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  • Freedom of speech, freedom of expression …. its disappearing in front of us , and we are willingly allowing this to happen

    Meow everyone. We here in Canada , as in most of the civilized world , civilized meaning a democracy based system  of governance, have many rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press  and so forth. Included in those freedoms is the right, or freedom to express ones political beliefs and even to openly oppose a democratic system . If anyone has ever been to a protest, you will always see communists , socialists, maoists  and so forth. The three i just mentioned  are about as far from the promotion of free speech as one can get. I am not going to get into the individual politics here of each of these , however, they are all predicated on the destruction of a civil and free society .


    Freedom of the press is a rather unique one , because , media is ever evolving  and inventing itself . We are used to the traditional forms of media such as news papers ad TV networks to deliver our daily news , and we have the expectation that the news being delivered is accurate and fair . NOTHING is farther from the truth . In fact, I postulate that media, and in particular, main stream media , are the very first one to not only deny free speech and freedom of expression  , they outright lie and mislead us with what is nothing more that sugar coated propaganda . Many years ago, the CBC actually sent their on air news casters to ” finishing school ” , to give them British accents , in the belief that the general public was  more trusting of a person with a British accent , therefore, the news that he delivered must be true and accurate.


    Our newspapers  and television  today are of course nothing more that public relations firms for governments  and the ruling political parties. These agencies spew out a bunch of useless information intermixed with  political propaganda , day after day,  to their unsuspecting  , and frankly, not very bright audience . They do this either by telling you  something that is an outright lie , but mostly, they tell you , in different words, what the political parties want you to know, and regurgitate . Lastly, the  main stream media will tell you only ONE SIDE of the story , deliberately omitting any other points of view or  facts that disagree with the official party line . Remember, these political  parties that control these media outlets want to remain in power , and facts or opposing views are a fast track to losing that power.


    The Toronto star is a great example of how they as media , controlled the  story around black lives matter Toronto . They gave THEM a voice while those who opposed the movement where quickly called racists. They even gave Desmond Cole his own editorial piece biweekly  , where he was allowed to openly spew his race hatred , anti police garbage and incite a race war . The readers have finally had enough of his bullshit and so he was fired , but not before the damage was done.


    Black live matter Toronto was the Stars little baby spoiled brat charity project  i suppose but if we look closely at that ( bowel ) movement , we see clearly that again, free speech and freedom of expression  was not only the last thing on their mind, it was indeed made clear that it was UNWELCOME . Here, in the words of one of their head organizers , Rodney the Racist Diverlus, he outright states that he is not interested in hearing from bot sides :


    But Rodney, I thought you advocated for equality….


    As you see in the above screen shot, Racist Rodney also advocates for segregation . Clearly, no space here for freedom of speech and freedom of expression . 


    Social media was supposed to be this great equalizer . It was supposed to be there to allow the common person to report news, express opinions, agree , disagree , even get into heated debates. Well, once big corporations get involved, you knew it was just going to be a matter of time before that too was to come to an end .  It turned out that social media is just as guilty as the rest of main stream media to censoring free speech …… but it is going this selectively , and clearly to its own agenda.


    Several weeks ago, I was thrown into facebook jail  for this exact comment :


    I stated a clear fact , as shown in the comment which was removed, and my subsequent time in facebook jail . Here, the fact was that some of these so called ” refugees ” that were allowed into Canada are indeed, rapists go unpunished and allowed to continue their crime sprees . So we see here that being critical of of refugees can land a person in facebook jail .


    However, lets look at an example , of what is clearly far more harmful , and yet,  this , according to facebook is quite alright as it does not violate their standards : 



    So, I just want to be clear here… its NOT ok for one to be critical  of refugees , but it is perfectly fine to threaten  to kill someone , and such threats do not, somehow violate community standards? Hmm, free speech ? Hardly …..


    We move forward to what is happening right now in Canada . We recently had a motion in Parliament passed to create laws around hate speech … but related ONLY one particular religion. To be clear, I do not , and will not ever support islam , and anything to do with it. However, here in Canada, people have the right to practice what ever they wish . This motion  would try and give islam special treatment , so much so that almost anything that one says about it negatively could be considered as hate speech. The huge flaw in this motion , and I think it is a deliberate flaw , it that it allows one to say anything they want against any other religion without punitive measures, but speaking against islam would be treated as a potential hate crime. But wait, we already have hater crime laws in the books , so why are we creating special laws just for one cult?  There is much more to this of course that I will cover here , but the point here is that  once again, our free speech rights are being slowly and methodically taken away  to suite a political agenda .


    With bill M-103, we have had of course, the usual number of riots and protests, by both sides of this argument . One side is of the same mindset as I am in that we already have laws around this, we don’t need, and should not create specific laws  and capitulate  to one cult. The other side of course, the  ones filled  with communists see this as a huge walmart and pounced on it … for this bill gives them exactly what they want … the removal of a democracy in favor of their communist agenda .


    Recent world events , sadly have  forced government to make some drastic changes , that , do indeed, erode some of the freedoms and liberties  we had only a few years ago. This is , sadly, a by product of terrorism and is exactly what the terrorists want . They want people living in fear , suspecting everyone  and anything.  The even sadder part here, is that our governments are playing right into their hands by capitulating to their demands . The price of freedom is never free , and it will only be valued when people are willing to take a stand and say enough is enough .