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  • CFS supports racist organization connected to terrorism

    Meow everyone. With the Ryerson Student union elections now taking place, we need to look at the role the CFS is playing to ensure their slate once again tries to win .


    This year, they have , seemingly been quiet in that there has been nothing overtly obvious to the average observer that would indicate CFS interference . However, a closer look at some  seemingly unrelated events clearly suggest, in my opinion , that indeed, the CFS is trying some dirty tricks this year to get their win. We see very highly respected student leaders being smeared , and oh look at the timing of this …


    However, the CFS is also very good at playing to the popular , flavor of the week events . This time around, its the black lies matters Toronto organization they choose to support … openly. We already know for a vast number of sources and material that this is a organization predicated on overt racism . We already that this organization is directly connected , and supports international terrorist organizations such as the muslim brotherhood.


    So, it sahould not surprise anyone that with student union elections taking place now, or soon  at  Toronto;s Universities , the CFS wants to stick it pathetic nose in there to further THEIR racist agenda’s …. agendas their YOUR student fees pay for.


    Recently , in their official CFS blog, they decided to write a story about black lies matters organizer here in Toronto :




    What the CFS  ” forgot  ” to add were THESE comments , comments made by THIS SAME ORGANIZATION :






    By voting in a CFS affiliated slate, you are empowering them to continue with this level of hate speech , racism , and YOUR STUDENT MONEY is paying these people to enact this level of hate…. you vote them in , YOU PAY FOR HATE SPEECH. At Ryerson University candidate VAJDAAN TANVEER is one of the key organizers of this racist organization, this organization directly connected to a terrorist organization . 


    Stop the CFS before its too late …

  • Its that time of year again … Ryerson student union elections for 2017

    Meow everyone, every year around this time, I get to cover the student union elections of the Ryerson Student Union, the university I attend  and have for the past decade. I have seen the student union run the university into the ground as a result of their CFS ( Canadian Federation of Students ) affiliation . The CFS as the student union had done little to nothing for the students , yet, every year, these CFS affiliated idiots expected , as if they were somehow entitled ,  to be in office ruling over us . However , two  years ago that changed as a result of this video , a video I shot where I caught them ballot stuffing .




    Once I shot the video and posted it online , The RSU under the dictatorship of the then RSU president and currant CFS Ontario chairman Rejean Hoilett quickly posted a note on their twitter feed , but it was too late as the damage was already done ,and the clear evidence  was there for all to see :


    As the result of the now public video, a video I did send to the university to show the blatant attempt at election fraud by the then RSU, the university placed uniformed security at each polling station , we all, each polling station had a plain cloths election observer . This  was never  in place before, thus, giving way to who knows how much potential election fraud over the years . Not surprisingly, the CFS slate was decimated in those elections, after all , they were caught cheating and could not stuff enough ballot boxes . Lucky for the students , they were caught on the first day of voting, and fairly early on . 



    For the longest time, I refused to accept the idea that many had, that the CFS slate lost as a direct result of this video. In fact, i still maintain that  this video , while timely, was not the sole factor tom their much welcomed demise . The other day, I had a rather lengthy phone conversation with a student from Ryerson , who was a student at the time I shot that video, and I was told that my video was the major factor as to why the CFS slate lost. I as told as well that the CFS itself was livid over this loss and I was the cause of this . Well , if true, I humbly accept the role I played to get rid of the CFS parasites from the student union .


    This year, as before, the is a CFS slate , but this time , the players on the CFS slate are also very directly connected to the black lives matter Toronto , racist movement , the same organization that is directly connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization .


    Vajdaan Tanveer is one of the candidates running for the CFS slate and is a head organizer within the black lives matter Toronto movement . This movement has in the past endorsed things like cop killing , race wars , , segregation … just to name a few things .



    So, remember that THIS GUY :


    .. is running for office to represent students . However, to use his own words :


    ” … RSU coordinator Vajdaan Tanveer told The Ryersonian over the phone that members of the collective have requested a safe space on campus … “


    So, he favors segregation for certain students … his own words . In the coming days, I will publish other even more powerful uttering from the black lives matter movement which he helps organize . This is NOT a guy you want in office, but a nice seat on a air plane would be really and appealing as he gets deported.


    Let me leave you  with two screen shots that should clearly articulate  what black lives matter , really stand for :