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  • It must be a boring week in the antifa / anarchist world this week

    Meow everyone. Oh people, what a week this has been . The story is still developing so stay tuned.The story will begin  with a ” cry for halp ” from the proverbial damsel in distress . 




    You  will hear from the lone ” hit man ” who will travel great distances to kick my ass .


    You will hear from Ontario’s newest supreme court judge . Yes, even a judge got into this . This new judge is not just any judge . Oh no . He is a new SUPER JUDGE .


      You  will hear from Johnny Ringo  who will try and run me out of town .



    Why, Johnny Ringo , I’m your huckleberry . 


    Yes, you will, finally, through a great source of intelligence ,  learn that I am a secret agent . ( I guess it wont be a secret any more )  .   You will read about the person sent in to do an assessment on me ( after all , I was just  outed as a secret agent ) , and then , will commence ” operation head fuck ” .  People, as an added treat , you will also hear from one of the film industries  leading , and MOST senior executives , and just what sort of powers he has … yes, he is indeed a legend … in his own mind .  There will be other surprise guests as well , but come on now , I cant just give it all away right here .


    Stay tuned ……






  • Freedom of speech, freedom of expression …. its disappearing in front of us , and we are willingly allowing this to happen

    Meow everyone. We here in Canada , as in most of the civilized world , civilized meaning a democracy based system  of governance, have many rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press  and so forth. Included in those freedoms is the right, or freedom to express ones political beliefs and even to openly oppose a democratic system . If anyone has ever been to a protest, you will always see communists , socialists, maoists  and so forth. The three i just mentioned  are about as far from the promotion of free speech as one can get. I am not going to get into the individual politics here of each of these , however, they are all predicated on the destruction of a civil and free society .


    Freedom of the press is a rather unique one , because , media is ever evolving  and inventing itself . We are used to the traditional forms of media such as news papers ad TV networks to deliver our daily news , and we have the expectation that the news being delivered is accurate and fair . NOTHING is farther from the truth . In fact, I postulate that media, and in particular, main stream media , are the very first one to not only deny free speech and freedom of expression  , they outright lie and mislead us with what is nothing more that sugar coated propaganda . Many years ago, the CBC actually sent their on air news casters to ” finishing school ” , to give them British accents , in the belief that the general public was  more trusting of a person with a British accent , therefore, the news that he delivered must be true and accurate.


    Our newspapers  and television  today are of course nothing more that public relations firms for governments  and the ruling political parties. These agencies spew out a bunch of useless information intermixed with  political propaganda , day after day,  to their unsuspecting  , and frankly, not very bright audience . They do this either by telling you  something that is an outright lie , but mostly, they tell you , in different words, what the political parties want you to know, and regurgitate . Lastly, the  main stream media will tell you only ONE SIDE of the story , deliberately omitting any other points of view or  facts that disagree with the official party line . Remember, these political  parties that control these media outlets want to remain in power , and facts or opposing views are a fast track to losing that power.


    The Toronto star is a great example of how they as media , controlled the  story around black lives matter Toronto . They gave THEM a voice while those who opposed the movement where quickly called racists. They even gave Desmond Cole his own editorial piece biweekly  , where he was allowed to openly spew his race hatred , anti police garbage and incite a race war . The readers have finally had enough of his bullshit and so he was fired , but not before the damage was done.


    Black live matter Toronto was the Stars little baby spoiled brat charity project  i suppose but if we look closely at that ( bowel ) movement , we see clearly that again, free speech and freedom of expression  was not only the last thing on their mind, it was indeed made clear that it was UNWELCOME . Here, in the words of one of their head organizers , Rodney the Racist Diverlus, he outright states that he is not interested in hearing from bot sides :


    But Rodney, I thought you advocated for equality….


    As you see in the above screen shot, Racist Rodney also advocates for segregation . Clearly, no space here for freedom of speech and freedom of expression . 


    Social media was supposed to be this great equalizer . It was supposed to be there to allow the common person to report news, express opinions, agree , disagree , even get into heated debates. Well, once big corporations get involved, you knew it was just going to be a matter of time before that too was to come to an end .  It turned out that social media is just as guilty as the rest of main stream media to censoring free speech …… but it is going this selectively , and clearly to its own agenda.


    Several weeks ago, I was thrown into facebook jail  for this exact comment :


    I stated a clear fact , as shown in the comment which was removed, and my subsequent time in facebook jail . Here, the fact was that some of these so called ” refugees ” that were allowed into Canada are indeed, rapists go unpunished and allowed to continue their crime sprees . So we see here that being critical of of refugees can land a person in facebook jail .


    However, lets look at an example , of what is clearly far more harmful , and yet,  this , according to facebook is quite alright as it does not violate their standards : 



    So, I just want to be clear here… its NOT ok for one to be critical  of refugees , but it is perfectly fine to threaten  to kill someone , and such threats do not, somehow violate community standards? Hmm, free speech ? Hardly …..


    We move forward to what is happening right now in Canada . We recently had a motion in Parliament passed to create laws around hate speech … but related ONLY one particular religion. To be clear, I do not , and will not ever support islam , and anything to do with it. However, here in Canada, people have the right to practice what ever they wish . This motion  would try and give islam special treatment , so much so that almost anything that one says about it negatively could be considered as hate speech. The huge flaw in this motion , and I think it is a deliberate flaw , it that it allows one to say anything they want against any other religion without punitive measures, but speaking against islam would be treated as a potential hate crime. But wait, we already have hater crime laws in the books , so why are we creating special laws just for one cult?  There is much more to this of course that I will cover here , but the point here is that  once again, our free speech rights are being slowly and methodically taken away  to suite a political agenda .


    With bill M-103, we have had of course, the usual number of riots and protests, by both sides of this argument . One side is of the same mindset as I am in that we already have laws around this, we don’t need, and should not create specific laws  and capitulate  to one cult. The other side of course, the  ones filled  with communists see this as a huge walmart and pounced on it … for this bill gives them exactly what they want … the removal of a democracy in favor of their communist agenda .


    Recent world events , sadly have  forced government to make some drastic changes , that , do indeed, erode some of the freedoms and liberties  we had only a few years ago. This is , sadly, a by product of terrorism and is exactly what the terrorists want . They want people living in fear , suspecting everyone  and anything.  The even sadder part here, is that our governments are playing right into their hands by capitulating to their demands . The price of freedom is never free , and it will only be valued when people are willing to take a stand and say enough is enough .

  • The seemingly intentional demise of main stream media

    Meow everyone. We are all aware of the various mainstream media outlets and their political affiliations. There is left leaning media such as every newspaper in Toronto with the exception of the Toronto Sun. We have the CBC which is nothing more that the governments public relations firm .


    Of late , especially  during the recent US presidential campaign and of course now that Trump is the President , the new term of ” Fake News ” has emerged as the catch phrase to distinguish , at least to the unsuspecting public, the difference between real, legitimate news , and news that has been manufactured to use as propaganda tools . Depending on what  media outlet you choose to listen to , or watch , your news will be delivered , slanted to their political affiliations.


    Many years ago, when I was a student at York University, I had to take a media course for the program I was studying at that  time. This was back in the  mid 1980’s, when  buzz words like fake news did not exist. While the words themselves were not part of the language,  the delivery most certainly was … even back then . One thing that stuck with me  was something my professor reminded us of, perhaps foretelling the future of what we have now come to know as ” fake news ” . He reminded us that many years earlier, the CBC actually sent their on air news casters to a ” finishing school ” to give them British accents . It was suggested that the public would place more trust in a person delivering the news with this British accent , as they  would appear to be more trustworthy .


    As the years wore on, so to  have our demands for more immediate news feeds and coverage . In Toronto, a new TV station was created  called CITY TV , which was geared to a more urban environment  and offered a first in Canada , an actually LIVE EYE truck , which could give you ” as it happens ” news flashes . The truck can bee , still at their station building  at John and Queen in Toronto :


    As news delivery developed , so did the manipulation of news. A fast forward to more recent events clearly showed how main stream media skewed the news and how they reported it , to suite THEIR agendas , while totally ignoring what they actual facts were . The Toronto Star comes to mind in how they reported the G20 riots in Toronto, and how they glamorized the riot organizers , and vilified the police . Primarily from this, spawned a new type of media, alternative media . 


    This blog you are reading is alternative media , well , one form of it . Alternative media showed up as , well, an alternative to main stream media . This idea is / was to offer a balanced , non biased reporting of events ….. often times, covering the exact same events that mainstream media covers,  but without the political slants. 


    In this new age of alternative media , literally anyone with a camera  , even the most cheapest of cameras, a cheap computer and an internet connection could now be alternative media . Asa alternative media , we do have some advantages in that we can get into places more easily because we are not lugging around huge carts of equipment . We get to ask questions in the same way that main  stream media asks them . The difference, is that  the vast majority of us are NOT connected to one political party or another, so our reporting reflects this non affiliation. Tough questions are asked to BOTH SIDES .


    In the ago of alternative media, one thing that has, sadly become more and more prevalent , is just how lazy main stream media has become. It appears that to them, facts simply get in the way of their pre-written stories . Alternative media are ones who spend time , A LOT OF TIME researching information, fact checking and researching some more before something goes out. Case in point.  My VERY GOOD FRIEND genuinewitty broke a story about the black lives matter Toronto racist organization where HE uncovered several racist rants by one of it head organizers . Yet now, TODAY , ” … Publications around the world are giving credit to the Sun for breaking the story on Yusra Khogali’s “white people are sub-human” rant that I broke last year. … ”


    While the Toronto Sun is a credible newspaper which does deliver the facts, albeit in a rather sensational fashion, even they failed to recognize the FACT the Greg broke the story a full YEAR before  the Sun. Yet, Greg, has not received credit for HIS story garnering world wide attention which this story should, rightfully have . This is the problem with mainstream media. They want , and ALL they want, is  to sell newspapers.  They little to no research on her, yet they are proudly proclaiming this great find, and now sharing it to the world for all to see . In one way , great, we DO want the world to see and recognize how dangerous and racist black lives matter Toronto really is , an dyes, it is possible that this may just push this group into the homes of the average reader and they will understand the extreme danger this group poses . On the other hand, by them not giving credit to Greg for discovering this a full year ago, they are using their power to suppress alternative media , and claiming facts as their own, whether stated , or implied. The Toronto Sun should do the right thing  here and state that this story was first broken by Greg . If this was in a university setting, The Sun  could be expelled from university  for plagiarism for not crediting Greg as the original source  for the story in question.  

  • Radicalism rules this city ….. Part 2 …The Toronto 2010 G20 ……. what really happened ?

    Meow everyone, in part 1 of this series ,  I introduced the hypothesis that we lost the city of law and order to radicalism and how it was now supported by city hall , an show our police force was not being  told to  look the other way as these violent radicals were going on their rampages .I started with the day we gave this city up, commencing with the illegal and highly dangerous tamil protest and occupation of a major free way in Toronto. I looked at the political make up and affiliations of those who lead and organized this illegal blockade , as well the affiliations of those in city hall.  In this segment , I will explore in depth, the G20. This has left al ot of people asking alot of question, with very answers forthcoming. . However, with over a years worth of asking questions, I think I have some answers .


    I have asked this in other articles I have written but will once again send this out there .. I WELCOME input , opinions, thoughts , corrections and any other feed back from my readers . I would especially love to hear from present , and former police officers  , ( anonymously is fine ) ,  from front line ,  senior officer  and command officers . who can either add , or  correct anything I state here .


    Six years ago, Toronto Host the G20 countries economic conference. For the most part, these are boring events with a bunch on  men and women in suites and ties talking policy and economics. However, this event also lends itself to the violent agendas of the hard core radicals who see this group as oppressive . This group of radicals somehow feels that progress and economic stability is not as important as their communist agendas. This leads us here to the subject I am going to be discussing here today .


    The G20 conference had several protests going on during the week. Just about every fringe groups was out there to protest something. If they didn’t like the color of your hair, they were protesting that. If they  felt that you car was better then their car, yup, they were protesting that . Undesirable  color of your shoes ? Yup, that was worthy of a protest.  However, one thing was a commonality to all these fringe groups protests …. they were useless and stupid…. as where the people that were protesting.


    Having said that, however, there was a small group of people there who were there to one thing, and one thing ONLY , that being to spend as much time destroying and much as possible. These were the professional rioters. . Here are some examples of their brand of protest :






    After seeing these videos, a great many questions were asked,with  few answers forthcoming. I have discussed in the past , who the major players were in these riots so there is little need to go over that . This article will cover what the police did, and did not do during these events . I have had a chance over the years to speak with many front line officers who were where there to see this first hand . I was there as well and what I saw, in some cases made little to no sense, but then,  started asking lots of questions over the years , and slowly, things were starting to become a little bit more clear .


    Once again, as in the tamil illegal occupation , we saw , front and center , heads of radical student unions and the Canadian Federation of Students  LEADING these riots, and always present when and where there was property destruction . I am NOT saying that these CFS and radical student unions leaders themselves were directly engaged in these acts of destruction and violence, , however, they most certainly knew about it, as they were in close, direct proximity to these riots . Here are some obvious examples of there whereabouts during the rioting : 




    Clearly, here, we are now starting to see that the CFS and their fellow radical student unions and their leaders are vry much part of the problem in this city .



    One of the more common areas of discussion revolved around who was supposedly ” targeted ” by police as being some one who should be treated as suspicious. It was said, by the hard core radicals and those who were directly involved in the rioting, that people who wore black clothing, were from Quebec, people who who back packs, people who photographed building people who were too close to the fence, were all targets suitable to detaining and possible arrest. I can say with absolute certainty , that  that was simply NO TRUE . I wear black clothing almost exclusively and was not detained. I am from Quebec and believe it or not, being from Quebec, we do not wear large neon  signs to denote our province of origin. As a street action photographer, I shoot buildings all the time, and this event was no exception, but also was not an issue. I carry my equipment in a back pack , so yes, once again, no issue. Some might say that this was only because some cops knew me from previous events. Fair enough , however, the cops from out of town , and other divisions would certainly NOT have known me so once again, easily debunked. So, so far, we have been able to debunk in its entirety the theories these radicals arrived at to justify being stopped and detained . …. another G20 falicy DEBUNKED


    However, we now have an even bigger question to ask . The currant flavor of the month protest fringe group, black lives matter Toronto claim that only black males are being targeted by police, But Rodney, during the main protest march, you are caught on video, marching, with a bunch a WHITE guys telling ” fuck the police ” . Umm, if only black males are the subject of police targeting that brainless twit claims, how come it was most white people who got cuffed and stuffed Rodeny ????  Oh , right, I forgot, you answer changes to suit the  moment, never mind, carry on.




    One of the most talked about topic was the destruction of several police cars  which were set on fire. The agreement within the radical movement was that these cars were indeed bait cars , cars left at strategic locations to be deliberately destroyed. One such car was a car that was set on fire on Queen street west. In fact, these were NOT bait cars at all. In the image below, you can clearly see that the car in question was NOT abandoned there, indeed, the officer was still IN HIS CAR . The rear window was smashed out and a thug threw into the car a molitov cocktail. The officer was not aware of the cocktail being thrown in . I was there to see  a large number of back up officers come to his rescue .  In this video, you can see very clearly that the officer was still in his car when he was attacked :







     In my photo archives, I have an image of this exact car , a short time previous to this, on the corner of College and University ave, with the same officer inside on patrol . ….. BAIT CAR DEBUNKED .


    Many questions arose around the ida that as the riots made their way down Yonge street ,  prior to these riots , there where lliteraly hundreds of cops on the street, yet shortly before the riots actually started , there was a sudden and total disappearance of officers from that same street . How and why was this . I spoke with several officers about this and got two different answers . One answer I was given was that it was totally coincidental in  that there was a shift change at that moment . OK, this may be possible but frankly , Im not buying into that  because it would make no sense, based in the flow of ” as it happens ”  intelligence , to knowingly abandon ones post , or retreat when one knows that the enemy is approaching fast . HOWEVER , what does make sense , and I was also told this, was that this a retreat ordered by command  to protect officer safety as they would have been greatly outnumbers by the rioting mob. However, this begs the question , why were police alowing this mob , to actively and freely destroy  the city ? Surely, with more than 25,000 police officers brought into the city for this one event,  a few hundred would have been designated  to keep this uruly mob in check ….. wouldn’t they ?


    It was no secret that the bad guys had police scanners that could monitor the standard police channels . At that time , the police frequencies where not encrypted as they are today, making it easy to listen  to the latest, real time activities of the police. The G20 officers , however, did have encrypted radios , and I believe that this was one of the primary reasons why all police radios are now encrypted. Yes, of course there are the obvious privacy and security / officer safety issues as well .


    One of the biggest questions  that to this day , has gone unanswered is , who gave the orders / who was calling the shots during the G20, and especially during the rioting. Two names have constantly come up .. Chief Bill Blair , and former Deputy Chef Pete Sloley . Pete Sloley was Deputy Chief and rose through the ranks rather quickly. He was with the police force for 27 years , however, many front line officers have stated that during that time, he actually spent only TWO YEARS of those 27 on the street as a cop .  The rest of the remaining 25 year was in administrative duties . In other words, he had , according to the cops on the street, zero actually policing experience . It was said that it was him who was in  the command communication center , calling many of the orders when the rioting took place . If you are reading this Pete Sloley , I welcome you to contact me and give me your version of these events .. I would LOVE to hear what you , as a senior command officer have to say . As well, I would very much welcome any other front line , or command officer to share their version of what happened….. totally anonymously of course . 


    This brings us to the Chief, Bill Blair.  Chief blair was a well respected Chief who also rose through the ranks . He, unlike Sloley, has a long, proven track record of policing  and he did spend a lot of time on the street as a cop. What set him apart as  Chief is his ability to speak and think quickly, on his feet. He played the political game flawlessly , and was rewarded for this by become a currant , standing federal politician . But, why Chief Blair are you not willing, to this day, answer the one question  on every ones mind, still, as to who gave the orders , Not to engage the rioters . My guess is that as the standing chief , it would have been you , since this event was taking place in your jurisdiction.


    One theory that t has been floating around , as to why there was no intervention with the rioters ,, was a communication  breakdown. Well, that is stating the obvious. but wait, there is more .  A couple of officers I spoke with , seemed to suggest that this was actually deliberate . The idea, if accurate was that  it was hoped that it would have bee out of province officers engaging the rioters, so, that in the event that there was possible injury to rioters, the SIU ( special investigations unit ) would not be able to investigate, because they do not have jurisdiction outside of Ontario , or the officers actions who are from out side. I am not fully buying into that theory, but I can see how that is at least plausible .


    Next, I go the the famous, or infamous ketteling that took pace on the Saturday, in the evening, in the rain. This one event seemed too , more than any other event, turn the public against the police. It appeared that the police had surrounded a group of protesters into an intersection, and refused them the opportunity to exit. It was said that even a member of the main stream media was arrested for refusing to leave.  Well, after speaking with several people,  both police and civilians , I quickly learned that this was NOT entirely true.  In the accompanying video , you can clearly see that indeed, people ABSOLUTELY COULD leave the area if they wanted to :




    You can see from this video that there was enough room there to build an  airport . HOWEVER, yes, later one, there was a group of about 250 protestors who were secured into a confined space . THis decision was made by a command officer , Superintendent Fenton . He, rightly, made the call that no one one else was willing to make, that being to hold everyone as there was a very high degree of probability that active rioters where using this area as a possible escape route . He made this decision, on his own, when command would not even make the decision to stop this riot before it became out of control. It was stated that he employed heavy handedness , and even detained mainstream media . This is NO TRUE . The was indeed a member of main stream media there to cover this , but they were free to leave at ANY TIME. A reporter was there with a camera man . The reporter was asked if she wanted to stay, se said yes, the camera mans stayed with her , even though he too was given the option to leave .if he wished.  BOTH mainstream media people there stayed of THEIR OWN CHOOSING and could have left ANY TIME. I had several officers tell me this . ….. another G20 falicy DEBUNKED 


    In part 3 , I will continue on thee G20 , but I will focus my attention on how the cities politicians failed us as citizens  and failed of police officers …. INTENTIONALLY  . In fact, I am going as far as to say that they  threw one front line officer under the proverbial  bus , referring to the officer on queen street who was attacked while still in his car , as well as command officer Fenton , who was made the scapegoat for the utter ,  total and willful  incompetence  of city hall, the Mayor  of the day and the highest levels of police command . ….. stay tuned …..


  • Radicalism rules this city ….. Part 1 …… The Day we lost this city

    Meow everyone. I have been working on this series now for over a year to get as much information as possibly can , and, while I may never get everything I wanted , I will do my best ti fil in the blanks with what i hope is at least, the best possible  hypothesis , I can  I will cover the very start  of the downfall of this city with respects to where, and when the radicals were given free reign over this city, seemingly uncontested , as well , who the players were behind this demise of law and order .That famous Tamil protest, the occupy movement , the radical student strikes, Idle no more , black lives matter Toronto will all be covered here  . In some cases ,  I will republish previous articles I wrote on the specific subjects because they are both accurate and since many of these events have already taken place, there is not historical change to them. However, their relevance to this series is important enough to remind people of what took place and who were the ones calling the shots, as well as how these events shaped future events .


    I have asked this in other articles I have written but will once again send this out there .. I WELCOME input , opinions, thoughts , corrections and any other feed back from my readers . I would especially love to hear from present , and former police officers  , ( anonymously is fine ) ,  from front line ,  senior officer  and command officers . who can either add , or  correct anything I state here .


    Today we start with the Tamil protest of 2009 . First , here is the chronological order of the events that lead up the major blockade incident that forever changed the way this city , and our police services handle protests .


    ( sourced from here )


    Jan. 29

    It started out as a demonstration along University Ave. Thousands of Tamils from across the GTA gathered carrying signs and waving flags. Their message: family members, friends and relatives are all dying back home in a brutal conflict. They want someone to notice and take action to stop it.

    Jan. 30

    It was the first time many in the city had seen anything like it – a massive human chain that stretched along Bloor to Yonge, down to Front and up University. Tens of thousands of Tamils gathered to garner attention about the troubles overseas. While it was a visual distraction for drivers heading home along some of the city’s busiest downtown streets, the protestors stayed off the road and made their point in what officials would call a remarkably peaceful demonstration. Later descriptions would not be quite so charitable.

    Jan. 30

    The daylong demo dispersed by the rush hour, but many of those taking part didn’t go home. They wound up heading towards Union Station instead. Up to 10,000 eventually swelled Front St. and police were forced to close the road during the rush hour, as those exiting from the busy hub tried to get by on the sidewalk.

    It was so bad, even reporters couldn’t reach the scene. CityNews’ Francis D’Souza was forced to walk to the area from one of our camera trucks, because the mass of humanity wouldn’t allow any vehicles to get through.

    Feb. 4

    Less than a week after the first remarkable protest comes another one, this time outside the Sri Lankan Consulate near St. Clair and Yonge St. The area was thrown into chaos as thousands showed up, staying for a candlelight vigil they hoped would drive their message home. That was about the only driving that was going on that day. The always busy intersection was paralyzed during the afternoon rush with too many people and not enough space for cars.

    April 26

    After a few weeks of relative calm, another huge protest is launched in Toronto, this time outside the U.S. Consulate at University and Dundas. Demonstrators are demanding President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper intervene in the ongoing carnage in Sri Lanka, shouting their message that the world can no longer wait. The gathering started on a Sunday afternoon. No one dreamed it would go on for almost an entire week.

    April 27

    Monday dawns but the protestors are still there, forcing police to close off the busy stretch of University between Queen and College. It’s the first hint it could be a long siege. “We’re not moving until something is done and proper action is taken,” vowed protester Arani Sivakumar.

    April 28

    The first signs emerge that the protestors may be losing the goodwill of the public, as drivers complain about the ongoing blockade of University Ave., now in its third full day. Police have so far refused to move them off, and despite a small scuffle, it remains peaceful. But many wonder about the wisdom of shutting down an area so close to many hospitals. 

    April 29

    After days of tension and a standoff involving thousands of people, push finally comes to shove between police and the protestors. When some of them move onto Dundas St. and start blocking traffic there, cops wade in. During the mini-melee that follows, several people are arrested and a few hurt. Fifteen are taken into custody, as cops succeed in pushing the crowd back onto the sidewalk. But the road remains closed, further angering drivers. It finally reopens to full traffic the next day.

    May 4

    Tensions rise again in the city after news that another Tamil protest is planned for the downtown core. But when the protestors receive some attention from the government in the form of aid to Sri Lanka, it’s called off.

    May 9

    Feeling their voices still aren’t being heard, Tamils descend again on the U.S. Consulate on University Ave. in a pouring rainstorm. A march eventually winds up at Queen’s Park, with wary police keeping an eye on what’s happening. One man goes on a hunger strike on the grounds, vowing not to eat again until something is done about the carnage in his homeland.

    May 10

    In what organizers claim was a spontaneous and unplanned effort, thousands of Tamils march onto the Gardiner Expressway onramp at Spadina. They’re met by a few bike cops who try to form a barrier to keep them out, but the surging crowds eventually break through, with surprised drivers narrowly missing them on the road. By the dinner hour, there are thousands of them standing on the highway, leaving fuming motorists trapped for more than six hours.

    The presence of women and small children in strollers forces police to be extra cautious and they refuse to move in on the demonstrators, fearing a riot might follow and someone might fall off the raised ledges of the Expressway.

    Cops are forced to close part of the DVP as well, as traffic congestion and chaos grip the downtown core. Many accuse the police of giving into blackmail and angry GTA residents begin to vocally turn against the Tamils and their cause. Despite that, Major David Miller insists authorities acted properly to keep the peace.

    The demonstrators insist they had to take drastic measures to keep their plight in front of the public. They refuse to leave until a government representative meets with them, a tough request on a Mother’s Day Sunday night.

    Finally, a member of Liberal leader Michael Igantieff’s staff comes down and assures them the Grits will bring up their concerns in Ottawa. After more than half a day, the group finally disperses, assuring the highway will open in time for Monday’s rush hour.

    But some say they’re not finished, vowing to take future demonstrations onto one of the 400 series of highways.

    When the crowd leaves after the very long day, not all of them go home. Many head to Queen’s Park to continue their campaign there.

    But whatever the Tamils gained by their tactics, they may also have lost. A sea of angry email floods into the CityNews inbox, roundly condemning the group for holding the city hostage. And Chief Bill Blair decries the standoff as an irresponsible act that not only endangered the protestors and motorists, but led to a crunch on police resources, pulling officers away from other neighbourhoods where they were needed.

    May 13

    With the echoes of the Gardiner protest still ringing in many ears, the Tamils promise yet another rally on the streets of Toronto. Organizers promise they won’t block traffic or cause disruptions. But wary cops remain on standby just in case.



    Here are examples of the highway blockade in question :



    Tamil protesters block the Gardiner Expressway, a major freeway going through the middle of downtown Toronto to protest the political turmoil in Sri Lanka, May 10, 2009. REUTERS/Mark Blinch (CANADA)


    On 10-may-09, at 8:10 pm, fanpix wrote: – from: tarek abdelhalim[smtp:[email protected]] sent: may 10, 2009 8:09:55 pm to: fanpix subject: 2 pictures of tamil protest on the gardiner from my apartment auto forwarded by a rule hello, took these two photos from my apartment building on queens quay of the tamil protest on the gardiner around 7:20 pm. Sincerely, tarek
     AS we will learn throughout this series, the Canadian Federation of Students ( CFS ) was going to be the driving force behind these protests , and the subsequent protests that would follow many years beyond this main event. The CFS is a highly radical student organization that has as its members, only the most radical student unions within the Canadian University system. The CFS claims to be  a supporter of the NDP party . Those claims, while very obvious in their speeches and political connections, is only half true. In fact , the CFS is very much a communist organization who wants a communist state within Canada.


    The radical student unions who are members within the CFS are of course very much like minded . These radical student unions who make up the members ship are lead by hand picked staff and executives whos sole duty is to forward CFS agenda . These radical student unions are not the least bit interested in working for the students they are supposed to represent. The CFS are , for lack of a better description, very much in bed with only the most radical of  politicians . The CFS does not even bother to hide their support for terrorist organizations, as seen in this video. The video, while shot in 2013 , clearly shows a member of the CFS claiming their support for the tamil tigers, a known , international terrorist network . Here is that video :




    Rioting, among many activities is not an uncommon practice for the CFS , something I will be covering extensively in this series. . One of the key organizers of this tamil protest in question is a lady named Angela Regnier . She was the sole person arrested during this highway blockade , but her charges were later dropped . Angela was, at that time, the executive director of the U of T student union , one of the CFS affiliated  radical student unions.




    The above photograph is an image I shot of here giving an anti police speech during the G20 , in front of Toronto Police HQ.


    Over the course of the past year or so , I have been speaking with many  front line police officers  to get a perspective on the the way policing has evolved in this city . As a long time resident of Toronto, I have seen an evolution where, cops would bust criminals and the public was happy to  see these crooks off the streets. Somewhere between those old days and today, we now see that cops are the targets of hate , abuse and vicious lies, while the criminals are made out to be the heros and , depending on which nut case you speak with, even the most vicious and dangerous  criminal is now, according to the radical left, simply being oppressed by white males, hence, the reason they act out .. it is seemingly to act out against their oppressors who have kept them ” down” for all these years. . Now, I’m not exactly sure how some drug dealing, murdering,  gang bangers are actually able to claim to be  acting out against some make belief  oppressor  as they are selling drugs , murdering people in the process and robbing innocent citizens .


    Some of the officers I spoke with were part of a team of officers , known as the ” Public Order Unit ” , or known by most people simply as the riot squad . The riot squad is made up of some of the most dedicated, bravest officers we have on the force. However, quashing riots, while part of their training, is most certainly NOT the sole and main function of these officers . In fact, clearly, we dont have riots daily, but these officers may be required to keep protests and various factions within them , apart , to ensure that there is no riot, or, crowd control duties at large events . So, with this illegal tamil protest blockade on the freeway , where were these officers ? In fact , they WERE THERE . However, the political will of the city which was let by an equally radical mayor at the time , David Miller . In my opinion, this guy ran the city like a clown act , where every nut case was free to be, well, nuts. He hated the police , but then , as an NDP member, he was already a radical . So, this tamil protest was a great way for him to remove powers of the police to break up this illegal blockade , while freely allowing tens of thousands of citizens to be , in essence , held hostage by a bunch of lunatics . Many an officer I spoke with, who were members of the public order unit turned in their equipment and went back to assuming regular police duties as a result of the utter lack of support and will from the city.  Thanks to David Miller and his band of brain dead politicians , the city  was handed to the professional protestor who were then, and continue today , to have free reign over this city . 


    If there was even a more clear example of the sheer and utter , WILLFUL incompetence of this city and its politicians , the G20 would  prove to be the new standard from which the cities incompetence was going to be measured against . Part 2 will begin tackle the G20 , and In part 3 , I will continue on thee G20 , but I will focus my attention on how the cities politicians failed us as citizens and failed of police officers …. INTENTIONALLY . In fact, I am going as far as to say that they threw one front line officer under the proverbial bus , referring to the officer on queen street who was attacked while still in his car , as well as command officer Fenton , who was made the scapegoat for the utter , total and willful incompetence of city hall, the Mayor of the day and the highest levels of police command . ….. stay tuned …..

  • Your student tuition is DIRECTLY funding known racist organization connected to terrorism …. Part 1

    Meow everyone. Yes, you read that title correctly. I know its hard to imagine , hard to believe, but stick around. I will show you in  methodical and nausiating detail exactly who and how this is funded . You will only have to look at university student unions that are affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Students  ( CFS ) .


    If you or any member of you family attend either Ryerson University , York University or University of Toronto , you are automatically paying a portion of your tuition fees to student union of said school . This is not out of the ordinary , and these levies are basic agreements with all universities. If your university student is a CFS member, you pay even more , and do so without any choice, just be a member of this draconian organization that does absolutely NOTHING for students . Your students fees that are directed to the CFS pay their astronomical salaries  and yes, you are paying them to be professional protestors , in some cases , thugs, goons and rioters. Anyone who remembers the G20 in Toronto will know that much of what went on was condoned by anarchists , and many being staged from the university of Toronto .


    In this first example , you will see in this video that the speaker here, a person who is, or at that time, was the head organizer for the CFS proclaiming directly his support for a terrorist organization known as the Tamil Tigers . Here is that video :


    Several years prior to this video being shot, there was a very significant Tamil protest that lasted several days and was the turning point were , we , as law abiding citizens lost our  city when the political will of the then radical and brain dead city politicians would deny police the ability to keep law and order. That is a story onto itself which i will be addressing at another  time . However, those original protests were also lead by radicals with the CFS  affiliated universities. 


    If wee go back a few years to the G20 , we see CFS executive and radical student unions leaders heading the riots as seen here :




    YOUR STUDENT TUITION  FEES PAID these people to riots and destroy this city , as well , pay them to promote racism and pay them to support terrorist organizations. 


    Black lives matter Toronto is the latest incarnation of institutional racism that was invented and is promoted by the CFS , its executive and their affiliated radical student unions . In part 2 , I will show this very clearly. I will show where they get their funding from  as well, I will show you exactly who is involved, and what capacity they hold within the radical student movement . I want to leave you with this video showing Rodney Diverlus , the former president of the Ryerson Student union , and former VP of equity of the  same student union ,  proclaiming hos support, for a notorious , convicted, violent and dangerous criminal , Alex Hundert . Rodney Diverlus is also one of the key founders and head organizer for black lives matter Toronto  :




  • The 2016 Toronto international air show and those who oppose the freedom WE gave them

    Meow everyone. Normally ,  a  subject such as the Toronto international air show would not  be covered in this blog space because , frankly, the air show is about entertainment , as well, a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy , something that came on , and continues so , on the backs of those who serve in  our military. However, this year, some have decided that while they  are here, recently, as alleged refugees,  and here because of the kindness of hard working Canadians , THEIR rights and opinions should trump ours.  Case in point. Recently a newspaper reported that some ” refugees ” objected to our air show and wanted it canceled because , THEY thought of it as oppressive. People, I cant make this up . Here is the link that so much as states this . 


    ” …By

    Welcoming refugees into our communities implies a responsibility to provide a safe environment for rehabilitation and integration. Yet next week thousands of our neighbours will be exposed to trauma in a spectacle most of us would do away with in the first place.

    For most Torontonians the Canadian International Air Show is, at best, a nuisance. I have yet to encounter a neighbour with an even remotely positive opinion of warplanes making low altitude passes for days on end. The organizers realize this. According to their website, “Like all (…) events such as auto races, walks, marathons, bicycle rides for charity [the air show] may be seen as disruptive by some while being anticipated and enjoyed by others. We understand that the noise generated (…) may be a concern.”

    The air show is nothing like a charity bike ride. In a city with a large population of refugee newcomers and people who have experienced the trauma of war it is insulting, invasive, and violent.

    Last week the world was presented with yet another heartbreaking image from Syria: 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, sitting bloodied, covered in dust, and shell-shocked after being rescued from the wreckage of an airstrike. Witnessing his trauma is made all the more painful by our inability to help.

    We can’t stop the great power game of the Syrian Civil War. We can’t rescue all the children suffering the horrors of aerial bombardment. We have, however, proudly and publicly resettled thousands of Syrians. About 10,000 refugees from around the world arrive in Toronto every year. In 2017 the total will be close to 20,000 given the increased quota for Syrians. The federal government recently announced a significantly larger proportion of refugee newcomers.

    I work with a new initiative called The Together Project. One of our goals is to help build social networks between refugee newcomers and Canadians. Our first public event was a large picnic in Dufferin Grove Park. There I met a father from Homs (an utterly decimated city) who told me how it had taken his family several months to enjoy sunny days and open spaces. In Homs, cloud cover meant less risk of high-altitude bombardment. A colleague recounted a story of a family resettled from Lebanon who sedated their toddler before leaving for the airport because the mere sight of a plane made her hysterical.

    Integration is a dynamic process whereby newcomers and societies learn, adapt, and grow together. Host societies aren’t expected to fundamentally change to serve a minority group.

    But in Toronto, people affected by war are not an insignificant minority. This includes newcomers who aren’t refugees, Canadians, and family members struggling with inter-generational trauma.

    We accept the importance of trigger warnings to help fellow citizens avoid potential harm. For example, signs reading “Combat Veteran Lives Here: Please be Courteous with Fireworks” made the rounds of social media in the lead up to the Fourth of July.

    Who is the air show for? Apparently, the organizers “understand that some people [ …] may find some of the aircraft loud” but ask them “to consider the benefits of the Canadian International Air Show to its fans.” Considering the undefined “benefits” accrued to “fans” as somehow comparable to the potential harm to members of our communities is simply indecent.

    In the besieged city of Aleppo groups of children have formed “air defence brigades.” Their method: burning piles of tires to obstruct bombers. Take a moment to let that sink in as a childhood experience. Now imagine these kids’ reaction to the Snowbirds (“Canada’s National Pride in the Skies”) making passes over their new homes. I am sickened by the notion that children with acute PTSD will face three days of harassment in their place of refuge.

    The Liberal government has done an outstanding job of capitalizing on Canadians’ sense of moral purpose. There is palpable relief that we can get back to our image of an open society playing a constructive international role. Yet we suffer from a deep dissonance. We congratulate ourselves for our humanitarianism, and tacitly condone selling weapons to authoritarian regimes that target civilians, represses civil society, imprison people for sexual orientation, and execute political prisoners.

    Glorification of the tools of war is antiquated, regressive, and morally repugnant. It’s something we deride in other countries, and is contrary to everything good about Toronto.

    Craig Damian Smith is a PhD Candidate in political science at the University of Toronto. He writes and researches on the politics of irregular immigration and refugee integration. Twitter:@craigdamian. … “


    Now, let me go over a few facts omitted in the above story as linked . These so called ” refugees ” came here, and receive FREE housing, FREE food , FREE medical , FREE dental , FREE education, FREE transportation, FREE computers and , they received $ 2400.00 pr month over and above  all that . Then once here, they further complain they what they are getting for FREE, is not good enough for them, and so, they want MORE. They come from cultures that openly admit to accepting and practicing pedophilia ,  they don’t consider rape a crime, they openly admit to and deny women the RIGHT to education ,  they  openly state that women are nothing but property and should be treated as second class , and, they openly state that it is perfectly acceptable to abuse and beat women . THESE are the people that are invited and welcomed into Canada, and are treated better than those who spent a lifetime of service to their country.  Then, those who question these people are deemed as racist and un-Canadian .


    In a  attempt to buy votes , our Prime Minister decided , AGAINST the wishes of Canadians , to import these people en mass ,  many of whom will no doubt either commit the above stated crimes, or are terrorists. He gave them BILLIONS of dollars in handouts , OUR dollars ,  to cover the costs of what I mentioned above. However, he totally ignored,  and to this day, still ignores,  CANADIANS who are senior citizens, who have spend a  life time contributing to this country , and are forced to make due with $ 1400.00 per month  . ( oh yes, that money has to cover all the costs that these rapefugee freeloaders get handed to them ) . He ignores our veterans who who have served and continue to serve our country , to preserve and maintain the freedoms we enjoy , many thousands who have died to ensure we have them . He ignores our indians who live in conditions worse that of  third world countries have . He ignores our poor and our homeless many of whom are military veterans . But he ” found money to house rapefugess. Our people with disabilities are not even on his radar …. but while there is NO MONEY to help us,  Canadians, Canadian who spent their lives working and contributing to Canada  he, MIRACULOUSLY found BILLIONS to give away to people who have not so much as put one second of sweat into the betterment of Canada . He even gave $200,000,000 00 million dollars to Iran to help THEIR economy . Hey , Justin, what about Canada’s economy ????? What about CANADIAN workers, and jobs ?????


    Canada was build in immigration , this is fact . However, these immigrants who came here , have contributed everything to make this country BETTER and would not have ever even thought of disrespecting this country by demanding that symbols of our military and those who protect us be canceled because, ” they are offended ” . So, to those of you rapefugees who came here as freeloaders,  to sponge off our systems, and our citizens ,  and off the backs of those of us who  bust our asses every day so you can have you free handouts , If you don’t like that fact that you are here   for our freedoms, remember, those freedoms that  ” oppress ” you, came upon the backs of those who were willing to die, ( many did ) so you can bitch and complain about how you want more handouts , and how ” oppressed ”  you are . You can take your ” entitlement ” and shove up your asses .   If you don’t like the fact that you here because of those who served previously, and do so now , to keep this country safe ,  here is some advice : Get out of my country and go somewhere where your backwards assed values are more in line with what YOU think you are entitled to . Don’t come here and bitch about to me and the rest of my countrymen  about how you want more because you think you are entitled somehow. YOU’RE NOT. …  And as you leave, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on  the way out.


    For the rest of you who value and respect that our Canadians who serve in the military should be respected , recognized and looked after, here are some of my photos from this years air show . I hope the rapefugees are and will continue to be offended such,  that they will LEAVE. Which one of you rapefugees want a free ticket out of Canada ?

  • No, contrary to popular belief and the wishes of some, I have NOT disappeared

    Meow everyone, contrary to the wishes of some, and hopes of others , my readers will be pleased to know that NO, I have NOT disappeared . I have been hugely busy on a few projects, including researching an article I am working on now. So, for those of you who had hoped that I fell of the planet, sorry , but no, I have not. For those of you who had hoped for my untimely death, once again, its not that easy to get rid of me. So, to quote a once famous actor , turned politician , turned actor, : ” …. I’ll be back … “

  • dear professional protesters, you REALLY think you can do a better job ? Really ?

    Meow everyone. So we read , hear about , and see all these moronic professional protesters telling us just bad a job the cops are doing. These protesters have seemingly, all the answers . ( don’t they always , somehow ? ) Its no secret that I have a great deal of respect for the work our cops do . I have covered many police events  over the years  and have seen a fair bit …. but NOTHING compared to what we ask our cops to do every single day . I have never had to  enter a crack house with kids who have not been cleaned or fed  for day because the parents are on crack . I have never had to investigate a murder, robbery, or other crime, I have never had to clean up after a person who jumped in front of a subway  train. I have had to inform a family member of a loved one about the passing of a family member … not the highlight of any day . So, the next time you want to open your big mouths  , trying to tell us how you hate the cops , how you think you can do a better  job , how you put your life at risk for OUR safety, Maybe you should read this first and then, see if you really have what it takes to be a cop :  


    15 things cops wish the public knew about policing

    You don’t understand police work

    A question posted recently on Quora asked, “What do police officers wish the general public knew?” Retired Officer and PoliceOne Columnist Tim Dees gave his opinion on the topic, below. Check it out and add your thoughts in the comments.

    1. Use of force isn’t prettyPeople have been conditioned by TV to believe that a properly trained police officer of any size can take down a person of superior size and strength, quickly, almost effortlessly, without the use of weapons, and without any injury to either party. This is not true. Few cops are expert martial artists. The defensive tactics training they receive is fairly perfunctory. Struggles often result in injured joints, lacerations, concussions, and other injuries to both parties. There is lots of cursing and screaming involved. The cops usually win, but only because they can get enough cops on the scene to overwhelm the adversary.

    2. Most cops never shoot anyone. Very few cops will fire their sidearms outside of the pistol range at some time in their career (more if the cop works in a rural area where having to “dispatch” wounded animals is common). Some might go months without taking the gun out of the holster.

    3. Cops will go to extremes to avoid shooting people. My personal experience is that, about once a month, I would encounter a situation where I would have been legally justified in shooting someone. I did that only once, so all the other times, I found some other way of resolving the situation. Casual research tells me my experience is not unique. Most cops have ample opportunities to shoot people, but they choose not to do so.

    4. The people at the top often don’t have a lot of practical experience.There are exceptions, but most cops who become chiefs, sheriffs, or other high-ranking officers spend most of their career paving the path to promotion. They spend a brief time as working cops, then transfer to a non-enforcement job, where they stay until they get their first promotion. They never truly understand the job, and the cops they oversee don’t identify with the brass, or the brass with the cops.

    5. PTSD is real and commonplace. A cop may have a bad time after he’s involved in a shooting, but the traumatic incident could just as well be a nasty car crash, a fight, or a rescue that didn’t end well. Anyone who can say truthfully that they are never bothered by such things is probably a sociopath. Cops who seek mental health treatment are often viewed suspiciously by their superiors. Those guys didn’t spend enough time on the street to experience anything that bothered them, and they believe that anyone who is bothered is probably unstable.

    6. There is lots of stress, but not the kind you might thinkMost of the stress comes from the police station, not the street. Law enforcement agencies are extremely political. Who likes you or who you’re friends or relatives with has a lot more to do with the progress of your career than how good you are at your job. “Management by intimidation” is a common technique. From a human resources perspective, law enforcement agencies are horrible places to work.

    7. There aren’t all that many bigots. There are some, of course—in a cohort of close to a million people, some of them will be biased. You can get fired for expressing those feelings, so they tend not to last long. Most cops don’t especially care what color you are, what religion you practice, what country your ancestors came from, how much money you have, or what your sexual orientation is. Cops see every kind of person, often at the worst moments of their lives. They know there are good and bad people in every category. They do have a strong bias against jerks, so don’t be one of those.

    8. Some of our brother (and sister) officers embarrass usWith the possible exception of field training officers, cops don’t have a lot of input to who gets hired and who is retained on their agency. Everyone knows somebody (probably several somebodys) who is reckless, immature, lazy, dishonest, or just dumb. When these people are allowed to keep being cops, it’s usually because they are politically connected, and reporting them for a transgression will almost always backfire on you.

    9. Your “my favorite police encounter” story is not uniqueOn learning someone is a police officer, most people will immediately relate their most memorable contact with the police. It’s usually a traffic stop, as that’s how most people encounter the police. Your new friend will smile and nod politely, but he’s silently waiting for it to be over. It’s nothing he hasn’t heard before.

    10. There are few universal rules or policies. I have lost count of how many questions I have seen on Quora along the lines of “how much over the speed limit can I go before I’ll get stopped” and “what do I say to get out of getting a ticket.” People want to believe there is some industry-wide practice they can exploit to aid them in violating the law. There are over 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, and each one of them is a unique person. Their employers seldom impose a formal policy of allowing drivers to exceed the limit by X miles per hour. This is most often left up to the individual.

    11. It’s seldom personal. Few cops start their day looking for a particular person, or even a particular class of people to stop. Cops see violations of the law and suspicious circumstances, and they are encouraged by their employers to intervene. If you got a ticket or got arrested, it’s probably because you broke the law, not because the cop didn’t like you or you are a member of some targeted group. If this happens to you a lot, you might want to stop blaming the variables and consider the constant instead.

    12. Becoming a cop is harder than you think. Some agencies have to collect over 100 applications to get one viable hire. Some of those hires won’t make it through the police academy. Some who do won’t complete field training. About half of new hires leave law enforcement within five years. Mainly because of anti-police sentiment, it’s more difficult to recruit new cops than ever before. You might want to think that people become cops because they’re too stupid or lazy for real jobs, but you’re fooling yourself. Chances are, you couldn’t make the grade.

    13. Television does not represent law enforcement accuratelyMost of what most people know about cops is from watching television. This is why people believe that every arrest must be immediately followed by a Miranda warning, that there is a team of FBI agents who fly to crime scenes in an executive jet and solve the case within days, that detectives in one major PD can move to another, distant major PD and instantly resume being detectives, that crime scene investigators collect evidence, identify the suspects, interrogate the suspects, and make the arrests (no one seems to care what the detectives are doing), and that cops who are involved in shootings are back at work the next day.

    14. We wish you would stop telling your children we will arrest them if they aren’t good. The day may come, God forbid, that your child is separated from you and doesn’t know where to turn. You’ll probably call the police if this happens. Do you want your child to look for a police officer to help him, or hide from the police because he is afraid he will go to jail?

    15. You don’t understand police work. This applies even if your father, mother, sibling, or next-door-neighbor was a cop. Until you have actually done the job for a few years, you will never understand what it’s actually like.

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  • Islamic Terrorist attacks military recruiting center in Toronto

    Meow everyone. Yes, you read this correctly, we did have an islamic terrorist attack  in Toronto, but judging from the main  stream media, you would never know it . Main stream media refuses to call this what it really was , a terrorist attack . Why was it an islamic terrorist attack ? According to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders , as he stated in a news conference I attended and shot video of, the terrorist proclaimed that his pedophile prophet god allah told him to go and kill people.  Here is the unedited video I shot of the news conference : 


    So, why is the Chief of Police not willing to make the big call and call it a terrorist attack ?  In fairness to the chief, there are several reasons for this . The first of course being that this investigation is still VERY NEW and no where near all the facts are available.  I understand the Chiefs cautiousness . The second reason that the Chief would not want to call it a terrorist attack is so as not to cause a city wide panic situation. lets be fair here. Toronto has not, until now, been attacked, although we most certainly do have a significant number of terrorist cells that have been discovered here, as well as Toronto being to home of convicted murdering international terrorist Omar Kahdr . The third logical reason for the Chief to not outright call this a terrorist attack, at least not yet , could be to avoid giving the terrorist  /  terrorist cells  / terrorist organizations, the publicity they crave , and subsequently claim responsibility for enacting.


    The Chief may be treading cautiously , however, i am calling it exactly what it is / was … a terrorist attack enacted my an  islamic sack of shit .Below is what  this sack of shit looks like :


    terrorist scum bag


    Of all the nedia coverage there was around a ” stabbing ” in the area of Yonge and Sheppard, near wear this recruiting office is located , the only main stream media outlet that was willing to call it what it was was CityNews Toronto.




    There has been a significant change to the method to which  terrorists now operate . The old day would see very large scale actions, cause massive damage , death and destruction.  Those  large scale actions, while huge and having long lasting effects had their own serious side effects . The risk of getting caught was high, even  before these acts were carried out, simply because of the number of people involved, and the ability for our  global intelligence services to get information and thwart such massive attacks. While not always successful, many large scale attacks were stopped as a result of good intelligence. These pathetic scum bag terrorists needed to continue to enact their brand of hate somehow, so, much smaller, lone wolf styled attacks started to grow in  popularity.  Lone wolf attacks are far more difficult to stop,  because often times, there are not real trails to latch onto , from an intelligence gathering point of view. A single person  can travel virtually undetected , sometimes right under the noses of those intelligence agencies , as opposed to large scale movements which attract attention. 


    The type of attacks we here in Canada have had so far , have targets of Military members serving in uniform. In this first act of terrorism directed at our uniformed service personal , ” … The Canadian soldier who died a day after being run down by a suspected homegrown terrorist has been identified as 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. … ”  In the second act of terrorism which once again targeted our uniformed military service personnel, , ” … The soldier who was killed was identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, according to his aunt. Cpl. Cirillo, who was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a regiment of Reserve Forces based in Hamilton, was training to join the Canada Border Services Agency … “


    The act of terrorism that took place on Monday March 14, 2016 was in the exact same recruiting office where I , many years ago applied to and became a proud member of the Canadian Forces. This recruiting office was my first home in the military and hold a special place within me. My time in the military was filled with learning things like DUTY , HONOR , RESPECT , RESPONSIBILITY . My days as a member of the military may be over now  but my commitment to my country m my sense of duty, my sense of  national pride are as strong today as they were the day i signed on the dotted line. My duty to my country did not come with an expiration date and if I were to called to duty, i would be going in a heart beat, to what ever assignment my country needs me in…. ANYWHERE .  I owe my  sense of duty to a great, personal friend of mine who lead me by example , a Police Officer from 52 division , ( he literally just retired ) Thank you Officer Dave R. for leading us by your example, never preaching about right or wrong, , instead, showing us through sports and community involvement the virtues of duty and respect.


    It is about time that the main stream media stop cow towing to these islamic nut cases , and call a terrorist attack , exactly what it is, and by whom. We are not interested in being politically correct any more , we  don’t give a rats ass about so called diversity and we loath  the favoritism the media plays to these groups while vilifying others that  are not on the ” flavor of the month  list ” . If mainstream media really cared about the REAL news, they would stop pandering to their corporate sponsors and instead, report the NEWS as it is , as its happening. Sadly, however, today, media agencies are noting more than glorified advertising agencies, who report to the highest bidder. Sadly, in the process, the totally disregard  and ignore clear and obvious facts .   I think that mainstream media as we know it is going to , in the not too distant future, either going to have to re-invent themselves to regain what credibility they once had, or, and this is the more likely scenario, independant media will be the true , real voice that  the listen to.


     Many many years ago, the CBC sent their lead reporters to ” finishing schools ” , to, as part of their need for better ratings, give them British accents. This done because at the time, it was believed that the public was more likely to ” trust ” a reporter with a British accent. Yes, even back then, the media was trying to control  the viewer. My message to mainstream media, if you want my trust, if you want  the trust of the public,  do your jobs and report the FACTS as they are , NOT the BS  ” party line ” your political affiliations want you  to shill for them.  To those in,  independant  media, you also have a responsibility . You need to call out these main stream outlets when they clearly and obviously with hold or distort the facts for their own  agendas.