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    Meow everyone. A few days ago, there was a protest in Toronto , to protest the result of the USA presidential elections . As predicted , the winner by a considerable margin was Donald Trump . This really should not have come as a surprise since he was by far the best of the two remaining candidates. .


    One of the platforms he ran on was to greatly control the number of muslims entering the USA . We have been cow towing to this group of backwards assed nut jobs ever since 9-11 , while they continue to blow us up , make no apologies for the fact that they have neither the desire , or intention to adopt a civilized life style that the west offers . Of course, they want all the benefits of the  west , along with as many handouts as they can get. The USA has had a rash of terrorist events within its borders involving lone wolf terrorists , so it was with perfect justification that this groups entry into the USA MUST be controlled, if not outright eliminated.


    With the elections now over, the usual group of professional protestors decided that they should , somehow , have th epower the reverse the voices of those who democratically ELECTED THEIR President . One such nut case was / is Cheri Dinovo . Dinovo is a radical politician , who, during her term this far , has done exactly NOTHING for her riding and those who reside within it . However, as sure and as rain, she is a fixture at every radical protest ,wasting OUR tax dollars . She even plays the religious figure head card in a flimsy attempt to garner some sort of devine legitimacy to  her otherwise meaningless existence .


    At the protest in  question, she proclaimed, publicly that ” we are all muslims ” . Cheri, fuck you , and NO , we are not .




    Now Cheri may want to reconsider what she called all of us, but further, she had better spend some time reflecting on this herself. You see Cheri , here, in the civilized world , we DONT thrown gay men and women of roofs of building to their death for being gay , We DONT stone women to death if they wish to have personal affairs . We DONT mutilate our women via genital mutilation.  We DONT kill women who want an education . We DONT practice this so called ” honor killing ” . We DONT throw women in prisons who were sexually assaulted . We DONT practice pedophilia,  although I see from your collar of convenience , you belong to the religion industry that is rife with such acts, hides and protects those who engage in it . We DONT beat our women because some fictional story book written by some flaked out pedophile says is ok to do that . We DONT torture animals because that same flaked out pedophile of islams leader says its ok to do so.


    Now Cheri,  lets look at your past shall we . I see that you have  as much as confessed to being a drug dealer and drug smuggler in the past . Yes, my readers can read about that here , herehere  and here




    Oh Cheri, Yes, while you may have reformed and no longer deal in , and smuggle drugs , I trust that you are aware that your former lifestyle would have resulted in you being executed as a drug smuggler / dealer  , right ? I mean , THAT is one aspect of what muslims are about , that same thing that you proclaim ” we all are ” .


    So Cheri, I have some advice for you , please DONT put me or the rest of those of us who believe in a civilized  world into the same group of people who want to destroy us kill us, murder us m and revert the world into some pathetic backwards assed place were some pedophile gets to dictate what we can and cannot do .