• Do as I say, NOT as I do .

    Meow everyone. my readers will no doubt know  the name Shelley Carroll, Toronto city counselor . She is the one who has an unapologetic violent convicted anarchist  on staff  who open admits to having no respect for our laws. Here is Leah Henderson :



    Here is what she said just before  heading off to prison  for her role in organizing a major riot :



    All you need to know about me is that I am a person of conscience, I came to this situation from a place of morality within myself, and I am a member of a community that shares that morality and a powerful vision for a future that is truly free.

    I stand here guilty of breaking your laws, not the laws of justice.

    The court has been told, “this prosecution is not political”, and that this has been done to protect society from danger.

    The truth is this entire prosecution is born from the politics of fear.
    Fear of our ideas, fear of what we represent:


    A Freedom that your jails will not confine.

    I am not here for approval.

    I am here because this is what stands for justice on this colonized land.

    Though I stand here being judged by you, I am accountable to more, that is beyond these walls.

    I am accountable to the indigenous communities whose lands we are on. To the earth who we’re daily assaulting with saws, and chemicals. To the elders in my life and to the generations yet to come.

    The laws that govern our societies are not laws of community, or laws of consensus, they are laws of oppression. Laws that underpay and overwork mothers. That deport the poor and those of colour. Laws that rob Indigenous Nations of their traditions, their land, their childhoods. Laws that blame the unemployed and rewards those that get rich on their backs.

    I have been deeply and profoundly affected by this process, but have not been changed by it. I have been moved by the incredible support that I have received, far beyond what I could have imagined. It has been made more clear to me through this process that this vision for the future is part of a groundswell.

    I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me, thank you to my friends, my family and my lawyer.

    I submit to your jails because today you hold many of the weapons, and many people under your spell. A day is coming when that will not be so.

    A day is coming where the distorted mirror that hides the lies of capitalism and colonialism will shatter. … ”

    With low life rejects like Leah Henderson on her staff, one really should not be overly surprised that Shelley Carroll herself would resort to some level of personal entitlement , one where she thinks she is somehow above, better then the rest of of.

    Shelley is also the  same person I interviewed briefly a while about housing and preferential treatment being given to certain groups. In this video, you see getting visibly angry when she is asked the tough question Canadians want answers to , angry to the point where she storms off :



    Well, our brainless city politician, who, I will add, also sits on the Toronto Police Services Board , the same board where SHE gets to dictate to the police what they can and cant do, has decided that she, is far more entitled than the rest of us mere plebes  . She is so entitled, that laws meant to serve the public , and are designed to keep us safe while driving, clearly, do not, and should not apply to her.




    Now, while us mere plebes and lower life forms would be caught and served with a $ 490.0 ticket plus several demerit points for this highly dangerous driving offense, this brainless bimbo, on the other hand, BOASTS about her willful flaunting public safety , as if we are less than nothings in her eyes. Now, as idiotic as her actions were, she could have at least made even a half assed attempt to apologize for her crime, but NOOOOOO . Instead, she flaunts her entitlement even  more by offering up some half assed excuse to  justify her putting the public in danger.


    Shelley,  if you can read , please note this, as , this will come back to haunt you as you seek the nomination for the liberal party in the next federal election. The public will be reminded about your blatant disregard for our safety as we are on the road .


    Once you finish reading this , please make sure you head over to my great friend Gregs  blog,  for his take on this same issue. You find his story right here

  • The day we lost the city

    Meow everyone. A few weeks ago, I posted a short note that I was ( and am continuing to ) work on a huge story about the G20 that took place back in the summer of 2010 . I know , myself included, have , still , a lot of unanswered questions about what took place , and why ? However, what if I told you that this may have been a part of a far bigger, more sinister plan , and WE were to the one who were about to make this plan come to fruition.


    Yes this does sound crazy, however, I had a great discussion with my very good friend Greg of  http://www.genuinewitty.com , and after several hours of discussing this and other related, and similar events, I have to conclude that he is absolutely correct in his observation . We lost  this city during that famous Tamil protest which closed a major expressway in Toronto for days, with the police doing nothing about it … THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN . , We had the G20 riots , the police seemingly allowed this to go ahead  , we had the occupy movement which created a serious and dangerous environment, and again, the police did nothing to stop it . We had the OCAP city hall riot, and again, very little police resistance . There was Idle no more and again in nothing . Today we have black lives mater and again, zero resistance .


    I have spoken with officer after officer , and they all related very similar stories about how they were rendered ineffective by command and politicians who had their own agendas . So, were is my story ? Well, this is all part of the story I am digging deeply into . However, after speaking with Greg, I have to write this from a much different angle , because the reasoning is far greater than what i had originally considered . Each of the above mentioned events ,were on their own big and could have been shut down quickly , but was not. I now believe that all of these events were and are indeed connected to a much great , much more dangerous plan . People , we are in deep trouble if this is allowed to become reality . 


    What was it that Greg said that made me refocus this single focused story anyway ? Greg mentioned ” Transformative Change ” . I am not going to get to deep into that because that is a story Greg is working on and he should be the one to post it first, since it is his idea and theory . I do, however, agree with him. Another good friend of mine  , Lawrence McCurry mentioned , years ago , about the formation of a one world government . They may both be on to something big here , and they saw this before I did .


    Stay tuned people, this is going to get ugly ….

  • The 2016 Toronto international air show and those who oppose the freedom WE gave them

    Meow everyone. Normally ,  a  subject such as the Toronto international air show would not  be covered in this blog space because , frankly, the air show is about entertainment , as well, a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy , something that came on , and continues so , on the backs of those who serve in  our military. However, this year, some have decided that while they  are here, recently, as alleged refugees,  and here because of the kindness of hard working Canadians , THEIR rights and opinions should trump ours.  Case in point. Recently a newspaper reported that some ” refugees ” objected to our air show and wanted it canceled because , THEY thought of it as oppressive. People, I cant make this up . Here is the link that so much as states this . 


    ” …By

    Welcoming refugees into our communities implies a responsibility to provide a safe environment for rehabilitation and integration. Yet next week thousands of our neighbours will be exposed to trauma in a spectacle most of us would do away with in the first place.

    For most Torontonians the Canadian International Air Show is, at best, a nuisance. I have yet to encounter a neighbour with an even remotely positive opinion of warplanes making low altitude passes for days on end. The organizers realize this. According to their website, “Like all (…) events such as auto races, walks, marathons, bicycle rides for charity [the air show] may be seen as disruptive by some while being anticipated and enjoyed by others. We understand that the noise generated (…) may be a concern.”

    The air show is nothing like a charity bike ride. In a city with a large population of refugee newcomers and people who have experienced the trauma of war it is insulting, invasive, and violent.

    Last week the world was presented with yet another heartbreaking image from Syria: 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, sitting bloodied, covered in dust, and shell-shocked after being rescued from the wreckage of an airstrike. Witnessing his trauma is made all the more painful by our inability to help.

    We can’t stop the great power game of the Syrian Civil War. We can’t rescue all the children suffering the horrors of aerial bombardment. We have, however, proudly and publicly resettled thousands of Syrians. About 10,000 refugees from around the world arrive in Toronto every year. In 2017 the total will be close to 20,000 given the increased quota for Syrians. The federal government recently announced a significantly larger proportion of refugee newcomers.

    I work with a new initiative called The Together Project. One of our goals is to help build social networks between refugee newcomers and Canadians. Our first public event was a large picnic in Dufferin Grove Park. There I met a father from Homs (an utterly decimated city) who told me how it had taken his family several months to enjoy sunny days and open spaces. In Homs, cloud cover meant less risk of high-altitude bombardment. A colleague recounted a story of a family resettled from Lebanon who sedated their toddler before leaving for the airport because the mere sight of a plane made her hysterical.

    Integration is a dynamic process whereby newcomers and societies learn, adapt, and grow together. Host societies aren’t expected to fundamentally change to serve a minority group.

    But in Toronto, people affected by war are not an insignificant minority. This includes newcomers who aren’t refugees, Canadians, and family members struggling with inter-generational trauma.

    We accept the importance of trigger warnings to help fellow citizens avoid potential harm. For example, signs reading “Combat Veteran Lives Here: Please be Courteous with Fireworks” made the rounds of social media in the lead up to the Fourth of July.

    Who is the air show for? Apparently, the organizers “understand that some people [ …] may find some of the aircraft loud” but ask them “to consider the benefits of the Canadian International Air Show to its fans.” Considering the undefined “benefits” accrued to “fans” as somehow comparable to the potential harm to members of our communities is simply indecent.

    In the besieged city of Aleppo groups of children have formed “air defence brigades.” Their method: burning piles of tires to obstruct bombers. Take a moment to let that sink in as a childhood experience. Now imagine these kids’ reaction to the Snowbirds (“Canada’s National Pride in the Skies”) making passes over their new homes. I am sickened by the notion that children with acute PTSD will face three days of harassment in their place of refuge.

    The Liberal government has done an outstanding job of capitalizing on Canadians’ sense of moral purpose. There is palpable relief that we can get back to our image of an open society playing a constructive international role. Yet we suffer from a deep dissonance. We congratulate ourselves for our humanitarianism, and tacitly condone selling weapons to authoritarian regimes that target civilians, represses civil society, imprison people for sexual orientation, and execute political prisoners.

    Glorification of the tools of war is antiquated, regressive, and morally repugnant. It’s something we deride in other countries, and is contrary to everything good about Toronto.

    Craig Damian Smith is a PhD Candidate in political science at the University of Toronto. He writes and researches on the politics of irregular immigration and refugee integration. Twitter:@craigdamian. … “


    Now, let me go over a few facts omitted in the above story as linked . These so called ” refugees ” came here, and receive FREE housing, FREE food , FREE medical , FREE dental , FREE education, FREE transportation, FREE computers and , they received $ 2400.00 pr month over and above  all that . Then once here, they further complain they what they are getting for FREE, is not good enough for them, and so, they want MORE. They come from cultures that openly admit to accepting and practicing pedophilia ,  they don’t consider rape a crime, they openly admit to and deny women the RIGHT to education ,  they  openly state that women are nothing but property and should be treated as second class , and, they openly state that it is perfectly acceptable to abuse and beat women . THESE are the people that are invited and welcomed into Canada, and are treated better than those who spent a lifetime of service to their country.  Then, those who question these people are deemed as racist and un-Canadian .


    In a  attempt to buy votes , our Prime Minister decided , AGAINST the wishes of Canadians , to import these people en mass ,  many of whom will no doubt either commit the above stated crimes, or are terrorists. He gave them BILLIONS of dollars in handouts , OUR dollars ,  to cover the costs of what I mentioned above. However, he totally ignored,  and to this day, still ignores,  CANADIANS who are senior citizens, who have spend a  life time contributing to this country , and are forced to make due with $ 1400.00 per month  . ( oh yes, that money has to cover all the costs that these rapefugee freeloaders get handed to them ) . He ignores our veterans who who have served and continue to serve our country , to preserve and maintain the freedoms we enjoy , many thousands who have died to ensure we have them . He ignores our indians who live in conditions worse that of  third world countries have . He ignores our poor and our homeless many of whom are military veterans . But he ” found money to house rapefugess. Our people with disabilities are not even on his radar …. but while there is NO MONEY to help us,  Canadians, Canadian who spent their lives working and contributing to Canada  he, MIRACULOUSLY found BILLIONS to give away to people who have not so much as put one second of sweat into the betterment of Canada . He even gave $200,000,000 00 million dollars to Iran to help THEIR economy . Hey , Justin, what about Canada’s economy ????? What about CANADIAN workers, and jobs ?????


    Canada was build in immigration , this is fact . However, these immigrants who came here , have contributed everything to make this country BETTER and would not have ever even thought of disrespecting this country by demanding that symbols of our military and those who protect us be canceled because, ” they are offended ” . So, to those of you rapefugees who came here as freeloaders,  to sponge off our systems, and our citizens ,  and off the backs of those of us who  bust our asses every day so you can have you free handouts , If you don’t like that fact that you are here   for our freedoms, remember, those freedoms that  ” oppress ” you, came upon the backs of those who were willing to die, ( many did ) so you can bitch and complain about how you want more handouts , and how ” oppressed ”  you are . You can take your ” entitlement ” and shove up your asses .   If you don’t like the fact that you here because of those who served previously, and do so now , to keep this country safe ,  here is some advice : Get out of my country and go somewhere where your backwards assed values are more in line with what YOU think you are entitled to . Don’t come here and bitch about to me and the rest of my countrymen  about how you want more because you think you are entitled somehow. YOU’RE NOT. …  And as you leave, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on  the way out.


    For the rest of you who value and respect that our Canadians who serve in the military should be respected , recognized and looked after, here are some of my photos from this years air show . I hope the rapefugees are and will continue to be offended such,  that they will LEAVE. Which one of you rapefugees want a free ticket out of Canada ?

  • No, contrary to popular belief and the wishes of some, I have NOT disappeared

    Meow everyone, contrary to the wishes of some, and hopes of others , my readers will be pleased to know that NO, I have NOT disappeared . I have been hugely busy on a few projects, including researching an article I am working on now. So, for those of you who had hoped that I fell of the planet, sorry , but no, I have not. For those of you who had hoped for my untimely death, once again, its not that easy to get rid of me. So, to quote a once famous actor , turned politician , turned actor, : ” …. I’ll be back … “

  • Thank to great police work, a major terrorist attack was foiled

    Meow everyone. In my last article, i discussed the numerous flaws in the argument of having fewer cops and stations while the city growing a huge rate, quickly. i argued my case with former deputy Toronto Police Chief  Sloly. I sent him a twitter feed message with the article and invited him to comment further , and specifically, attempt to debunk  my reasoning for more cops . Sadly, to this date, no such communication has transpired . While I am not going to jump to any conclusions as to why , I would hope the if the deputy chief indeed did read the article, it may be possible the he may have agreed with my points , or at least some of them….. but without his input, I guess I will never know .


     What I do know, what the rest of Canada knows is that between the time I wrote the last article , and this one, Police, In fact American Law enforcement agency the FBI alerted our own RCMP as to the very high degree of PROBABILITY of a significant terrorist attach , against the transit system right here in Toronto . Why did an American agency have this information before our own cops had it ? The answer leads back to my previous articlel where I strongly suggest the need for MORE police , especially in highly specialized areas such as intelligence . Here is the guy who was ready to kills many people. His name was Aaron Driver :


    aaron driver


    This worthless piece of shit, was killed by police as he was about to enact his terrorist plot . When confronted by police in a taxi cab, he detonated a bomb inside the cab :






    This, is what was to happen in a major transit hub of this city. Yet, some, like Deputy Sloly seem to suggest the fewer cops make good economic  sense . Sorry , but live are very literally at stake . Live lost means economic disaster .


    This worthless piece of shit was in southern Ontario when police stopped his attack  . Police NEED to check his connections to the various anarchist movements on London, Toronto and Montreal . I suspect that he was involved with them, at least at some point in time.  There has also been some suggestion  that he was targeting a London Ontario Area military recruiting center .


    Terrorists will continue to target us and if we dont have more cops in intelligence and on the ground, some will make good on their plans. WE NEED MORE COPS NOW. Just for the record, Toronto has the FEWEST cops per capita :


    Cpw4sr8WEAEGTUU.jpg large

  • My hypothesis on why we need MORE police , not fewer cops .

    Meow everyone. There has been alot of discussion of late with respects to the need , or not, of having more police officers patrol our city . Much of this discussion has revolved around the police budget in this city with is at around one billion dollars per year . On the surface, that is indeed an astronomical amount of money …. or, is it ? One of the advocates for the reduction of officers and the police budget is non other than former Deputy Police Chief Peter Sloly.



    Deputy Sloly served with the Toronto police Force for about 27 years . He was Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police Service (Divisional Policing Command and Operational Support Command 2009-2016). He rose through the ranks quickly and is one of the leaders of policing new social media presence . He recently retired after a new  Chief was selected . While he never made any public comments with respects to the selection  choice for the new Chief , some suggest that he retired because he was upset at not being selected for this position. I of course have  no facts that support this , I am only relating what I have heard of a short period of time. One thing was not in question were comments he made, shortly before his retirement was a need to reduce the police budget. Once he retired from the force, he took some much needed time off , only to emerge as an executive director at one of Canadas leading firms   :


    ( sourced from here )



    The Globe and Mail

    Published Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016 5:00AM EDT

    Last updated Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016 5:00AM EDT

    ” …. One of Toronto’s best-known police leaders is going to the private sector, three months after announcing his retirement and a year after a controversial management shuffle at the police force.

    Peter Sloly, 49, started last Monday as an executive director at professional services firm Deloitte Canada. He will advise client companies, in particular, on how to avoid and respond to cyberattacks and on other types of risk and security management.

    “Our focus is working with businesses to recognize the new threat environment,” he said in an interview.

    Mr. Sloly, a police reformer who built relationships with Toronto’s minority communities, will also counsel Deloitte and its client companies on diversity.

    He was long considered a front-runner to replace former police chief Bill Blair. But last April, the board picked another deputy chief, Mark Saunders, as Mr. Blair’s successor. Mr. Sloly was quickly taken off some of his long-time projects and even moved to a smaller office, moves that rankled many officers.

    When Mr. Sloly retired in February, he said he had planned to leave and had only stayed for the ensuing months in order to help smooth the transition. Deloitte’s top management got in touch soon after, he said.

    “I’m feeling rejuvenated, I’m feeling rested [and] energized, and in large part because of the types of opportunities that have come my way,” he said.

    “I always wanted to have a big career after policing, multiple careers after policing, so this checks a big box for me – an opportunity to work in the private sector for a large, successful company and one where they would leverage my full skill sets, passions and interests.”

    Cybercrime was something Mr. Sloly saw up close many times on the police force, where he served for 27 years and as deputy chief for more than six.

    Those cases ran the gamut “from the schoolyard bullying that went on online, to significant corporate hack attacks that would cost corporations, and in some cases governments, millions of dollars in lost capacity, if not hard losses,” he said.

    “Some people would suggest there isn’t such a thing as cybercrime – it’s just the new cyber-reality where every single crime has a cyber, social [media] or digital element to it.”

    He also helped usher in the first social-media strategy at a major Canadian police force and will be helping Deloitte clients improve their use of social media.

    Mr. Sloly has been getting to know his new company’s cybersecurity facility in Vaughan, and this week he attended a conference in the field in Washington.

    He will often work around the globe in the “incredibly fast-growing” field of cybersecurity, said Ryan Brain, regional managing partner for Deloitte in Toronto.

    “The nature of the attacks are getting more sophisticated, so to have someone with Peter’s experience and background is something we’re very excited about,” he said. “The nature of this work truly knows no boundaries.”

    Mr. Brain and Mr. Sloly had both served on the board of the Toronto YMCA.

    “The timing was very sort of serendipitous when he decided to retire from the police force, and given that decision and how hot the market is right now for services such as cybersecurity, we came together very naturally,” said Mr. Brain.

    Mr. Sloly, a familiar face at many Toronto non-profits and community groups, said he will keep serving on all of them. But he’s giving the police force a wide berth except when asked.

    “I’m always open and available; in fact I’ve had the odd phone call from former colleagues and members of the board just seeking a quick opinion from me on issues,” he said. “But equally, I’m not reaching out. I want to make sure there’s plenty of space for the current folks to do what they think they need to do without any unnecessary distractions.”


    Recently, Deputy Sloly wrote an article  for the Globe and Mail newspaper :


    crime prevention
    There is a problem with our policing


    Special to The Globe and Mail

    Published Saturday, Jul. 23, 2016 9:06AM EDT

    Last updated Saturday, Jul. 23, 2016 10:55AM EDT


    Peter Sloly is a former deputy chief of police with the Toronto Police Service and is now an executive director with Deloitte.

    It has been a horrible summer for police-community relations with too many funerals and shattered families. We must end these heart-wrenching conflicts between police and the communities they serve. And we can, if we make a fundamental change in our approach to policing across the continent.

    There is a significant imbalance in the common policing model, with far too much emphasis on law enforcement and not nearly enough on crime prevention.

    Police services have a predisposition for enforcement – a “catch the bad guys” culture. Police management strategies mainly reward outputs (traffic tickets, street checks, arrests, etc.) instead of outcomes (crime reduction, community satisfaction, cost savings, etc.). The traditional path to promotion in policing has been through the enforcement squads (homicide, hold up and drugs) and not through crime prevention assignments.

    But police officers are not meant to be primarily “law enforcers.” The Ontario Police Services Act lists the core police services as: crime prevention, public order maintenance, emergency response, assistance to victims and law enforcement. Crime prevention is wisely listed first because an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of enforcement. Yes, officers put themselves at risk every day, responding to crimes and taking criminals out of circulation on behalf of the community. The police would be even more appreciated if they could do more to prevent the crimes from happening in the first place.

    The enforcement-dominant policing model is the most expensive and most likely to put officers and members of the public in conflict. Despite the legal requirement for police to deliver community-oriented policing, approximately 90 per cent of police resources are used for reactive enforcement activities.

    Every act of enforcement increases costs to tax payers from the investigation, prosecution, and incarceration stages, and, increasingly, civil litigation.

    Then there are the social costs. Enforcement exposes police officers to increased harm and media backlash. Courts become overwhelmed with unmanageable caseloads. Jails have become overcrowded (disproportionately with Aboriginals and minorities) and are increasingly filled with people suffering from mental health issues and addictions. The enforcement-focused model often results in over-policing and excessive use of force, which mainly impacts society’s most marginalized, victimized, and racialized members.

    The Police Services Act promotes adequate, effective, and inclusive policing by requiring police services to ensure the safety and security of all persons and property, safeguard our fundamental Charter and Human Rights Code, work in cooperation with the communities they serve, show respect for victims of crime while being reflective of and sensitive to the pluralistic, multiracial, and multicultural character of Ontario.

    As currently practiced, policing is not doing that. Our outdated, unbalanced police model does not meet the needs of police officers, the justice system, tax payers, or community members.

    But it could. There are many proven, evidenced-based programs underway in policing that work better. Some of them were piloted and mainstreamed right here in Canada. For example, we know that embedding professional, empathetic, tech-savvy officers in neighborhoods for at least two years, with a mandate to build relationships, can reduce crime and facilitate community-focused problem solving.

    These officers still enforce the laws but use discretion, common sense, and constant efforts to become trusted, respected community partners. The officers are the best sources of community intelligence, virtually eliminating any need to engage in the controversial practices of “street checks/carding.” This approach is working in the UK’s “Neighborhood Policing” strategy, Ontario’s “Mobilization & Engagement Model,” and Saskatchewan’s “Hub & COR Model.”

    There will always be some criminals who must be arrested to protect our communities. But we can still create a harm-reduction approach to mitigate the negative aspects of the enforcement model. For example, the federal government can work with provincial, municipal, and First Nations governments to fund and support police, justice, and community leaders to implement programs such as “pre/post charge diversion” to keep people out of the justice system. Aboriginal restorative justice can better reintegrate people into their communities once they leave the justice system, reducing recidivism and breaking revolving-door justice cycles.

    Police need to implement diversity and inclusion strategies to recruit, hire, promote, and retain a greater percentage of educated, talented, and diverse employees. Training and development programs must enable officers to manage conscious/unconscious bias. Such programs are working well in communities from Milwaukee to Melbourne to Manchester. They will work in Canada.

    These operational changes require less investment in bricks and mortar and more investment in enabling technologies. Operation centres must be developed to make police services more secure, vigilant, and resilient to both physical and cyber threats while also enabling officers to be more available in their communities, connected physically, and online.

    Police budgets must also be re-balanced and right-sized to achieve positive community outcomes, while cutting costs and increasing social value. Fortunately, the prevention-focused model will save money that can be reinvested into crime prevention and community development programs.

    But the biggest change needed is to police culture. We need officers who see themselves as servers who can become protectors when needed rather than as law-enforcers. We need the institution of policing to evolve from a thin blue line that separates police from community to a thin blue thread that is interwoven within the fabric of society. It’s a change that must happen quickly to have any hope of keeping pace with near-constant social change and digital disruptions.

    Police officers and community members are increasingly frustrated because they know the old enforcement model isn’t good enough for the new normal. Cops and the community want real change now!

    We can’t tolerate the frightening divisions and tragic deaths we have seen this summer. You can’t wage a war on crime without first winning peace with the community. That’s why we must have a new policing model that enables cops and the community to work in tandem, co-producing public safety and winning the peace together.

    Peter Sloly is a former deputy chief of police with the Toronto Police Service and is now an executive director with Deloitte.


    When I learned of this article , I did commincate with him via Twitter where I disagreed with some of his arguments .  Since Twitter only allows for very minimal  content , I indicated to him that I would write a much more detailed article here on why I disagree with  some of his points . Let me point out that he does make some very valid points , as well , I have no knowledge of policing or it budget allocations, so my opinions here are exactly, opinions with some observations attached to validate my hypothesis .


    One area that was discussed was the merging of some police divisions into one larger one . One example of such a merge was the merging of  51 and 52 division . The attached map outlines police divisions in the city of Toronto .




     By looking at this map, we see clearly that 51 and 52 division appear to be, geographically , the two smallest division with the city of Toronto . It might appear, on the surface, that joining two geographically small divisions would make sense. However, I disagree. Within each police division, there are smaller ” districts ” , as depicted in this map :


    TPS district map

    The vast majority of citizens may not be aware of these smaller geographical zones, however, they see this every day, right on front of them through the individual police cars . In the depicted police car as shown below,  We see this clearly . This car number is 5131 . This means that  this car is from  51 division . The number 3 represents the district within 51 division to which the car is primarily assigned to . Last, the 1 the follows the number 3 represents the car number from 3 district, from 51 division. 




     There are of course many other individual units with the police service , many of them highly specialized units such at ETF ( emergency task force , Traffic services ,  Marine  unit , Canine unit, Transit  patrol , CRU ( or more commonly known as the bicycle cops )


    But back to 51 and 52 division ….. I postulate that  merging these two divisions  would be a flawed decision because these two divisions are vastly different in their make up . 51 division has a high residential population, an area with a very high number of persons living with mental health issues and other  addictions. It is a very diverse area . 52 division, on the other hand, patrols the Toronto islands, the financial district, the entertainment district , china town , 52 division is a highly transient district ( yes, of course there are many residences there as well ) . These two small by but highly condensed areas will easily be populated with several hundred thousand people  over the course of a single day … with each division have its own  very unique needs and issues that arise.


    Merging these two divisions, would place a significant strain on one single police station that would be housing these now merged officers . 51 division has a relatively new station  and 52 division has a station  that is about 20 years old right now . Neither are large enough to house what would amount to close to 500 officers . So, a new station would have to be constructed , at significant expense . ( so then what would happen to the existing stations  ???  )


    Another proposed station merge is one between 41 and 42 division. These are two of the largest geographical areas covered by our police service. Now, imagine for a second, a  serious call , usually referred to over the police radio as a ” hot shot ” . Now, this is the most serious call over an officers radio and these calls usually involve potential life and death situations … VERY LITERALLY . Now, if these two stations were to merge, this could, potentially , leave one end of the proposed now division un-patrolled while officer race to the opposite end to possibly save a life. This is absolutely unacceptable. 


    In law enforcement as in all emergency services, seconds can make the difference between a life save and a life lost due to delays . A delay, for example, can mean the capture of a serious and violent criminal, as opposed to catching  them at the scene of a crime. An escape criminal means MORE costs in investigations, more officers needing to devote dedicated time and resources to this one crime, detectives, surveilance , court ordered warrants , and possible high risk arrests …. ALL THESE COST MORE , and put officers at significantly greater risk as a result of forcibly taking down a violent and dangerous criminal  More officers would not totally eliminate this of course , however, it would greatly reduce the number of instances to which these highly specialized resources would have to be activated.


    The next area I suggest the shows that a reduction in officers and the police budget , is a poor decision, is actual crimes . In the below image, we see clearly that serious crime has INCREASED , especially shootings and stabbings :


    shooting stats

    The investigation of a single shooting takes up considerable resources . It can, and often does , take 5 or 6 patrol cars from the affected division right away , for several hours, while officers both secure the area , investigate the crime and of course, look for the offending criminal . This was made very clear and obvious several years ago when there was a very high profile shooting and subsequent  murder at the Toronto Eaton Center . Here, we see cars from EVERY division attending to try and capture the  shooter :


    assignment three-284

    assignment three-297

    assignment three-496

    The call in question was an ” all available units ” call . This is the most serious call . However, look at the response needed here, and one with even the most minimal knowledge can see that if all the police cars and officers are HERE , that leave only a bare MINIMUM number of officers to cover the rest of the city .


    The other reason I postulate  that that we need more officers is the simple fact the our population is GROWING. This means that as the population grows, so to, does the increase of  crime . Let me be blunt. We have people coming to Toronto from countries were lawlessness was NORMAL, Places like Somolia, Nigeria and some middle eastern counties have basically no laws and some of the greatest government corruption on the planet. People coming here, from there , bring that with them, thinking that this is normal . Lastly the fact is that terrorism is now, sadly, part and parcel of many cultures and this is migrating to Canada . We need a much greater , dedicated area of policing that deals only with that . I am sure that each police service has their own intelligence unit , however, I am guessing that they are usually overworked and understaffed to handle to increased work load .


    Police also require new updated equipment . Simple fact is that police are always a step behind the criminals, who are always inventing new way to commit crimes, and of a greater scale . Guns are a HUGE problem in this city and wee dedicated officers who know the streets and criminals who have them. One area that has been talked about as a service to be eliminated is TAVIS . What an enormous mistake this would be , as these cops are the ones who are likely to be the first ones to get these guns off the streets.


    The city is indeed spending money at a great rate and yes, there are ways to cut that spending…. such as cutting the number of politicians in half, salary freezes for two or three years  are two things that come to mind. Deputy Sloly does make great points in some areas, yes, but I think that  in other areas, in my opinion,  his vision is clouded .  Frankly, as a police service, the chief should be heading to Ottawa as well to remind our prime minister  that if he was able to find billions for so called refugees , while totally ignoring out veterans, our senior citizens , our homeless , our indians , while he found two hundred million to help boost the economy of a terrorist state that Iran is ,  surely, he can find a few hundred million   to serve CANADIANS .


    Here is a copy of the 2015 Toronto Police services budget to show what  is being spent, and how :




    Here is what the city of Toronto proposed :




    Policing is not cheap and is a great responsibility . Cutting officers and services greatly undermines  the  public perception of the police , but more importantly, puts the public confidence towards the police into question. We have an expectation, right or wrong, of our officers to uphold the law, and to ensure a safe environment for us to live and work in and around. This may not be their job alone, but this is, what we are conditioned to expect . In order to to allow our officers to carry out what they are sworn to do, they need the tools, the staffing and the support of the public as well as the command under which they work in to accomplish this. With the greatest of respect Deputy Sloly, cutting officers , services and stations does not inspire the citizens confidence . In fact, what it shows, in  my opinion, is the policing is politically prioritized … Money coming before public safety … political will coming before  fact based needs .


    What we , the citizens want, is a safe community . we want terrorists caught before they  act out, we want guns off the streets, we want drugs off our streets, we want violent and dangerous criminal behind bars . We want our cops to be cops again, not paper pushers who are afraid to act out of fear of public perception. I want politicians to stay out of policing.


    Deputy Chief Sloly , I am now speaking from a military  back ground. I am fully aware that as in the military, high ranking command officers are politically appointed , even if not immediately obvious . However, the duty of a command officer is to look after the interests of the men and women under their command , not look after the political interests of the politicians . I don’t envy those in command because that is a job I certainly would not want. I do , however, know that when I served , ( which was many years ago ) my command officers were there to run a military in a safe and efficient  manner , however, the people under their commend had to be their number one priority. I am not  familiar with the inner workings of a large police force , however, I suspect that there are certainly some similarities in the way command and the troops must co -exist to reach a single objective.


    I hope that as you read this, you will give at least some thought to my post here and please, feel free to reply and offer you comments . As I stated in the onset, you make some great points, however, with great respect, I submit sir that your theory with respects to budgetary and staffing is flawed and short sighted. I ask that  you be a cop, not a politician when addressing the needs of the officers of this city, the finest police force in the world. I recall an old motto , from years ago where there was the saying, ” our cops are tops ” . Dont take that away from our cops .

  • dear professional protesters, you REALLY think you can do a better job ? Really ?

    Meow everyone. So we read , hear about , and see all these moronic professional protesters telling us just bad a job the cops are doing. These protesters have seemingly, all the answers . ( don’t they always , somehow ? ) Its no secret that I have a great deal of respect for the work our cops do . I have covered many police events  over the years  and have seen a fair bit …. but NOTHING compared to what we ask our cops to do every single day . I have never had to  enter a crack house with kids who have not been cleaned or fed  for day because the parents are on crack . I have never had to investigate a murder, robbery, or other crime, I have never had to clean up after a person who jumped in front of a subway  train. I have had to inform a family member of a loved one about the passing of a family member … not the highlight of any day . So, the next time you want to open your big mouths  , trying to tell us how you hate the cops , how you think you can do a better  job , how you put your life at risk for OUR safety, Maybe you should read this first and then, see if you really have what it takes to be a cop :  


    15 things cops wish the public knew about policing

    You don’t understand police work

    A question posted recently on Quora asked, “What do police officers wish the general public knew?” Retired Officer and PoliceOne Columnist Tim Dees gave his opinion on the topic, below. Check it out and add your thoughts in the comments.

    1. Use of force isn’t prettyPeople have been conditioned by TV to believe that a properly trained police officer of any size can take down a person of superior size and strength, quickly, almost effortlessly, without the use of weapons, and without any injury to either party. This is not true. Few cops are expert martial artists. The defensive tactics training they receive is fairly perfunctory. Struggles often result in injured joints, lacerations, concussions, and other injuries to both parties. There is lots of cursing and screaming involved. The cops usually win, but only because they can get enough cops on the scene to overwhelm the adversary.

    2. Most cops never shoot anyone. Very few cops will fire their sidearms outside of the pistol range at some time in their career (more if the cop works in a rural area where having to “dispatch” wounded animals is common). Some might go months without taking the gun out of the holster.

    3. Cops will go to extremes to avoid shooting people. My personal experience is that, about once a month, I would encounter a situation where I would have been legally justified in shooting someone. I did that only once, so all the other times, I found some other way of resolving the situation. Casual research tells me my experience is not unique. Most cops have ample opportunities to shoot people, but they choose not to do so.

    4. The people at the top often don’t have a lot of practical experience.There are exceptions, but most cops who become chiefs, sheriffs, or other high-ranking officers spend most of their career paving the path to promotion. They spend a brief time as working cops, then transfer to a non-enforcement job, where they stay until they get their first promotion. They never truly understand the job, and the cops they oversee don’t identify with the brass, or the brass with the cops.

    5. PTSD is real and commonplace. A cop may have a bad time after he’s involved in a shooting, but the traumatic incident could just as well be a nasty car crash, a fight, or a rescue that didn’t end well. Anyone who can say truthfully that they are never bothered by such things is probably a sociopath. Cops who seek mental health treatment are often viewed suspiciously by their superiors. Those guys didn’t spend enough time on the street to experience anything that bothered them, and they believe that anyone who is bothered is probably unstable.

    6. There is lots of stress, but not the kind you might thinkMost of the stress comes from the police station, not the street. Law enforcement agencies are extremely political. Who likes you or who you’re friends or relatives with has a lot more to do with the progress of your career than how good you are at your job. “Management by intimidation” is a common technique. From a human resources perspective, law enforcement agencies are horrible places to work.

    7. There aren’t all that many bigots. There are some, of course—in a cohort of close to a million people, some of them will be biased. You can get fired for expressing those feelings, so they tend not to last long. Most cops don’t especially care what color you are, what religion you practice, what country your ancestors came from, how much money you have, or what your sexual orientation is. Cops see every kind of person, often at the worst moments of their lives. They know there are good and bad people in every category. They do have a strong bias against jerks, so don’t be one of those.

    8. Some of our brother (and sister) officers embarrass usWith the possible exception of field training officers, cops don’t have a lot of input to who gets hired and who is retained on their agency. Everyone knows somebody (probably several somebodys) who is reckless, immature, lazy, dishonest, or just dumb. When these people are allowed to keep being cops, it’s usually because they are politically connected, and reporting them for a transgression will almost always backfire on you.

    9. Your “my favorite police encounter” story is not uniqueOn learning someone is a police officer, most people will immediately relate their most memorable contact with the police. It’s usually a traffic stop, as that’s how most people encounter the police. Your new friend will smile and nod politely, but he’s silently waiting for it to be over. It’s nothing he hasn’t heard before.

    10. There are few universal rules or policies. I have lost count of how many questions I have seen on Quora along the lines of “how much over the speed limit can I go before I’ll get stopped” and “what do I say to get out of getting a ticket.” People want to believe there is some industry-wide practice they can exploit to aid them in violating the law. There are over 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, and each one of them is a unique person. Their employers seldom impose a formal policy of allowing drivers to exceed the limit by X miles per hour. This is most often left up to the individual.

    11. It’s seldom personal. Few cops start their day looking for a particular person, or even a particular class of people to stop. Cops see violations of the law and suspicious circumstances, and they are encouraged by their employers to intervene. If you got a ticket or got arrested, it’s probably because you broke the law, not because the cop didn’t like you or you are a member of some targeted group. If this happens to you a lot, you might want to stop blaming the variables and consider the constant instead.

    12. Becoming a cop is harder than you think. Some agencies have to collect over 100 applications to get one viable hire. Some of those hires won’t make it through the police academy. Some who do won’t complete field training. About half of new hires leave law enforcement within five years. Mainly because of anti-police sentiment, it’s more difficult to recruit new cops than ever before. You might want to think that people become cops because they’re too stupid or lazy for real jobs, but you’re fooling yourself. Chances are, you couldn’t make the grade.

    13. Television does not represent law enforcement accuratelyMost of what most people know about cops is from watching television. This is why people believe that every arrest must be immediately followed by a Miranda warning, that there is a team of FBI agents who fly to crime scenes in an executive jet and solve the case within days, that detectives in one major PD can move to another, distant major PD and instantly resume being detectives, that crime scene investigators collect evidence, identify the suspects, interrogate the suspects, and make the arrests (no one seems to care what the detectives are doing), and that cops who are involved in shootings are back at work the next day.

    14. We wish you would stop telling your children we will arrest them if they aren’t good. The day may come, God forbid, that your child is separated from you and doesn’t know where to turn. You’ll probably call the police if this happens. Do you want your child to look for a police officer to help him, or hide from the police because he is afraid he will go to jail?

    15. You don’t understand police work. This applies even if your father, mother, sibling, or next-door-neighbor was a cop. Until you have actually done the job for a few years, you will never understand what it’s actually like.

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  • The spineless mainstream media, too afraid to ask the real, tough questions …. So I ask them instead .

    Meow everyone. I was going to write my article on the Pride Parade and how a bunch of self serving idiots somehow thought that they were far more important than the rest of the city who came out to enjoy a great summer day, to celebrate Pride in Toronto. Regardless of what your opinion of this event may be, the facts are such that this event draws an international crowd, generate a great of money for the city and the community as a whole.


    Pride doesn’t care if you are white, green, blue, purple, spotted, red or, wear a tin foil hat.. EVERYONE is equally welcome. Friday is reserved for the trans march, Saturday is a girl parade and Sunday is the main event. This year, for the first time, a sitting Prime    Minister was front and center , something that has never been seen here before. Along with the Prime minister, we had the Ontario Premier, our Mayor and the Chief of police. Pride was supposed to be a day of celebration, fun and an overall great day .


    I say supposed to , because it was hijacked  by a bunch of self serving , self centered , inflated ego minded spoiled (b)rats who wanted everyone to see that the world was to required  revolve around THEM , and ONLY them. Black lives matters Toronto has become the currant incarnation of the occupy movement , but with the same, useless tactics and even more useless idiots running the show , so to speak . These self centered neanderthals , who claimed to be personally oppressed DAILY by the cops decided to once again , hold the city hostage , because they had another crack induced temper tantrum and wanted, needed someone to blame for their own failings and civilized human beings. Fact is, NON of these useless farts has ever been oppressed by the cops , NONE of these useless farts has ever had the experience of being poor. In fact, two of the  head organizers , Rodney and his his equally intellectually inferior sister , Pascal has previously claimed to have homes in Toronto, Hamilton, Miami  and Tampa Florida , as well as a home in Haiti . Rodney even claims to have an additional home in Calgary where,  he claims to be a professional dancer. While he is a graduate of Ryerson Universities dance program , the only skills he has in dancing is what he does around the truth and facts . These two seem to change their story with greater frequency than most humans change underwear .   This leads us to this article and why I am writing this one instead of what I had intended to write.


    I have written several articles about this melange of misfits and how they are directly connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization as , in one example, seen here .


    We already know, in  great , nauseating detail, the levels of racism this group has toward everyone who is a white person, and in particular, a white male .




    black lives matters terrorist


    We all know this idiot who authored these words,  however, for those who wanted to forget, Here, once again is this pathetic nightmarish idiot who claims not to be racist , indeed, she claims that EVERYONE ELSE is racist. This is like Homer Simpson saying that this is everyones fault but mine. Yusra Khogali was conspicuously  absent  from todays self serving blame fest   :




    Today, Black Li(v)es matters held a press conference to try and justify their hijacking of the pride parade . It was really just another pathetic excuse for them to inflated their egos with took a serious hit after the parade stunt . Here are the videos of the press conference where they tried to  somehow justify their actions . In n the first video, we see Rodney Diverlus full of himself and thinking that he is all that when actually Rodnery, you’re not even ”  some of that ” . Here is Video 1 of 6 :



    In this next video , we see and hear more of their hate mongering and blaming everyone but themselves :



    I stated that the main stream media does not have the balls to ask the real , tough questions.  However, I DO , and in video 3 , at around the 3:30 mark, I ask point blank for them to explain their terrorist connection  with  the muslim brotherhood.  I was NOT expecting, or wanting  an answer, rather, because this was aired live, my intention was  to expose and air  their connection on live TV . Here is video 3  :



    What? You want MORE ? Sheesh , I thought  that these  3 videos would make you swear off the internet for good but yet, you ant to see more of these idiots making utter fools of themselves ? OK, you  asked for it, you got it . Video 4 , 5 and 6 :


    … video 5


    … and lastly, video 6



    Main stream media was all over these idiots, eating up every word they spewed as if was some sort of  cure for cancer and the common cold . However, here is what the same main  stream media DIDNT show you :



    In the above video, while taking place in NYC, these black lives matters protesters can clearly be heard chanting : ” …. what do we want ? Dead Cops . When do we them ? Now . … ” Does this sound like a peaceful group that wants dialogue ?


    Another great example of what the vast majority of main  stream media will NOT show you is something from  right here in Toronto. The Toronto Sun, the only main stream outlet that is wiling to take on these terrorists, came across a facebook post allegedly made, but not proven yet ( this is still under investigation )  Yusra Khogali who made threat to  the safety of a police officer .


    The following it sourced from here :


    Cops investigate disturbing Facebook post

    Joe Warmington

    Friday, July 08, 2016, 8:26 PM

    A group of Black Lives Matter protesters set up in front of Toronto Police headquarters in March after the Special Investigations Unit cleared a Toronto police officer of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of 45-year-old Andrew Loku. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)


    As the list of police officers shot in the United States grows, there are renewed fears in Toronto about a specific threat on social media towards the police officer cleared by the SIU in the shooting death of Andrew Loku.

    A shocking Facebook post, believed to be put up in April or May, specifically threatens the unnamed Toronto officer.

    “The police officer who killed Andrew Loku. We. Are coming for you. U better believe it. You are going to spend the rest of your life without your family like how Andrew Loku’s 5 children will have to go on without their father. Justice will be served.”

    The posting was discovered by Toronto Police following another disturbing entry discovered on social media on Feb. 9 by Newstalk 1010 host and Toronto Sun columnist Jerry Agar.

    It was a message by Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali who tweeted “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.”

    A Toronto Police source said the tweet was just one of several upsetting social media posting discovered. Sources say like the tweets, the Facebook posting is being investigated to determine if it came from Khogali, as well, or someone trying to make it look like it did.

    “This investigation is still ongoing,” said a police insider. “It was taken down but police do have it.”

    Black Lives Matter has demanded that the officer involved in the Loku case be publicly identified. He is said to be shaken by the Facebook threat.

    Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack called the Facebook posting “disturbing” and an example of how officers can be targeted.

    “We are very concerned about this — especially in the climate right now in Dallas and in other parts of the United states,” he added. “But it is in the right hands (Toronto Police investigators).”

    Black Lives Matter has yet to comment.

    Chief Mark Saunders did not comment on the Facebook posting but he did address the despicable murders of officers in Dallas in an internal message to his service Friday.

    “What happened in Dallas last night and this morning is shocking,” wrote Saunders. “It is beyond our comprehension. Our condolences are with the families of those officers killed and injured.”

    On the potential of something happening here, Saunders said “the safety of the men and women of the Toronto Police Service, who serve and protect this city, day and night, is enormously important to me. I will always make sure you have the best, and safest, equipment, and the intelligence and training to provide you with the greatest protection.

    “I understand how concerning the events in Dallas are, and I know you will continue to take all necessary precautions. I also understand the professionalism and courage of those who work in all the communities of this city, reaching out to those who are vulnerable, building relationships with marginalized communities, and helping communities become more resilient.”

    He was also critical of the Black Lives Matter “shut it down” protest at the Pride Parade — saying their “attacks are inaccurate, irresponsible and inflammatory.”

    Wrote Saunders: “There are clearly people in this city who want to drive a wedge between the TPS and the LGBTQ communities. They will not succeed. It must be a source of great anger to them that the TPS has made enormous strides in recent years to enhance and develop our relationship with those communities.”

    In the meantime, McCormack said he has been in contact with friends he knows at the Dallas Police Association to express condolences and a contingent of Toronto Police officers will be travelling to Dallas for the funerals.

    “We are all feeling this,” said McCormack. “Every officer I talked with — both here and in the U.S. — said they were not surprised this happened because we all have been predicting it.”

    That’s why an ugly Facebook posting like the one directed at one of his members is not something that can be ignored


    So, If the Toronto Sun was able to some across this very important development , why was it that all the other main stream  media outlets ” never saw it ” ?


    Here is more . In this video, we can once again clearly see the DIRECT CONNECTION  between the black lives matters movement and establish terrorist organizations, yet, main stream media seeming  ignore these obvious connections :


    Main stream media has a long history of leaving out key details  because they are often very much involved with these groups. The Toronto Star, as one example, has one of the head organizers and one of the most vile racists in Desmond Cole on their writing staff . He is the one who desperately wants this group engaged in a violent race war . The Star, as many other main stream media outlets have, sadly, become nothing more that P.R.  firms  for organizations like black lives matter, their advertising agency.  They provide colum space for sympathetic writers to spew their hate, they don’t challenge what they see or hear from the organizers , they accept only their view of events and story lines, and they vilify any one else who dares to challenge the story line main stream media wants as it narrative. Main stream media wants to manipulate the story, and YOU into buying THEIR version of a specific narrative.


    There have come about, over a   short period of time, alternative media outlets that have openly challenged the main stream  media outlets who try and control us . Although still fairly new  , they have started to become a serious force in that  they do offer an  alternative view that is far better researched and written. outlets  such as the rebel , Eye on a crazy Planet ,  Blogwrath,  Blazing Cat Fur , Press For Truth ,  Genuinewitty  and of course, right here .  While we here in the alternative media are certainly not afraid to ask the tough questions, we still have a long way to go before we are recognized by the vast majority as legitimate media . This was made clear last weekend during the Al Quds , pro terrorist protest at Queens Park in Toronto , when I was shooting still and video for an upcoming story . I was shooting on one side, when I was making my way to the other side to get equal footage and interviews. I was approached by the commanding police officer who asked me where I was going. I indicated that I was shooting imaged for my blog. He asked me which media outlet I was with . I replied by saying that I am independent media . He responded by saying that independent media doesn’t count . Not wanting to cause any problems , I decided to not argue this, as clearly, he had orders he had to follow as well . I don’t fault the officer for his stating his orders. However, this does show that we are so conditioned to accept only main stream media as the ONLY legitimate source for news and information that all others, regardless of who they are , are not considered as legit media. 


    So, here is what you are supporting by supporting black lives matters :






    Main stream has the potential to , an din fact uses its power to influence you, the public. THEY tell you the story you should pay attention to, THEY offer the  story line they want you to follow and pay attention too , THEY edit the camera shots they want you to see, THEY give you those 30 second sound bites that T they want to you pat attention to  focus on and , formulate your position they want you to take / side with . However, by doing this, these same main stream  outlets deliberately omit certain KEY facts that are crucial and indeed, if known to the general public, has great potential to now sway the viewer / reader from the story line they , ( main stream media intended to brain wash you with )


    WE all see main stream media ask those very predictable soft ball questions , where the answers are predictable,  seemingly scripted answers . However, what really  irritated not only main stream media , but the person  being asked a question , is a question that falls way outside the predicted and, dare i say, expected story line and any deviation from this is a cause of anger from the part of the person being asked a tough question that falls well outside that safe question zone. Watch  this video as an example  of a series of easy, soft ball question asked a local politician here in Toronto . She is very comfortable and easy going with  her answers …… UNTIL , near the end, I ask her a question the people want an answer to , but not one media outlet had the balls to ask her, or of any one else, EVER :


    You see here, Shelly Carroll having an easy time answering soft, predictable no brain questions, until WHAM , yours truly asks to real question the Canadian public want an answer to , She, in predictable fashion, was very obviously angry because she was  asked a real questions that clearly broke from  the story line the rest of main stream media wanted to feed you . She couldn’t handle the truth , so, like the pathetic coward and radical nit case that she is , she simple had her temper tantrum and stormed away.  This is just one example of what alternative  media really does, ask the tough questions that the people WANT answers to .


    I want to move back to the black lives matters movement here because this is one movement , while flavor of the month , as movements go, is a movement so predicated on lies and misinformation  that  its almost impossible to keep track of their lies and garbage spewed … and perhaps , that  is the true design , the genius behind it … so confuse the public that they ( the public )  will buy into anything these terrorists wannabes spew .  Here is a great video that  details the REAL stories behind some of these alleged acts of racial police shootings that have triggered violence  and wild protests . THESE FACTS as outline in this video have been totally omitted from any main stream medias narrative on this movement. However, these clear, yet simple facts, outline the truth, a truth the public has to hear about , but many won’t :



    Main stream media here in Toronto, as, I suspect , i most major city and outlets are owned by a very handful of people, most, if not all of them far left radicals in their own right. How else can one explain the omition of some serious questions about the black lives matters movement and some facts that are clearly being ignored :


    If black lives really do matter to this organization, Why does the media not ask about the following :


    … why are black on black crimes being totally ignored by this movement ?

    … why is black lives matter not out there, in anger, of the shooting death of a pregnant lady sitting in her car, a black lady , who was MURDERED , as well as her yet unborn child?

    … Why does black lives matters ignore the gang , gun and drug culture that  riddles the black community ?

    … Why did black lives matters remain conspicuously silent when two black  people were shot to death at a well known after hours night club, known for gang activity … by other black shooters ? 


    Main stream media has lost its credibility years ago. They are, for the most part, tools for advertisers to  sell their products , or ideas . Facts be danmed . There is an old saying in the media circles: ” ..  never lets facts get in the way of a good story … ” . This seems to be adhered to , to the letter. It appears that  in order to get to the truth and get the  facts, one really will have seek out alternative media , because the main  stream outlets have clearly, no interest in writing , or showing facts.



    Let me conclude by adding this story from Eye On a Crazy Planet  : 




  • Confessions of an urban terrorist …. ” we absolutely want to bring a little fear into the people … “

    Meow everyone . Last week, the Ontario Legislature was attacked by a group of urban terrorists .  No, you likely heard about this as a protest , through the mainstream media but make no mistake , it WAS a terrorist attack. Here is a video of what  took place :



    So, i know what your next question is ….. Just how the hell did these terrorists manage to get onto the grounds, with a truck, stop in in the middle of a road way , exit the truck, open the rear doors, remove three large black barrels , tip one over intentionally , spilling a substance onto the ground, and there was NO SECURITY to stop any of these actions ? Why is our legislature left this insecure ?, Why is our legislature deliberately left wide open to this kind of attack, and what could have happened if this was much more serious ? 


    The get the answer, we need not look much farther then Syed Hussan, one of the TOP urban terrorist in the city … it was HE who planned this act, it was he who was the media spokesman  for this act ….. yes, he was fully aware of this .  He was no different here, in this action , then Osama Bin Laden was in  the acts of terrorism he planned. Here is Syed Hussan at Queens park during this action :


    ClpR6UGWIAEu2pn.jpg large




    There he is, in the back ground, in the blue shirt .


    The last image was shot by a very pro radical photographer who is usually one with considerable inside information on who is doing what type of action . He is well embedded with this group. His name is Allan Lissner . Here is what he looks like  ( wearing red shirt ) :



     When Allan Lissner is at en event to photograph it, he is there, NOT by accident , but rather,he is there because he has prior knowledge of this event and exactly what is going to take place . He is the professional protesters ” GO TO GUY ”  when it comes to documenting certain protests . There are others as well, and if any one wants to know who they are, they contact me via the comment section of via my blog email .

    I want to go back to Syed Hussan , however. Hussan has a long history of being a  serious trouble  maker. He was part of the planing team that picked the targets to be destroyed during the G20 riots in 2010 as seen here  (  front row, center ) :





    Hussan would have been deported back to Pakistan , however, another well known anarchist, Alex Hundert , went to jail, for him , so as to avoid Hussan being convicted and subsequently deported . Hussan has on  other occasions , also advocated, OPENLY , for people to commit criminal acts . Here are screens shots of him openly counseling people , to commit  the crime of theft :


    hassans comment (2)


    In  this screen shot , he counseling people to commit arson :


    syed hussan promoting property destruction (2)


    Hussan , at Queens park, was interviewed by a local news agency , where he refused to state what the substance was. He further stated that he indeed wanted create fear in the people. If this does not constitute a meaning or definition of what  terrorist is, I don’t know what would . When is his, and the rest of these obviously highly dangerous radicals free ride with the police, and law enforcement going to end ? At the rate these people  are going, they WILL kill someone. Will they get a free pass then as well, under the guise of ” protest ” ? Hussan is a career criminal who openly advocates for criminal acts, and counsels people to enact these and other crimes. He is NOT a Canadian Citizen. He is here as a permanent resident only ,  which means he CAN  be deported  as a result of being a significant danger to the safety and security of this country and city. I ask the police to pick him up and turn him over to border services, with these attached screen shots as proof  of his continuing danger to Canada and Toronto.


    Lastly, To the security staff  at the Ontario Legislature. I hope that this highly embarrassing situation is going to be used as a serious wake up call to get some real security measures in place . If these twits got in this easily and were able to execute this act, who will be the group that comes in with far more serious and destructive intentions? Come on, Y’ all have a welcome mat to these type of actions the way the security sits now for people entering the property, as clearly demonstrated by Hussan and his band of brainless bimbos.


    Take a good look and learn from this :























    After reading this article, I have a question to law enforcement and our countries security services. Have y’ all learned nothing from the Oklahoma city bombing ? Have you learned nothing from the first World Trade Center Bombing ? These were all carried out by , at that time, unknowns , yet look at the number of lives they destroyed and ruined . HERE , I have just shown you the face , and the act , that , i hope , refreshes your collective memories … a refreshment that, i hope will wake y’ all from the slumber of nievaty  ( SP )  and press you into taking some serious , permanent action to ensure that Hussan and his ilk  do not get another opportunity to enact something else, something that could have far more serious , far more destructive consequences attached to them. In a way, you have Hussan to thank for this reminder to wake up from that slumber I spoke of just above. You have  , now, a choice to make . you came continue to think and remain under the illusion that we here in Canada are not the high level targets of terrorism that we see and read about, taking place in other countries, continuing to put lives at risk because y’all want to be politically correct and think that we as Canadians are a passive bunch who are kind and polite, OR,  you can be proactive, join the 21 st century and admit that we are not excluded from the evils of terrorism. Hussan should be that reminder . However, if you chose to remain complacent , bury your heads in  the sand and pretend that nothing is really going on here , please do me a favor, save this article, let it act as a grim reminder of what I am saying here, and at some point, when or if you ever want to ask the question of WHY something happened, re-read this,  and remind yourselves that,  I told you so. I am telling you  that  these people are highly dangerous. You can listen to me and act, or, simply ignore me , and don’t act .  Sadly, however, at some point in the future, you will say to yourself  that you should have listened to that  undercoverkity dude, he was onto something.


    A significant government site was simply driven on, no questions asked, , no stopping to inspect the vehicle, no questions the occupants as to why they are there , why they are wearing haz-mat suits . Time passed as terrorist carried out their action, and only after they enacted their action was there any reaction. This is UNACCEPTABLE

  • Story coming soon …. What DID happen at the 2010 G20 …….

    Meow everyone. I have been digging very deep into the events of the G20 here in Toronto in 2010 because what took place , was a real history changer / maker  .  I have conducted a lot of interviews with various people, and am almost ready to write about those events . What I will write may surprise many , and leave some speechless. I still a little more work to do on it before I start putting it all on here , but it will be worth the wait. I will be,  proverbially,   pointing fingers at some people. For now , I want to leave you with this : DONT BLAME THE FRONT LINE OFFICERS FOR WHAT TOOK PLACE . ….. Stay tuned ……