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  • CFS supports racist organization connected to terrorism

    Meow everyone. With the Ryerson Student union elections now taking place, we need to look at the role the CFS is playing to ensure their slate once again tries to win .


    This year, they have , seemingly been quiet in that there has been nothing overtly obvious to the average observer that would indicate CFS interference . However, a closer look at some  seemingly unrelated events clearly suggest, in my opinion , that indeed, the CFS is trying some dirty tricks this year to get their win. We see very highly respected student leaders being smeared , and oh look at the timing of this …


    However, the CFS is also very good at playing to the popular , flavor of the week events . This time around, its the black lies matters Toronto organization they choose to support … openly. We already know for a vast number of sources and material that this is a organization predicated on overt racism . We already that this organization is directly connected , and supports international terrorist organizations such as the muslim brotherhood.


    So, it sahould not surprise anyone that with student union elections taking place now, or soon  at  Toronto;s Universities , the CFS wants to stick it pathetic nose in there to further THEIR racist agenda’s …. agendas their YOUR student fees pay for.


    Recently , in their official CFS blog, they decided to write a story about black lies matters organizer here in Toronto :




    What the CFS  ” forgot  ” to add were THESE comments , comments made by THIS SAME ORGANIZATION :






    By voting in a CFS affiliated slate, you are empowering them to continue with this level of hate speech , racism , and YOUR STUDENT MONEY is paying these people to enact this level of hate…. you vote them in , YOU PAY FOR HATE SPEECH. At Ryerson University candidate VAJDAAN TANVEER is one of the key organizers of this racist organization, this organization directly connected to a terrorist organization . 


    Stop the CFS before its too late …

  • Your student tuition is DIRECTLY funding known racist organization connected to terrorism …. Part 2

    Meow everyone . In my last article , I introduced you all to the making of a student terrorist supporter and  where some of these seeds are  planted . I showed you  that the Canadian Federation of Students is an organization that claims to support student needs, but instead, they are a self serving organization bent of the highest form of radicalism, where violence and property destruction go hand in hand. In this article , I will take this farther and show you how student unions are DIRECTLY funding organizations that are clearly connected to terrorism … right here in Toronto .


    We are all now , sadly, familiar with the organization called Black Lives Matter Toronto. this organization is lead by a group of the most extreme racists in this city , a group who have stated their desire to create a race war ,  a group who openly advocate for the murder of cops and are as extreme as the KKK . I have referred to them on numerous occasions a racist group that is directly connected to the muslim brotherhood hood terrorist organization. Below are  several documents that clearly support my statement as being factual : 


    The Muslim Students Association and “Black Lives Matter” had their display tables set side by side at the recent University of Ottawa “Islam Awareness Week.”  During the full week of 07 March 2015, the two groups handed out books to students and staff at the university and spread their ideology.

    The Muslim Students Association (MSA), was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of its front groups with an eye towards recruitment and education.[1]

    All of those from the MSA seemed to be Sunni Muslim.  None were Ahmadiyya, Ismaili or Shia.  An individual asked about the lack of representation of other Muslim groups stated they did not know why this was occurring.

    Multiple books were handed out.  One was the Qur’an in English, while two others explained that all the scientific progress in modern civilization is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

    The third book handed out was on ISIS and essentially tried to explain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  When questioned, an individual at one of the booths stated that the West and the media are the ones who make a bad image of Islam.  When pushed, this individual said there were no internal contradictions or problems within the faith.

    The presence of a “Black Lives Matter” booth is consistent with the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America.  Attempts by Islamist groups to exploit the black community to their advantage are not new.  The most recent examples were seen in Ferguson Missouri when CAIR USA (Council on American Islamic Relations) made repeated attempts to inject itself and the Islamist ideology into events there.[2]

    CAIR USA itself is a listed terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates[3] as well as being identified as a front group for HAMAS, itself a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

    Ironically, the second most influential person in the Muslim Brotherhood (Sayed Qutb) spent two years in the United States and made incredibly racist statement about blacks.  The most infamous one was:

    Jazz – This is that music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy on the one hand and to excite bestial tendencies on the other. The American’s intoxication in “jazz” music does not reach its full completion until the music is accompanied by singing that is just as coarse and obnoxious as the music itself. Meanwhile, the noise of the instruments and the voices mounts, and it rings in the ears to an unbearable degree….[4]

    The University of Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its list of alumni who have gone on to become jihadist fighters and other major players in the Islamist world. This includes Al Qaeda financier and Human Concern International board member Ahmed Said Khadr from the 1980s and John (Yahya) Maguire who did a propaganda film for ISIS in 2015.  Both were radicalized while associated to the Muslim Student Association at the University of Ottawa.  As noted by Michelle Sheppard of the Toronto Star on her history of Omar Khadr (Ahmed’s son), the Muslim Student Association was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.[5]

    The University of Ottawa Prayer Room

    The University of Ottawa should probably close its common prayer room. The Quilliam Foundation, the world’s leading de-radicalization organization, has stated that Islamist Muslims tend to try to take over common area prayer rooms and create ‘Muslim-only’ areas.  Rather, these rooms should allow for other faith adherents to use these facilities.

    The Quilliam Foundation also notes that university authorities should ensure prayer rooms do not become an Islamist underworld, a centre for Muslim students to withdraw between lessons and thus avoid extra-curricular interaction with other students.   The result of this form of activity is that Wahhabbist and Salafist literature then tends to dominate, the ideology spreads and there is the attempted exclusion of others.[6]

    At the University of Ottawa prayer room, students report that Muslim students tell them they cannot enter the room with their shoes on, even if the event is non-Muslim.  They also report that they cannot find out how to book the room and their efforts are blocked.

    It is not clear who controls the room.  The Community Services office (3rd floor) normally controls all bookings for common rooms.  They, however, appear to indicate this is the one room they do not control.  Their suggestion is to go to the Student Federation, which also claims to not know.  However, they suggest that the VP Social of the Student Federation (Hadi Wess) might be responsible, but that cannot be confirmed.

    Of current interest, it should be noted that the same problem is occurring at Montreal’s Maisonneuve College.  Students who are sympathizers of ISIS have attempted to take over some sections of the library and had done the same to the prayer room/common space, resulting in its closure.  Students at Maisonneuve had reported they were afraid of Muslim students in those areas.  Violence has occurred during the course of the attempted takeovers and the staff at the college fear for their safety.[7] This is occurring in Canada this year!

    Other universities have already closed prayers for reasons of Islamist extremism such as the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Essen Duisburg in Germany.[8]

    University of Ottawa and the Muslim Brotherhood

    A number of individuals at the university have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  While some can be found in the engineering faculty, the most interesting may be Dr. Aliaa Dakroury, who was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication from 2008 to 2012; at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication from 2005 to 2010; and Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Law from 2008 to 2011.  She is now an Associate Professor and School Director of the Social Communications Program at Saint Paul’s University in Ottawa.   Dr. Dakroury is the managing editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).[9]

    What is not noted, however, is that the AJISS is the official journal of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  The IIIT is the think tank of the Muslim Brotherhood[10] and was created as such in 1981, ironically enough by a Canadian of Palestinian origin.  Ismail al-Faruqui left Montreal Canada in about 1978 and created the IIIT in 1980.  The organization was founded following an international conference of “major Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al Qaradawi, in Lugano, Switzerland in 1977. The conference was held under the auspices of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists’, itself a spinoff of the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhoods first public front group in North America.[11]

    Dr. Faruqui was stabbed to death, along with his wife, in 1986 by Joseph L. Young (aka Yusuf Abdul Ali).  The IIIT and others have attempted to pass off this murder as a Zionist or CIA plot, but the criminal investigation and trial showed that the murderer, Mr. Young, was a Black Muslim convert.  He claimed, with some evidence, that he killed Faruqui and his wife due to his poor treatment within the organization, despite having converted to Islam.  Racism may have been a factor.

    The Closing of the Prayer Room

    Should the University of Ottawa consider closing its common prayer room?  Given the problems at the University of Ottawa, as well as those observed at Algonquin College, Maisonneuve College and many others, this is a question worth considering.

    [1] For more on the founding of the Muslim Student Association and its role in radicalization, see Is the Muslim Student Association of Canada/USA a Recruiting Point for Extremism? The article is online at http://tsecnetwork.ca/2015/09/25/is-the-muslim-student-association-of-canadausa-a-recruiting-point-for-extremism/

    [2] For more on this, see, among many others, http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/islamists-exploit-ferguson-violence-promote-resistance .

    [3] A full list of the terrorism entities can be seen in the article of 14 November 2014 UAE publishes list of terrorist organisations: Cabinet decision includes Al Qaida, Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood. The article can be seen online at http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/government/uae-publishes-list-of-terrorist-organisations-1.1412895 .

    [4] For more on this, see, among others, Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism, Maajid Nawaz, Rowan and Littlefied, page XXI.

    [5] Michelle Sheppard, Guantanamo’s Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Apr 8, 2008.

    [6] For more on the Quilliam Foundation and its views on prayer rooms, see http://www.quilliamfoundation.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/publications/free/pulling-together-to-defeat-terror.pdf .

    [7] For more on the problems at Maisonneuve College, see the 19 February 2016 La Presse article at http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/education/201602/18/01-4952337-tensions-et-intimidation-au-college-de-maisonneuve.php .

    [8] For more on this see http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/three-german-universities-close-prayer-rooms-used-by-muslims-a6930486.html

    [9] See the IIIT information at http://iiit.org/iiitftp/AJISS/AJISS 32 2-4/ajiss32-4 toced.pdf .  See the biography information at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mmunac/6954246715 .

    [10] See the FBI memo concerning this at http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/159.pdf .  For more on the IIIT, see http://www.investigativeproject.org/737/forgotten-investigation-emails-offer-insight-into-iiit-probe

    [11] For more on the founding and history of the IIIT, see https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IIIT-Backgrounder-07-28-14.pdf .


    We see here very clearly that black lives matter Toronto’s  connection with the terrorist group, the muslim brotherhood is clear and undeniable . So now, lets have a look at the faces , and names of the key people involved, with specific attention being given to the student union leaders involved .

    First, we have Rejean Hoillet, the current chairmen of the Canadian Federation of Students and former President of the Ryerson Student Union : 

    Next, we have Sandy Hudson who was the Former presidnt of the U nof T student union, former chairman of the Canadian federation of Students  Ontario and former executive director of the U of T student union :

    Next, we have Pascale Diverlus, one of the most racist scum bags of the bunch . She was the former VP of Equity ( yes, how ironic that  one of the most racist scum bags was involved in equity . ) This is the same idiotic bimbo , who actually thought she can get  the university to charge me with a hate crime after i caught on video , the student union,  ballot stuffing in a student election , which they lost, and accused me of being the architect of their loss . Clearly , I played no part in their demise, although I am  delighted they did loose :



    Sadly, the Diverlus family spawned another equally detestable life form in Rodney , Pascales dirt bag brother . Rodney was the former President of the Ryerson Student Union , Former VP equity of same and former resident of the black students student union  group . Rodney is such a contemptible twerp, that depending on what oppression card he wants to play for what ever moment he needs to , he will tell you that he is either from Haiti , or Cuba , he hates the wealthy , but he claims to have a residence in Miami AND Tampa Florida , as well as here in Toronto , as well as one in Calgary Alberta :



    Next is Alexandra Williams. Yup, you guessed it, out of sheer  luck , wouldn’t you know it, she too was vp of equity  at York university student union ( York federation of Students , or YFS ) .


    Now, lets have a look at this entire group together :


    As with all racists , they often use alias’s or different names online as shown here by Alexandra Williams : aka Alexandria Symone .


    Now, we need to establish , factually , what I have been saying about how YOU as students are funding this racist group, which we have established is directly connected tom the terrorist group known as the muslim brotherhood .


    Daily Caller News Foundation

    BLM Leader Makes Uni’s Student Union Donate Thousands To Movement

    ” … A Black Lives Matter Toronto founding member proposed to have a student organization donate money to the movement, leading to conflict of interest accusations.

    Co-founder Alexandria Williams also serves as vice president equity for York University’s student union, reports the Toronto Sun.

    York Federation of Students (YFS) made two donations to BLM for a total of $7,500. YFS advocates for the student body and tries to make student education “more accessible and affordable.”

    “As long as there is injustice happening in our society, the YFS will support and stand in solidarity with all oppressed groups,” said YFS president Chenthoori Malankov to the Toronto Sun.

    YFS donated $2,500, which was approved in August, 2015.Williams brought forth a motion to send letters speaking out against “police carding” to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory, according to the meeting’s agenda.

    Police carding is a policy where police randomly stop people to get information. Ontario banned the practice in 2016.

    Another member, Huda Alsarraj, proposed the group donate $2,500 to BLM because, “black people are in a state of emergency.” It is unclear if this was debated or if Williams voted in favor of it, because the meeting’s minutes have not been published.

    Williams proposed YFS donate $1,000 to BLM, according to an agenda from Nov. 30, 2015. Another member said the group should donate $5,000.

    When this occurred, Williams served as YFS’s vice president of campus life.

    “The YFS is a democratic organization and our members have the right to put forth motions and it will be discussed,” Malankov said.

    Williams previously led BLM Toronto to shut down Toronto’s gay pride parade in July to demand that police floats be banned from the parade. (RELATED: BLM Protesters Shut Down Canada’s Gay Pride Parade)

    The group planned to protest the parade from the beginning, because of a “historical and current culture of anti-Blackness deeply embedded in the Festival,” Williams said at the time. … “


    I cannot overstate enough how dangerous this group is . They advocate for the murder of cops, they have no issues with putting lives in danger by blockaiding traffic , they are perfectly fine with black males committing murders .. the list goes on . Rodney , the same guy  who was the vp of EQUITY at the ryerson student union, , where hos job was to create an INCLUSIVE space , and dialogue for improved relations , made it very clear that we was NOT INTERESTED in any dialogue that was about including police . He openly supports violent criminals as shown in a video in part one of this series. This group , these people, NEED to be under the most intense microscope our law enforcement and security service agencies have .

  • Guess what time it is ? Yup, its Ryerson Student Union Election time again…. You KNOW what that means

    ******** UPDATE FOR MARCH 07  ********

    Today is the first official voting day for the RSU elections, and i n highly predictable fashion, the dirty tricks squad that supports the CFS has already shown up . Isnt it interesting that CESAR had a new Executive Director in Caitlin Smith  ( read below for more on her ) , under the direction of Denise Hammond  and for the first day of the elections, we already see the first series of LIES the CFS side puts out to sway voters to  their side. Problem is ,  Massa was NOT fired as this poster states  . She was LAID OFF . Fired and laid off are spelled and pronounced differently , but then, One cant really expect the CFS supporting slate to know the difference as they didn’t spend too much time in the lecture halls actually attending classes .    Like I stated below, the pro CFS slate is using a legitimate business decision  for THEIR agenda . The timing is, as I state below not an accident .


    This is a violation of the election rules as posters that pertain to election in cannot cover in any way, the election posters of another slate, person or group. As well, posters must be a certain distance apart from opposing posters…. if memory is correct, they must be six or twelve inches apart






     Meow everyone, yes, its that time of year again,  2016 student union election time at the Ryerson Student Union . So, what are we in for this to add the usual dram to this year election process . Well, lets have a look , first at what took place last year as seen here .  Pay attention to the video, where the slate connected to the Canadian Federation of Students was caught red handed CHEATING by BALLOT STUFFING  by your favorite undercoverkity. Of, they tried to deny it, tried to down play it, tried to deflect away from it, but in the end, they were caught, red handed, and yes, it cost them the election. Personally, I took / take great pride in  having played a small part in destroying their slate and watching them disappear, at least for a year.


    Oh, they tried to accuse me of hate crimes for shooting the video then posting it . One of our favorite malcontents , Pascale Diverlus even though she was smarter than I am  but thinking that she can call campus security to have me removed …. from my own school . OK Pascale, nice try but your utter stupidity shows through  every time you open your mouth and once again, you FAILED . Get used to hearing that word a lot .  Oh , don’t take it as a shock because clearly, you were meant to be a failure . Your black lives protest movement is a FAILURE, just like its leadership . ( that would be you and Rodney )


    Here is Pascale Diverlus from a recent RSU election poster



    So, what do we have in store for this years student union elections? Well, it appears that our favorite nut case , Pascale Diverlus has a new tactic to try … This year, she is playing the race card … oh I know,  how predictable , except that this year, she is NOT RUNNING. This year Twitty Diverlus is capitalizing on  the laying off of one her cronies from the student union , another CFS drone, Gilary Massa. Massa was laid off because her cronies spent so much student money of frivolous garbage that had NOTHING to do with students  that the only way to stay within the student union budget was to restructure the organization and save money were it can be found. Massa was noting more that the mouth piece for the CFS and her job was to make sure that CFS agendas wee followed and implemented . She was an overpaid seat warmer , nothing more.  Here is the first story regarding the case where Massa files a Human rights complain . This is what IS important about the case : ” … Massa’s claims aren’t about having a job, they’re political. … “   Pascale Diverlus couldn’t resist opening her clap trap she calls a mouth and playing the race card . Here are her words: ” … And think about what you as a white woman is doing to a black Muslim woman by ruining her position and saying it is reconstructing. … ”  I wonder how much help she had formulating these words, because she is not bright enough to operate a light switch , let alone, understand business operations. She continues : ” … I have been very emotional about the fact that a black Muslim woman’s job has been removed … ”  Hey, diverlus, what have you got to say about the other person who was also laid off, the white lady . Diverlus, let me blunt , direct and to the point. You’re a pathetic and laughable  hypocrite . You don’t care one bit about a lost job. ALL you want to do is to capitalize on  RACE BAITING  for YOUR personal agenda .  Diverlus, this may come as a shock to your two functioning brain cells , however, guess what, being dark skinned and muslim does not automatically mean you cant get laid off. I know this is a concept far above your intellect,  your ability  to understand ,  but some one has to tell you the truth .  One day, when you grow up and start living in the real world, even you,  may understand this . If, this still eludes you, consult any three year old , they will be able to explain  it to you using  little words.


    Here is Gilary Massa



    Now, why am I so hard on Diverlus ? Well, so far we have seen her play the obvious RACE card to her liking. But what is her stance of a woman getting threatened with death and sexual assault / She is SILENT , not a peep . You can see this for yourself here .  She says NOTHING , silence, not even a squeak . OK, squeak is above her abilities .


    Along with the pathetic racist  garbage by Pascale Diverlus  being used as a ploy to unseat the first, REAL,  LEGITIMATE student government at the Ryerson Student Union,  there are other items that are being used to try and discredit the currant administration. Another serious allegation is the loss of a HUGE amount of student money . Now this is not the first time student money of this quantity went missing . Several years ago, a safe was said to have been outright removed from the used book room which was also run by the Ryerson Student Union . The safe was rumored to contain close to $40,000.00.  Since the currant President may not be aware of that, I will with hold writing about the details of that until I speak with her , as there may be a connection .


    Lastly, also a matter of coincidence ( NOT ) , former RSU president and CFS supporter, CFS staff  member Caitlin Smith just happened to take on the new role of Executive Director at CESAR , the Continuing Education Students At Ryerson. Smith is a VERY close friend of the CESAR president Denise Hammond who just happens to be a close CFS ally. I know, I know, what a shocking surprise about the timing eh ? Smiths arrival is at a key point because some years ago, when the idea was first discussed about on-line voting, I over heard Smith say to someone around her that if it ever went online, she would be able to hack the system to change the votes as well, have her friends who were hackers do the same . Frankly, I don’t know if what I heard her say is  true, or if indeed she can do this, however her very convenient arrival at the most convenient time is no accident  and should be  met with concern, if for no other reason, than to the possibility of interfering with the election process.


    Here is Smith on the  far left in pink top




    Here is Smith and Rodney Diverlus checking  student union election results




    Caitlin Smith is no stranger when it comes to interfering with student union actions, especially when it would involve the CFS. In fact, here is a great example of just how far , quite literally , she went to interfere with an action of a student union.



    Interfering with student elections is nothing new to the CFS affiliated slate and members of the RSU and / or their supporters . A few years ago, at the University of Toronto, then President elect Toby Whitfield of the RSU  was allegedly caught red handed tearing down posters from the French Club at U of t , during, their student union elections. here is the video of him supporting these  allegations :


    The full story of his interference of the student union elections can be seen here .  Another article about those same elections shows a much more elaborate group of pro CFS idiots interfering with the elections.  ” … Harassment, intimidation, and race-baiting are among the complaints brought to the chief returning officer in the UTSU elections … “  Does this sound familiar ?  Of course it does because this is exactly what is happening right NOW with Pascale Diverlus and her mindless moronic minions.  From the link above, we clearly see a well rehearsed pattern of interference in the election process :



    Non-U of T campaigners


    : … Toby Whitfield, Ryerson Students’ Union VP finance and services and president-elect, is campaigning for Stronger Together for the second year in a row. In March 2009, Whitfield told the Eyeopener, a Ryerson student newspaper, that he was campaigning because he was friends with the incumbent slate. Darshika Selvasivam, VP campaigns and advocacy at the York Federation of Students, has also been spotted campaigning for Stronger Together. Change campaigners are all U of T students, according to Masse.

    Student union leaders from campuses that belong to the Canadian Federation of Students, an umbrella lobby group, have campaigned at each other’s campus elections. In 2008, Maclean’s reported that YFS president Hamid Osman had left Toronto during the York University strike to participate in a CFS-Ontario campaign to have U of O students join the federation. Also in 2008, York University student newspaper The Excalibur reported that Osman and two other YFS execs were seen campaigning in RSU elections for the Renew slate. In 2009, the CFS-Québec deputy chair-elect, Noah Stewart-Ornstein, was shown in a video tearing down seven campaign posters during elections at Concordia University. … “


    Rodney Diverlus was also caught on video interfering with the U of T elections in another. Here is that video :



    Here is the supporting article to the above video.

    Well, like last year, it is my fullest intention to get right into the faces of these pro CFS morons and totally and royally piss them off as much as i possibly can … within the law. So, where will my camera be ? Who will I catch trying to buy votes? Pascale, next time you see me and think that by counting to three, you will hasten my desire to move along, I  have news for you. I will have already taken your photograph for my archives on the radical nut cases . It will , however , be fun to see if you have learned to count to four though.


  • The 2015 Ryerson Student Union elections …. the years of work finally paid off

    Meow everyone. Many of my readers  will know that years ago, when I started this blog, I did so to expose the Ryerson  Student Union as nothing more than a sham organization. I have shown time and time again that they in fact  do nothing for the student they take millions of dollars from. They do , however,  live a pretty good life on the money from students.


    One of the major, contentious issues was that the student body knew of these qualities of the student union but somehow, come election time, the same slate always managed to win the elections. Oh there were rumblings for years about rigged election, ballot box stuffing and so on. However, while these allegations were exactly that, allegations, something much more concrete would be needed to expose this pathetic excuse of an organization.


    I have spent years chasing these clowns, getting in their faces when so required, going down every road available to me . Yes, those who know  me know,  full well,  that when I am interested in something, nothing stops me from getting  to my goal. Threats don’t stop me , physical actions don’t stop me , NOTHING stops me .


    This week proved the level of  determination I have to arrive at the bottom of a story . I decided to once again cover the student union elections , and in highly predictable fashion, the RSU tried everything to prevent me to even being present  at or near one of their precious polling stations. However, I actually have the RSU themselves, to thank for my tenacity this year.


    My readers will recall this article I wrote  about two members of the ” Unite Ryerson ”  slate running for office this year. One clearly and openly supported the killing of cops  and while he made a half heart’d  ” apology ” , everyone clearly saw that this was indeed  not an apology , but rather , a weak attempt at damage control. His backing student union was quick to defend him and his comments , and invented some half baked excuse to  ” justify ” his comments. The second person in the same article is one who openly promoted racial segrigation , indicating that white people should always remain in the rear, and only come forward when or if a black person is being confronted by police. Hmmm, here is a novel idea, if you don’t want the police to confront you,  ummmm, maybe, don’t commit crimes … just sayin’ .


    So, with the seeds planted by the student union themselves, this election was going to be more closely  watched anyway, and there was no way  I was going to miss this. So, being as disgusted as I was about what Zidane Mohamed said,  decided to make my own little sign and  undertake a symbolic protest and voter awareness campaign against the RSU. So, prior to me taking step one, I contact Ryerson Security services and explained exactly what I wished to undertake . I wanted to be certain that my own actions were going to be within the guideline of the universities code of conduct,  not be offensive and be totally non-confrontational . If I was going to take them on, I had to ensure that my own actions would be of a high standard so nothing can come back against me.



    Well, it didn’t take long before the RSU took it upon themselves to call Ryerson Security on me , as I was near their polling station. In fact, the rules are clear. No one side may campaign within  30 feet of a poling station. I was not campaigning for any side, rather, what I was doing was to show who NOT to vote for. I took the advice and direction from  security services  without question. They already knew that I was never a trouble maker so they was no  chance of an issue with me anyway.


    Since I was on my own anyway, I had only planned on going to the major poling stations and stay for only about an hour at each station per day, totaling about three hours. I had a surprising amount of support, yes, many students supported me, but to my surprise, I have had a number a of tenured staff and professors  come up to me to thank me for speaking up and speaking out against this student union. However, while everything they said was really kind and welcome, what  I was about to discover was about to blow these elections wide open .


    My first stop was on Monday, the first day of these elections. I stopped off first in the Library Building where one of the most popular and busiest poling stations was situated . The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the station already set up and ready to , but with one very important and significant problem … an  UNSEALED ballot box , as seen here :






    The Deputy Returning Officer ran over to me , almost screaming, ( pretty laughable actually ) and threatening me that if this makes t online, there will be serious consequences. Well DRO, here ya go , its online, do your worst .  While I was there, of course the RSU executive made every attempt to try and have me removed , going so far as to call Ryerson security on me, at the first sighting of me.  Umm Jesse Root, the guy who actually thought he could successfully have me removed , tried every argument imaginable. Actually , his imagination far surpassed his ability to stick to facts, so Jesse, good try but …… FAIL . Fail appeared  to be the predominant  theme for the RSU that day because they tried several more times and each time, they  FAILED . Well, don’t ever let it be said that communists are not consistent.


    Word was getting out that the RSU was at least for a short time, being symbolically challenged, and right in their home turf so to speak . Several people came up to show support for my little protest. I indicated that I was not thear to do anything more that let the facts , well known and publicized facts speak for themselves . The Students need a student union that will work for THEM, as opposed to the self entitlement  the current student has and the  disdain they hold for the students now.


    My Blackberry is always within reach and is a very handy tool of mine. Yes, I am a die hard Blackberry user  and have no intention of switching any time soon.  It came in handy as it is easy to use and requires very little to get it ready for those times when one needs a fast shot . This was going to prove itself in my next destination, The Ted Rogers  School of Management or TRSM for short. This building is home to the Ryerson School of Business and for the most part, not a friendly place for the RSU . Two poling stations were set up in this building as it is home to more than 6000 students in the various programs taught in this building.


    I made it a point to visit BOTH stations, keeping in mind that I did make an agreement with Ryerson Security to remain at least 25 feet from the actual polling both. I thought this was fair,  as no one involved as a candidate was allowed to be within this area either . While I was not actually campaigning for a position, I agree to the distance request to ensure that no potential for a verbal altercation would materialize, especially with such opposite points of view. Of course once again, the RSU executive there,  called security on me, and once again , they learned the meaning of the word … FAIL . They were clearly flustered at the fact that they were not able to get rid of me , and this time, I present a real threat to to their ability to garner votes for their slate. I had significant support there, support not limited to students alone, but rather to heads of depts.  and tenured professors .  There was significant disgust towards the RSU member making the support statement of killing cops , as well,  the other candidate who openly supported racial segregation.


    What I saw next could only be described as utter mind boggling. The RSU has long been accused of stuffing ballot boxes wit  ballots to ensure that THEIR  slate wins the RSU elections, after all, there is a lot at stake in wining . I have been searching , looking for evidence of this for YEARS, when right in front of me, the poll clerk is going that. I quickly armed myself with my Blackberry and shot this short video, a video CLEARLY showing this poll clerk, taking some ballots and placing them into the ballot box. This is strictly now allowed.  Here is that video :




    The Ryerson Student Union has time and time again gotten away with  things because there was no hard evidence to support the claims made. When the RSU is confronted with allegations, they of course deny it . … NOT THIS TIME …  This time , however, UNDERCOVERKITY  was prowling  and arrived at the evidence . It is now up to the university as to what they will do about this. This election and this years slate of candidates has caused enough damage to the reputation of Ryerson University, in my opinion, that they ( the university )  will have to act.


    I have to say that of all the stories and events this site have been covered over the years, this to me is very satisfying as this one video, all 12 seconds of it ,  was close to ten years in the making . There is no hiding from Undercoverkity and once I latch onto to something, I’m like the old GI Joe with the King Fu grip  🙂  To RSU, it has been a real pleasure catching you in the act . Please continue on your ways, while you can . I will enjoy and take great joy in being there to catch you in the act once again, exposing you further. Thank you .


    **** UPDATE for February 11 2015 ****


    It appears that the RSU has now  back on serious damage control. The Video clearly caught them off guard and rather the admit they screwed up, they are reverting to their usual tool, deflect away from the facts. They just posted this into their facebook page :


    rsu confession


    This is what it really should read as :


    ” … Our arch nemesis Undercoverkity  has once again caught us red handed , foiling our plans for yet another election win. While the video he shot clearly shows one of our poll clerks placing ballots into a ballot box, it is our opinion that since  we are entitled to hold this office for as long as we wish, the poll clerk was simply thinking outside the box and  assisting us in ensuring our continued rule . For this, she will be rewarded. However, in the interest of ( fake ) transparency , and although we are running for office, and further, also conducting these elections, we will be of course conducting our own investigation . After we have found no wrong doing took place we will resume our usual course of action , that being to  continue with our entitlements while making empty promises to the students who’s money we gladly take, but provide no services to. We will announce our finding  of no wrong doing once the elections have been won. … “