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  • Finally some GREAT news …. extreme racist and domestic terrorist cuffed and stuffed

    Meow everyone, It give me GREAT PLEASURE to announce that scum bad extreme racist and domestic terrorist Desmond Cole was finally cuffed and stuffed yesterday at Toronto Police HQ under the trespass to property act . While he released a short time later, his sorry pathetic ass was finally dragged out of the building . Now, lets see more of this please .  Thank you , that is all .


  • Antifa scum bags prove they are urban terrorists

    Meow everyone. You may recall a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how the anarchists have rebranded themselves as so called anti facists , or antifa.  I have stated then as I do now, they they are nothing but low life, scum bags who have always do nothing but smash things, and this time, its not different .


    Today, I wish to offer up absolute proof of their violent intentions and , how they are,  indeed , urban terrorists .



    So, why would you, as so called peaceful protestors,  who want equality and unity , or so they claim,  want to arm themselves with concealed,  bladed weapons … unless of course, they really want  to slash and smash .



    ” Break some random shit ” ?  Hmm, so, peaceful protestors wanting to break things ? Does not sound very peaceful to me . It DOES, however, sound a lot like what you would expect to hear from urban terrorists .


    ” We got fucking rounded up and arrested ” . Ok, and this surprised them how again ? What did you expect, a fucking parade ? Well, I hope you got introduced to bubba while being cuffed and stuffed,   and in crowbar hotel . Ya , ya , I know, this is everyone’s fault but yours . Now go play on the freeway . 


    ” Some of us got bailed out by our backers ” . But , but , but , you always claimed that you were so called ” grass roots ” and had no backers . So, now we see that you are not only urban terrorists, but pretty shitty liars too . Well, at least you are the  gift that keeps on giving .


    ” Its not fair ” . Ya ya , ok , Its , in your mind , oops, wait, your have no brains , sorry , smashing shit up is a perfectly normal part of everyday life . Umm, well, ummm , NO , you see, we , here , in civilization  , don’t smash shit up because we don’t like something. I cant blame you though , your communist , brain dead leaders forgot to  teach you that part.


    ” You have no idea how much this is hurting us ” .  Get used to it losers. You are about to feel pain like you never felt before . You may not want to go to jail, but jail may be the safest place you will end up being in .


    This was sent to me by a friend of mine. This describes better than I ever could what I do think of these anarchists / antifa parasites .


    These antifa terrorists are, as we see now, are ready to arm themselves and their like minded idiots with weapons,  to literally slash out at their opponents , those opponents being anyone of rational mind and thought. They want , and will do what they can to destroy this great country , and they have , as we see here, have already enacted the symbolic destruction . Now, for them, all that is left is the actual physical destruction .


    Make no mistake . This is what antifa really stand for :


    These so called peaceful protestors are holding a combat training course :




    So, lets  go over some of this in more detail . ” Improvised weapons and armor “.  Improvises weapons are an offensive type weapon used to inflict serious injury or death , as seen and used by international terrorists . So, we see here, in their own words, that they want to terrorize the public.


    ” Loaded forearm ” . Once again, this is a highly dangerous offensive styled improvised weapon , that CAN KILL .


    Now you have to look at the irony here as well . White people are being racialized and forced to pay for this ” training ” while non-whites get in free.


    Want more proof that antifa is a terrorist organization ?




    Here in Toronto, we have more than our fair share of these brainless parasites , sadly, Along with the various protests they usually try and incite their brand of hate and violence in, they will be holding a stand alone event just for them on may 1, 2017 .



    This protest is run by the communists in Toronto , and has always had a history of attracting the lowest life forms around…. anarchists. This protest has had a long standing history of violence being enacted against those who attend that these nut cases don’t like. HOWEVER , once this protest march is over, the REAL antifa event  begins. 



    Here is the information on this event :


    This MAY DAY.. join us for some rad & radical AfterPartying.. with an evening of fist-lifting, world-shifting freedom musics.. commemorating the struggle and celebrating the resistance of MAY DAY.. International Workers Day ♥

    MAY DAY // MON MAY 01 // MAY DAY
    UNIT 2 & The RHYMETHiNK Collective proudly present:
    The MayDay AfterMarch Massive @ Unit 2
    8:30pm // $10 or By Donation
    Safer Space in the Place // Assholes Stay Home


    Lal / Singer, Poet, Activist, and Bengali Rooted Tough-Guy

    T-Dot Renegade Movement Hip Hop

    * LEE REED
    Kanadian Hip Hop’s Oldest & Grumpiest Radical Left Loudmouth

    aka Mother Tareka / Syrian-Palestinian MC, Poet, Musician & Freedom Music Maker

    Lal / DJ/Producer, Sound Designer, Philosopher, and Barbados-Born King of Chill

    UNIT 2…………………….………….

    163 Sterling Road, Unit #2
    * Facing Garage, its the 2nd Door to the Right of the Big Metal Garage
    * Close to Landsowne Station, Dundas West Station or College/ Dundas Street Cars. Wheelchair Access via Dundas West.


    Here is what the place looks like  from the outside :


    If you still need to see convincing proof of how dangerous these people are , here in the image below, they show you clearly  that they have ZERO problems with directly attacking , using weapons, cops :


    So, in conclusion, anarchists or what ever you call yourselves this week, YOU’RE GOING DOWN .. thank you , that is all .



  • No, Black lives matter Toronto didn’t disappear, they just ran out of stupid pills …. don’t worry they have a new supply

    Meow everyone . It has been some time since we had that contemptible organization we have come know , and hate, as black lives matter Toronto . The last time they darkend our doorways with their useless racist drivel was in February , when we heard from loud mouthed Yusra Khogali where she , in her never ending  stupidity , referred  to our prime minister as a  ” racist white supremacist and terrorist ” . I know ,its hard to believe that she can be that stupid , but hey , don’t take my word for it, hear it for yourself  ( warning, barf bags will be required to watch this )  :



    Ok, so we already know what kind  of a clown act black lives matter Toronto is . So, its no surprise to learn that just a few days ago, one of their other brainless bimbos , Janie Khan decided to spew more of her ” wisdom ” for her fellow mental patients . Her interview, for the strong of stomach  can be read here . I am going to chop to bits, her drug induced diatribe in a moment, but first, I want you all to know what and who this bio-hazard , piece of toxic waste really is . 



    Thats her , i mean it … that loud mouthed failed test tube experiment speaking into the microphone. Yes, in this picture, you also have a double dose of bubonic plague with Rotton Rodney Diverlus holding the microphone . 


    Janaya khan, ( as she called her self now )  a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM-TO), is “a Black, queer, gender non-conforming activist, staunch Afrofuturist, social justice educator and boxer based in Toronto” who “is committed to Black liberation, transformative justice, and indigenous sovereignty.” Wow, with all those titles , its little wonder she needs someone to hold a mircophone for her. That pimple she has for a brain must be overloaded .


    Anyway, ” Janaya ” Khan was not always ” Janaya ” . In fact, by her own admission some years ago, during a protest where we once again had to wear ear plugs , as the last means of self defense from her shrill , self important voice. She was squeaking something about how the cops are useless and should be shot , during some protest where a gang banger , drug dealing, wanted murder , abuser of women was shot by police as they approached him , him grabbing a knife and charging at police. Her REAL name is Janie Khan , but as she stated, she wanted to be called ” janya”  , because  she didn’t want a name that was use by ” white trashy bitches ” . She said that she was black and was going to use a ” black ” name .  Sure Janie, what ever you say.


    Now, recall that I started out by saying that this abomination of an organization has been fairly quiet over the last few weeks….. or have they ???? Khan has stated that one of the things that her organization wanted, and badly , is a race war . The recent confrontation we have been seeing with the pro and opposing of bill M-103  is exactly this race war she is referring to , and indeed, has manufactured, through  Waleid khogali, Yusra’s brother . Are you seeing the connection  yet ? 


    Here is where she outright states that white supremacy is to blame for islamic terrorism. So, once we fast forward to today and the events we have seen  thus far, all of them escalating from the previous such events , we see clearly that she is indeed getting, and manufacturing the very conflict she speaks of . 


    Here is a great video that describes black lives matter Toronto , to a tee :




    Oh, and just when you thought that this organization was all about wanting inclusion and equality , what do they do ? Why they have the very same reporter in the above video assaulted . Yup, very inclusive if you ask me .


    Ok, I guess I better get this story back on track here. Janie, has come out of the funny farm just long enough to spew more of her  obviously drug induced tirades, and of course, like any worthless piece of crap , she needs an audience in order to feel important . She finds some seemingly sympathetic reporter who is also either on a day pass from the same funny farm, or that reporter needs to have a story on the editors desk , lest they be fired. I’m not sure which , but I am leaning toward the funny farm day pass myself . In  her interview, Khan states , hell, just watch the video , if you still have the stomach for her crap . 



    According to Khan , there are two, and only two kinds of people. There are racists , and there are those who elect racists :



    We need to stop making the distinction between racists and regular people. Because here’s the reality. Those people at administrative power they might be the open and active racists, but it is the inactive people who made them in power. It’s now the people who are waving Confederate flags and wearing KKK [Ku Klux Klan] uniforms. Now, it was regular people with public white people just deserve a chance, who just needed a fair shake, because white people never get a fair shake, and it’s really hard for white folks, you know, all that privilege. [crowd laughing] Where does one even start? you know… we fight for freedom we fight for liberation.


    So, just because we have not heard directly from her and her band of  degenerative  and regressive  rock dwellers , does not mean that they are not out of the picture. Far from it, They are the architects of what we have seen , and will continue see more of. Be aware and be informed …

  • Prepare yourselves, the anarchists are getting ready to smash and burn

    Meow everyone, I have , in previous articles suggested that every few years, we, in this city of Toronto have a riot that always involves anarchists . well, sadly, this year, it will be riot season.Yes,smashing ,looting and burning will be the usual activities, of this bunch of bone headed , brainless parasites.  Oh, wait, silly me, they are not anarchists anymore, but rather , rebranded as ANTIFA . Yes, I did write about this a short time ago and that story is found    here, here and here


    This rebranding I spoke of is to facilitate their new venture they want to  smash, that being the freedom of speech and expresssion movement that it the currant protest action.  There are two very distinct side to this , but for these guys, any opportunity to smash something, is an opportunity they gravitate to .


    Over the past several weeks, Toronto city hall has been a field laboratory for these anarchists  to test ideas and attack strategies , to see what works best. Since there is a new crop of escaped mental patients  ( anarchists ) these rock dwellers need to test out what they think will be most effective with respects to causing to most violence and destruction. the past few events , while violent, did not meet the expectations of some of this countries top and most dangerous and violent anarchists , so, the top dog himself came to town to ”  teach ” .


    The first lesson in smashy smashy is finding a cause to smash . One was provided to  them , but the ” smash ”  level was simply  not high enough to be worthy of anything more then some pushing, shoving and a few stolen hats and signs . Clearly, our smashing crybabies, need something to raise  the smashibility of their ” protest ” .. and one was, very generously , provided for them in this  upcoming event :




    This event is created by one of the people who is a public face against a recent piece of legislation called bill M-103 . Both sides are fanatical about this , an dafter attending several, of the protests around this bill, i see both sides as being polarized towards one stance . The anarchists , of course, see this as an opportunity to gravitate towards the side that is radical left leaning , so smashy smashy  is the only , viable solution.  Make no mistake , the anarchists are not interested in anti oppression as they call it, nor are they interested in any points of view that involve meaningful and intelligent dialogue . For then, its all about ” smash the state ” . 


    These rebranded anarchists now go on and try to tell you how accepting they are of EVERYONE , equally .They tell that they are not racists . Hmmm, so, what are to to believe . Will you believe what they WANT you to hear , or, will you believe what they say, when they think you’ re nor around, and listening ? Well, lets see just how inclusive they really are : 


    Ya, I bet you caught that right away too … with these morons, its always about the jews , this, jews that … but but but , I thought they said they were inclusive of everyone . 


    Ok, so now lets quickly review two past events. On march 14, there was a mini riot here in Toronto that , according the anarchists , was a complete failure on their part. They were greatly out numbers , hence , rendered ineffective . However, this was a research and development exercise to them as outlined here :


    The magnitude of this is HUGE. many will , or should know the name of Jaggi Singh . Singh is a Montreal based ,   urban terrorist of the worst kind. He was DIRECTLY involved in the G20 riots , leading them :



    This guy along with Alex Hundert , are considered the Popes of anarchy and extreme violence . So, Singh wrote a rather scathing review on what took place in both Toronto and Montreal  on March 14 . This report was , and will be VERY significant as i will show you shortly . Here is what he wrote :



    On April 01 2017, there was another such protest , and this time, it became violent almost from the first moment . However, there was also one VERY significant addition to that protest ….. Jaggi Singh was personally there to see it , and to guide it  as seen here :


    The above is a screen shot of a video shot with him . I am not linking the video here in order to protect the identity of the person who shot it as this guy is so dangerous, that he, and / or his anarchist scum buddies would try and track the shooter of the video down and  potentially cause serious harm .



    This leads us to what was recently posted as an event related to the subject at hand . Here is a screen shot showing link , to a planned ” protest  / counter protest ” . This is , however, is about as fishy as one can get, and , for those of us who follow these protests and in particular, these scum bag anarchists, this is about as obvious a trap as one can make it, with out actually calling it a trap : 



    For anyone who has been following these anarchists for years, we all know that their strategy  has always been one of divide , seize and attack. This ” event ” is exactly that . This is a clear attempt to divide protestors and corner some of them into a area for potential violence . However, the REAL purpose here is to thin police lines, forcing police to cover this , break away protests with police numbers assigned to the protest. This leave the main group now under policed , and legitimate protesters potentially unprotected  and much more vulnerable to attacks. This also leaves police in a much more dangerous position as a result of reduced numbers , meaning their own personal safety if now, by design, at much greater risk .  This is a sure way to ensure a prolonged , dangerously violent confrontation DOES take place .  Targets of this violence are of course those who oppose the anarchists view point , but in this case, I feel the the real intended targets would be the alternative media who cover and expose these people. Some members of the alternative media have already been targeted , but police were quick to respond before and real damage was done. This time, there would be a real potential; for serious injury to those,  police , as a result of intentionally being divided , cannot get to in time. 


    Jaggi Singh is a highly dangerous and violent anarchist. He has considerable resources available to him and a virtual bottomless pit of ready and willing anarchist ready to act at a moments notice . The events here in Toronto have been attended by several violent anarchist from Montreal already , sitting back , making mental notes , and planning accordingly . Its going to be a shit show very soon. The police had better be ready ad  not under estimate this group and what they can , and will do . I hope the G20 taught the police a thing or two. If not start reading and preparing. ……


    Here are two events that will be lead up events to the main riot event on July 01 .



    The anarchists are gong to be ready to act, smash and burn . will you as the good guys do something this time to stop them BEFORE they do this , or, are we going to see another G20 styled riot ?

  • Video proof that black lives matter Toronto LIES

    Meow everyone, I have been covering the exploits of our local racist and terrorist supporting and connected group black lives matter Toronto from day 1 . One the many lies they say ad nauseum  is cops are always beating up black people with every confrontation. Well, here, as seen in this video, we clearly see that this is NOT the case at all . In fact, we CLEARLY see officers NOT reacting , to help diffuse the situation. We further see officers keep a distance to help calm the situation. Here is the video and related  that proves this :





  • Hold the city hostage, get a city award …..

    Meow everyone. imagine holding a person hostage. Hostage meaning, holding them against their will. If you did that , went to court and were found guilty, you would be spending the next several years in a nice federally funded hotel ( crowbar hotel ) where they would feed you three times a day, you would get free orange clothing, weekly showers, , weekly phone calls , and monthly visits . Now,  imagine holding an entire city hostage . What to you think you would get for that ? In a civilized world, you would never see the outside of a prison as long as you lived. However, it appears that the city of Toronto has lost its civility long ago.( I will be writing more about that in upcoming articles ) In fact, this city has made it very clear that they will REWARD those who disrupt this city .


    Case in point as seen here :




    Let us now have a closer look at exactly how black lives matter make Toronto more inclusive to help eliminate racism and discrimination :




     and :


    black lives matters terrorist


    and :


    yusra 7


    It appears that Yusra Khogali is under investigation by police for possibly making a threat against the life of police officers . Yes, She clearly wants to improve relations doesn’t she ?



    There has never been any question that Khogali is a vile racist piece of shit , as shown in some of the above screen shots … HER WORDS . However, these are NOT here only racist ramblings . Hee, below , for example is a more detailed time line of her racist rants :


    Yusra Khogali’s statements on race relations

    ” … In recent years Khogali expressed her views on white people, and the “KKK” nature of the Canadian federal government. She accused the establishment and the Police of committing a deliberate “genocide” of blacks. The following are some excerpts from Khogali’s posting on Facebook:

    “whiteness is not humxness”, “they are genetically deficient”

    October 17, 2015 – whiteness is not humxness. infact, white skin is sub-humxn. all phenotypes exist within the black family and white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness white ppl have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that surpress melanin production. they are genetically deficient because;

    melanin is present at the inception of life melanin is directly linked to fertility and the humxn reproductive system melanin is directly linked to strong bones melanin is directly linked to the strength of the nervous system melanin is directly linked to the strength of senses such as vision and hearing melanin is directly linked to the strength of neuro systems affecting capacities like intelligence, memory and creativity melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge. melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.

    this is why the indegeniety of all humxnity comes from blackness. we are the first and strongest of all humxns and our genetics are the foundation of all humxnity. melanine is essential for the efficient performance of all the body natural functions.

    THEREFORE white ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual. white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.

    it is why white supremacy as an imperial system thrives. it tries to control, surpresses and destroy our existence in blackness because we are a threat to the genetic anhilation of white ppl.

    do you ever wonder how black ppl after centuries of colonial violence, genocide and destruction – no matter wnai systems creates to make us extinct ..now we Keep

    coming back? it is because we are superhumxns.

    (Note: Yusra Khogali did not respond to CIJnews question whether she still stand by her post).

    Canadian “KKK” government “deliberately works to criminalize black people”

    November 11, 2015 – “The kkkanadian government deliberately works to criminalize black ppl for the white supremacist conditions they have created to deplete our health in totality and corrode the quality of our lives with so many barriers against our survival to an impossible standard of living. It’s almost like dying while trying to breathe. And then… find a way to tell a narrative of victim blaming us while essentially killing us as OUR problem.”

    Canada and USA have “KKK” governments


    Canada is “KKKanada”

    December 8, 2014 – “Toronto let’s speak on our stories of anti black violence. Our struggles should never be silenced so KKKanada can maintain it’s innocence. The very premise of this state is inherent racism – and the state sanctioned violence that systematically targets black people for existing in their black skins is real. We are not here for one event revolutions the system persists so we should constantly and persistently resist.”

    The Police are “pigs”

    August 6, 2015 – “The police BROKE this womxn’s arm… on top of that without any notice and months after being brutalized by these pigs she finds out that she has two criminal charges laid against her.”

    Toronto Police are a “terrorist organization”, “motherfuckers”


    “The state is waging a genocide on black womxn and girls”

    May 21, 2015 – “The state is waging a genocide on black womxn and girls. If they are not murdering us on the street, raping us, pushing us further into poverty and then criminalizing us, they are fetishizing us. Appropriating us, stealing from us, exploiting our labour our culture, our music, our bodies our lingo our swag our knowledge and intellect, our essence our BEING, viciously abusing us in totality in every means possible. Black womxn are NOT an add on in resisting racist violence by the state understanding their positionally is CENTRAL in dismantling it.”

    Black women are victims of “ white supremacist terrorism”

    December 22, 2015 – “Black womxn and girls not exceptional victims of anti-black state sanctioned violence and injustice in their murders …they are perpetual victims. the compounded violence that is everyday lived experience of violence that goes lethal too often by police. the vicious trauma and psychic violence experienced for existing in their bodies in the presence of police because of how often we die by their guns …. this is what it means to be living under seige – under white supremacist terrorism.”

    “White supremacist patriarchy” dehumanizes black women

    June 17, 2014 – “Black patriarchy is validated as authentic in the paradigm and gaze of white supremacist patriarchy through the dehumanization and disrespect of black womyn and the sexual domination of white womyn.”

    “Black youth are forced to grow up under white supremacist terrorism”

    December 30, 2015 – “black babies will never be afforded the innocence of childhood… black youth are forced to grow up under white supremacist terrorism… they will be demonized, criminalized, lethally brutalized with the intensity of harsh anti-black violence like they are adults… how many black children have their murderers walk free. walk back into their homes… as killers… no one will weep. no one will see that black babies blood oil the cogwheels of this system.”

    “Constructive rage” is essential to create “movements of resistance”

    June 7, 2014 “Derailing black feminine rage as irrational/primitive is an anti-black racist patriarchal construct… Constructive rage is a powerful tool in creating movements of resistance and social change that interrupts and resists reductionist ideas of intersectional racial inferiority.”

    Offering a job only for “black” graphic designers

    January 28, 2016 – “Black Lives Matter-Toronto Coalition is looking for a black graphic designer to design our Black Lives Matter Toronto website.”

    Offering a job only for “black” photographers

    March 31, 2016 – “If ur a black photographer and are available tonight from 7-10pm we need you at ‪#‎blmtotentcity‬ for something dope. Plz pm me for details n share this if u know someone!”

    It is our duty to fight for our freedom” in Canada

    On August 24, 2016, Yusra Khogali and Alexandria Williams, co-founders of Black Lives Matter – Toronto, lead a protest in front of the offices of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Mississauga, Ontario, against systematic oppression of black people by the authorities.

    Khogali and Williams emphasized the black people’s duty to fight back against the attack on their bodies in order to achieve the coveted “Black freedom” in Canada . … ”


    Yup , we see clearly that this racist scum bag really really really want inclusivity for all .

    What? You want more ?


    racist groups



    Yup, very inclusive and most certain a great way to help  foster good community relations. So, to the city of Toronto , what the hell was going through your collective brains in  giving these low brow  racists an award … in the name of the city ?????? Or, did these terrorist supporting, cop killing advocates hold you hostage as well, demanding that you either legitimize their movement or face a race war you are ill-prepared to fight ???? 


    If there was , or is any clear and definitive indication , that black lives matter Toronto wants and is fully supportive of the use of violence , one needs to look no farther then THEIR OWN website , were , this wonderfully put piece of evidence of their willingness, supporting and advocacy of violence cannot be more clear :




    One of their founders and brain dead idiots is a guy named Rodney Diverlus. He stated way back about a year and a half ago , when there was the first black lives matters Toronto protest , that we was doing to delete any  conversations that offered opinions other than his own and other like minded opinions . He made it very clear that he , speaking for the organization , was not interested in any discussions that offered other points of view. So, My question is , how does this somehow create racial inclusion , as suggested in the city of Toronto’s web site pertaining to this award event ?




    So, the members of Toronto city counsel who support this abomination of a group of retards and racist scum bags , here, is just a small sampling of exactly what you support . This is diversity , the help this group provides to eliminate discrimination : 




    Black lives matters is not only a pathetic racis group, as well a group that is connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization, but as well , black lives matters by their very existence , PROMOTE and ENCOURAGE crime . Here is what was saaid of this group by the former head of Chicago’s police force :


    Former Chicago top cop: Black Lives Matter killing blacks


    ” … Former Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy said Sunday that the Black Lives Matter movement was ultimately responsible for rising crimes rates in his city and nationally because it was making it harder for police to do their jobs.

    McCarthy said that the movement was responsible for a rise in “noncompliance” — people refusing to cooperate or surrender to police.

    “What is happening is — and this is ironic — that a movement with the goal of saving black lives is at this point is getting black lives taken because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks,” McCarthy told New York radio talk show host John Catsimatidis.

    McCarthy was superintendent at the time of the 2014 death of Laquan McDonald, a 17 year-old who was shot by police. Dashboard camera footage of McDonald’s death contradicted the officers’ accounts of the incident, which contended that McDonald had come at them with a knife. The resulting protests after the footage was released helped to fuel the then-growing Black Lives Matter movement. An officer in the shooting has been charged with murder. McCarthy was fired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel earlier this year.

    Crime has soared in Chicago in the last year, with 3,500 reported shootings in the city and the murder rate topping 750. That is the highest number in two decades and a 58 percent increase over the previous year.

    McCarthy said that there was a direct connection between that rising crime rate and the movement. “There has been a political atmosphere of anti-police sentiment that has swept across this country over the last few years. The simplest way to describe it is that we have created an environment where we have emboldened criminals and we are hamstringing the police. That is creating a state of lawlessness.”

    He added that this was leading to an increase in shootings of police officers as well.

    He argued that the movement was encouraging “young people not to comply with police and legitimizing that non-compliance.”

    McCarthy was careful to say that there have been cases where police were responsible for unwarranted and tragic shootings in Chicago and elsewhere. Cops have to do a better job, he said. But he argued that the reaction to those cases should not be what drives law enforcement policy. “Less than half of one percent of all of the shootings in this city [involve] police officers shooting civilians,” he said. … “


    There you have it , so this group , along with I state they already are above, can add  a crime wave to their  list of accomplishments .


  • Desmond Cole shows us that stupidity can indeed be achieved early in life.

    161205_a20602-1000“I’m sorry, Jeannie, your answer was correct, but Kevin shouted his incorrect answer over yours, so he gets the points.”


    Meow everyone. My readers know that this site has been used to expose the sheer stupidity of the professional protestor crowd . Lets face it, they  do provide hours of free entertainment , albeit limited to show casing their ever evolving stupidity and idiocy . We already know about some of the usual crowd such as Sakura Saunders . She is a professional protestor who this site has covered in detail over years . She, like all the rest,  have their pet projects , but in the end, they will protest anything, anywhere . This video is a great example , showing some of the most dangerous  and vile  of the bunch :


    As you can see from the above video, stupidity runs very strong in them . However, as the years wear on, so does the protest flavor of the month. Now, in 2015  and  2016 , we have the black lives matter protest movement that has tried to incite their brand of hate, race baiting, and a race war . While this group is made up of many of the usual suspects , some , appearing on the above video in  key organizational roles , others, use their positions to try and give credibility to their race baiting and incitement. One such jack ass is Desmond Cole.




    This guy actually has print space in the Toronto Star to make public his   race hate,  and uses this as his personal forum to blame white people and cops for the fact that there are black males being stopped for crimes and even arrested .  Basically , he works on the premiss that : ” … this is every bodies fault but mine … ” . Here is his latest offering his obviously limited intellect came up with :


    ( sourced from here  )

    Carding is about control, not safety : Cole

    We must scream our opposition to carding and expose the broader reality that intervention by force is the government’s answer to practically every issue in Toronto’s black communities

    Toronto Police Services Chief Mark Saunders listens at the Toronto Police Service Board meeting regarding police carding on Nov. 17, 2016. "If we accept Saunders’ argument (for carding), black people should actually be grateful that police disproportionately documented us, because we are now more likely to be saved by the police when we are in trouble," writes Desmond Cole.
    Toronto Police Services Chief Mark Saunders listens at the Toronto Police Service Board meeting regarding police carding on Nov. 17, 2016. “If we accept Saunders’ argument (for carding), black people should actually be grateful that police disproportionately documented us, because we are now more likely to be saved by the police when we are in trouble,” writes Desmond Cole.  (Bernard Weil / Toronto Star) | Order this photo  

    The reaffirmation of police carding in Toronto makes me want to run through the streets and scream until I lose my voice. But that wouldn’t be safe for me. Someone would inevitably call the police to come and control my black body. The latest decision on carding means I am still not allowed to walk home quietly without police having the right to stop, detain, question, and document me. I want to holler in frustration, which is risky in a city that interprets the sounds of my pain as yet another threat.

    Toronto has declared, again, that there is no public safety without permanent scrutiny of black people. Unless we are prepared to subject ourselves to the grotesque physical and mental exam that is carding, we can’t walk, we can’t drive, we can’t breathe. When black people dare to cry out about these injustices, we do so at great risk to ourselves. But it would be even more dangerous to accept this latest assault on our humanity.

    We must scream our opposition to carding and expose the broader reality that intervention by force is the government’s answer to practically every issue in Toronto’s black communities. Black man having a mental health crisis in the street? Call the police. Black parents send their child to school with roti for lunch? Call children’s aid. Black Lives Matter protesting because Toronto police assaulted or killed or traumatized another black person? Call the RCMP. The state is not trying to help black people, it is trying to control us.

    The police board says officers can continue their carding, as long as they promise not to target people based on the colour of their skin. The board is also allowing chief Mark Saunders, or anyone he designates, to continue using the database that contains info from millions of documented stops in recent years, as long as he promises only to access the database for good reasons. Police face no real consequence for disproportionately denying black residents our dignity, privacy, and safety. Police will continue to use data that was taken by force, including information taken from children.

    After the board’s latest approval of carding, Saunders said police need access to the carding database to deal with crimes and emergencies. He told reporters, “If you have a family member that has Alzheimer’s, and there’s information that can help show us patterns and trends, and where that person is going, life-saving conditions, a person that’s suicidal, information that we have so that we can maximize opportunities for saving people. When you look at all sorts of things. Abductions. There’s so many reasons where there’s information, where if we have access to that information, it could potentially save lives.”

    If we accept Saunders’ argument, black people should actually be grateful that police disproportionately documented us, because we are now more likely to be saved by the police when we are in trouble. Perhaps all the documentation of our families in the child welfare system, and of our sisters and brothers who are being kept behind bars, will save us too. Perhaps the store clerk who follows us as we shop is just making sure we’re enjoying our shopping experience.

    Sandy Hudson, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, told a story at a public event recently about the incessant use of force against black Torontonians. Hudson and some of her friends were standing near a public square when they saw a black man running down the street. The man was screaming. A police officer rushed the man and tackled him to the ground. Hudson and her friends ran over to intervene. After demanding the officer release the man, Hudson and others attempted to console him. They learned that the man was running down the street in distress because he had just witnessed his mother’s death.

    Toronto’s reflex is to control its black population by force, instead of meeting us with love and support. The city sends police to act as our social workers, counsellors, teachers, coaches, landlords, nurses, and sometimes even our transit service. If the state needs a constant threat of force to engage with black people, we will never be safe.

    A police database is not our salvation. Black people have been in Toronto’s streets in 2016, organizing our screams and our dreams into action. We have to keep going — the incremental gestures we are being offered are not good enough.

    Desmond Cole is a Toronto-based journalist. His column appears every second Thursday.



    As we see here, Deranged Desmond has clearly lost all sense of factual responsibility that journalists are supposed to have because NOTHING he says here is based even remotely on FACTS . Desmond, I am a white male , and have been carded several times .  Guess what , unlike you assertion that these interactions remain on file, in fact, they DO NOT . But Desmond, here is my question to you ….. What are you hiding  / have you got to hide ? Desmond will tell you , depending on the day of the week, you are unlucky enough to have your doorway darkened by this deranged clown , that  he has has, according to him , been carded over 50 times. However, that story changes more often that he changes underwear , because he has said at some events that he has never been carded , other times he was only carded 5 times , other times 15 or 16  times. For Desmond, its not about facts, its about sensationalism and the use of his position to stir up enough of a frenzy to rile up the lowest intellect within his groups demographic,  to create his race war. He starts the war, he has the most vulnerable and expendable people fight it for him. They become his personal cannon fodder as he sits back and watches it on TV .


    Desmonds article as posted above is very factually wrong in one other area as well .

    ” … Sandy Hudson, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, told a story at a public event recently about the incessant use of force against black Torontonians. Hudson and some of her friends were standing near a public square when they saw a black man running down the street. The man was screaming. A police officer rushed the man and tackled him to the ground. Hudson and her friends ran over to intervene. After demanding the officer release the man, Hudson and others attempted to console him. They learned that the man was running down the street in distress because he had just witnessed his mother’s death. … ”


    NO Desmond, that is NOT what took place, … because I was there to see this happen .  The occurrence he is talking about took place during the May day protest event  on Dundas street  near George street.  The person in question was stoned on crack and ran out to assault police . Police arrested him for that . In fact , it was a black police officer who arrested him . There is video of this shot by my great friend  genuinewitty  .



    Desmond, like all the professional protestors are not interested  in  advocating and creating any sort of positive changes to society . ALL they want to confrontation with law enforce and police at any cost possible . They are willing to sacrifice lives and person safety  to accomplish this . They tell you that injuries , even if self inflicted and caused by THEIR own hand and stupidity is useful because it is a avenue  and tool they can use to sue police later . They SAY EXACTLY this as seen here :



    DAPL protester says things aren’t what they seem at the protest camps

    By KFYR-TV | 

    CANNON BALL, N.D. – A protester of the Dakota Access Pipeline says things aren’t what they seem down at the protest camp site.

    Michelle Thompson left the camp because she didn’t agree with some of the tactics protesters were using. She posted a Facebook Live video Sunday about her experience at the camps.

    “I have seen protesters actually try and incite the police. They have instructed people on how to get arrested, and part of their team is also telling people that, ‘don’t worry if you are brutalized or whatever, even if it is your fault, because we can sue,'” says Thompson.

    Thompson says she is Cherokee and Blackfoot and proud to be Native American.

    Thompson’s Facebook video is attached to this article. Listen to our full interview with Thompson on our Facebook page: KFYR-TV.


    Here is the link to the video referred to above .


    Professional protestors have , very clearly,  shown us that they have no concept of reality . They take up so called causes that they are paid / told to take up . They create scenarios that are designed to create adversarial situations , confrontation between them and anyone who either opposes them , or disagrees with them, or both . Cops of course are always the target because to them, somehow, its always the cops fault . Professional protestors never have any actually knowledge of what they are really protesting. Desmond Cole is a text book example of this. He thinks that because he is a black male, he is an automatic target for the police , someone who is defaulted to be targeted . What Desmond fails to comprehend  ( among many things ) is that the Chief of police is also a black male . Chief Sanders is very  well respected among  his officers . Desmond, if you are so concerned about black males being targeted by police, maybe , you should start exposing gun dealing, drug dealing, murdering gang bangers . I cant help but notice how you and your band of brain dead clowns seem to be very , conspicuously silent,  when black victims are shot, stabbed, murdered, robbed … by black perpetrators . I guess black lives really don’t matter that much to Desmond  Cole and his band of mental patients . Desmond, you say that black males are purposely being held back by s white dudes from getting ahead .So, how do you explain  the great successes of some the leaders in our city and province  who are black males ? Toronto Police Chief  Sanders  , former Ontario Lt. Governer Lincoln Alexander ?  Why /how  did they succeed? the answer is simple …. They WANTED to . They didn’t go looking for sorry assed excuses , didn’t look for handouts , they  took responsibility for their own actions.


  • The day we lost the city

    Meow everyone. A few weeks ago, I posted a short note that I was ( and am continuing to ) work on a huge story about the G20 that took place back in the summer of 2010 . I know , myself included, have , still , a lot of unanswered questions about what took place , and why ? However, what if I told you that this may have been a part of a far bigger, more sinister plan , and WE were to the one who were about to make this plan come to fruition.


    Yes this does sound crazy, however, I had a great discussion with my very good friend Greg of  http://www.genuinewitty.com , and after several hours of discussing this and other related, and similar events, I have to conclude that he is absolutely correct in his observation . We lost  this city during that famous Tamil protest which closed a major expressway in Toronto for days, with the police doing nothing about it … THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN . , We had the G20 riots , the police seemingly allowed this to go ahead  , we had the occupy movement which created a serious and dangerous environment, and again, the police did nothing to stop it . We had the OCAP city hall riot, and again, very little police resistance . There was Idle no more and again in nothing . Today we have black lives mater and again, zero resistance .


    I have spoken with officer after officer , and they all related very similar stories about how they were rendered ineffective by command and politicians who had their own agendas . So, were is my story ? Well, this is all part of the story I am digging deeply into . However, after speaking with Greg, I have to write this from a much different angle , because the reasoning is far greater than what i had originally considered . Each of the above mentioned events ,were on their own big and could have been shut down quickly , but was not. I now believe that all of these events were and are indeed connected to a much great , much more dangerous plan . People , we are in deep trouble if this is allowed to become reality . 


    What was it that Greg said that made me refocus this single focused story anyway ? Greg mentioned ” Transformative Change ” . I am not going to get to deep into that because that is a story Greg is working on and he should be the one to post it first, since it is his idea and theory . I do, however, agree with him. Another good friend of mine  , Lawrence McCurry mentioned , years ago , about the formation of a one world government . They may both be on to something big here , and they saw this before I did .


    Stay tuned people, this is going to get ugly ….

  • The spineless mainstream media, too afraid to ask the real, tough questions …. So I ask them instead .

    Meow everyone. I was going to write my article on the Pride Parade and how a bunch of self serving idiots somehow thought that they were far more important than the rest of the city who came out to enjoy a great summer day, to celebrate Pride in Toronto. Regardless of what your opinion of this event may be, the facts are such that this event draws an international crowd, generate a great of money for the city and the community as a whole.


    Pride doesn’t care if you are white, green, blue, purple, spotted, red or, wear a tin foil hat.. EVERYONE is equally welcome. Friday is reserved for the trans march, Saturday is a girl parade and Sunday is the main event. This year, for the first time, a sitting Prime    Minister was front and center , something that has never been seen here before. Along with the Prime minister, we had the Ontario Premier, our Mayor and the Chief of police. Pride was supposed to be a day of celebration, fun and an overall great day .


    I say supposed to , because it was hijacked  by a bunch of self serving , self centered , inflated ego minded spoiled (b)rats who wanted everyone to see that the world was to required  revolve around THEM , and ONLY them. Black lives matters Toronto has become the currant incarnation of the occupy movement , but with the same, useless tactics and even more useless idiots running the show , so to speak . These self centered neanderthals , who claimed to be personally oppressed DAILY by the cops decided to once again , hold the city hostage , because they had another crack induced temper tantrum and wanted, needed someone to blame for their own failings and civilized human beings. Fact is, NON of these useless farts has ever been oppressed by the cops , NONE of these useless farts has ever had the experience of being poor. In fact, two of the  head organizers , Rodney and his his equally intellectually inferior sister , Pascal has previously claimed to have homes in Toronto, Hamilton, Miami  and Tampa Florida , as well as a home in Haiti . Rodney even claims to have an additional home in Calgary where,  he claims to be a professional dancer. While he is a graduate of Ryerson Universities dance program , the only skills he has in dancing is what he does around the truth and facts . These two seem to change their story with greater frequency than most humans change underwear .   This leads us to this article and why I am writing this one instead of what I had intended to write.


    I have written several articles about this melange of misfits and how they are directly connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization as , in one example, seen here .


    We already know, in  great , nauseating detail, the levels of racism this group has toward everyone who is a white person, and in particular, a white male .




    black lives matters terrorist


    We all know this idiot who authored these words,  however, for those who wanted to forget, Here, once again is this pathetic nightmarish idiot who claims not to be racist , indeed, she claims that EVERYONE ELSE is racist. This is like Homer Simpson saying that this is everyones fault but mine. Yusra Khogali was conspicuously  absent  from todays self serving blame fest   :




    Today, Black Li(v)es matters held a press conference to try and justify their hijacking of the pride parade . It was really just another pathetic excuse for them to inflated their egos with took a serious hit after the parade stunt . Here are the videos of the press conference where they tried to  somehow justify their actions . In n the first video, we see Rodney Diverlus full of himself and thinking that he is all that when actually Rodnery, you’re not even ”  some of that ” . Here is Video 1 of 6 :



    In this next video , we see and hear more of their hate mongering and blaming everyone but themselves :



    I stated that the main stream media does not have the balls to ask the real , tough questions.  However, I DO , and in video 3 , at around the 3:30 mark, I ask point blank for them to explain their terrorist connection  with  the muslim brotherhood.  I was NOT expecting, or wanting  an answer, rather, because this was aired live, my intention was  to expose and air  their connection on live TV . Here is video 3  :



    What? You want MORE ? Sheesh , I thought  that these  3 videos would make you swear off the internet for good but yet, you ant to see more of these idiots making utter fools of themselves ? OK, you  asked for it, you got it . Video 4 , 5 and 6 :


    … video 5


    … and lastly, video 6



    Main stream media was all over these idiots, eating up every word they spewed as if was some sort of  cure for cancer and the common cold . However, here is what the same main  stream media DIDNT show you :



    In the above video, while taking place in NYC, these black lives matters protesters can clearly be heard chanting : ” …. what do we want ? Dead Cops . When do we them ? Now . … ” Does this sound like a peaceful group that wants dialogue ?


    Another great example of what the vast majority of main  stream media will NOT show you is something from  right here in Toronto. The Toronto Sun, the only main stream outlet that is wiling to take on these terrorists, came across a facebook post allegedly made, but not proven yet ( this is still under investigation )  Yusra Khogali who made threat to  the safety of a police officer .


    The following it sourced from here :


    Cops investigate disturbing Facebook post

    Joe Warmington

    Friday, July 08, 2016, 8:26 PM

    A group of Black Lives Matter protesters set up in front of Toronto Police headquarters in March after the Special Investigations Unit cleared a Toronto police officer of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of 45-year-old Andrew Loku. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)


    As the list of police officers shot in the United States grows, there are renewed fears in Toronto about a specific threat on social media towards the police officer cleared by the SIU in the shooting death of Andrew Loku.

    A shocking Facebook post, believed to be put up in April or May, specifically threatens the unnamed Toronto officer.

    “The police officer who killed Andrew Loku. We. Are coming for you. U better believe it. You are going to spend the rest of your life without your family like how Andrew Loku’s 5 children will have to go on without their father. Justice will be served.”

    The posting was discovered by Toronto Police following another disturbing entry discovered on social media on Feb. 9 by Newstalk 1010 host and Toronto Sun columnist Jerry Agar.

    It was a message by Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali who tweeted “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.”

    A Toronto Police source said the tweet was just one of several upsetting social media posting discovered. Sources say like the tweets, the Facebook posting is being investigated to determine if it came from Khogali, as well, or someone trying to make it look like it did.

    “This investigation is still ongoing,” said a police insider. “It was taken down but police do have it.”

    Black Lives Matter has demanded that the officer involved in the Loku case be publicly identified. He is said to be shaken by the Facebook threat.

    Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack called the Facebook posting “disturbing” and an example of how officers can be targeted.

    “We are very concerned about this — especially in the climate right now in Dallas and in other parts of the United states,” he added. “But it is in the right hands (Toronto Police investigators).”

    Black Lives Matter has yet to comment.

    Chief Mark Saunders did not comment on the Facebook posting but he did address the despicable murders of officers in Dallas in an internal message to his service Friday.

    “What happened in Dallas last night and this morning is shocking,” wrote Saunders. “It is beyond our comprehension. Our condolences are with the families of those officers killed and injured.”

    On the potential of something happening here, Saunders said “the safety of the men and women of the Toronto Police Service, who serve and protect this city, day and night, is enormously important to me. I will always make sure you have the best, and safest, equipment, and the intelligence and training to provide you with the greatest protection.

    “I understand how concerning the events in Dallas are, and I know you will continue to take all necessary precautions. I also understand the professionalism and courage of those who work in all the communities of this city, reaching out to those who are vulnerable, building relationships with marginalized communities, and helping communities become more resilient.”

    He was also critical of the Black Lives Matter “shut it down” protest at the Pride Parade — saying their “attacks are inaccurate, irresponsible and inflammatory.”

    Wrote Saunders: “There are clearly people in this city who want to drive a wedge between the TPS and the LGBTQ communities. They will not succeed. It must be a source of great anger to them that the TPS has made enormous strides in recent years to enhance and develop our relationship with those communities.”

    In the meantime, McCormack said he has been in contact with friends he knows at the Dallas Police Association to express condolences and a contingent of Toronto Police officers will be travelling to Dallas for the funerals.

    “We are all feeling this,” said McCormack. “Every officer I talked with — both here and in the U.S. — said they were not surprised this happened because we all have been predicting it.”

    That’s why an ugly Facebook posting like the one directed at one of his members is not something that can be ignored


    So, If the Toronto Sun was able to some across this very important development , why was it that all the other main stream  media outlets ” never saw it ” ?


    Here is more . In this video, we can once again clearly see the DIRECT CONNECTION  between the black lives matters movement and establish terrorist organizations, yet, main stream media seeming  ignore these obvious connections :


    Main stream media has a long history of leaving out key details  because they are often very much involved with these groups. The Toronto Star, as one example, has one of the head organizers and one of the most vile racists in Desmond Cole on their writing staff . He is the one who desperately wants this group engaged in a violent race war . The Star, as many other main stream media outlets have, sadly, become nothing more that P.R.  firms  for organizations like black lives matter, their advertising agency.  They provide colum space for sympathetic writers to spew their hate, they don’t challenge what they see or hear from the organizers , they accept only their view of events and story lines, and they vilify any one else who dares to challenge the story line main stream media wants as it narrative. Main stream media wants to manipulate the story, and YOU into buying THEIR version of a specific narrative.


    There have come about, over a   short period of time, alternative media outlets that have openly challenged the main stream  media outlets who try and control us . Although still fairly new  , they have started to become a serious force in that  they do offer an  alternative view that is far better researched and written. outlets  such as the rebel , Eye on a crazy Planet ,  Blogwrath,  Blazing Cat Fur , Press For Truth ,  Genuinewitty  and of course, right here .  While we here in the alternative media are certainly not afraid to ask the tough questions, we still have a long way to go before we are recognized by the vast majority as legitimate media . This was made clear last weekend during the Al Quds , pro terrorist protest at Queens Park in Toronto , when I was shooting still and video for an upcoming story . I was shooting on one side, when I was making my way to the other side to get equal footage and interviews. I was approached by the commanding police officer who asked me where I was going. I indicated that I was shooting imaged for my blog. He asked me which media outlet I was with . I replied by saying that I am independent media . He responded by saying that independent media doesn’t count . Not wanting to cause any problems , I decided to not argue this, as clearly, he had orders he had to follow as well . I don’t fault the officer for his stating his orders. However, this does show that we are so conditioned to accept only main stream media as the ONLY legitimate source for news and information that all others, regardless of who they are , are not considered as legit media. 


    So, here is what you are supporting by supporting black lives matters :






    Main stream has the potential to , an din fact uses its power to influence you, the public. THEY tell you the story you should pay attention to, THEY offer the  story line they want you to follow and pay attention too , THEY edit the camera shots they want you to see, THEY give you those 30 second sound bites that T they want to you pat attention to  focus on and , formulate your position they want you to take / side with . However, by doing this, these same main stream  outlets deliberately omit certain KEY facts that are crucial and indeed, if known to the general public, has great potential to now sway the viewer / reader from the story line they , ( main stream media intended to brain wash you with )


    WE all see main stream media ask those very predictable soft ball questions , where the answers are predictable,  seemingly scripted answers . However, what really  irritated not only main stream media , but the person  being asked a question , is a question that falls way outside the predicted and, dare i say, expected story line and any deviation from this is a cause of anger from the part of the person being asked a tough question that falls well outside that safe question zone. Watch  this video as an example  of a series of easy, soft ball question asked a local politician here in Toronto . She is very comfortable and easy going with  her answers …… UNTIL , near the end, I ask her a question the people want an answer to , but not one media outlet had the balls to ask her, or of any one else, EVER :


    You see here, Shelly Carroll having an easy time answering soft, predictable no brain questions, until WHAM , yours truly asks to real question the Canadian public want an answer to , She, in predictable fashion, was very obviously angry because she was  asked a real questions that clearly broke from  the story line the rest of main stream media wanted to feed you . She couldn’t handle the truth , so, like the pathetic coward and radical nit case that she is , she simple had her temper tantrum and stormed away.  This is just one example of what alternative  media really does, ask the tough questions that the people WANT answers to .


    I want to move back to the black lives matters movement here because this is one movement , while flavor of the month , as movements go, is a movement so predicated on lies and misinformation  that  its almost impossible to keep track of their lies and garbage spewed … and perhaps , that  is the true design , the genius behind it … so confuse the public that they ( the public )  will buy into anything these terrorists wannabes spew .  Here is a great video that  details the REAL stories behind some of these alleged acts of racial police shootings that have triggered violence  and wild protests . THESE FACTS as outline in this video have been totally omitted from any main stream medias narrative on this movement. However, these clear, yet simple facts, outline the truth, a truth the public has to hear about , but many won’t :



    Main stream media here in Toronto, as, I suspect , i most major city and outlets are owned by a very handful of people, most, if not all of them far left radicals in their own right. How else can one explain the omition of some serious questions about the black lives matters movement and some facts that are clearly being ignored :


    If black lives really do matter to this organization, Why does the media not ask about the following :


    … why are black on black crimes being totally ignored by this movement ?

    … why is black lives matter not out there, in anger, of the shooting death of a pregnant lady sitting in her car, a black lady , who was MURDERED , as well as her yet unborn child?

    … Why does black lives matters ignore the gang , gun and drug culture that  riddles the black community ?

    … Why did black lives matters remain conspicuously silent when two black  people were shot to death at a well known after hours night club, known for gang activity … by other black shooters ? 


    Main stream media has lost its credibility years ago. They are, for the most part, tools for advertisers to  sell their products , or ideas . Facts be danmed . There is an old saying in the media circles: ” ..  never lets facts get in the way of a good story … ” . This seems to be adhered to , to the letter. It appears that  in order to get to the truth and get the  facts, one really will have seek out alternative media , because the main  stream outlets have clearly, no interest in writing , or showing facts.



    Let me conclude by adding this story from Eye On a Crazy Planet  : 




  • …. Because its 2016 …..

    Meow everyone. Yesterday, the larges t mass shooting in the history of the USA occurred in Florida . This shooting was carried our in the name of ISIS, the international terrorist organization bent on destroying the west and anything that has anything to do with western culture. The terrorist killed at least 50 innocent people who where enjoying a night out in a local bar which has been identified a a well known and well respected gay bar . We have all heard about and seen images of how islam treats person who identify as being gay so i am not going to re-post those image here. We already know how this same religion despises gay people … but wait, aren’t they,  the so called ,  religion of peace ?


    These events , do, however, need to remain in our minds , because i  just a few short weeks,we here in Toronto will be host the largest gay pride parade in the world . This event is known to attract well over one million people to enjoy the fun and festivities. There is, however, a very serious problem we do have right here, in Toronto that no one is willing to address. Make no mistake, yesterdays act of terrorism was tragic beyond comprehension, however, while that gut was directly connected to and had sworn himself to ISIS , right here in Toronto, Black lives matters Toronto, is connected to another, equally dangerous terrorist organization. Black lives matter will be leading this years parade. However THIS is what black lives matters is really all about and THIS clearly shows  just how connected they are to the international terrorist organization , the Muslim Brotherhood :


    The Muslim Students Association and “Black Lives Matter” had their display tables set side by side at the recent University of Ottawa “Islam Awareness Week.”  During the full week of 07 March 2015, the two groups handed out books to students and staff at the university and spread their ideology.

    The Muslim Students Association (MSA), was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of its front groups with an eye towards recruitment and education.[1]

    All of those from the MSA seemed to be Sunni Muslim.  None were Ahmadiyya, Ismaili or Shia.  An individual asked about the lack of representation of other Muslim groups stated they did not know why this was occurring.

    Multiple books were handed out.  One was the Qur’an in English, while two others explained that all the scientific progress in modern civilization is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

    The third book handed out was on ISIS and essentially tried to explain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  When questioned, an individual at one of the booths stated that the West and the media are the ones who make a bad image of Islam.  When pushed, this individual said there were no internal contradictions or problems within the faith.

    The presence of a “Black Lives Matter” booth is consistent with the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America.  Attempts by Islamist groups to exploit the black community to their advantage are not new.  The most recent examples were seen in Ferguson Missouri when CAIR USA (Council on American Islamic Relations) made repeated attempts to inject itself and the Islamist ideology into events there.[2]

    CAIR USA itself is a listed terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates[3] as well as being identified as a front group for HAMAS, itself a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

    Ironically, the second most influential person in the Muslim Brotherhood (Sayed Qutb) spent two years in the United States and made incredibly racist statement about blacks.  The most infamous one was:

    Jazz – This is that music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy on the one hand and to excite bestial tendencies on the other. The American’s intoxication in “jazz” music does not reach its full completion until the music is accompanied by singing that is just as coarse and obnoxious as the music itself. Meanwhile, the noise of the instruments and the voices mounts, and it rings in the ears to an unbearable degree….[4]

    The University of Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its list of alumni who have gone on to become jihadist fighters and other major players in the Islamist world. This includes Al Qaeda financier and Human Concern International board member Ahmed Said Khadr from the 1980s and John (Yahya) Maguire who did a propaganda film for ISIS in 2015.  Both were radicalized while associated to the Muslim Student Association at the University of Ottawa.  As noted by Michelle Sheppard of the Toronto Star on her history of Omar Khadr (Ahmed’s son), the Muslim Student Association was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.[5]

    The University of Ottawa Prayer Room

    The University of Ottawa should probably close its common prayer room. The Quilliam Foundation, the world’s leading de-radicalization organization, has stated that Islamist Muslims tend to try to take over common area prayer rooms and create ‘Muslim-only’ areas.  Rather, these rooms should allow for other faith adherents to use these facilities.

    The Quilliam Foundation also notes that university authorities should ensure prayer rooms do not become an Islamist underworld, a centre for Muslim students to withdraw between lessons and thus avoid extra-curricular interaction with other students.   The result of this form of activity is that Wahhabbist and Salafist literature then tends to dominate, the ideology spreads and there is the attempted exclusion of others.[6]

    At the University of Ottawa prayer room, students report that Muslim students tell them they cannot enter the room with their shoes on, even if the event is non-Muslim.  They also report that they cannot find out how to book the room and their efforts are blocked.

    It is not clear who controls the room.  The Community Services office (3rd floor) normally controls all bookings for common rooms.  They, however, appear to indicate this is the one room they do not control.  Their suggestion is to go to the Student Federation, which also claims to not know.  However, they suggest that the VP Social of the Student Federation (Hadi Wess) might be responsible, but that cannot be confirmed.

    Of current interest, it should be noted that the same problem is occurring at Montreal’s Maisonneuve College.  Students who are sympathizers of ISIS have attempted to take over some sections of the library and had done the same to the prayer room/common space, resulting in its closure.  Students at Maisonneuve had reported they were afraid of Muslim students in those areas.  Violence has occurred during the course of the attempted takeovers and the staff at the college fear for their safety.[7] This is occurring in Canada this year!

    Other universities have already closed prayers for reasons of Islamist extremism such as the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Essen Duisburg in Germany.[8]

    University of Ottawa and the Muslim Brotherhood

    A number of individuals at the university have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  While some can be found in the engineering faculty, the most interesting may be Dr. Aliaa Dakroury, who was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication from 2008 to 2012; at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication from 2005 to 2010; and Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Law from 2008 to 2011.  She is now an Associate Professor and School Director of the Social Communications Program at Saint Paul’s University in Ottawa.   Dr. Dakroury is the managing editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).[9]

    What is not noted, however, is that the AJISS is the official journal of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  The IIIT is the think tank of the Muslim Brotherhood[10] and was created as such in 1981, ironically enough by a Canadian of Palestinian origin.  Ismail al-Faruqui left Montreal Canada in about 1978 and created the IIIT in 1980.  The organization was founded following an international conference of “major Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al Qaradawi, in Lugano, Switzerland in 1977. The conference was held under the auspices of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists’, itself a spinoff of the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhoods first public front group in North America.[11]

    Dr. Faruqui was stabbed to death, along with his wife, in 1986 by Joseph L. Young (aka Yusuf Abdul Ali).  The IIIT and others have attempted to pass off this murder as a Zionist or CIA plot, but the criminal investigation and trial showed that the murderer, Mr. Young, was a Black Muslim convert.  He claimed, with some evidence, that he killed Faruqui and his wife due to his poor treatment within the organization, despite having converted to Islam.  Racism may have been a factor.

    The Closing of the Prayer Room

    Should the University of Ottawa consider closing its common prayer room?  Given the problems at the University of Ottawa, as well as those observed at Algonquin College, Maisonneuve College and many others, this is a question worth considering.

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    We need to wake up and realize that these groups are there for one thing and one thing only :  to destroy us, our way of life, our freedoms, our liberties. If the events in Florida were sad and disgraceful, which they were, we must learn from this and become PROACTIVE . This cancer must be stopped. We need to give our security services, our law enforcement agencies the tools and the powers to act to eradicate these terrorist once and for all .. because , one day, soon, these terrorists  will try to do that with us . I HIGHLY encourage everyone that if you see, hear of or know of anyone who acts, suspiciously , call the police.  Welcome to 2016 ….