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  • Behold … the antifa training manual

    Meow everyone . I present you with the antifa training manual :


  • Urban terrorists have started doing recon for 2018 G7 … part 2

    Meow everyone, Before you continue to read this entry, I need to refer you back to this story I broke here about the first rumblings of domestic terrorists planning to riot against the upcoming G7 in Quebec in 2018 . I names names  and added their own photographs they were kind enough to supply . 


    Well , it appears that I get to update this story, as these same morons are clearly doing work now to engage in maximum disruptions . Here , Jaggi Singh is reminding his ilk that this summit is coming up and to stat planning :


    Next, in the image as shown, we see Jaggi now referencing the most recent G20 summit in Germany as a guide to what should take place in Quebec :



    The next image is one we saw in the previous article I posted , but now, pay attention to the comment in the side bar … now explaining what is expecting to take place there …. in other words, pointing a potential target for attack :





    The following image is what will be the make or break point of the security of this entire event .



    The most hard core of these urban terrorists will try and exploit this section here, because it is a cliff and to someone not familiar with these people, they would not know that these urban terrorists  have teams of people specifically trained to traverse exactly this type of setting to infiltrate a target. The Rukus society and Green pace specifically train their terrorists for exactly THESE types of terrains . Police and security force had better keep areas like this under very tight control .


    The state of New Jersey has declared antifa a domestic terrorist organization. This affords  for the Dept of Justice a wide ranging , wide sweeping set of powers  now that this is a terrorist designated organization . To Canadian law enforcement and security services : YOU now have some real power to  force our own government to make a similar declaration on these same terrorists . By giving then terrorist designation, you can then, have a very wide set of sweeping powers as well to STOP THEM BEFORE they carry out their plans . You already KNOW who the main players are going to be , I showed you who they are ….. with many others who will play behind the front lines . HOWEVER, if you take out the leadership NOW, you disorganize and decimate antifa NOW so they are left struggling , and not planning. You KNOW antifa will be a very major player at the G7 in Quebec … unless you act NOW, act swiftly and act decisively . 

  • Where has Syed Hussan gone to ?

    Meow everyone, It appears that one of our most notable and scummiest of domestic terrorists , from Toronto , has left town.. at least for a short time . But where, oH where might he have gone ? We already know who he is : 


     He has , in the past, encouraged people to commit serious crimes :





    He recently posted that he was leaving Canada for a period of time as seen here :



    Later, he replied to a post about the upcoming G7 which will be held in Quebec in 2018 :



    Now, we have a post from him telling us where he went to . Not just any vacation spot , Nope. He went to one of the worlds greatest terrorist hot spots :


    Yes, he did go to Pakistan . Yes, it is true that that is where he is from. However, think about the timing so a moment. The G7 is next year, he leaves Canada to go to a place that is an international hot bed of terrorist activity and training . This is much more than random chance . So, for those of you who still need a reminder of how dangerous this urban terrorist is , here he is, with his friends and co criminals as they plotted to destroy Toronto for the 2010 G20 : 



    It is not a stretch, given Hussan’s history and predilection for violence and anarchy,  to postulate that he went to Pakistan , now , an international hot bed for the most violent form of terrorism, to train in terrorist activities. These anarchists have already suggested that they want to disrupt the G7 summit , some even having taken a scouting trip already.  It is my hope that upon seeing this , if indeed Canada Boarder services does read this , they he will be denied re-entry into Canada since he only a PR card holder and NOT a citizen. 

  • Domestic terrorists planning against G7 in Quebec , in 2018

    Meow everyone. When I started this blog some years ago, part of the reason was to expose things that did not ad up for me during the 2010 G20 here in Toronto . It didnt take long to figure out what took place and by whom. At that time, I was just a simply  photographer taking images, but this quickly lead to my desire to uncover the facts and truth behind these riots we all saw live in TV . Many years have gone by since then and I have since been hyper focused on exposing these thugs who are domestic terrorists , wanting to destroy this great country we live in .


    The anarchists have taken up a number of ” causes ” over the years , and have recently re-branded themselves as antifa. They are of course still the same bunch of idiots who want to smash any one and everything in their path they decide to disagree with. So, with the very recent announcement that the G7 summit will be held right here in Canada in 2018 is taylor made for these thugs . They can run away from home  for a few days, smash  a few things and be home in time for the curfews and calls from their parole officers . Well, over the years , I too have learned a thing or two , one of them being to keep a close eye on them and watch for even the most subtle signs of their impending activity .


    Kevin Metcalf is an anarchist reporter I have covered in the past . His latest claim to ” fame ” is an alleged assault he claims took place against him a few weeks at an antifa protest . Yes, he was indeed chest bumped , but forgets to tell you the part where he was actually the guy who was the architect  his own attack , for sensationalism .



    With  his anarchist loyalties, it  should, then,  come as no surprise that he he set the wheels in motion here in Toronto to start organizing and planning against the G7 for next year .





    Two of those who commented are Darryl Richardson, a Toronto based anarchist :




    The second guy of interest who commented is Jaggie Singh:



    Jaggi is they gut holding the red mega phone . Jaggie is a Montreal based anarchist who will , without hesitation , smash and destroy anything he can for his ” cause ” . He was recently in Toronto to observe an antifa riot here .


    Montreal has other very key anarchists that will without question, be involved against this G7 . Let me introduce you to them now .

    Arron Lakof .. aka Arron Maiden

    Brandon Grey … aka: Brandon Gamble .. aka : Brandon Gambleu

    Katie Nelson


    Robyn Maynard

    Richard St Pierre

    jivian ( jean )  blais mathieu

    Patrick Cadorette ( far left )


    This image below directly connects many of the above depicted terrorists


    There is a Toronto connect as well beyond the  people I named above .



    The above image shows the people who were directly involved in organizing and planning the G20 smashfest here inn Toronto. Sadly, the courts dropped the charges against some of these scum bags. However, one key person , from this list , recently made a rather cryptic massage on his face book profile . I am referring to Alex Hundert  .


    Now, in fairness , this message is NOT saying that he is heading to Montreal to organize the G7 riots, However, Jaggi Singh is one of his best and closest friends , so it would be a HUGE mistake to think that Alex is out of the picture .



    Another very interesting, development came as a result of Alex’s brother Jonah . Johan has gone on record as looking for a personal in jury lawyer , as a result of him allegedly getting assaulted by a bouncer in Montreal Bar recently .



    As I  said , the Hundert connection is nothing more then speculation at this point , however,  it cannot , and should be discounted  or dismissed. 


    Lastly , I do not want you to forget about Syed Hussan . This is one dangerous person and will NO DOUBT in  my mind be directly involved in planning and possibly even personally, directly  carrying out attacks against the G7 summit . 



    The planning stages against the G7 are still in its infancy but security services NEED to start NOW to get information NOW about these people and what their plans are / will be . Radical student unions, are one of the best places as these places are open open and meeting are announced more publicly .  Communist organizations and anarchist groups are the obvious places to look at , however, if organizations are to infiltrate these places, certain things need to be kept in  mind . If security service sits back and takes little action , THIS is what we WILL see more of .  I will discuss these in another article at a later date . Stay tuned for part two here