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  • Canadian Government Pays convicted, confessed , murdering , international terrorist to stay here

    Meow everyone . Yes, I am a really ,  REALLY pissed off kitty today .


    Today , July 04, 2017 and Day on Independence for our American brothers and sisters , I learned that a Canadian international terrorist, one who confessed to murdering a US medic on duty , while he was treating  another soldier , was awarded $10,000,000.00 by the Canadian Government . This fucking piece of shit scum bag , Omar Khadr comes from a long line of terrorists. His family are all full supporters of the dead leader of Al quida , Osama Bin laden …. they said as much in a CBC interview some years ago. Omar, who some claim was a child soldier was anything but. He went to fight with the terrorist organization of his own free will , willingly . In fact , according to their official pedophile and terrorist training manual , their qoran   he was clearly old enough to make his own decisions. So , for those who claim he was a child soldier  , BULLSHIT . All you are doing is using some  bullshit excuse  while totally ignoring any facts . In fact , even further , good ol’ Omar was found, on video making home made bombs to be used against soldiers .


    Khadr was caught, and brought to trial . He received a very light sentence of 40 years in an American Prison . I say light,  because for what he did , he could ,and should have been shot by a  firing squad .  He was later transferred to a Canadian resort , errr , i mean jail , where some clearly mentally incapacitated judge let him out on bail . Oh ya, the  guy he killed is still , well , DEAD . Did I mention that he also severely injured another soldier while he was on duty as well ?


    A Canadian soldier who gets injured receives a MAXIMUM of $360,000.00 . We lost over 150 of our best and finest soldiers . While our best get killed or injured and have to beg and grovel for compensation and benefits, Khadr, the confess , convicted , murdering international terrorist is not only walking free among us , he now gets a fucking apology from our government … and nice big fat check for ten million dollars . 



    Omar Khadr is a piece of shit terrorist  its about time we treated terrorists as terrorists , and not oppressed ” victims .You read more about this insult to Canadians here .


    AS I wrote this yesterday, I was so angry about this , that I felt I had to do something, however symbolic, to make my stand against this travesty. I decided that I had to engage in a silent , peaceful protest against the grave injustice that the leader of my country just engaged in . I pondered for a while what was going to best way i can raise my voice. I decided to take my protest to a federal facility as , a federal location would seem fitting .. but where . 


    The federal building on St Clair Ave. was appealing an din the running for serious consideration. I decided against that location. The next place I considered was a military recruitment center on Yonge Street north of Shepard ave. This is the every same place that I first made my decision to join our military , but sadly, this was also a location where recently, a knife wielding terrorist decided to stab several of our service members . All of them did recover. 


    My final choice and place where I would eventually take my protest was the HQ of CBC, on Front Street . I decided that this was going to be my location because it was the CBC that actually  gave air time to this terrorist family  , allowing them to go on a satanic rant about they fully supported Bin Laden and his terrorist organization.


    I have attended hundreds of protests over the years as a photographer , but this was the first time where i myself was the protestor .  To make sure that there would be no issues I contacted Toronto Police to let them know of my plans, intentions , and timetable . In other words, it was my intention to be fully cooperative with law enforcement , while lawfully exercising my rights to free speech and expression … while we still have them . The reply I received was in full support of my protest . THANK YOU .


    I decided to NOT advertise this publicly , indeed only two or three people knew about it , and I wanted it kept quiet . I did NOT want a crowd, did NOT  media coverage … just me,a simple sign and a symbolic presence to show that we as Canadians are watching .  … and Mr Trudeau ,  when election time comes around, let me assure you , our voices will be a lot louder than I was today . This decision , as well as many other highly questionable , and possible treasonous acts of your will brought to the forefront , to remind Canadians of how you sold our great country out  for YOUR OWN personal gain and need for power.