy :  ( not exactly as shown )


    This little baby looks like a regular camera, feels like a regular camera , even acts like a regular camera … except for one very important feature … ( what ? do you really think I am going to tell you all my secrets ) , with the simple press of a button ,  ,  it can see right through your mask .. plain as day . Yes, it is heavily modified , no, you cant buy it commercially in its modified form , and yes, its insanely expensive ( and insured of course ) . So, what are some of its features you may be asking ? Great question, I’m glad you asked . One great feature is this this camera  came with a very nice little option… when I shoot an image , through a secure wi-fi signal , the image gets sent to my computer located somewhere else and the work of identifying you starts the second I click the shutter . Since I have been shooting protests for a very long time, I have built up a sizable  archive of the who’s who of the scum bag world , and now, with a little computer wizardry , a really good camera and a few toys to go with it , I get to unmask your faces and show the whole world what anarchists really look like, will be able to identify you and put you out of the anarchy business . …. and all of this before you  get home . 


    So, ask yourself if you really want to ” draw ”  against me  :



    Dear anarchists, I take pride in my country and my loyalty to it is unquestionable . You as radical anarchists pose a serious security threat that is domestic terrorism .  The government has a ton of rules and regulations they have to follow to identify  you  … I don’t . 

  • Highly dangerous and violent domestic terrorist leaves Canada

    Meow everyone. It take me GREAT pleasure to announce some GREAT NEWS . One of Canada’s most dangerous and violent domestic terrorists is leaving Canada for six months .


    Many of you who read my blog on a regular basis will have come to know and hate Syed Hussan, one of the main ring leaders and organizers of domestic terrorism and violence in Canada :




    I have recently written a story about him when there was the major protest back in February in from of the USA consulate where black lives matter Toronto called our Prime Minister a terrorist . Hussan himself advocated for anarchy . Here is the link to that story. 


    After that event, I contacted Canadian Boarder Services, and forwarded to them the video in the linked story, as well as the screen shot where he clearly advocated and was counseling people to commit a criminal offense. Hussan is NOT a Canadian Citizen , holding only a PR  ( permanent resident card )  That means that he can be deported or removed from Canada based on the commission of a crime , and counseling others to commit a crime, is , itself a crime .


    Now , let me be clear here, his departure from Canada may very likely have NOTHING to do with the video and screen shot, so NO , I cannot , or will not take credit for this scum bag getting his sorry ass out of here . However, if I was , in some vert small way, a contributor to his hasty departure . GOOD .


    Hussan will be away for about six months , the sake period of time  that another equally  violent and dangerous domestic terrorist Sakura Saunders , was forced to leave . Hussan is a native of Pakistan , an international hotbed for global  terrorism. It would not be a stretch to postulate that he is going back to Pakistan , and I will say that in my opinion, very much a possibility that he is going back there to train with some terrorist organization, only to return to Canada , to start the next phase of his groups escalations of violence. Hussan , in his note, before he made an edit to it referred to to another person named TINGS CHAK , a person  he considers a sister , who is equally as active with all the violent groups . Massage me privately for more detailed info on her if needed .


    Here she is :



    So, to Hussan, i hope the door did you on the ass as you left. When you get back, that is if you will be allowed back in, rest assured that my cameras will be there , waiting for you for catch your very next move .

  • The day we lost the city

    Meow everyone. A few weeks ago, I posted a short note that I was ( and am continuing to ) work on a huge story about the G20 that took place back in the summer of 2010 . I know , myself included, have , still , a lot of unanswered questions about what took place , and why ? However, what if I told you that this may have been a part of a far bigger, more sinister plan , and WE were to the one who were about to make this plan come to fruition.


    Yes this does sound crazy, however, I had a great discussion with my very good friend Greg of  http://www.genuinewitty.com , and after several hours of discussing this and other related, and similar events, I have to conclude that he is absolutely correct in his observation . We lost  this city during that famous Tamil protest which closed a major expressway in Toronto for days, with the police doing nothing about it … THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN . , We had the G20 riots , the police seemingly allowed this to go ahead  , we had the occupy movement which created a serious and dangerous environment, and again, the police did nothing to stop it . We had the OCAP city hall riot, and again, very little police resistance . There was Idle no more and again in nothing . Today we have black lives mater and again, zero resistance .


    I have spoken with officer after officer , and they all related very similar stories about how they were rendered ineffective by command and politicians who had their own agendas . So, were is my story ? Well, this is all part of the story I am digging deeply into . However, after speaking with Greg, I have to write this from a much different angle , because the reasoning is far greater than what i had originally considered . Each of the above mentioned events ,were on their own big and could have been shut down quickly , but was not. I now believe that all of these events were and are indeed connected to a much great , much more dangerous plan . People , we are in deep trouble if this is allowed to become reality . 


    What was it that Greg said that made me refocus this single focused story anyway ? Greg mentioned ” Transformative Change ” . I am not going to get to deep into that because that is a story Greg is working on and he should be the one to post it first, since it is his idea and theory . I do, however, agree with him. Another good friend of mine  , Lawrence McCurry mentioned , years ago , about the formation of a one world government . They may both be on to something big here , and they saw this before I did .


    Stay tuned people, this is going to get ugly ….

  • …. Because its 2016 …..

    Meow everyone. Yesterday, the larges t mass shooting in the history of the USA occurred in Florida . This shooting was carried our in the name of ISIS, the international terrorist organization bent on destroying the west and anything that has anything to do with western culture. The terrorist killed at least 50 innocent people who where enjoying a night out in a local bar which has been identified a a well known and well respected gay bar . We have all heard about and seen images of how islam treats person who identify as being gay so i am not going to re-post those image here. We already know how this same religion despises gay people … but wait, aren’t they,  the so called ,  religion of peace ?


    These events , do, however, need to remain in our minds , because i  just a few short weeks,we here in Toronto will be host the largest gay pride parade in the world . This event is known to attract well over one million people to enjoy the fun and festivities. There is, however, a very serious problem we do have right here, in Toronto that no one is willing to address. Make no mistake, yesterdays act of terrorism was tragic beyond comprehension, however, while that gut was directly connected to and had sworn himself to ISIS , right here in Toronto, Black lives matters Toronto, is connected to another, equally dangerous terrorist organization. Black lives matter will be leading this years parade. However THIS is what black lives matters is really all about and THIS clearly shows  just how connected they are to the international terrorist organization , the Muslim Brotherhood :


    The Muslim Students Association and “Black Lives Matter” had their display tables set side by side at the recent University of Ottawa “Islam Awareness Week.”  During the full week of 07 March 2015, the two groups handed out books to students and staff at the university and spread their ideology.

    The Muslim Students Association (MSA), was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of its front groups with an eye towards recruitment and education.[1]

    All of those from the MSA seemed to be Sunni Muslim.  None were Ahmadiyya, Ismaili or Shia.  An individual asked about the lack of representation of other Muslim groups stated they did not know why this was occurring.

    Multiple books were handed out.  One was the Qur’an in English, while two others explained that all the scientific progress in modern civilization is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

    The third book handed out was on ISIS and essentially tried to explain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  When questioned, an individual at one of the booths stated that the West and the media are the ones who make a bad image of Islam.  When pushed, this individual said there were no internal contradictions or problems within the faith.

    The presence of a “Black Lives Matter” booth is consistent with the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America.  Attempts by Islamist groups to exploit the black community to their advantage are not new.  The most recent examples were seen in Ferguson Missouri when CAIR USA (Council on American Islamic Relations) made repeated attempts to inject itself and the Islamist ideology into events there.[2]

    CAIR USA itself is a listed terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates[3] as well as being identified as a front group for HAMAS, itself a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

    Ironically, the second most influential person in the Muslim Brotherhood (Sayed Qutb) spent two years in the United States and made incredibly racist statement about blacks.  The most infamous one was:

    Jazz – This is that music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy on the one hand and to excite bestial tendencies on the other. The American’s intoxication in “jazz” music does not reach its full completion until the music is accompanied by singing that is just as coarse and obnoxious as the music itself. Meanwhile, the noise of the instruments and the voices mounts, and it rings in the ears to an unbearable degree….[4]

    The University of Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its list of alumni who have gone on to become jihadist fighters and other major players in the Islamist world. This includes Al Qaeda financier and Human Concern International board member Ahmed Said Khadr from the 1980s and John (Yahya) Maguire who did a propaganda film for ISIS in 2015.  Both were radicalized while associated to the Muslim Student Association at the University of Ottawa.  As noted by Michelle Sheppard of the Toronto Star on her history of Omar Khadr (Ahmed’s son), the Muslim Student Association was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.[5]

    The University of Ottawa Prayer Room

    The University of Ottawa should probably close its common prayer room. The Quilliam Foundation, the world’s leading de-radicalization organization, has stated that Islamist Muslims tend to try to take over common area prayer rooms and create ‘Muslim-only’ areas.  Rather, these rooms should allow for other faith adherents to use these facilities.

    The Quilliam Foundation also notes that university authorities should ensure prayer rooms do not become an Islamist underworld, a centre for Muslim students to withdraw between lessons and thus avoid extra-curricular interaction with other students.   The result of this form of activity is that Wahhabbist and Salafist literature then tends to dominate, the ideology spreads and there is the attempted exclusion of others.[6]

    At the University of Ottawa prayer room, students report that Muslim students tell them they cannot enter the room with their shoes on, even if the event is non-Muslim.  They also report that they cannot find out how to book the room and their efforts are blocked.

    It is not clear who controls the room.  The Community Services office (3rd floor) normally controls all bookings for common rooms.  They, however, appear to indicate this is the one room they do not control.  Their suggestion is to go to the Student Federation, which also claims to not know.  However, they suggest that the VP Social of the Student Federation (Hadi Wess) might be responsible, but that cannot be confirmed.

    Of current interest, it should be noted that the same problem is occurring at Montreal’s Maisonneuve College.  Students who are sympathizers of ISIS have attempted to take over some sections of the library and had done the same to the prayer room/common space, resulting in its closure.  Students at Maisonneuve had reported they were afraid of Muslim students in those areas.  Violence has occurred during the course of the attempted takeovers and the staff at the college fear for their safety.[7] This is occurring in Canada this year!

    Other universities have already closed prayers for reasons of Islamist extremism such as the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Essen Duisburg in Germany.[8]

    University of Ottawa and the Muslim Brotherhood

    A number of individuals at the university have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  While some can be found in the engineering faculty, the most interesting may be Dr. Aliaa Dakroury, who was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication from 2008 to 2012; at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication from 2005 to 2010; and Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Law from 2008 to 2011.  She is now an Associate Professor and School Director of the Social Communications Program at Saint Paul’s University in Ottawa.   Dr. Dakroury is the managing editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).[9]

    What is not noted, however, is that the AJISS is the official journal of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  The IIIT is the think tank of the Muslim Brotherhood[10] and was created as such in 1981, ironically enough by a Canadian of Palestinian origin.  Ismail al-Faruqui left Montreal Canada in about 1978 and created the IIIT in 1980.  The organization was founded following an international conference of “major Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al Qaradawi, in Lugano, Switzerland in 1977. The conference was held under the auspices of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists’, itself a spinoff of the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhoods first public front group in North America.[11]

    Dr. Faruqui was stabbed to death, along with his wife, in 1986 by Joseph L. Young (aka Yusuf Abdul Ali).  The IIIT and others have attempted to pass off this murder as a Zionist or CIA plot, but the criminal investigation and trial showed that the murderer, Mr. Young, was a Black Muslim convert.  He claimed, with some evidence, that he killed Faruqui and his wife due to his poor treatment within the organization, despite having converted to Islam.  Racism may have been a factor.

    The Closing of the Prayer Room

    Should the University of Ottawa consider closing its common prayer room?  Given the problems at the University of Ottawa, as well as those observed at Algonquin College, Maisonneuve College and many others, this is a question worth considering.

    [1] For more on the founding of the Muslim Student Association and its role in radicalization, see Is the Muslim Student Association of Canada/USA a Recruiting Point for Extremism? The article is online at http://tsecnetwork.ca/2015/09/25/is-the-muslim-student-association-of-canadausa-a-recruiting-point-for-extremism/

    [2] For more on this, see, among many others, http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/islamists-exploit-ferguson-violence-promote-resistance .

    [3] A full list of the terrorism entities can be seen in the article of 14 November 2014 UAE publishes list of terrorist organisations: Cabinet decision includes Al Qaida, Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood. The article can be seen online at http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/government/uae-publishes-list-of-terrorist-organisations-1.1412895 .

    [4] For more on this, see, among others, Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism, Maajid Nawaz, Rowan and Littlefied, page XXI.

    [5] Michelle Sheppard, Guantanamo’s Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Apr 8, 2008.

    [6] For more on the Quilliam Foundation and its views on prayer rooms, see http://www.quilliamfoundation.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/publications/free/pulling-together-to-defeat-terror.pdf .

    [7] For more on the problems at Maisonneuve College, see the 19 February 2016 La Presse article at http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/education/201602/18/01-4952337-tensions-et-intimidation-au-college-de-maisonneuve.php .

    [8] For more on this see http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/three-german-universities-close-prayer-rooms-used-by-muslims-a6930486.html

    [9] See the IIIT information at http://iiit.org/iiitftp/AJISS/AJISS 32 2-4/ajiss32-4 toced.pdf .  See the biography information at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mmunac/6954246715 .

    [10] See the FBI memo concerning this at http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/159.pdf .  For more on the IIIT, see http://www.investigativeproject.org/737/forgotten-investigation-emails-offer-insight-into-iiit-probe

    [11] For more on the founding and history of the IIIT, see https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IIIT-Backgrounder-07-28-14.pdf .

    We need to wake up and realize that these groups are there for one thing and one thing only :  to destroy us, our way of life, our freedoms, our liberties. If the events in Florida were sad and disgraceful, which they were, we must learn from this and become PROACTIVE . This cancer must be stopped. We need to give our security services, our law enforcement agencies the tools and the powers to act to eradicate these terrorist once and for all .. because , one day, soon, these terrorists  will try to do that with us . I HIGHLY encourage everyone that if you see, hear of or know of anyone who acts, suspiciously , call the police.  Welcome to 2016 ….

  • How to organize a riot …….

    Meow everyone. In my last article , I pointed you all to an upcoming event being held here is Toronto against the Pan Am games . However, there is another, possibly equally as big event taking place, but only for those who are hard core and need to talk strategy on how to disrupt events.


    Pay very close attention this this event . This is a MAJOR organizing event that is going to be run by two of this countries most prolific and dangerous professional protestors Lets have a look at  topics being covered here :



    Part 1: Movement Assembly (For movement organizers and community activists)

    930AM Coffee and Snacks,
    10AM Opening Remarks and Round of Introductions
    1030AM Break-out groups focused on our campaigns, opportunities for collaboration, and united action.
    12PM Lunch Break
    Lunch talks start at 12:15
    1. An insider’s guide to putting pressure on politicians. Hosted by Holly Elle
    2. Central Banks and Austerity. Those who print the money control the agenda. COMER lawsuit and the future of the bank of Canada, hosted by George Crowell.
    1PM General Assembly Meeting for a summer action Against Austerity.
    2:30 PM Informal discussion and snacks.

    Part 2: Public Educational (Come one come all!)

    3PM: Welcome and new round of introductions
    3:30PM Rotating Speed-Educationals for cross-education of campaigns.
    4:30PM Tactical Trainings for resisting austerity.
    Politicians and their supporters go knocking on doors when it’s election time because it works. Grassroots movements can and should learn how to use this tactic year-round to rebuild community around common needs, and grassroots campaigns. Londoners for door-to-door are doing just that, catalysing the public to support the Postal Workers campaign to save door-to-door delivery of mail. Come learn how to effectively hit the streets in your neighbourhood, interact with people at their doors, and convert passive dissatisfaction into active participation in your campaigns and movements. http://londoners4door2door.blogspot.ca/
    A well-timed and well-positioned banner drop can be one of the most effective tactics for making a statement, getting press, speaking directly to the broader public, or protesting an event. What are the best fabrics, paints, fasteners, weights? Where are the best locations? How do you navigate legal concerns? Come learn the basics of making and deploying a banner from Mark C., a grassroots Indigenous anti-poverty organiser from Kitchener with over a decades’ experience fighting for a better world and dropping show-stealing, eye-grabbing, message-blasting banners.
    Let’s talk about Points of intervention. This training provides you with strategies for intervening at crucial leverage points within the system. Whether it’s a rally, an occupation, a walk-out, or a strike, knowing this information can help you effectively achieve your campaign goals. Presented by your CSA Commissioners and the Pay More Get Less campaign at the University of Guelph. www.guelphstudents.org
    Ever since thousands of activists swarmed city squares from Wall Street to Cairo “Occupy” has been seen as a movement rather than the highly effective and disruptive tactic that it is. There is a deep history of grassroots movements all over the world using this tactic in their struggles against the rich and powerful.. and winning. Come learn the basics of organising an occupation! How do you hold space and defend it effectively? How do you time it for maximum disruption? Keeping it a secret vs. mass callout? What tools can be helpful for holding the space after the police arrive? What are different roles people can take on to support the action? Etc. Presented by a highly experienced occupier and organiser with the Rising Tide Network. www.risingtidenorthamerica.org

    6PM Dinner Break

    MIKE PALECEK, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
    MINA RAMOS, End Immigration Detention Network, Fuerza Puwersa
    JOHN CLARKE, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
    SAKURA SAUNDERS, Environmental Justice Organizer
    MOHAMMAD AKBAR, Former VP University of Windsor Student Union
    SAMIRA SAYED RAHMAN, Afghans United for Justice
    Facilitated by SARAH SCANLON and MANDY HISCOCKS, OPIRG-Guelph

    Food and childcare provided – wheelchair and scooter accessible.
    Travel support is available for grassroots anti-poverty, indigenous, migrant justice, and black and racialized groups and organisers.
    email [email protected]ail.com or call 647-989-7468 for more information


    Did you pay attention to the names I highlighted in red ?


    Mandy Hiscocks is a convicted G20 urban terrorist who was sent to prison for her crimes. To this day, she remains unrepentant .




    Another speaker, one who needs no introduction is Sakura Saunders . Sakura is a well known eco terrorist who love wearing disguises to go into corporate office and video the executives . She did exactly that back in about December of 2013



    Sakura Saunders. Activists from across Canada, representing a myriad of social movements, are coming together at the University of Ottawa campus this weekend for the Peoples’ Social Forum. Marie-Danielle Smith/Ottawa Citizen, for 0821 forum
    Sakura Saunders. Activists from across Canada, representing a myriad of social movements, are coming together at the University of Ottawa campus this weekend for the Peoples’ Social Forum. Marie-Danielle Smith/Ottawa Citizen, for 0821 forum


    Of course no organizing meeting is complete with out Canada’s most  notorious and dangerous profession riot organizer, OCAP’s John Clarke. He is a highly dangerous urban terrorist and if there was a riot in this city over the past 25 years, he was behind them .He imports riotors from Quebec as what took place during the G20 and the queens park riots, But as big a mouth as he has to incite riots,  He will usually y watch them from the comfort of his living room. This time, lets all help make his viewing pleasure and experience he will never forget ….. from inside a prison cell .




    Now we need to look at who is organizing this event. Darius Mirshahi is the husband of Sakura Saunders. He was arrested but charges where dropped against him during the G20 But make no mistake, they dont come much more radical than him .




    This event will no doubt have in attendance many of the most hard core of the anarchists , who’s IQ level is considerably smaller that even the smallest pebble they may throw .



    Be prepared, these people want to create mayhem and destruction and the Pan Am games and the Pan Am summit on July 08 is a tailor made event just for them.

  • Coming to a riot near you

    Meow everyone. yes, it has been a while since you saw new material here and I blame space aliens . OK. space aliens actually had nothing to do with that, but I would really appreciate it if someone can please  commence work on the creation of a 72 hour day .


    This year, as well know by  now, and in fact, coming very soon, are the Pan Am games. Our usual bunch of malcontents  have been busy planning against these games, but they are simply not tell all. However, one needs to look only as far back as the 2010 G20 here in Toronto to see what took place, and who organized the mayhem and destruction . Here is a sad reminder :


    G20 riot






    This almost five  years to the day of the following event :




    In part, lets have a look at what is in store for us :




    ”  … We will be there to give them a different sort of ‘welcome.’ … ”


    ” … These villains gather in Toronto in less than five weeks – so we need to move quickly! We must spread the word and get organized. … ”


    So far, we can see that they have selected a target / target group of people they want to confront .


    THE PLAN :   ( people, i really cant make this stuff up )


    ”  … THE PLAN: While we are busy working late, capitalism parties early. So wake up with the sun and join us at 6:30am at Berczy park (Front and Church). Together, we will swarm the Royal York Hotel, and disrupt those entering the Pan Am Climate and Economic Summits. They will know that while they plot the destruction of our planet and our people, we challenge them at every turn, here and across the planet.  …


    OK , this does not require a degree in brain surgury to understand this. They bare looking to get violent right from the start   But wait, there is yet more .


    ” … As the sun rises further, we will reassemble and surge up Bay Street. Like a swarm of birds, joined in our struggle and united in our rage, we will confront the financial and corporate headquarters of Canada in their shiny glass buildings as they open for business. As the super-rich and their pawns that sit on Bay Street stroll into work, we will rattle their doors, shake their spirit, and overwhelm them with our songs. We will continue to Toronto City Hall for free breakfast and end by 9:30am.  … ”


    Allow be to graphically translate this for you : 




    ” … Because we are against capitalism, colonialism and the climate crisis
    Because we demand freedom to move, return and stay.
    Because we want decent housing, an end to poverty and poor bashing, and racist police brutality.
    Because we want an end to destructive mining and fossil fuel extraction.
    Because we oppose wars, and the national security state.
    Because we have a responsibility to people around the world struggling for justice against those who are participating in the economic and climate summits in Toronto. … ”


    Well , there you have it, they hate the fact that most of have decent jobs to go to , jobs they cant get because they would never pass the criminal back ground checks , so, rather then try and do something useful  with their lives, they would rather throw another temper tantrum on us.


    They want to go to city hall , take on the super rich and all the usual crap they spew .


    ” … As the sun rises further, we will reassemble and surge up Bay Street. Like a swarm of birds, joined in our struggle and united in our rage, we will confront the financial and corporate headquarters of Canada in their shiny glass buildings as they open for business. As the super-rich and their pawns that sit on Bay Street stroll into work, we will rattle their doors, shake their spirit, and overwhelm them with our songs. We will continue to Toronto City Hall for free breakfast and end by 9:30am. … ”


    Dear Cops, this time, would it be a huge imposition  for me ask you  all to round these scum bags up before they can do anything, and arrest anyone and everyone who will be there to riot? These scum bags destroyed my city once, I dont want to see this happen again .



  • Protest against Bill C-51 …. except no one knew what they were really protesting.

    Meow everyone, Last Saturday, March 14, 2015 , about 2500 people converged upon Nathan Philips Square, ( Toronto City Hall )  to protest a new piece  of legislation that makes it easier for the government to deal with the growing and ongoing threat of terrorism . The fact if that anyone who thinks that we here in Canada are immune to this  is clearly living in either an alternate universe of has been pumped so full of the proverbial kool aid that all sense of reality has long escaped them.


    Many will or SHOULD remember in recent history of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ; English: Quebec Liberation Front)  which militantly supported the Quebec sovereignty movement. It was active between 1963 and 1970, and was regarded as a terrorist organization for its violent methods of action. Some of their better known acts of terrorism was the kidnapping of British Ambassador Jame Cross , as well, the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Pierre Laporte .


    More recently, in fact as of this writing, several terrorists are in n court awaiting a verdict in relation to a planned railway bombing they had planned to carry out. Not long ago, 18 terrorist were caught in Toronto who were planning to enact major acts of terrorism in and around Toronto and Canada. They are now, safely tucked away in a federal prison for a very long time. We have also own very own Omar Khadr ,  who was a taliban terrorist,  and is now serving a sentence in Canada for killing a US serviceman , a medic who was unarmed, treating another person.


    We had two very recent acts of terrorism in Canada, within the past few months, one where a terrorist killed a soldier on duty at the Canadian War Memorial and then made his way into our parliament building  before he was shot and killed by the Sgt. At Arms of the Legislature building. The Sgt. At Arms saved several lives that day as this terrorist was in fact firing his weapon inside the parliament building .


    No Canada is most certain  not immune to these nut cases so we need laws, and empower those we entrust to  enforce those laws to have the ability, unfettered, to protect this great country. For this reason, Bill C-51 was created . This new law while very broad on what is states , may not be perfect , no law is , however, we need to have a starting point to which we can draw from to either enact better laws, or, to amend existing laws .


    However, it appears that while there was a plethora of professional protesters present , to voice their opposition to this new law, it appears that most who attended, actually had NO IDEA what they were event protesting.  Here is a great example , with thanks and credit going to  ” The Rebel ” for the video showing clearly that people have no idea what they are protesting : 



    For those who wish to actually read what this legislation is really about, it  can be read here  .


    OK, so lets go back to the protest because it was filled with all the usual contradictions that exist when brainless idiots are allowed to congregate in one location with first proving that they have their anti psychosis meds. I am certain that had I taken the time to look around a little more, i would no doubt have spotted someone wearing either a tin foil suit , tin foil hat or one made of wire coat hangers. The stupid meter was working overtime on this day.


    This event was covered in detail by Blogwrath ,   and  Genuinewitty  .  Upon my arrival , I made my way on the main stage where the ” festivities : were going to take place . These ” festivities ” would be made up of a bunch of  people from the usual professional protest crowd making  the usual nauseating speeches riddled with misinformation, the usual yelling, screaming, equally nauseating chants , and of course, the obligatory march to some place to anger the citizens of Toronto who actually have real, meaningful lives. It did not take long for the professional protestor / organizers to show their true colors . They are predictable as they are stupid . Today, Occupy Toronto’s very own Kevin Konnyu thought he would try and make some sort of statement , not one, not twice, but three time. First he very deliberately and with some force, as if he wanted to try and send me some sort of ” message” tried to literally push me out of the way so he can can get the shot I already had. Once he discovered that that failed miserably , he scaled up his approach, summoning all of his two brain cells to work overtime , coming up from behind me  and yanking my back back thinking that it would be enough to actually move me. Kevin, however, clearly showed that he has spent more time protesting than in the classroom because his 150 pounds of brainless void space was no match for my 250 pounds . Kevin  if you have the cranial capacity to read this, here is todays lesson in physics ….. something of lessor mass  ( thats you ) given equal conditions, cannot move someone of greater mass ( thats me ) . It was clear that this malcontent was trying to provoke a physical confrontation but he should have also know, that I am far too disciplined  to fall into his  weak trap. So, for those want to seen this twit and what he looks like, here he is :


    konnyu 19


    The next incident of predictable twitery was enacted against my Friend Greg Renouf . Greg too arrived opun the main stage and was quickly approached by one of the organizers, who told him that he ( Greg ) has to leave the stage because Greg was hated by everyone there . So, first, a subtle threat against Greg. Then a bit later, one of the communists decided to throw a cup of coffee onto Gregs coat. OK, communists are predictably stupid to  begin with so Greg laughed it off . However, the underlying point here is that these protesters claimed to be opposed to violence from the ” state ” yet at the first opportunity they have, they seek out way to enact violence. Well, never let it be said that  brains and reasoning was a requirement to become a professional protester.


    Soon after the official start time, the speeches were to come. There was a plethora of idiots ready to regale us with their sheer stupidity but this protest seemed to be more of ” who can out stupid each other ” . It was a tight race. In no specific order , there  was Andrew Cash , Not sure exactly what he was blubbering about but one thing I do know for sure, he is a better singer than he is a politician. Andrew Cash was originally in a local punk rock  band . Cash began his career in the Toronto punk band L’Étranger. In my opinion, he should have remained  there .  Andy, baby, if you do read this, here is a word of friendly advice  … get back into the music biz because as a politician, you are a laughing stock …. albeit one with a great voice.


    andrew cash


    As the day wore  so to did the intensity on the impending headache . No, I was coming down with a flu, I was about to be subjected to the shrill and total idiocy of Pam ” fake tan ” Palmater .  Palmater is touted as being a lawyer and a Phd. . However, hearing her speak, you would think she may have a missed a few classes, particularly classes in the presentation of facts ( she had none to offer ). She may have a Phd. but I was not aware that one can get one for kool aid consumption. I can only hope that while she may be a professor at Ryerson University, for her students sake, i hope she absent to the point that a real professor is teaching these kids, because if it’s Palmater, these students are in serious trouble.


    pam palmater


    Other notable squeakers , errr, I mean speakers were the likes of Slippery Sid Ryan. We know that whenever he shows up, the intelligence level of the crowd  could not possibly be more than at best , single digit IQ’s .


    Another person who showed was leader of the green  party, Elizabeth May . I wonder if she went green and walked here or, did she do like all the hypocrite professional protesters, and flew here .  I can only imagine the green house gasses expelled to get her here . Once again, proof of the contradiction these people are.


    Lastly , what protest would be complete without the sheer idiocy of Judy Rebbick . Yes, sadly, I was far too close to her and as a result, had to dispose of my clothing in a safe manner. Rebbick did her best to remind us of what she claims to have done ” back in her day ” . Hey, Auntie Judy, back in the day, we had respect for  law, authority  and our country. Those are the things she is against , but on  this day, she thought that the added flavor of the month, race baiting would make for great protesting. :


    I don’t know why I keep hoping she shows up. Must be my sense of duty to my country …  I sacrifice myself by standing so close to her, so you don’t have to . Judy, you looked and sounded  a bit stoned this day.


    After about an hour of torture  , we went marching. Off we went to the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service  ( CSIS ) . The communists, the anarchists, the protesters, they all came, knowing not what they were protesting, but hey, it was a nice walk. No protest these days would be complete without some twit wanting to blockade an intersection . I know if I was mayor, I would immediately cave in to the demands of these people so that they don’t blockade….. NOT.  As well, no trendy protest would be legit unless a bunch of  ” indian for a day ” people demanded to lead the protest, claiming that this was their land . Wow, I never met someone who owns an entire city before. I really don’t want to break to them the bad news, the news  that the VIKINGS were here long before the indians, for they ( at least not this bunch )  are not yet ready for facts , not yet anyway .


    So as another UNION organized event was closing , the assembled were still oblivious as to what they were protesting about. Yes, I said UNION organized event, because the OFL was calling the shots on this protest. This explains that low brow content , and answers people gave when asked direct questions.


    I too was asked where I stood on this issue. While like everyone else there, I have not read the legislation so I cannot comment to its contents. However, I can comment of what is already in place, in place prior to this new law.  I fully support the use of security certificates to hold suspected terrorists indefinitely, and without any trial. These certificates help unsure that terrorists are locked up and unable to communicate with each other , or, greatly restrict their movements if they are not locked up. I fully support secret trial of terrorists. If anyone has even seen the movie called TELEFON, its was premised around the idea that a terrorist cell can be activated by using simple communication tools and special code words that are brainwashed into a sleeper, only to be activated once the code word or words are spoken. This is not fiction, this is REAL. So, for that reason alone, secret trial are not known to the public, and greatly lessening the chances of sleeper agents being activated. Secret trial also ensure the safety of operative who may be still be deep under cover . I do NOT support civilian oversight into intelligence organizations because simply put, the general public has no idea as to what the fine lines   these agencies need to work under and around. Let me be blunt . National security is not something that can be over seen buy just anyone . It needs to be overseen by people who are fully aware of exactly what is going on , why its going , and what the purpose of an operation  is.


    While this law may not be perfect, what law really is , I think that  the time has come to have a powerful set of laws in place to deal with  what ever we may face in the future. Is someone going to listen to my conversations on my blackberry ? Is someone going to read my email ? People, wake up , this is already taking place ….. with the correct  steps in place to ensure its not abused. Programs such as Carnivore, later renamed DCS1000, was a system implemented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was designed to monitor email and electronic communications. It used a customizable packet sniffer that can monitor all of a target user’s Internet traffic. Carnivore was implemented in October 1997. By 2005 it had been replaced with improved commercial software such as NarusInsight


    ECHELON, originally a code-name, is now used in global media and in popular culture to describe a signals intelligence collection and analysis network operated on behalf of the five signatory nations to the UKUSA Security AgreementAustralia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Referred to by a number of other abbreviations, including AUSCANNZUKUS  and Five Eyes, it has also been described as the only software system which controls the download and dissemination of the intercept of commercial satellite trunk communications. It was created in the early 1960s to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War, and was formally established in the year of 1971.


    We live a vastly different world today than even 15 years ago. 9-1-1 changed the game as well as the rules . We MUST do everything possible to minimize the terrorist activities and we must do everything possible to gain the upper hand against these terrorists , BEFORE they have a chance to strike . The doing for international terrorist we all know already, as well as to domestic one such as the  so called ” environmental groups  ”  who’s sole agenda is to disrupt the Canadian Economy .


  • Do as I say, not as I do …. The REAL truth behind the Occupy Toronto so called Safe Space policy

    Meow, everyone, most you know by now what I thought of the entire Occupy Movement and in particular, Occupy Toronto. I have indicated many time that this was nothing more than a scam, a union ploy to create havoc in the  city and, all in all, a movement filled with deranged idiots who were as phoney as a Mona Lisa reproduction . They made grandiose promises, made claims so far from reality, its a wonder they could keep a straight face .


    One such claim was that Occupy Toronto, was a safe space, meaning that so called marginalized people, WOMEN were to be safe there and their leaders were the ones to set this example. Well, obviously, nothing was farther from the truth, however, if we were to listen to THEIR spin, they were indeed practicing what they preached . NOT SO FAST .


    One of the leaders of Occupy Toronto was a guy named Travis George Furge. He was a guy who was closely connected to the hippie and street person contingent . Like his showerless friends,  he spent much of his time smoking dope and other drugs at the park and  once the park was finally evicted , he simply moved to a well known drug park in the Kensington market area, Bellevue Square, also known as Bellevue Park. This is the very same park where well know known and highly respected blogger http://www.genuinewitty.com was viciously and violently assaulted by highly dangerous anarchists who where bent on trying to silence him. The anarchists were key players in the Occupy  Toronto camp and played key roles in all aspects of the park, including the creation of this so called safe space policy. Well, just the thought of violent anarchists being part of the creation of a safe space policy is in of itself laughable and  something that I could not thing of as being a greater contradiction. Anarchists are all about violence .


    Well, it appeared that safe space policies applied only to the assembled minions who were looking for answers , looking for a place to fit in , or just looking. The leaders of course had no intention of  adhearing to this safe space policy , as this would severly cut into their power and ability to control the masses. Control was everything to these leaders and any deviation was unacceptable and those who asked questions when things didn’t add up were publicly outed as ” potential trouble makers ” .


    So , were am I going with this ? Well, , here is clear and out right proof that these occupy leaders were anything but peaceful, anything but wanting a safe space for women. It was all ” do as I say, not as I do and dont question me ” . Well, it give me great pleasure to announce that a vicious, violent sex offender who preyed upon women, drugged them and sexually assaulted them,  is doing to be spending some time in crow bar hotel . Great work and huge thank you to Toronto Police Service for taking this piece  of crap off our streets .



    Here he is at Occupy Toronto as well as the Student protests :


    travis george furge  (1)


    travis george furge  (2)


    travis george furge  (4)


    travis george furge  (5)


    travis george furge  (6)


    travis george furge  (8)


    News Release header

    Man arrested in historic Sexual Assault investigation,
    Travis George Furge, 37,
    Police believe there may be other victims

    Broadcast time: 06:58
    Wednesday, January 21, 2015

    12 Division

    The Toronto Police Service would like make the public aware of an arrest in a Sexual Assault investigation.

    On Sunday, January 18, 2015, at approximately 4 p.m., police responded to a call for a historic sexual assault, in October 2013, in the 1011 Lansdowne Avenue area.

    It is alleged that:

    – a girl, 17, met a man in a park at Bellevue Square

    – she went with him, back to his apartment, at 1011 Lansdowne Avenue

    – she was supplied with a quantity of the narcotic Ketamine

    – she fell asleep

    – while she slept, she was sexually assaulted

    On Monday, January 19, 2015, Travis George Furge, 37, of Toronto, was arrested. He was charged with:

    1) Sexual Assault

    He appeared in court at 2201 Finch Avenue West on Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 10 a.m., room 206.

    He is known to frequent Bellevue Square.

    Police believe there may be other victims.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-1200, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook. Download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World.

    A sexual assault is any form of unwanted sexual contact. It includes, but is not limited to, kissing, grabbing, oral sex and penetration. To learn more about sexual assault, including how to report a sexual assault, please visit our Sex Crimes website.

    For more news, visit TPSnews.ca.

    Constable David Hopkinson, Corporate Communications, for Detective Ann-Marie Tupling, 12 Division

    Man arrested in historic Sexual Assault investigation,
    Travis George Furge, 37,
    Police believe there may be other victims

    Travis George Furge, 37, charged in Sexual Assault investigation. Police believe there may be more victims
    Above: Travis George Furge, 37, charged in Sexual Assault investigation. Police believe there may be more victims

  • Missing in action or running from the law ? Could this be the demise of Sakura Saunders

    Meow everyone. Most of my readers will be very familiar with one of this cities most notorious professional protesters and promoters of violent protests, Sakura Saunders . Among her many projects, she is best known for her seemingly obsessive desire to confront Barrick Gold , the worlds largest gold mining corporation, at every turn . She has been a thorn in their side for years, and while she does have a right to protest, her protests against this company  have been riddled with fabricated accusation, lies, misdirection and of course the usual misinformation that she and other professional protesters are well known for . Sakura’s interest in reporting the facts about this corporation are about the same as my interest in contracting bubonic plague .


    We start this story back in 2007 when Sakura Saunders and her cohort in crime, Natalie Lowery protested the Barrick Gold anual general meeting held each year  at the Metro Convention Center . Back then, it was really a non event with only her and perhaps a few other malcontents showing up while they were killing time , waiting to see their parole officers . Yes, these professional protesters don’t have jobs like you and I so hence, they have time to protest anything and everything. Ok, really, who would hire them anyway? Sakura , being the loud mouths ego filled little l spoiled brat that she is,  had to show that she was the ” oh look at me , I’m  the poor innocent little victim here  as she was arrested after being warned to leave private property . Here is the glorious video of her arrest and the  spectacular ass she made of herself for the cameras :





    As you can see, the writing on the wall started way back then . Don’t worry if you don’t know what I am referring to as yet, you will soon enough. Over the years , her little hatefest of Barrick Gold only intensified and sadly, drew into it others who would rather follow a hardened criminal as opposed to actually  research  what this company really does . Remember, professional protesters need not have facts to work with, so long as they have their own twisted opinions to draw upon . Sakura in particular, has gone to some great lengths to intimidate this corporation , even going so far as to wear disguises , making her way up to their corporate offices and videoing them while inside. She has been banned from a variety of buildings in downtown Toronto  for long history of criminal harassment .


    For those who need to be reminded of the appearance of this criminal, here she is :

     To see images in full size, simply click onto them





    As the years went on, Sakura Saunders meet a person of equal contempt for the law  and another criminal my readers are , or should be very familiar with , ” Dog Catcher ” Darius Mirshahi. Darius is another professional protester who has the intelligence of a rusted spoon . I suspect his criminal record has more pages on it that he has fingers , but certainly out number the functional brain cells he has. Here he is :



    Darius, when not committing crimes is busy hob knobing the globe ( by the way, like Sakura, he too, is too stupid to have a real job ) He claims to be a rap artist but one listen to his ” music ” , and one suddenly gets the desire to vomit , and I am  being polite. Well, one day, these two met, and before long, they got married…..or did they ?


    There is certainly evidence that supports the fact they are married as seen here :


    Married to your beliefs

    Getting married isn’t the obvious next step it once was. Last year Statistics Canada decided to stop tracking marriage and divorce rates, partially due to funding, but also due to the changing nature of relationships. While marriage continues to play a defining role in economic planning of both society and the individual, it’s becoming much less necessary for public and legal declaration of the joining of two people. Today, many couples are taking the time to decide whether the step is even necessary.
    “To me the whole thing was to have the family one spot to meet each other and acknowledge that it is a permanent situation,” says Brenda Kerber who married her partner of over five years at the age of the 36. Kerber represents a growing trend in Canada where people are getting married later in life. In 2000 the average age of women getting married was 31.7 as opposed to 25.9 in 1980. Couples are treating the decision to get married as more of a capstone after careers and economic priorities are set. Franki Harrogate had never set marriage as a priority in life, but realized that her partner was someone she could accomplish her goals with. “If it wasn’t him, it wouldn’t have been anyone,” says Harrogate.

    The decision to get married is one couples are coming to later, but the decision is still rooted in the desire to publicly declare the joining of two lives and share in that celebration with family. “We wanted to have a public ceremony because we thought that it was a great opportunity to bring our communities together for a really wonderful occasion,” says Sakura Saunders. “It was as much about them as it was about us.”

    Saunders married her partner in Toronto this past summer. As environmentalists and anarchists, the wedding was designed to not only be a celebration of the couple’s love, but also of the political beliefs that existed within their relationship.

    The wedding took place in a public park with a critical mass bike ride to the wedding dinner that had been postered with radical messages of love and silk screened red anarchy hearts. “Having these highly visible messages made our wedding a demonstration promoting anarchy, which is just as much about dismantling state and corporate power as it is about mutual aid and love,” says Saunders. “It was also an opportunity to expose our family to a bit of rebellion and get them to engage with us in these liberating actions.”

    Saunders’ wedding is just one example of how couples can challenge the traditional Western white wedding to more accurately reflect the political beliefs upon which a relationship is founded. The idea of giving a bride away, as property, can be a rather alarming thought these days. Religious tradition has created the giving away of the bride to mean the father has cared for his daughter and that responsibility is now transferred to the husband. Some families today see this tradition to mean the bride’s family approves of the groom, but its traditional roots, and the exclusion of one parent or the other can cause problems and troubling throwbacks for any feminist. 

    “We emphasized quite strongly the ideas of partnership and used words like spouse rather than man and wife,” says Harrogate who danced jointly down the aisle with her partner. “Our hands would support each other, clasped in partnership in our life together. No one person would be leading the other.”

    Kerber and her partner decided to each walk down the aisle with a parent.

    “The concept of giving the bride is repulsive to me,” says Kerber. “There was no way I was going to do it. At 36 years old I’m no one’s property.”

    But Kerber didn’t want to hurt her father’s feelings and so came up with the idea to have her father walk her down the aisle and her partner’s mother walk him. “Equality was a big aspect for our wedding. We wrote the same vows. We were agreeing to the same thing and pledging the same thing,” says Kerber.

    The way the ceremony and reception look can also reflect the political belief that weddings shouldn’t be consumerist affairs that can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Saunders and her partner bought wooden wedding rings instead of buying into the gold and diamond industry that violates human rights, expropriates indigenous lands and causes environmental devastation. And the couple integrated an alternative gift registry where, instead of buying presents, guests could volunteer to help with different aspects of the wedding.

    Legally there are very few requirements that need to be included for the marriage to be official. To get married in Alberta, both parties must publicly state: “I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, (name) may not be joined in matrimony to (name); I call upon those persons present to witness that I, (name), do take thee, (name) to be my lawful wedded wife/husband/spouse.” The statement must be made in front of a marriage commissioner—civil or religious—and two witnesses. Of course you must be of legal age, a citizen and not intend to marry your cousin (that’s a legal requirement) but outside of those rules, your public declaration of love can look however you’d like, and reflect whatever political beliefs are important to you as a couple.


    Digging  deeper, I found wedding picture of  this wedding as seen below :


    185273_10150769282680151_7953905_n 185293_10150769282145151_6336567_n 185323_10150769282390151_3588902_n 185408_10150769282270151_6550886_n 185413_10150769284430151_1056666_n 185418_10150769283575151_7150749_n 205964_10150769282970151_6874629_n 223779_10150769284685151_7853148_n 228799_10150769284845151_4832410_n 262824_10150769283400151_1672350_n 262969_10150769283195151_3283759_n 292775_10150250687961082_8057217_n  294459_10150769283790151_2558217_n 294939_10150769285015151_3112794_n angela bishoff petra hanzlik taylor chelsae forground


    As you can see from these images, this event was the who who of the professional protester / criminal crowd .


    Sakura and Darius were the two key figures who organized a recent activist assembly  / conference in Ottawa . However, shortly after, a rather ominous message was sent by Sakura as seen here :


    sakura 2

    On its own, and to the uninitiated, it may not mean much. However, Sakura, as with all of these  so called ” activists ” , their ego’s and the need to try and generate sympathy when they screw up is too great an opportunity for them to pass up . So, one simply has to be patient and the truth will usually come to those looking for it . Case in  point. It appears that our favorite criminal, faketivist and ,professional protester and useless individual has been forced to leave  Canada :


    sakura had to leave


    However, people always looking for new scams and places to hide for a while, to let things cool off a bit. Could Mexico be that cooling off place for them :


    heading to mexico


    Remember, the Pan Am games are coming , and approaching fast . Sakura Saunders will at some point want to return back to Toronto. Also, she will want to be here again to protest here pet project, the Barrick Gold annual general meeting held every April or early may in Toronto.  This is a tayler made opportunity  for law enforcement to strike a strong, and very hard, decisive blow early against these professional protesters , as Sakura Saunders is their star, their queen so to speak. By denying her re-entry into Canada, it would be a huge demoralizer to the rest of these neanderthals and would certainly contribute to a far more peaceful year, especially for 2015. Sakura Saunders is GONE, at least for now, lets take steps to keep her out for GOOD .