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  • Professional cop baiter plans disruption at Nuit Blanche event

    Meow everyone. it should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the professional protest crowd for years, that they will stoop to new lows, even seeking out new ways to become more hated and to be even more disruptive.  Well, this weekend will , sadly, yet again prove this to be the case.


    In my last story, you were introduced to Doug Johnson Hatlem, a professional protester and cop baiter . Well, it appears that even though we got rid of this parasite as he moved to Chicago, it appears that for some reason  that I cannot explain, not only is he allowed back into Canada, but his return, albeit for a short time , will be for the purpose of causing yet MORE disruptions of peace , order and civility .It appears that Mr. Hatlem , who makes the claim to be some street paster, would rather spread hate and promote violence , support violent anarchists than actually look for way to prevent all that. He is a  text book example of what bullshit so called religion really is .


    Nuit Blanche is an annual city wide over night art festival that attracts tens of thousands to art , many who may never have a chance to go to our fine galleries , as well, it brings out some our very best , far too often, unknown but brilliant artists.  I have attended this event for several years now and I am  still amazed as to some of the works I have a chance to both shoot, and simply witness. However, this years event will seemingly have more participant, an illegal one at that , who’s sole purpose is to disrupt and possibly  create a very public confrontation with police. That is what he does, he is a professional cop baiter. Here, in his own words , we see his intentions:



    Here is the link to the facebook page he created for HIS event:



    If you see this person, he is not there to entertain you. His purpose for being there is to disrupt the event and if at all possible, confront police . Here is what this idiot looks like :



    If you plan to attend this years event, have a great time as I am hearing that this years event promises to be fantastic. However, if you see this guy, leave the area for your own safety as he will no doubt try ad bait you into being an unwilling accomplice .